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  1. Call me an optimist, but I’m betting Frank quadruples his point total from last night.


  2. Wow, Simmons, quite a shot

    Frank was a plus 5!

    IQ is heading to the 80s from the line. Sad

  3. Strange fact: Quickley has missed as many FT in the last four games (6) than in all the first half…

  4. Sorry for the lack of a thread, guys, I was doing an interview for an article and it went over.

  5. RJ shoots FTs at 75% rate – “Oh man, he’s shooting FTs so well”
    Quick shoots FTs at 75% rate – “Man, what’s happening with Quick!?”

  6. We had a chance to take a good lead, with the Sixers playing so poorly, but we didn’t play smart and missed a lot of shots…

    WTF with all this Gibson’s threes?

  7. The Knicks with 12 threes in the first quarter, now if they could start hitting them a bit more…

    I hate when players don’t try the last shot before the buzzer…

  8. d-mar:
    Watching Obi makes me sad

    he doesn’t even follow the play… watch him when opponent shoots… he just drifts around the floor, seemingly mindlessly… somethings missing in his brain right now… or maybe is always has been

  9. pepper:
    toppin is the next kenny sky walker…and maybe not even that good…

    I was thinking exactly the same thing and that thought made me cringe…
    Right now Toppin is a walking train wreck.
    Frank’s still 0-fer post ASG, he’s good on D but he needs to do something on offense too…

  10. It looked to me like Scott gave him a slight shove. But yeah, hoping that was Obi’s career low point.

  11. So the new rule of game-watching is don’t watch the ball, keep your eye on Obi on offense, watch Frank on defense.

  12. RJ is doing some stuff on his drives lately. Using his body very effectively to create space at the rim.

  13. one thing can be said for our lottery picks…they are good towel wavers on the sidelines..

  14. “So the new rule of game-watching is don’t watch the ball, keep your eye on Obi on offense, watch Frank on defense.”

    LOL! Keep your eyes where the Action is!

  15. RJ Barrett is crazy strong. I almost think Anthony Mason is a better comp than Paul Pierce.

  16. There’s a short list of players I’d dislike on the Knicks even more than DRose, and Dwight Howard is on it.

  17. I have the utmost respect for Reggie Bullock as a person and I can see him playing a role as a solid rotation player from the bench next year, but let’s say his basketball IQ is not top notch…

    BTW him, Gibson and Burks played well, then Julius and RJ went to work.
    Good team effort on D considering it’s a SEGABABA.
    I’m worried for IQ.
    Frank now has missed his last 12 shots…

  18. The odd thing about this game is that it feels like the Knicks are the better team, and it’s just a matter of time until we impose our will. Kind of the opposite of the Nets game.

  19. NetsTown:
    Who’s our worst lottery pick?


    I’m going to say Knox. As Jowles said, there weren’t obviously better players available when Frank was drafted. In this blog we were arguing between him and DSJ. I don’t like Obi as a pick at all and am worried he is another Kenny Walker, but he’s played so little compared to Knox and is still getting minutes over him. Knox on the other hand, was picked with a bad process and picked when several other players looked better and has made very little progress in the time he’s been with the Knicks.

  20. rj getting back to the line regularly is so good to watch and will be key to how good he will be…

  21. IQ is coming out for the second half.
    Its almost like a Willis Reed Game 7 moment.
    Well, almost.

  22. Nice to see IQ back on the floor,
    it was just that he had a message for Philly’s sewer system…

    Bullock with 5 fouls…

  23. Quickley cooked by Curry and eaten by Green…
    we tend to forget he’s a rookie, good experiences…

  24. It’s been a long while since we had a team with this toughness. They may not have quite the talent of the 76s (with Embiid it isn’t close), but they clearly feel they can dominate them. Even the good Melo teams didn’t have that intensity and toughness – they were really more finesse teams.

  25. Breen is right, what a mess this is….ah, Frank. Great rebound, dumb pass, nice steal…how old is he again?

  26. Pretty amazing that Dwight can still throw Randle around like that.

    Great defense. These Knicks just won’t quit.

  27. We weathered a barrage of threes and kept a nice edge, great team effort.
    Burks with the revenge game.

  28. This would be an absolutely devastating loss if they can’t hold on to this lead.

  29. I was going to say how much I enjoy watching Thybulle play D but then he drains the three, so fuck him.

  30. I’m ready to sell on Obi. I know it’s premature but man, he looks like the PF version of Frank out there, with no defense.

  31. Ntilikina currently with the 3rd highest plus/minus but some of you aren’t ready for that conversation

  32. Thybulle is the new Marcus Smart…

    Legs are getting heavy, Frank 13 straight misses.

    We need to grind it out.

  33. DRed:
    Ntilikina currently with the 3rd highest plus/minus but some of you aren’t ready for that conversation

    still digesting that airball but after that I can have the conversation

  34. At a certain point you have to go with Harper over Frank. This is getting embarrassing.

  35. Frank brings balance to the Force.

    Curry is killing us.

    Can’t believe we are losing this game

  36. only thing worse than a fake comeback is a fake win… not that this one was in the bag … you know what i mean… its worse because i live in philadelphia and i have to deal with it… their fans are complete snobs these days…

  37. Obi Toppin’s struggles might lead to LaMarcus Aldridge in NY. LMA for Frank & Rivers works in the trade machine.

  38. ephus: Obi Toppin’s struggles might lead to LaMarcus Aldridge in NY.LMA for Frank & Rivers works in the trade machine.

    Why would SA do that?

  39. Can’t fault Bullock for that – solid D, but Tobias is a pretty good player.

  40. Exciting ending… That last play they should have went 2 for 1 though…

  41. Randle just too tired. Tough loss coming our way.

    Though missed free throw! We still have a chance….

  42. man, that such an obvious time to go 2-for-1

    yup, that was inexplicable. complete failure by the players/coaches

  43. Painful, brutal loss…

    I told about the missing FTs in the first half, they weight heavily in a close game,
    plus they were clearly tired and we’re missing three rotation players (two of them starters).

    We played two good games and head home with nothing, but they let everything on the floor as usual, can’t complain with the effort.

  44. They just make small mistakes down the stretch of these games.

    Playing the best teams in the east down to the wire is good, but we obviously need to learn how to finish.

    The positive news is that Thibs is making me feel OK about my COVID-times weight gain. Svelte, even…

  45. Gutsy effort. Randle looked a little tired at the end, as he should be.

    Can’t complain about the loss that much but should have been a W. But Sixers are a solid team even without Joel.

  46. d-mar: That’s pretty extreme, Sixers without Embiid are still a decent team.

    9 point lead heading into the 4th quarter after last night’s tough loss, this one stings. Not to mention they’ve fallen under. 500 and are dropping rapidly in the standings. Granted I would’ve taken a 1-3 start to the 2nd half considering the tough road trip but blowing this game tonight really hurts.

  47. The Jazz beat the Celtics (but man, Robert Timelord Williams is good),
    Knicks’ trade target Oladipo with 34 in Houston 100th consecutive loss,
    future Knick Zach Lavine with 40 in Chicago win over OKC.

  48. Max: and we’re missing three rotation players (two of them starters)

    I think we don’t miss one of them :P

  49. Rama, try what I do for weight. No eating until noon everyday.

    Seems to work for me. I eat breakfast, I gain weight. I don’t, I lose. Haha!

  50. Also, Tobias Harris played a great game.

    And Simmons is just awesome on defense. Fun to watch.

  51. Hard to call any loss against a very good team on the road on the tail end of a back-to-back a devastating loss. It hurts, but we were simply out-executed by a better team down the stretch. Same with last night.

    The reality is that we’re at best around a .500 team. If this were at home, or if Philly was on the 2nd game of a b2b I’d be more upset. Even without Embiid, they’re a very good team.

  52. Nets game was fun but as it played out probably was never winnable. But tonight. We controlled everything … pace ended up good for us … defense ratchets up we don’t execute as well … however … we did have looks. Just didn’t make a bucket.

  53. KJG: we did have looks. Just didn’t make a bucket.

    That is generally the reason why good teams beat less good teams. We don’t really have a closer, and even if you call Randle a closer, good teams will make someone else beat them.

  54. On paper going 1-3 in this first four of the second half was expected,
    we’re upset because we played the last two to the wire,
    but it’s a good sign, we were clear underdogs, the Nets are the Nets and the Sixers are better then us even without Embiid.

    Now we need to go 4-0 (or at least 3-1) in the next stretch.

  55. why the rushed 3’s, normally you hold till the last second to shoot. we made the same mistake twice in the final possession

  56. I really believe we could have ended this one from the 1st half if we were more careful but it’s understandable since we weren’t playing against a g-league team.
    2nd unit offensively was Burks one on one. Thibs tried to slightly mix the 2 units but wasn’t enough.
    Frank tried hard on D as always but in offense he should give… something!
    Obi is a problem right now
    Fun game but it could have been much more fun

  57. The lynchpin of our offense was too exhausted to make plays in the 4th quarter, and without our two pointguard like substances we have trouble scoring. I don’t think this loss is all that complicated. We scored 14 points in the 4th quarter-the Sixers without Embiid are still pretty good defensively but nobody is that good.

  58. Does Randle have a 2nd wind in him for the second half? Or would that be a 3rd wind? Would you believe a fourth wind?

  59. The way the Pelicans will burn possession after possession without giving the ball to Zion when nobody on the other team can stop him from scoring at will is really something to see. He’s 11-16, why the fuck is Eric Bledsoe even looking at the basketball.

  60. up until we lost the lead late in the 4th, I thought we would still win…

    that was a bummer…lots of missed free throws cost us the game, that and curry and that other guy getting hot in the 3rd…

    interested to see if taj backs up julius when mitch returns…

  61. here’s the pre-march madness draft update:

    1. Jalen Suggs
    2. Jalen Green
    3. Cade Cunningham
    4. Evan Mobley
    5. Jalen Johnson

    Cade’s been on an absolute tear and probably cemented himself as the #1 pick but i still have some doubts mainly because Suggs has been so good and Cade has been less than stellar in aggregate.. Green’s Ignite experiment went pretty well.. he was exactly as advertised and looked downright dominating at times against half decent comp… Johnson is tough to rate from the earlier discussions about the offcourt stuff but he’s right around here if you ignore it… the offcourt stuff does matter tho so it’ll be interesting where he ends up…

    6. James Bouknight
    7. Moses Moody
    8. Scottie Barnes
    9. Jonathan Kuminga
    10. Josh Christopher

    Kuminga did not look great in the gleague but also wasn’t terrible… there’s def glimmers of what gets folks excited however it did highlight the same questions from hs… his outside shot and his bullyball tendencies which predictably wasn’t as effective against tougher comp…. Barnes’ OTOH has played well and i think is solidly in the mid lotto… he has the same shooting question marks but his passing ability/handle for a guy with his size and measurements is very unique and is probably worth rolling the dice on…

    11. Charles Bassey
    12. Keon Johnson
    13. Jaden Springer
    14. Jared Butler
    15. Ayo Dosunmo
    16. Franz Wagner

    Besides Bassey, this group should all be a part of teams making deep tourney runs and they are all pretty underrated… they all provide a multi level skill set with one major question mark… but they’re diverse contributions should give them a fair chance to succeed despite that… my gut says we’re probably shopping within this group which does make the tourney a fun follow..

    17. Chris Duarte
    18. Terrence Shannon
    19. Sharife Cooper
    20. Neemias Queta

    This group of names round out a pretty solid first rd and most should be available for our…

  62. DRed:
    The way the Pelicans will burn possession after possession without giving the ball to Zion when nobody on the other team can stop him from scoring at will is really something to see.He’s 11-16, why the fuck is Eric Bledsoe even looking at the basketball.

    It’s honestly aggravating to watch, he even went 6-6 on free throws so there isn’t even the excuse that he would get fouled and have a lower chance to score at the line. The Blazers are playing Melo and Kanter at their front court and Zion only gets 17 shots in a close game while Ingram and Bledsoe are throwing jumpers at the rim.

  63. So what’s the record for most consecutive games leading your team in plus-minus while missing every single shot? I’m guessing Frank just broke his own record (initially set yesterday) with 2.

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