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  1. Ball Night!

    No Julius, no Nerlens, no Mitch, this can be interesting.

    Let’s go Knicks!

    P.S. Thanks Owen!

  2. Kemba moving pretty well I think? RJ cares not for your shooting regression theories.

  3. Incredible how much better the offense looks with Kemba and Fournier in the backcourt instead of Elf and Bullock.

  4. Nice steal by Obi…

    No sense to assess the Gruyère defense without the starting front court (and the backup center, whoever he’ll be), but the added dimensions on offense with Kemba and Fournier is mesmerizing…

    And Taj is showing some spicy offensive chops.

  5. Loving Obi’s energy so far this pre-season. If he even becomes an above average big off the bench that is huge for us.

  6. It’s actually amazing that the 58th pick in the draft looks like a usable player even if it is preseason.

  7. I count seven players that can score 20 on any given night:
    Kemba, Julius, RJ, E-4, D-Rose, Burks and IQ.
    This is a lot of firepower, It’s been quite some time…

  8. Agree with the firepower, and that’s why even when we’re not playing well, it still looks like we can win the game

  9. Sims has a strong, active body and you can see how hard he works. I think that he can make it in this league if he follows the tutelage of Taj and Thibs.

  10. Owen: This Bet365 ad drives me mad. All the sports gambling advertising is terrible.

    That and repetition. Can’t they shoot 3 or 4 versions, even if almost identical, just to not annoy people with the same ad over and over? I was getting mad at the Knicks wedding cake ad at some point last season. LOL

  11. Sims has 7 rebounds already and had 1-2 more potential rebounds just slip out of his fingers.

  12. having all star caliber pg play at all times is going to make a huge difference this yr ….

  13. Remember the Melo jab step? There are NO ballstoppers on this team. Players drive with purpose, and the ball just whips around. It’s such a pleasure to watch.

  14. After the near flawless game with the Pacers, a lot of turnovers tonight.
    with Rose and Barrett being the main culprits.

    Knox outplayed Obi and that was hard to predict…

    Still, up by 4 at the half.

  15. Whoa. Started watching and we’re up by 11. Lead goes down to 3. Pretty ugly. Checking the box: what’s with all the turnovers?

    Reset at half.

  16. 8 passes, an RJ drive and kick leading to a wide open Obi 3 at the top of the key, which he nailed.

    The beautiful game.

  17. ephus:
    8 passes, an RJ drive and kick leading to a wide open Obi 3 at the top of the key, which he nailed.

    The beautiful game.

    Kemba and Fournier factor.

  18. You know, watching this game, I think the Wizards could surprise people this year. They actually remind me of last season’s Knicks in a way. The have Gafford and Herrell defending at center instead of Noel and Robinson, Beale as the center of their offense instead of Randle, and a bunch of competent NBA players to go with them. I don’t know much about their coach, but they are playing hard tonight and he’s calling time outs and getting them reorganized when they are making defensive mistakes.

  19. I don’t think the usual suspects on this site will be able to make fun of Thibs’ offense this season.

  20. Obi with a nice quarter.

    Kemba was expected and advertised but I’m becoming fond of E-4’s three level offense.

  21. BigBlueAL,

    The offense should be fine, but I may complain about the deeefense from time to time.

  22. The Knicks may have some games this year when you can say “live by the 3, die by the 3” and not be making a joke.

  23. Yeah it does seem like Obi’s floor is higher now. He can do some things. He’s carrying over his play from the end of last season.

    He’s a fun player when he gets it going.

  24. Deeefense:

    The offense should be fine, but I may complain about the deeefense from time to time.

    The slight regression this team will most likely have on defense is going to be more than made up for with what looks like will be a huge upgrade offensively.

  25. Two preseason games and I need an anchor tied to my ankle to avoid flying too high…

    Time to give some burn to the other rookies…

  26. @FredKatz
    The Knicks cannot set a record for 3-point attempts because this is the preseason but use this for context:

    The most 3-pointers the Knicks have ever taken in a regular-season, regulation game is 47. And Derrick Rose just put up their 41st with 11 minutes to go.

    Obviously, this is preseason, but it sure looks as if Thibs is trying to walk the walk about a modern offensive system, now that he’s had a full training camp and two real point guards to run it.

  27. When you hear Thibs yelling “MOVE!!!” on the 2nd preseason game while up 22p in the 4th you know he won’t let this team sleep on D

  28. Grimes came in with 2 minutes left and promptly drained 2 threes. I like him better than Kispert.

  29. The Knicks have got to be the only or one of the few teams who give playing time to rookies in reverse order of draft status. Robinson got minutes before Knox, Quickley got minutes before Obi, and now Sims is getting minutes before McBride who came in before Grimes

  30. Is it preseason? Yes. Did this game mean shit? No. Did we manage to blowout another team without Randle? Absolutely & this would never have happened last year if Randle sat

  31. I did not, but I always like looking at arm candy. Is there link to a picture you can post?

  32. That is a lot of threes.

    I don’t know if I am guardedly or cautiously optimistic but there are definitely reasons to be positive if Thibs is going to upend years of his coaching strategy and embrace the three. It was like watching the Pitino Bomb Squad Knicks, (although they probably shot 20 threes per game and had no one hitting over 35%.)

    And if the rookies and Obi can contribute we have a pretty long and useful bench. It’s been a long time since there was a Knicks squad without a guy who I hated but outside of Knox there really isn’t a guy like that in the team. Just a bunch of cromulenr guys.

    Win predictions are going to be interesting this year.

  33. Just to temper the expectations for this team a little, i think the teams we’re playing in the preseason aren’t really giving us a hard challenge. Just like there’s a gap between the Top2 (Bucks, Nets) and the next 5 teams (Sixers, Hawks, Heat, Knicks, Celtics), i think there’s a gap between the Top7 and the next teams (Bulls, Hornets, Pacers, Raptors, Wizards). And right now i think the Wizards might be the worst of those teams. The remaining 2 preseason games will be against the Pistons (even worst, they’ll be tanking) and the Wizards again. Three games at MSG and only one game away. This is just to get guys in rhythm, we’ll only know how we fare against the teams on our level when the regular season begins.

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