Knicks Morning News (2017.10.10)

  • [NY Newsday] MSG broadcasters take shots at Kristaps Porzingis
    (Tuesday, October 10, 2017 12:56:01 AM)

    Kristaps Porzingis is already having a tough year, and the season hasn’t even started.

  • [NYDN] Knicks embarrassed by James Harden as Rockets run up the score
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 7:16:24 PM)

    Knicks embarrassed by showboating James Harden as Rockets run up the score.

  • [NYDN] Jarrett Jack fails miserably on last-second, full-court heave
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 5:18:52 PM)

    Jarrett Jack may have a stronger arm than anyone in the NFL — the only issue is he’s as accurate as Mark Sanchez.

  • [NYDN] Knicks announcers caught ripping Kristaps Porzingis on hot mic
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 10:45:58 AM)

    A sore hip forced Kristaps Porzingis out of the Knicks’ preseason tilt against the Nets after the first half on Sunday.

  • [NYDN] Rockets discuss the Carmelo Anthony trade that could have been
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 10:03:01 AM)

    This would have been the soft opening for Carmelo Anthony if only the Knicks and the Rockets had pulled the trigger on a trade.

  • [NYTimes] Q&A: What if a Bear Took an N.B.A. Star’s Place? Shea Serrano Has an Answer
    (Tuesday, October 10, 2017 9:00:24 AM)

    The author and humorist behind the best-selling “The Rap Year Book’’ takes on basketball in an illustrated book that asks and answers a lot of questions.

  • [NYTimes] U.S.-Puerto Rico Basketball Game to Be Moved Because of Hurricane Damage
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 10:23:59 PM)

    The World Cup qualifying game might be held in Orlando next month.

  • [NYPost] Ugly preseason has everything Kristaps Porzingis didn’t want
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 10:10:12 PM)

    The Knicks announcers are taking shots at him, and his right hip is barking. This can’t be the finish to the preseason Kristaps Porzingis envisioned prior to his third NBA season. Twenty-four hours after he was called out by MSG personalities Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak for his ineffective play, Porzingis missed Monday night’s 117-95…

  • [NYPost] Knicks flaws won’t allow for partially tanked season
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 9:38:48 PM)

    The Knicks will announce an advertising sponsor to put on their jerseys at a Tuesday press conference. Real-life companies such as “Superior Tank,’’ “May Tank Co.’’ and “Tank Design” lost out. The Knicks didn’t want to reveal their seasonal strategy so blatantly. But the black cat is out of the bag before Halloween. Yes, Phil…

  • [NYPost] Jeff Hornacek tries to pretend he wasn’t angry with Mike D’Antoni
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 9:11:20 PM)

    Jeff Hornacek didn’t finish the thought, preferring silence to criticism. The Knicks coach seemed ticked the Rockets played their starters until the buzzer in Monday night’s preseason contest at the Garden. “No, I’m not surprised,” Hornacek said, when asked if he was fine with the move by Rockets coach and former Knicks head man Mike…

  • [NYPost] Knicks stay winless in preseason, courtesy of James Harden
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 5:56:41 PM)

    The Knicks seem primed for the regular season — if tanking is the goal. They remained winless in the preseason Monday night, hammered by the Rockets 117-95 at the Garden. Again looking incapable of defending the opponent, the Knicks fell to 0-4 this preseason with Friday’s finale against the Wizards remaining and have yet to…

  • [NYPost] Hot mic catches MSG announcers ripping Kristaps Porzingis
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 7:47:24 AM)

    A hot mic caught MSG personalities Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak trashing Knicks power forward Kristaps Porzingis for his poor preseason display before the Nets eventually slaughtered the Knicks, 117-83, at Barclays Center on Sunday night. The Knicks were behind by as many as 38 points, and Porzingis was the furthest thing from a bright…

  • [SNY Knicks] Banged-up Knicks remain winless in preseason after losing to Rockets
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 9:48:00 PM)

    The Knicks remained winless in the preseason as they lost to the Houston Rockets 117-95 on Monday at Madison Square Garden.

  • [SNY Knicks] Rockets players happy Anthony got traded, even if it wasn’t to Houston
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 7:33:28 PM)

    Rockets players expressed their content that former Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony finally got his trade request granted in the offseason even though it wasn’t to Houston.

  • [SNY Knicks] Porzingis, Ntilikina among five Knicks to miss game vs. Rockets
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 5:54:21 PM)

    Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis and guard Frank Ntilikina are among five players who will miss Monday’s preseason game vs. the Houston Rockets.

  • [SNY Knicks] Porzingis to meet with team doctors regarding sore right hip
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 10:27:25 AM)

    Knicks PF Kristaps Porzingis is expected to meet with Knicks’ doctors Monday regarding a sore right hip.

  • [ESPN] Knicks’ Porzingis out Monday with hip soreness
    (Monday, October 09, 2017 7:23:03 PM)

    Knicks’ Porzingis out Monday with hip soreness

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    Well now we know why they say “you can’t rebuild in New York.” Three preseason games into a rebuild in the media is being extremely critical.

    Whelp. Potential $178M contract to Embiid, who played 12% of his games so far. Supposedly most complex contract in nba history. I just hope for their sake he was always not played because of fake injuries , and for our sake we don’t do the same for KP if he doesn’t progress as much as we hope he does.

    Actualy, looking it up, two surgeries to his right foot, issues with microfractures in his back, and surgery to his left knee, all in just over two years. Yikes

    Was there any pressure for the Sixers to get that done now? I guess it’s safe to assume that someone would make him a big offer as a RFA and that they’d match anyway. Regardless of how this season goes.

    People really need to chill in this whole preseason thing. Nobody should care about these results and frankly, it was obvious the team would initially suck. There’s no PG, changing schemes, a lot of newcomers, little talent and lots of injuries.

    This is the same Wally and Hahn who were gushing about how Derrick Rose was amazing last year. His rips are as useless and misguided as his analysis (out of all the shit, plus minus really?) and he gets for this bullshit.

    @5 – YES. Many of us have been clamouring for a rebuild for a while. Now we have one. Those things take time. I absolutely refuse to form a strong view either way about the longer term potential of this group until at least Christmas and even then it will be highly tentative.

    Also, starting a rebuild doesn’t automatically yield three or four future all star types – there will be some just plain mediocrity in our rosters in the next few years.

    In terms of KP – some adjustment to being the primary option was inevitable. The stats from last year are interesting in that his per36 numbers were better when both Carmelo and Rose sat, but they were best early in the second and fourth quarters when Horny ran him as a primary option AGAINST SECOND UNITS. Moving to be primary against the other team’s best lineups will be difficult. When all is said and done, if he ups his scoring and efficiency slightly and is a higher usage player by seasons end, that’s perfectly fine progression for me.

    Hey, Rose is supposedly starting for the Cavs. It will be embarrassing when he thrives in that offense.

    Re: the rebuild, I think people are mostly critical of the atrocious TH2 and Baker signings. The Melo trade wasn’t great, but could’ve been worse.

    For the record, I’m not betting the “over” on the Knicks this year. I probably would have had they not traded Melo or done a deal with Portland that brought back Harkless or someone like that. However, I think the team got worse in the Melo deal (which is not the same as saying it was a bad deal). IMO, it weakened us significantly at SF and added a player at C (Kanter) that will not add much value given we already had productive players at that position. We’ll just be dividing the minutes up differently. Right now the team is positioned fairly well long term, but short term it’s a poorly constructed mess with no defense and holes at multiple positions. Despite all that, it would not shock me if they play some good ball at times, just not with my money attached.

    Uhhh.. he’ll thrive according to parameters I don’t like. That, and he’ll be a guard playing along-side the best point-forward ever. I would love to see Rose vs Curry in the finals. Curry should average 72.

    Yes, they made a reasonable deal that made them worse long-term. They have glaring holes at PG and SF, and too much depth elsewhere. That extra depth in the form of vets on short term deals is good (sans Noah), and all this gives us one last push at the tank this year, and then when the worst 8 teams or so have similar odds we can actually start winning, hopefully.

    I’m just looking for incremental roster upgrades in our 25 or younger pool, which is so far OK given where we started, but we can all see the holes:

    PG: Nitty, Baker
    SG: THJr, Dotson, (Baker)
    SF: McDermott (?Hayes)
    PF: (Kornet), (Porzingis)
    C: Porzingis, Hernangomez, (O’Quinn-older)

    Did people in the media really expect for us to be good in the beginning of a rebuild? I mean, they do know we’re rebuilding right? Right?

    All that matters is our FO seems to understand it:

    Perry: “People want something that’s going to be sustainable. That to me is what’s important. And patience, if you’re going to build something the right way that’s going to be sustainable long term, you can’t cut corners.”

    Hornacek: “It’s hard as a coach because you want to win. You understand the process you have to go through and you just try to not sacrifice what you’re trying to do to build just to win some games. Obviously, you want to win, but you got to find that balance. You can’t get frustrated. You got to keep the team going. When teams are going through that process, it’s hard but you got to stay positive with it.”

    Mills: “We will emphasize ball movement, body movement, spacing and screening, while understanding that these changes will be a work in progress. We may not be there at first, but that’s the brand of ball our players will aspire to fulfill…We are not looking for celebrity. We are not fame hunters. We just want to pour ourselves into the process, one step at a time, and see the result.”

    They’re going to always be dumb folks in the media (and dumb fans), but so long as the front office is devoted to it, it should be okay.

    We just have to hope that the front office is legitimately devoted to it.

    On the one hand this front office seems more committed to a rebuild than any other under Dolan. On the other hand, they still seem prone to splurge at the wrong time.

    Hopefully the front office is committed to it — but my guess is that Hornacek will be the fall guy if we’re really bad this year. Have to figure Mills wants David Blatt as coach. If you ask me, JVG is still the right coach for this team, and him getting his feet wet in coaching again at FIBA AmeriCup makes it more likely he dives back into coaching this summer…

    Also those guys on MSG are so stiff and pro-Knicks on camera it stands to reason that they need to vent when they think no one is listening.

    I posted this on Twitter yesterday, but the local and national media coverage of the Knicks is completely two faced and designed to just illicit hysterical reactions. Before trading Melo all that was said was that the Knicks needed to trade him, to blow it up and rebuild around KP with youth and prioritize the draft Now that we’ve done that, many of these same blowhard media types are aghast that the Knicks are suckier than the level of suck they were with Melo.

    Whatever. As long as the FO sticks with the long view, we play the young guys and keep our picks, I’ll be good.

    As far as the actual play, I think it’s really hard to say a lot of things definitively about this team other than Jack is a sinkhole of suck on both ends. His defense is atrocious and when he’s on the floor the offense seems to become extremely stagnant and ISO heavy.

    We have glimpses of really running a nice, flowing offense, but it’s definitely going to take time to become consistent with that, especially without a great lead guard and so many young guys.

    I think when we play lineups with KP at the 4 next to another traditional big the pace needs to come down compared to when we just play with 1 traditional big.

    There have been some sets and designed plays I’ve seen where players curl off screens and pindowns and get open for a 20 footer, when they could easily have adjusted their route to take a 3 instead. That’s something I hope Hornacek addresses and adjusts.

    Dotson looks like a plug and play 3&D wing to me.

    Kanter can score down low, good moves and footwork, but his defense is B A D

    Dotson looks like he has potential on both ends. I hate to admit it but Beasley looked decent, he can score. His defense looked pretty terrible too.

    THJR is not as good as he thinks he is (or as good as his contract) but given the lack of scoring on this roster look for him to be taking A Lot of shots. Hopefully he can make them at a decent clip.

    The rest of the team looked pretty meh. I know KP and Frank didn’t play but based on the limited amount I’ve seen, this team is going to be mostly awful. That can be good in the long run if they get a top 4 pick.

    We just have to hope that the front office is legitimately devoted to it.

    They will be devoted to it unless the losses start piling up, the media turns on them, and their job security feels threatened. In his favor, we know Mills gets Isiah-like support from Dolan (to be honest, he should not even have this job given the history back in the Isiah days). That may stall his downfall, along with his apparent very good relationship with the media at this stage.

    Horancek is in a different boat. He was hired by Phil, not Mills or Perry. He was given a few good young pieces drafted by Phil, but the additions since then make it the most unbalanced squad you are going to find outside the 76ers a couple of years back. He’ll be given a bit of leash because everyone knows the team is rebuilding, but if they aren’t showing signs of getting better he’s going to come under pressure.

    To be honest though, I think that’s all irrelevant. IMO, these guys are not high level managers. As far as I am concerned Mills is incompetent. We don’t know enough about Perry yet, but his overall record outside of NY does not lead me to believe he’s going to really good. He may just look good compared to Mills. I still like the position the team is in, but nothing the team has done since they took over makes me enthusiastic.

    Dotson looks a lot like Justin holiday

    Another good draft pick to add to the list. I don’t know how much we can expect from him right away, but I think he belongs in the rotation soon.

    Eh, I chalk it up to people just liking to bitch. People in Houston and Portland like to bitch too, those are just tiny media centers compared to NYC.

    I think the concern that KP won’t be that good is real. I think he has a high floor at least, so I don’t think he’ll be Bargs or anything, but there is definitely no guarantee he’ll be Dirk 2.0 either.

    Blatt would be a great coach for this team. So far, I’m not that impressed with Horny. He seems to recognize and complement what OTHER coaches are doing, so that’s a start… but he’ll have a clean slate once the season begins, and we’ll see how his rotations are then.

    @18 – I agree. I think he’s a better pure shooter than Justin though and seems to have a much better handle, which doesn’t say all that much since Holiday’s handle was non-existent.

    They look similar which is good, I agree he has a better handle but they both hang out in the perimeter. Dotson has that clutch potential,if he can rebound better than holiday watch out.

    Hey, Rose is supposedly starting for the Cavs. It will be embarrassing when he thrives in that offense.

    Why would that be embarrassing?

    Rose had what was by far his best individual offensive season last year since his injuries. For some reason there’s some weird notion that our offense hurt his production, even though nothing statistically supports that theory.

    If Rose “thrives” more than he did with the Knicks it’ll be because he’s playing with LeBron James, not because of some awesome offensive system he’s now a part of.

    I mean the preseason is literally worthless. Every team except the ones that have had little roster turnover, plays guys who don’t even make the team. Honestly I’m surprised that even on this blog people are complaining about Hornaceck’s rotations when they literally do not matter at all in the preseason. There’s players who got to play in some of the games who aren’t even on the team anymore or won’t be soon enough and guys who got decent minutes who will only play spot minutes throughout the season. Plus, as everyone says the roster is imbalanced, so Hornaceck has to figure out our big man rotation and figure out what his sophie’s choice will be for the PG rotation since its so weak.

    We’re gonna suck this year. KP will not be used to being the primary option. Frank is a rookie and Sessions sucks. We don’t have a quality starting SF. We have too many bigs and too many SGs.

    So we’re gonna suck. People need to get used to it and get ready for it. If we win 25 games we’ll be lucky.

    And that’s ok! The key here is the team develops and the young players get better playing together. Golden State sucked after they drafted Curry.

    The other real priority is finding a trade for Lee and KQ and possibly Lance….trades that yield some draft picks, even if just second rounders. We have our first and two second rounders as of now. I’d love to throw a late first or another second rounder or two in the mix there.

    Idk why I said that, because Rose does not seem like a good fit at all at a position where they could really use 3pt shooting and not a ball-dominant drive guy that plays bad D, but Lue seems pretty psyched.

    I think KP will be fine (assuming his body holds up), but the trip between being 2nd or 3rd option and being the focal point of the offense/defense and having to create for himself a lot of the time is not going to be easy. How he handles it will determine whether we are competitive or reach an ugly level of sucktitude and start talking about the draft and tanking by January.

    It’s only pre season, we have a lot of new players, Hornacek is trying to evaluate players and rotations, we have key injuries etc.. but right now it’s hard to imagine this team beating anyone. It’s has been that ugly.

    On the bright side, I thought Baker looked pretty good at times when he was running the offense. He made a few good plays. He wasn’t a total debacle.

    Rose’s role is eventually going to be to score when Lebron is out of the lineup. When James was out, the Cavs Offense was often horrible. Naturally, part of that was the 9 million other things James does exceptionally well, but the team had trouble scoring. Rose can create his own shot and score whenever he wants. All he has to do is buy some minutes for James to come out of the game and rest and he’ll be a bargain for the Cavs. Eventually Isiah Thomas will start and Rose will be a scorer off the bench. That’s why they got him.

    Dotson looks a lot like Justin holiday

    Why would someone make a statement like this?

    Dotson has an NBA ready body. He outweighs Holiday by 20 pounds of muscle already and is 5 years younger. Holiday shoots 34% from 3 for his career and Dotson appears to be able to shoot the eyes out of the basket.

    He will get major minutes this season not because the Knicks suck…. but because he plays both ends of the floor hard and can rebound better than decently as well as showing elite shooting skillz….

    From hell’s heart Phil strikes again on his way out the door!

    the media will always lend to extreme viewpoints as each individual writer/personality wants to differentiate themselves and more importantly grab attention…. you don’t grab attention by being reasonable….

    Dotson had one good preseason game and now he’s like the best player EVAR and Phil is such a genius.

    This blog, man.

    the media will always lend to extreme viewpoints as each individual writer/personality wants to differentiate themselves and more importantly grab attention…. you don’t grab attention by being reasonable….

    I agree with you. I’m just wondering what happened to the good old days when the goal was inform the pubic with accurate unbiased facts instead of opinions, spin, and agenda. Maybe I just grew up and realized a lot of them are fos, but I think the quality has been in a death spiral for years also.

    Seems like Kanter will probably be opening day starter. I’m gonna assume it will be Sessions/Hardaway/KP/Kanter, and either Lee or McBuckets at the 3. Probably Lee because they’ll need some semblance of a defender on the court.

    2nd team will be Frank/Ron or Dotson?/McBuckets/Beasley/Billy perhaps? Kinda hope Kyle gets traded for his sake. He should be helping a playoff team as a bench guy.

    Why worry about the media? This is the same media that laughed at and by and large predicted the Jets to go 0-16, or maybe 1-15. Some predicted that the Jets offense would be the worst in NFL history, that the team would not be just bad, but historically bad. And they’re 3-2. The media are clowns; ignore them (please, James Dolan) and trust the process.

    I posted during the game last night that there was a huge silver lining in Dotson. It is encouraging that Hornacek is giving him good minutes in the preseason. His success adds some urgency to trading Lee. He’s wasted here and could help a few teams out there.

    KP should watch Kanter back down players in the post. When he gets a smaller guy on him, he gets very aggressive. Now, he’s overly aggressive, too, esp. when he gets doubled, but him being around for awhile might benefit KP.

    I feel like Willy should start and get the bulk of the minutes at the 5, because he’s part of the long-term future here, he needs development time and there’s at least some hope he develops into some semblance of a two-way player. Kanter has played 10,000 minutes in the league and he is what he is at this point, while I still see some possible development left in Willy.

    I totally agree. One way the team can answer the media crap, in a way, is by starting and playing the youngsters a lot. Don’t just talk a rebuild, actually do it. Start Frank, Willy, KP, THJ, and McD (though I think Lee will get to start early on so that they can showcase him). That’s a young starting group that you’d expect to struggle and lose games.

    Kanter can still get good minutes, but he should come off the bench b/c of his woeful D.

    Also, until the Knicks get a better PG option, I think Ron should get more minutes backing up Frank than Sessions or (gulp) Jack (if the makes the team, which I doubt).

    Ron seemed to run the offense okay last night (his shooting is still a problem, though). And, though Harden torched him, he stayed with Harden pretty well, better than anyone else did. There were at least three long 3’s that Harden hit (probably 25+ feet) that he hit with Ron right there on him.

    Let Ron run the 2nd unit with Kanter et al.

    FWIW, I agree about starting Willy, but based on the rotations thus far, it just seems like Horny will “probably” start Kanter.

    Kanter’s problem on offense is that he’s not a great passer out of the post. He’s sort of a black hole. Sure he scores well down there, but he needs to kick out to shooters more often.

    Dotson is why we need to trade Lee and KQ/Lance for as many second rounders as possible. I believe there will always be at least two good players in each draft found in the second round and picking them is ultimately like buying a lottery ticket but the more tickets we have, the better chance we have of finding one of these guys. IMO, we don’t need too much more veteran leadership outside of Sessions and Noah. Session is a one year rental (maybe we bring him back for another year) and Noah is going nowhere. Veteran leadership is a bit overrated but I do think in the case of Noah, that even though he is not the player he used to be, if he’s healthy and able to contribute 20 minutes a night, that’s going to go a long way towards our defense, not immediately, but in the future. He can be the coach on the court barking out assignments and such. Having that for another year or two (before we do stretch him or are able to trade him or he retires) could be a good thing for a young team. And sessions provides the veteran leadership for Frank showing him the PG ropes. Plus we have some “young vets” with Hardaway and Kanter. I think that’s enough veteran leadership and since Dotson is showing signs, then we need to trade Lee for wahtever picks we can get. Same with KQ since we have a glut of Centers anyways. Management may think they only want to trade them for first rounders but even some second rounders and expiring contracts would be pretty sweet. I’d take an expiring and a second rounder for Lee. That’s cap space we could use next summer (maybe upgrade the PG spot from Sessions or get a real SF who is relatively young). I’d take a second rounder for KQ. If we got one second rounder for each of them that would be four second rounders next draft. That gives us good shot of finding at least one overlooked prospect.

    the good old days when the goal was inform the pubic with accurate unbiased facts instead of opinions, spin, and agenda.

    The Good Old Days?

    Yellow Journalism was the norm in the 19th century. News was sensationalized, facts were ignored, careers were ruined, all under the orders of corrupt and warring newspaper magnates.

    (I thought you said you were only in your 50s, not your 150s:)

    Rose had what was by far his best individual offensive season last year since his injuries.

    Idk, my memory of Rose was that he was the great equalizer, as in number of shots=number of points.

    16 points on 16 shots doesn’t cut it in today’s NBA.

    The presence of Dotson is irrelevant. We need to trade Lee and Lance because they make no sense on this team because of their age and talent level. We should try to trade Kyle because we have too many good players at his position and he’s the one that should be the easiest to trade.

    Trading Lee, OQ, and LT would be ideal. The problem is always finding a taker with the right fit.

    2nd rounders would be okay, but salary relief (less years in the case of Lee and LT) is probably a consideration, too.

    OQ is almost sure to opt out, so he’s practically an expiring, so not as big an urgency to deal him.

    I would think a combo of Lee and KQ could net something decent. That’s a decent bench big and a decent starting SG for a playoff team. Would provide some bench depth to a team hoping to make a run and KQ expires, so you’re just left with 2 more years of Lee at 11 million a year, which is definitely not an onerous contract (decent player/decent salary/not a lot of years). I would hope that could net us an expiring contract and some second rounders.

    Anybody see the thing on Deadspin about Markelle Fultz’ free throw motion? There is definitely something wrong with him health-wise. His free throw motion looks a lot like Shaq’s. That’s not good. He didn’t shoot free throws with that ridiculous technique in college.

    He’s playing like a bum so far in the preseason, and I bet he’s playing through an injury.

    Philly (or Boston) passing on Lonzo to take Fultz never made any sense.

    Edit: I just read that article and now I don’t understand why Philly is even playing him

    The presence of Dotson is irrelevant. We need to trade Lee and Lance because they make no sense on this team because of their age and talent level. We should try to trade Kyle because we have too many good players at his position and he’s the one that should be the easiest to trade.

    Courtney Lee could be traded any time they want to. They just don’t want to despite them continuing to try to trade him and failing.

    Clearly Boston/Philly didn’t feel like dealing with LaVar’s annoying ass. I would have been mad as hell if my team passed on Lonzo, but I get it. LaVar really is that much of a pain in the ass.

    Courtney Lee’s defense is one of those mystical things that you hear about but never see, like the Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster or something. All I see when I watch him on defense is a guy who does very little to impede ballhandlers, who fails to get into passing lanes and who is easily screened. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me. He had a good defensive reputation coming here but he looks like he peaks out at “adequate” to me.

    I’d read/heard a few things about how good Tatum has looked for Boston, but his preseason stats suck.

    I still can’t believe Philly passed on Ball. Would have been perfect fit and the safe, sensible choice as well.

    Watching the Knicks stumble around all preseason, I get the sense we’re in for a long season. Which is good in the long term. But it’ll be hard to watch.

    Wouldn’t Doncic be absolutely perfect here? Imagine him in the starting lineup with Frank/Dotson/Willy and KP( long term maybe a small ball 4 instead of Willy).

    You’d have a great mix of defense, rebounding, playmaking and scoring. Then you can bring Timmy off the bench for scoring.

    Frank/Doncic/Dotson/KP/Willy would be a huge lineup with lots of ball-handling and passing ability.

    We’re in a great spot if we get any of Bamba/Bagley/Doncic/Porter/Ayton–we just need to figure out what to do with one of KP or Willy in the case of the bigs. I’m confident that we’ll be picking 4-6, so we have a real shot at any of these guys. We’re in a good spot.

    I’m particularly high on Bamba, who I think could be the 2nd best player in this draft if he has a decent jumper. Luka is unparalleled however.

    Courtney Lee could be traded any time they want to. They just don’t want to despite them continuing to try to trade him and failing.

    I’m of the opinion that they could trade Lee any time they want, but that’s because the one Knicks source I have that I believe actually knows the thinking inside keeps saying they LOVE Courtney Lee and don’t want to trade him unless they get an outstanding offer. So you could say, they’d listen to offers, but the Knicks are NOT trying to trade Lee and never have. I don’t think they should either. He’s a good player, causes no trouble, he’s on a fair contract, and can help the young guys. I see no reason to trade him unless someone is dumb enough to give away an equally productive player that’s younger.

    The Good Old Days?

    Yellow Journalism was the norm in the 19th century. News was sensationalized, facts were ignored, careers were ruined, all under the orders of corrupt and warring newspaper magnates.

    (I thought you said you were only in your 50s, not your 150s:)

    It’s possible I was born in a sweet spot in history when the politics was less hostile, people were less angry, and truth mattered more than destroying the opposition and getting ratings with spin and lies. By my own admission, it’s also possible I’m just a decent fellow in search of truth that grew up and now realizes we are surrounded by scumbags that are full of crap. I take it upon myself to find good sources and research things now.

    Dotson should be our starting 3.
    In my dream world we get 25+ mins a game of Frank, Timmy, Dotson, Willy and KP and let the chips fall where they may. Sessions(solely for his ability to be an NBA pg) Scrappy Do, McBuckets, Kuz, Kanter and O’quinn should make up the rest of the rotation.

    I have no desire, nor do I see any point, in watching Lee, Lance, Noah or Beasley.

    @63. If I have your age right, you grew up during the Civil rights riots, the Vietnam protests, Nixon, the height of the Cold War, Kent State, numerous political assassinations, the Carter years, 2000 murders a year in nyc, etc.
    In short, I think you’re romanticizing your youth.

    Agreed, because that’s exactly what I said! Dotson is a Hall Of Famer!

    Wow me and the Cock on same political page. Next up: cats and dogs living in harmony.

    There’s an old Russian joke:
    What do Americans call hunger, poverty and war?
    The good old days.

    I don’t understand why anyone would think Lee needs to be showcased to have trade value. Everybody knows what he is and what he does at this point. He’s not going to do anything but get worse at this stage of his career.

    At least five different people in this thread have penciled Dotson in as either a starter or a key contributor after one good preseason game. This seems, um, kind of premature.

    2for18, your reasoning does at least make some sense. You’re not saying he’s going to be good necessarily, you’re saying he should start whether he’s good or not, and I can see the logic in that.

    Keeping a guy nailed to your bench is not a good way to remind the league that he’s a pretty solid player.

    In fairness to others, I’m the only one who has suggested that Dotson start at the 3. I like his rebounding and shot, (and age) and am horrified at the thought of a Lee / Timmy 2 / 3 from a rebounding perspective.

    Well, I want to thank the Knicks. The last 15 years of disappointment have emotionally prepared me for what just happened to the USMNT.

    I’ve tried, but I could never get into soccer. I’m glad it’s over, sorry.

    Ntilikina, Dotson, Hardaway Jr, Porter Jr, and Porzingis. That, my friends, is a starting five we could all get behind. Doncic is amazing but I don’t think he will be better than Porter Jr or Bamba. Even Bagley has a higher ceiling.

    Carmelo and George combining for 35 points on 36 FGA and 1 FTA. Gonna be a long, long season for the Thunder. I’d bet the under at 54.5, which is what I’m seeing right now. I’d guess way under, too. Maybe 48 wins.

    Just remember, if President X was really a Commie/Nazi/Fascist, then you’d be imprisoned or killed for calling him that. I’ll be happy to give examples, from China to Cuba to Chile, on request.

    Donic > all the rest. His basketball IQ is off the fucking charts insane. Its Lebron/Paul level good.

    From what I’ve seen Luka Doncic is a P&R wizard with similar athleticism to James Harden. That’s excellent, but Michael Porter Jr is just one of those guys. You’ll see when he plays at Mizzou this season. He’s a special, special talent. And even he probably isn’t as good as Mo Bamba, who might rewrite what it means to be a two way big man this season. From what I saw most recently, he can face up, hit the mid range jumper, post up, and then he has the potential to be a top 10 defense all by himself.

    Right now, I’m ranking them Bamba, Doncic, and Porter Jr. On draft day, I think it will be Bamba, Porter Jr, and Doncic unless Doncic goes and does something ridiculous like win a championship.

    Watching Gobert and hoping that he’s what KP will be, but with a jump shot.

    Doncic is like an 18-year-old who is a Ph.D. in the world’s second best university. He’s a prodigy ahead of the curve.

    Not rooting for the USMNT because we’ve become a “dumbass country”??

    Seriously, now rooting for our national soccer team takes on some implied political statement? This shit is Out of Control. Sports and politics ate a bad combination. People watch sports to Get Away from the political nonsense, which seems like the whole point.

    The USMNT just wasn’t very good. They got blown out by Costa Rica and changed coaches. Then they played Costa Rica again and got the same result. We just don’t have the players to be a sure World Cup entrant any more. I think we got spoiled having Donovan, Dempsey and a World Class goal keeper for years. Now we don’t have two of those guys and the goal keeper is the same but already in his mid 30’s. The only new world class player is probably Pulisic, and he can’t do it all by himself.

    Porter Jr has some question marks re: his defense and shooting from 3, but he’s a pretty complete offensive package. Id rate him at #4 overall but #2 on our board.

    Doncic has the most impressive statistical profile of anyone drafted from the Spanish league ever, and was in all likelihood the best player on the Slovenian team that won Eurobasket. There is simply no one like him, athleticism be damned.

    Id be ecstatic with either, though. Or Bamba, who I love

    If Doncic, Bamba, and Porter Jr are the clear top 3 (in whatever order), you know we’re picking 4th.

    Carmelo and George combining for 35 points on 36 FGA and 1 FTA. Gonna be a long, long season for the Thunder. I’d bet the under at 54.5, which is what I’m seeing right now. I’d guess way under, too. Maybe 48 wins.

    Yeah, Millsap and Jokic with 18 points on 24 shots. Denver might not win 20 games! How’s it goink?

    Right. That might be the dumbest post from jowles I have ever seen. That team is a defensive juggernaut. Besides the Houston game I think they have held teams under 90 ppg. That team looks good as hell. Lol

    I don’t really think OKC looks that good, but I would stay away from that line. They’ve made big changes in their personnel and likely style of play. Despite a 47 win season last year had the point differential of a 43 win team. So to win the bet they need to win 12 more games in the brutal West with an atrocious bench. I could see them doing it if George can find his offensive niche working off of Russ, but I could also see them struggling for awhile early on before finding their footing.

    I actually agree with Jowles that if I were betting it I’d take the under, but for more reasons than he stated.

    Well I wasn’t refering to the wins line. More of the “long season” sentiment.

    They played 2 games with Russ, I’ve actually been suprised with how competent the bench looks and Patterson hasn’t played yet. I think you and Jowles will be suprised

    The USMNT was crap this cycle, no doubt. Still would rather see Pulisic on the big stage.

    @63. If I have your age right, you grew up during the Civil rights riots, the Vietnam protests, Nixon, the height of the Cold War, Kent State, numerous political assassinations, the Carter years, 2000 murders a year in nyc, etc.
    In short, I think you’re romanticizing your youth.

    At no point did I say life was better overall back then.

    I said most journalists valued TRUTH over their own politics/self interest and the destruction of others with lies and spin. Now it’s even hard to find a basketball reporter that doesn’t pepper us with everything he thinks about everything (most of which he has no expertise on) and which reflects such extreme bias I can’t possibly respect their basketball writing as being objective either given the level of biased delusion on everything else.

    But for the record, I was a boy for most of that other crazy stuff. The only thing on my mind back then was that the Knicks had Walt Frazier. So see, things were better back then. 🙂

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