2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavs

The bad news is Melo is supposed to play tonight. The other bad news is Kyrie is back. The good news is with only 17 minutes in one game (against Philly) under his belt, Uncle Drew probably won’t see more than 20-25 minutes against the Knicks. The other other bad news is that’s more than enough time to hang 30 on Jose Calderon (and the rest of the Knicks’ shoddy perimeter defenders). I read today that Kyrie’s career average of 26 ppg against the Knicks is his highest versus any opponent, a trait I think he shares with half the players in the league.

As for our friends-turned-foes, Timofey Mozgov is playing just 20 minutes per game, putting up 7 and 4, while Iman Shumpert will play just his fourth game back from injury. J.R. Smith is sporting a .483 TS%. I don’t miss any of them.

The Knicks, who fell 90-84 to the Cavs in NY six weeks ago as LeBron scored 31, have scored 87 or fewer points in each of their last four games against Cleveland. For a team that is offensively challenged to begin with, easy buckets will be hard to find.

As 12-point underdogs, tonight’s recipe for success is keeping the game close through maximum effort on defense and quality shot-making on offense before some good bounces in the 4th lead to a surprise road win. Go Knicks!

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125 thoughts to “2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavs”

  1. I remember during the Finals last year people were all gaga over Moz-god, who was putting up ungodly numbers against Golden State. That was truly an illusion, as the Warriors were playing small ball most of the time and seemed to be willing to allow him to get easy buckets inside as opposed to leaving 3 point shooters open.

    This season he has been pretty mediocre, I would say he’s an above average center at best.

  2. Mozgov had offseason surgery and showed up fat and out of shape (or as we call it, a Seraphin). He’s probably not that much better than an average center when he’s fit, but that’s just what Cleveland desperately needed. And at 4.5 mil a year! That’s Derrick Williams money

  3. To get a good center the cavs would have to spend money, which they didn’t have, traded some promising young players, which they lacked, or give up some picks.

  4. The one time when trading first rounders is defensible in my book is when you’re a very good team, as the picks won’t be that good and there is a greater priority in adding the good player now rather than later.

  5. Calderon – PG that doesn’t drive, stops at 3 point line on fast break! arghhh!

    Fish or Jackson are you blind?

  6. I feel like Porzingis is doing more of the “catch the ball, turn, act like you are going to do something, and ultimately just shoot a contested mid-range jumper” lately. Tired? Or too many 1v1’s vs. Melo?

  7. My new goal for this game is for Lou to pass seraphin in the rotation

    I would like to subscribe to your newsletter

  8. We should be able to flip Derrick Williams at the deadline to a team worried about facing the Cavs in the playoffs.

  9. Amundson is fine. He’s certainly more useful than chubs.

    thank god Melo isn’t here to stop Calderon from taking techs. now Jose is going to start rolling.

  10. That play where KP gets a screen and flashes from the weak side to the ft line for a jumper works every time.

  11. Porzingis sucks. I hear Dwight Howard is available.

    Let’s see Howard do that at the end of the half, moron.

  12. It’s amazing that Kevin Love’s entire role on offense is to stand outside the 3 point line and wait for a pass.

  13. 25 points is cool and all, but he’s only got 1 assist. Probably because he’s being mentored by Carmelo the Selfish

  14. I hope this isn’t going to be a repeat of the Orlando game where we get close over and over again but can never get over the hump and take a lead.

  15. I hope this isn’t going to be a repeat of the Orlando game where we get close over and over again but can never get over the hump and take a lead.

    Can’t talk now it’s Krisnappening

  16. I don’t know how I fell for it. My worst fears realized.

    Although, a Melo for Howard deal…..

    Anyway, who is this white kid from Estonia?

  17. If Galloway comes in and starts raining threes I’ll know that I’m dead and in heaven right now

  18. If Galloway comes in and starts raining threes I’ll know that I’m dead and in heaven right now

    In Heaven, everyone’s already seen Star Wars and you can talk about it.

  19. I hope this isn’t going to be a repeat of the Orlando game where we get close over and over again but can never get over the hump and take a lead.

    Lebron is biding his time, at some point in the 4th quarter he’ll decide it’s time to take over. But I do like the resilience we’re showing tonight.

  20. Ugh, I mean, come on, dude, at least make sure that your dumb trade is possible. It involves the Knicks sending a 2016 pick that they don’t have. How much time does it take to check something like that?

    I blame Marissa Mayer….

  21. LeBron already has a tech for too much complaining. I think he’d have to outright slap an official to get ejected.

  22. LeBron already has a tech for too much complaining. I think he’d have to outright slap an official to get ejected.

    You’re right, forgot about the earlier tech

  23. I don’t think that was a bad pass either. I think zinger has a little too much 7’3″ rookie goof

  24. Galloway calls for KP to go into the post then Blows him off, Aaron dribbles the air out of the basketball …

  25. really poor all around 4th quarter play from just about everyone…. porzingis not getting the ball at all in the 4th… afflalo jacking up ill advised shots… this is the triangle at it’s worst…

  26. If we did we could have put that guard in pnr w KP. Bad coaching bad guards to not get it to the guy who’s been destroying the cavs

  27. Yeah let’s freeze out the guy with 23 points and 4/4 from three for the entire 4th quarter that sounds pretty good I think we can win it with hero ball from here on out thanks

  28. Afflalo ISO is fine. But when he’s not where he’d like to be and he’s getting hounded … Pass the phucking ball !

  29. In the last 5 years, have the Knicks ever come out of a timeout and ran a good play and ended up with a good shot? I can’t remember one.

  30. I get being upset with not getting zinger the rock. But from what I’ve seen in the fourth the plan was afflalo and only afflalo. Zinger needs to do a better job at being A target I get he’s 7’3″ but he’s a much too passive target. Hell work on it in time

  31. Out of a timeout I am fine running a play for Afflalo to take a 3, but he has to know that with a ton of time left on teh shot clock you don’t pull the trigger with a guy in your face. Overall, the result is fine, but those last 5 minutes or so were still fucking annoying.

  32. They really needed to to get Lopez back in to set some screens off of the ball if not some pnr. Zero dribble penetration. Lance and Gallo are both strictly catch and shoot guys (though Lance at least will attack close-outs) and Calderon is completely unable to create any space for himself.

  33. or you try other things that a normal, humble team would do, like trading Lopez

    Need to play Lopez here for Calderon

    Lopez seems more and more like a square peg in a round hole

    It does irritate me every game how Lopez is basically being treated like shit.

    On what teams would Lopez be a clear upgrade at starting center? Across the entire league, I see Philly and New Orleans, neither team being in the market for Lopez of course.

    They really needed to to get Lopez back in

    24 hours of Knickblogger

    (not really criticizing anyone except obviously ruru)

  34. There are so many teams in the west that are in need-to-change-plans mode. Houston, Phoenix, Memphis, sort of Dallas…not really the clippers but not NOT the clippers

  35. I’d be pissed if I was RoLo’s agent.

    Why? He’s got another 3 years left at good money, and his numbers are only down because he had one shitty month. He’s playing like 4 minutes below his average over the last 4 seasons. I’d play him more too, but I don’t know why his agent would care yet.

  36. It’s a bit of a sad fact that we could really use a penetrating, pace pushing guard who can at least shoot enough to preserve spacing, and Shane Larkin is playing rather well.

  37. I thought that Grant looked good in his few minutes of allotted time.

    And KP, of course.

    Galloway and Lance are playing well.

    Seraphin needs to go unless he promises never to take another shot.

    We’ve been waiting for Early? Why??

    Santa please send us Jimmer or Erick Greene or Elliot Williams or Jrue or Schroeder or Collison or Lawson or Jennings or anybody. I can’t take much more of Calderon’s ethereal game!

  38. Fisher has no idea what he’s doing. We could do just as well with some CYO coach and a dartboard.

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