145 thoughts to “2021-22 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers”

  1. rj post up to start the game. wonder if we go back to it. burks played that transition d like a safety in two deep.

  2. It’s funny that Turner is of interest because I have always fancied Brogdon, who is murdering us….

  3. Cannot believe we’re only down by 3. Feels like we should be down by 15.

    Time for the second unit… please?

  4. There was an interesting ESPN article a few years ago about how certain games were easy to write off as scheduled losses because one of the teams had so little time to sleep due to travel, time differences, etc. Sadly I think this is one of those for the Knicks.

  5. lot of defensive lowlights. rj letting brogdon go by on the baseline then turn around and lay it in was my least favorite.

  6. When Randle got the ball with just a few seconds left and started dribbling I estimated the chances he wouldn’t get the shot off on time at about 85%. I was probably too optimistic.

  7. Nice play on the last possession, one of the best set play I’ve ever seen…

    This team has one of the lowest collective basketball-IQ ever…

  8. Can we still use one of our picks to trade up for Duarte? :-)

    Seriously, he does look pretty good.

  9. That Toppin between the legs dunk was idiotic. I hope someone tells him to never do that again in a game unless we are up 30.

  10. Now Thibs is gonna put Randle back in…

    Good dunk but DUMB play by Toppin, you don’t risk this in a close game…

  11. On one level, that was a pretty dumb risk to take.

    But on another level….

    BING BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When was the last time a Knick did something like that?

  12. Thank god Obi didn’t miss that or he wouldn’t see the court for the rest of Tom Thibodeau’s coaching tenure

  13. This is going to be a rough game to come back in because we are on a B2B. We have to keep this close.

  14. Mitch was asleep on the court the first 5 or so minutes he was out there but he’s maybe finally awake

  15. I mean, isn’t Obi’s dunk a little like a wide receiver going ape shit after a touchdown when his team is down 21 points?

  16. I don’t understand how the defense is so much worse this year. Giving up 60 points in 20 min??

    Artest looks like he can still play – sign him up!

  17. Screw all the trade talk. The Knicks don’t need different players (well okay, maybe). But what they really need is to focus entirely on finding an asst coach who can teach sensible and creative offensive sets.

  18. So much fuss was made about Duarte’s age that I expect him to retire at the end of the season…

  19. I came into the season fairly optimistic about Fournier as an offensive player even if I didn’t think he would move the team forward much on a net basis. So far he’s not as good as I hoped in almost any way. He has his moments when he gets hot, but overall he’s just not that good or that smart.

  20. I had no idea we were playing tonight until I saw a highlight of Obi’s dunk. Did he get benched right after that? And why the hell are we playing in Indy a night after playing in San Antonio?

  21. Max: Another end of the quarter masterpiece for our All-Star…

    This makes me mad, it’s always the same, almost never it goes in, and we keep doing it over and over

  22. Ima just going to use the last play of the half as an argument that we need an offensive expert in the coaching staff.

  23. Optimism meter needed a refill all day since the Knicks and Rangers both traveled through time zones to play a back-to-back against a team that had at least a day off. That’s some bullshit right there.

  24. We look more like the team that needs to blow it up than the Pacers… well back to back on the road, I guess it eas expected.

  25. Keep in mind the Pacers are the organization that thinks it’s so bad they are considering blowing it all up.

  26. Max:
    Less than three minutes I have already want to trade Randle for Turner…

    After three quarters I’ve changed my mind, trade him straight up for Sabonis…

  27. Vogel is the all time wins leader for the Pacers? In a million years I wouldn’t have guessed him.

  28. Randle has taken a huge step back this year. It’s beyond just a reversion to the mean. This is the Randle that the critics used to say should be coming off the bench. I get that they are defending him tougher this year, but he’s incapable of adjusting or changing. What a mess.

  29. When you’re a mediocre to poor team it’s hard to string together more than one win in a row

  30. yeah…we bought high on randle and are getting burned…

    have no fear…thibs will sort it out…

  31. Mini comeback?
    Don’t worry good people of Indiana, I’ll put Randle and Barrett back in so they can pad their stats…

  32. I think most of them are lazy, and lack genuine pride… soulless… think about the last time you sagged off a guy who can actually shoot … our whole team does it happily

  33. KJG:
    Kevin Knox has ZERO moves … he has ZERO chance of getting another contract in this league

    the mavs will scoop him up..

  34. pepper: the mavs will scoop him up..

    Hahaha … I’ve never seen someone like him, honestly … I can’t put into words how watching him makes me feel … there are no words

  35. pepper:
    are we still on pace for 56…my calculator is broken…

    Turns out Vegas is a lot smarter than a bunch of people on a Knicks blog

  36. We really really struck out with Kemba and Fournier … Kemba was a long shot, I was hopeful … Fournier is an absolute miss … I expected smooth consistent offense, but wow, he’s not that and he just doesn’t fit … I don’t understand why he’s a starter anywhere. It’s like he’s beating the system …

    Someone needs to tell RJ to try to Dunk more … he sucks on the break because he’s always hanging in the air waiting til he gets back to his lowest point before shooting

  37. KJG:

    Someone needs to tell RJ to try to Dunk more … he sucks on the break because he’s always hanging in the air waiting til he gets back to his lowest point before shooting

    the scary thing is that the difference between his high and low point is like one inch…

  38. Unless it’s a designed lob to Obi or Randle ball screen for Fournier , the offense is entirely one on one

  39. I don’t get all the hubbub about blowing the Pacers up. They seem like a reasonably young, reasonably good team with upside to me. Their roster is not that different than ours, and like us, they can beat anyone on any given night except maybe the fully healthy elite teams. I could see them getting very good with a couple of shrewd moves and good drafts. Duarte looks like a major hit…ready to contribute as a starter in his prime on a rookie contract. I didn’t see any redundancy between Turner and Sabonis.

    I don’t like the way we played at all, but this was not a terrible loss in and of itself. They are gonna beat a lot of good teams if they play the way they did today.

  40. I know the Pacers are said to want to blow it up, but I thought up a weird trade that’s helps us and also makes them better. It’s a three way trade between us, them and Philadelphia. We send Knox and Samanac to Philadelphia and Toppin to Indiana. Indiana sends Levert to Philadelphia and Turner to us. Philadelphia sends Simmons to Indiana. Indiana sends Philadelphia some draft picks. Does this seem fair for each team? Would it help us? We’d probably have to waive Gibson since we’d be carrying four centers. The trade works in the trade machine

  41. @SBondyNYDN
    Evan Fournier said he ate a bad steak in San Antonio and it bothered him the last two games.

  42. I hope Turner is on the way. Need to package Fournier for something ASAP!

    RJ can go as well. He is nothing special will likely never be a star.

  43. KevinR:
    Evan Fournier said he ate a bad steak in San Antonio and it bothered him the last two games.

    Does that steak also have an impact on the past? Because what he’s doing these last 2 games is exactly the same as the rest of the season (with some exceptions).
    It’s very bad that they started to make excuses for everything that goes wrong… just shut up and work! Grind it out and get the wins!

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