170 thoughts to “2021-22 Preseason Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards”

  1. Randle having trouble fitting into flow of offense

    Mitch didn’t look bouncy enough on the last putback attempt

  2. I am going to be worried this is too much weight for Mitch until conclusively proven otherwise….

    I am against 40 pounds

  3. This doesn’t look promising, but maybe an L today would be for the best. A reality check to get the team humble again to start the season.

  4. Mitch didn’t play in months, probably wouldn’t play today if this wasn’t preseason. He’ll get in shape.

  5. Not a good quarter,
    Barrett with a weak layup followed by a dumb offensive foul,
    Randle with sticky hands while Fournier and Kemba have cold ones,
    Taj with two fouls in three minutes, IQ not watching the shot clock.

    Slow starts are kind of a bad habit we apparently can’t dismiss.

  6. Cardio conditioning fades after mere weeks of inactivity. Mitch will be fine when he starts playing again, unless he can’t play, in which case his conditioning will be shit, and he will not be fine.

  7. The box score says we shot six for twenty four two pointers and two for twelve three pointers in the first quarter. It’s hard to even be competitive shooting that badly.

  8. Quickley is in a months long shooting slump and his defense is still awful.

    Grimes with the three!

  9. Knicks will have 2 open roster spots after tonight because Thibs is going to murder someone

  10. I’m not liking this offensive fouls. We went from the offense being protected to the total opposite, the defender throws himself to the ground at the minimum contact and gets an offensive foul.

  11. He didn’t get up that high on his dunk as he used too. I think the extra weight is showing. That doesn’t mean the extra muscle us bad, just that it has side effects

  12. Mitch will trim down and go back to normal in a few months. He had a real injury.

    Gafford really is spectacular

  13. Disappointing first half.

    Kemba and IQ are targeted on defense, we have zero rim protection and we didn’t shoot well,
    not a good combination.

    But we’re going to win.

  14. Mitch’s high flying was definitely spectacular but also quite ankle dangerous while landing.
    I’d prefer him to play less spectacular and more focused and smart tbh

  15. Mitch can fly a lot higher than he did tonight. But definitely going to improve.

    IQ did hit a three but it was a wild bank shot.

  16. Randle is way better when it’s quiet. He might want to try wearing earplugs and pretending the garden is empty

  17. I’m definitely worried about Mitch, but I’m going to chalk it up to being out of shape for now.

  18. I hate Randle’s shot after the bobble,
    we had some momentum, he took that stupid shot and in one minute the Wizards went up by 13 again…

    Thibs is boiling.

  19. One thing that’s been nice is that even when Randle is bad and the offense is grinding he really hasn’t been turning it over by heroballing or forcing bad passes (eg tonight he’s currently 4/11 but only 1 to). If Randle cuts his turnover rate and doesn’t regress from 3 too much he’s going to be very productive this year.

  20. You can’t stop Neto, you can only hope to contain him

  21. Small sample theater but I’ve seen more genuine screens by mitch this game than I saw all last season

  22. The Wizards defense is good. Randle made a great kick out pass to the corner and a Wizard got there fast enough we couldn’t take the shot.

  23. We have been getting decimated by two small, super-quick guards. We have two super-quick guards known for their defensive chops on the bench. So let’s play… Kemba and Rose.

    I know, too early. But really.

  24. Horrible sequence for Randle: dumb turnover, forced shot missed and a nap under the board.


  25. I’m worried about Thib’s health this season. I’m not sure he’s going to be able handle watching this team play defense.

  26. Yeah, yeah. Where were you the other 3 preseason games? Are you rooting for the Knicks, or to be right?

  27. Who would’ve thought that out defense would look bad when Nerlens was out and we had to play a guy for 25+ mins who hasn’t played in 7 months due to injury

    We’ll be fine, though Kemba is obviously a defensive downgrade from Payton.

  28. No legs on D-Rose’s last shot.

    Grimes moves smoothly and has good hands but tonight he can’t hit his shots.

    I’d like some Deuce instead of IQ’s ghost…

  29. Mitch has been really disruptive even in his reduced state. He had two great traps, is screening well, and isn’t committing dumb fouls. It’s really reassuring to see him doing all the little things better in preseason.

  30. We don’t have it tonight, right? Every time we’re getting closer, we do dumb stuff and let them get away again.

  31. Kemba Randle & Fournier have all been duds. Rose kept us alive but nobody else stepped up.

  32. By the way, just pointing out we have Randle and Obi on the court together.

    Just enjoying watching Grimes play D. Not really watching the other stuff.

  33. Grimes looks really good on defense, just missing open shots. For those not watching, he’s picking his man up in the backcourt

  34. Thank god it’s preseason,
    if Neto scores 25 in the regular season I’m gonna smash some furnitures…

  35. The good news is they showed they are still capable of locking down on D if they want to. The bad news is that Kemba couldn’t defend at all. I like Grimes.

  36. This team is something else man, how the fuck can you not love watching and rooting for them?

  37. Obi with a low key great line:

    9 points 4-8 8 bounds 3 assists 1 steal and 3 blocks (!!!)

    What a fun way to close preseason

  38. … and just as I wrote at the half we won, never a doubt about it.

    Hat tip to Thibs, when he finds the right five he always stays with them no matter the names.

    Encouraging game for Grimes, with this defense he can really steal IQ’s playing time if he can’t get out of the slump.

  39. Obi’s balls were visible to Greece!
    Very Happy for Him!
    For Grimes also!
    Kid got balls too!

  40. That was an amazing preseason game! What a crowd!

    Grimes looks like a player guys! Really good D and shot with confidence, even if they weren’t falling at first. Think he endeared himself to Thibs tonight?

    But man. Kemba looked so washed this game. His terrible D was so glaring. If the Holiday, Neto, and Dinwiddles of the world dominate, what are other guards gonna do? Hopefully he puts more of an effort when the season starts.

    Thibs will make the defensive adjustments – you don’t play D, you’re riding the pine.

    Mitch looked so gassed haha but once he gets his conditioning up, he’ll be alright.

    Let’s the real games begin!

  41. Obi looked better for sure. Not sure how much it matters but like I always say it’s better to be good than bad.

  42. If you’re a knicks fan and you’re not excited about this team…you’re doing something wrong

  43. Mavs waived Tyrell Terry. Remember when so many here were excited for us to potentially draft him?

  44. Apparently he was away from the team for all 4 preseason games. Anyone know anything?

    He was also pretty terrible last year.

    Mavs waived Tyrell Terry. Remember when so many here wereexcited for us to potentially draft him?

  45. I am in preseason mode- I felll asleep. RJ finished with a good line.

    Lot to think about going into the prediction thread.

  46. A record of 4-0 in preseason is promising, but there are other undefeated teams this preseason. Chicago, Dallas, Sacramento and Dallas are also undefeated and Miami is close with a five and one record. These aren’t the usual suspects for being the top teams in the league, so I think it’s going to be an interesting season.

  47. These aren’t the usual suspects for being the top teams in the league, so I think it’s going to be an interesting season.

    What will also make it interesting is that very few teams are outright tanking this year. OKC, Orlando, and Houston, definitely. I imagine Detroit, Cleveland, and some of this year’s other high lottery teams don’t really expect to make the play-in game, but I also think they’d rather demonstrate some kind of tangible improvement, however small, than simply clown around again into high lottery odds. So there won’t be that many games against teams that don’t care if they lose.

  48. grimes looked great out there…super fast, runs low and with great balance…moves his feet and hands exceptionally well and without fouling – he seems to know where to be at on defense each possesion, how is that even possible for someone just coming in to the nba…

    quik better be careful, other wise it’s g-league time…

    I wonder what size range grimes will be able to guard – one thru three maybe?

  49. Apparently he was away from the team for all 4 preseason games. Anyone know anything?

    It’s all very mysterious. Hopefully nothing too messed up for the guy. But I imagine it must be if he’s basically ruining his NBA career for it.

  50. mitch looks huge…I haven’t looked at the schedule yet, but, can’t wait to see mitch guard embiid…

    doesn’t seem like he’ll be shooting beyond three feet anytime soon…

    he’s got hands and freaky athleticism though…give us an occasional hook shot at least…something…

  51. Nice that all 5 guys on the floor had a three during the fourth quarter comeback. Multiple guys with big defensive plays as well. Thibs seemed to be impressed so maybe we’ll actually see it a bit in the regular season.

    Also- Quick better find his shooting stroke because Grimes looks ready for minutes- he’s got to shoot better than 2 of 9 but everything else looked solid.

  52. I thought obi was playing the five when he and julius were on the court together, I guess not…

    obi is starting to get comfortable…someone mentioned on an earlier thread that obi didn’t really have any real NBA level skill potential…

    obi can run and jump really well, I’ll look later, but I can see him having a pretty respectable rebound oer 36 number…

    he could very well be a garden favorite this year…

  53. z-man it looked pretty live in there…someone mentioned less out-of- towners in the city, does it feel like a more “native” crowd?

    mike k., I think you’re gonna be alright man…knicks play well – they should stay a hot ticket…maybe not laker prices, but, probably not far off…

  54. Nicos and Geo, the possibility that Grimes and/or McBride might be good is making think of trading Quickley. Quickley is as good as they are but has much more value in a trade. I like him a lot, but when when you have multiple good players at one position, it’s what teams do.

  55. The issue with Obi has never been motor—when he’s on you see just how much motor he has. It’s that he has slow processing and generally poor positioning on defense. Luckily after a year of Thibs boot camp he seems to be correcting for that, but he’ll never be a good rebounder (he was mediocre in college) unless he improves his game sense/speed of processing. He seems way less slow/more decisive than last year, which is really reassuring, but he still has some way to go before I’m ready to play the Randle Obi front court on anyone but the Beal-less Wizards

  56. geo: geo
    October 16, 2021 at 1:02 am
    z-man it looked pretty live in there…someone mentioned less out-of- towners in the city, does it feel like a more “native” crowd?

    It really had a regular season ambiance, and yes, very blue-collar crowd. Some empty seats but it felt full. I went with my wife and two of my kids and they had a blast, especially my oldest girl (24) who now lives on 34th st and is smitten with the team since last year. Excellent Friday night in NYC!

  57. cyber, kudos to you…staying up all hours for a preseason game…that’s a true fan! I’ll mention that to my girl you helped out…remember, you get the red carpet treatment at your first MSG experience!

  58. Observations:
    Fournier and Kemba did not impress on either end
    Obi’s D is much improved
    Rose is the best player on the team, just not the healthiest
    Grimes is a solid pick at #25 and would have been at #19 or #21. He’s good.
    Mitch is a fan fave
    The Randle-Obi lineup to close out the game worked!
    IQ will be fine
    RJ is MONEY from 3
    tgif in the house
    Glad it wasn’t the Raul Neto game!

  59. Mavs Moneyball says Terry was away from the team for personal reasons for a good chunk of last season, too. Something’s clearly up with him. But also:

    With the announcement of the cuts, head coach Jason Kidd mentioned that last spot came down to Terry and the recently-signed former Knick Frank Ntilikina. For a coach who puts an emphasis on defense, it seems Ntilikina’s defensive stature and simple availability was enough to tip the scales in his favor.

  60. It’s going to be interesting to see how IQ adjusts to the new rules. He has to be in the top 5 percent of players at threat. Maybe top 2%.

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