2014 NBA Draft Open Thread: The Knicks Have Picks!

Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

The 2014 NBA Draft takes place tonight at the Barclays Center at 7:30 EST. Earlier this week it appeared like a longshot the Knicks would be involved in the Draft tonight in any capacity, but the the Knicks-Mavs trade from yesterday included two second-round picks from the Mavericks at No.34 and No.51.

It’s been reported that Phil really wants to get into the first round, but we shall see if he can pull it off shortly.


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277 thoughts to “2014 NBA Draft Open Thread: The Knicks Have Picks!”

  1. On second thought, the suit is growing on me. Parker’s suit is solid. Looks like he too styling tips from Grant Hill.

    I don’t see Parker being a huge impact guy. Every time I watch him I do think of Carmelo….

  2. Embiid to 76ers. I guess between Noel and Embiid, maybe one of them will stay healthy. If both stay healthy, those are two killer assets to have.

  3. Lmao I’m sorry it just looked like embiid hates his team already. The reaction was priceless

  4. Joel Embiid looks like a future hall of famer. I have no doubt he will end up by far the best player in this draft, though I expect to be arguing with Z-Man long into the future about exactly how good he is….

  5. Fucking Philly is playing the long game. If embiid stays healthy and wakes up they have a front court sewed up for years

  6. Embiid has injury bust written all over him. Sucks but the most realistic scenario for him right now sure seems to be flashes of brilliance in an injury-riddled career.

  7. Just like Michael Jordan….

    It’s possible – but just look at the guy. If that’s not upside in a pick I don’t know what is.

  8. wow that side by side shot of Embiid and Oden is like young and old except they were nearly the same age.

  9. Nice pick up for Orlando but then again they had a lot of good players to play for them but its something about that team

  10. I love the idea that a hot shooting performance in a workout matters to these teams. Does it? Just a ridiculous concept.

  11. Yeah weird.

    Wasn’t part of the reason we drafted Shump because he shot like 27/30 from three during his workout for us or something?

  12. Rumors that the Bucks are shopping Larry Sanders. He fits with Bargs’ expiring contract. But he does not fit with BCT’s edict that he wants to “change the chemistry.”

  13. 76ers have Noel coming back from injury, they can work Embiid slowly. They also have pick 10, so even if they strike out with Embiid, they still have a chance at getting good value in the draft. They will have cap space in 2015 or can use their current space to facilitate for more assets. Not sure about the coach though.

  14. Philly isn’t playing Embiid this year. They’re going for the long tank. I think they should draft Stauskas or Harris at 10.

  15. I’d have gone with Vonleh there instead of Exum. Vonleh looked kind of raw, eye-test wise, at Indiana but still put up solid numbers– scored efficiently and grabbed lots of rebounds.

    Celtics apparently drafted Brother Mouzone with the #6 pick.

  16. If Sanders gets his head together, he is a Dwight Howard level defender. He has awful offensive skills, excerpt for setting solid screens.

    I’ve focused on Sanders because he has one of the few “bad” contracts that have 4 years to run. Under the new CBA, teams are ordinarily not going to want to dump contracts with more than two years to run.

    Big risk, big reward.

  17. Little Zebo goes before Vonleh….

    I predict that won’t work out for the Lakers….

  18. I am not so sure about Stauskas. But hey, if he ends up like Manu he’ll be my new favorite player.

    His high school coach was actually my assistant coach when I was in high school. He went to a tiny tiny prep school in Mass. where he shared the court with one of the top center prospects in the country (Kaleb Tzarcezwski). Tbey beat my school two years ago by I think 70 points….

  19. Vonleh to Charlotte– great pick for them. Their main frontcourt guys are McBob and Al Jefferson, who are kind of meh. Vonleh is a productive player, and it’s easy to see him becoming a Bosh/Aldridge type PF, which is a really good fit for offensively challenged Charlotte.

  20. I’m going to disagree on Stauskas. He’s a top-5 shooter in the NBA from the day he walks in. He improved his handle a lot last year and put up beast numbers after being thrust into a role as the No. 1 option for a team that won the most competitive conference in the league without their preseason All-American. He’s athletic enough to play in the league and had a 40″ vertical at the combine. Not the greatest first step but in a secondary, off the ball role he will be good. This kid is like J.J. Reddick with more game at a younger age.

  21. I think Stauskas will be fine, I just don’t see him being better than Vonleh, although I think the idea he will be a top 5 shooter from the get go is….exuberance.

    But I am totally in the tank for Noah…

    THE HANDS!!!!

  22. Stauskas would be a great pick at, say, 20. He can definitely shoot from anywhere, but he’s not guarding anyone in the NBA. At least I think so.

  23. if they keep mcw and payton they’ll have more TO’s than any other back court in the nba.

  24. LOL nuggets. Phil better get them on the phone, because that team is run by fucking morons. Here’s a list of guys with the steal/block numbers that McDermott put up who have been good NBA players:

  25. It is a must that you have to compare players within the same race/skin color.

  26. McDermott has those pretty shooting percentages but he is gonna be a serious problem on the defensive end. He has no hope of defending most NBA shooting guards, and he’ll be even more mismatched against small forwards.

  27. I mean, McDermott averaged less than half the S/B that our Novak did. He couldnt play D in college. He’s gonna get destroyed in the NBA

  28. Jon Barry tryin’a act like Doug McDermott is gonna be able to play defense in the NBA.

  29. His high school coach was actually my assistant coach when I was in high school. He went to a tiny tiny prep school in Mass. where he shared the court with one of the top center prospects in the country (Kaleb Tzarcezwski). Tbey beat my school two years ago by I think 70 points….

    Brooks? Middlesex? Roxbury Latin? :)

  30. Interesting. McDermott to Chicago that makes the potential S&T package from Chicago less attractive.

  31. His high school coach was actually my assistant coach when I was in high school. He went to a tiny tiny prep school in Mass. where he shared the court with one of the top center prospects in the country (Kaleb Tzarcezwski). Tbey beat my school two years ago by I think 70 points….

    Brooks? Middlesex? Roxbury Latin? :)

    Shabazz Napier also came from the same league (ISL), which is ridiculous because it’s not a high quality league.

    I am constantly amazed what a huge percentage of NBA draft talent come from prep schools in New England. Vonleh fits that group too, went to New Hampton….

    And yes, it hurts to mention that game. Talk about epic fail.

  32. “Joel Embiid looks like a future hall of famer. I have no doubt he will end up by far the best player in this draft, though I expect to be arguing with Z-Man long into the future about exactly how good he is….”

    If thcj doesn’t get me banned…:-) Love the give and take with you, O.

    Actually I love Embiid. He has a well-rounded offensive skill-set and looks like a good defender. Also, how can you argue with a guy with a double-i in his name?

  33. Sixers trade Payton to Magic for Saric

    That makes sense for both teams. I didn’t really get the Elfrid Payton pick by Philly, but Saric is a pretty good fit for them considering the rest of their personnel.

  34. @71

    The front office didn’t re-sign his assistant coach. I don’t think they give a fuck about what Thibodeau wants them to do.

  35. I am constantly amazed what a huge percentage of NBA draft talent come from prep schools in New England.

    Yeah, I went to a podunk boarding school and got to play against two of Dr. J’s sons (neither of them were very good). It’s kind of surreal, because 99% of the players in the league are these preppy white kids, and the one recruit just towers above everybody else in both size and ability…

  36. Jameer Nelson is not long for the Orlando Magic. Just took two PGs.

    If Shaun Livingston leaves Brooklyn, could see Nelson sign for mini-MLE with player option for second year.

  37. For those worried about Melo being involved in personnel moves, Phil on Melo and the Tyson trade: “I wouldn’t use the word consulted, I would use the word informed.”

  38. Seriously what is Orlando doing today? Trade Afflalo for Fournier and a No. 56 and then they get Payton for Saric, Philly’s 2017 first rounder from the Howard deal and a 2015 2nd rounder. Isn’t Hennigan supposed to be intelligent because he worked for the Spurs?

  39. The good news for Isaiah Austin is that Marfan Syndrome is much more treatable these days. It used to be that you were lucky to make it to 50 with that disease but these days people who suffer from the disease have almost normal life expectancy.

  40. Yusuf Nurkic! I love this dude. Big, burly, bruising center.

    If he doesn’t have a better career than McDermott, I’ll be very surprised.

  41. So Orlando really moved two picks to make sure Payton was theirs at 10 instead of 12? This is after trading Afflalo for…nothing. Weird.

  42. Because THCJ, as you are fond of noting, NBA front offices do not understand what you understand about winning basketball.

  43. If the OKC pick is still in play we could get Anderson — seems perfect for the triangle. Imagine Phil would be into that.

  44. I loved Ennis at Syracuse– great court vision, and he takes care of the ball. One of my favorite Cuse players of all time. Not a great scorer, but a true PG.

  45. Interesting retraction from Arturo and the Box Score Geeks on Kyle Anderson. I feel bad I haven’t seen enough of him to join the anointing of him as the next WOW steal….

    Arturo wrote 9 hours ago
    I screwed the data up with Kyle Anderson and Dinwiddie. Both are recommended draft prospects with Anderson being top 5 and Dinwiddie being a second round steal. Everything is fixed now

  46. I’m not saying the guy’s a bad player, but I have no idea who he is.

    I’m guessing that if he’s not on the “big board,” he could have been gotten as an undrafted rookie FA. What the fuck, Masai?

  47. @SJK +1 Thanks for the link!

    I got a few things out of it.
    1) Phil’s smart.
    2) He’s going to trade a guard. For sure.
    3) He wants to trade players that can leave for nothing next year. He wants a return for them. That’s why he gave up Chandler.
    4) He’s able to keep a secret. This trade was done several weeks ago. They waited for Felton’s legal settlement before they finalized.

  48. “You’re looking for real size”

    “Take shabazz Napier”

    Pure fucking jibber-jabber

  49. Never mind, apparently he is going to get traded to the Heat so Lebron will be happy apparently.

  50. McGary will be good. Think he would have still been there at 29, but I think he’s at worst a rotation guy in the league. Really good passer for a big man.

  51. Seriously, do they really believe Shabazz Napier is a difference maker? He’s a pretty nice point guard, but come on. They are really going out of their way to kiss LeBron’s ass, which is a smart play in a way I guess.

  52. @116

    Good passer, great rebounder, excellent shooting percentages at a solid usage. There’s not much to dislike in his game, except he’s white.

  53. we’re 9 picks away from THCJ and premature ejaculation. Kyle Anderson still on the board.

  54. ESPN: We Don’t Know Anything About These Foreign Players So Let’s Make Up Jokes.

  55. So.

    If Napier goes to Miami,
    Then Lebron more likely to stay in Miami,
    And Houston less likely to get LBJ & Melo,
    Which means Harden is less likely to come to NY is a sign & trade

  56. Houston going with the Clint Capela stash maneuver. Melo for Harden trade still alive!

  57. Man the Spurs must be terrified now that Miami has Shabazz. That should make up the difference in the 4 double digit beat downs they handed them.

  58. have we talked about KJ McDaniels? Looks like a great 3-D kind of guy. 8.4 rebounds, 3.3 blocks, 1.4 steals per 40 as a SF. FT% has increased forms 60s–>80s over his 3 years. TS 51-53-57.

  59. I did not want PJ “Ball Stopper” Hairston on the Knicks, so I’m cool with this pick.

  60. Interesting, by taking Randolph Bulls just added 1.83 mil to their payroll next season.

  61. Hairston & Cole for Napier.

    Weird because Miami had to know Houston would not take Napier. So either Miami feared that Charlotte would take & keep Napier, or they viewed dumping Norris Cole as a positive.

  62. What the HELL are the Magic doing? First that package of “meh” for Afflalo, and now they gave up their picks next year for a guy drafted two spots ahead of them, who was a reach anyway?

  63. Lmao im in my bedroom in Miami Lakes right now, cant be any farther from NYC if I tried lol. I will be visiting NYC in 3 weeks for a mini-vacation though.

  64. Apparently Phil really likes Shump so not sure he will be traded, at least not this summer.

  65. 5 picks to go!

    The last draft pick I was actually watching as the Knicks made was Kostas Papanikolaou, so needless to say, I’m excited.

  66. meanwhile was OKC just using Woj to try and drum up some trade offers for #29? He just tweeted they were thinking about Glen Robinson and then a minute later said they weren’t taking him.

  67. Ric Bucher tweet:

    Source: Toronto looking to S&T Kyle Lowry to Miami for cash and future picks. Part II: Bosh opts out, returns to Toronto.

  68. ok so who would people be happy with? 4 picks to go.

    I’d love ( on basis of nothing other than Draftexpress honestly)
    – Kyle Anderson
    – KJ McDaniels
    – Cleanthony Early
    – Spencer Dinwiddie
    – Giannis’s bro

  69. Honestly man dont care, its 2nd rd picks so whoever Phil drafts Ill take his word for it lol.

  70. The NBA champion, who aren’t losing anyone of consequence this offseason, will still be $9 million UNDER the cap after this pick.

    If I was from San Antonio I would be such a happy sports fan.

  71. Anderson, Dinwiddie and Jerami Grant would all be great picks.

    There will be some good players on the board when the Knicks pick.

  72. Huestis? Never heard of him either….

    “Can I get an APB on a Huestis R. Dewoh? Better start with Greektown. Oh and pick me up one of them gyros!”

  73. You know, I don’t even mind Anderson going to the Spurs, as badly as I wanted him. He’s just another weapon they can use to whip Miami’s ass.

  74. Kyle Anderson looks like he could be a forward in the Chris Mullen mold… Shooter who is slow, but has great court vision and can does more than most despite his deficiencies. Great pick. Knicks should have traded for OKC’s #29 to get him.

  75. There have been several picks in this first round that were real reaches, real second round-type picks. Considering how deep this draft is, there are some legit first-round talents still on the board.

  76. Glad it looks like we’re keeping Shump. I want to see him in the Triangle playing for a real coaching staff.

  77. If we can get K.J. McDaniels I would be ecstatic. McDaniels or Early I’d like.

  78. Knicks are totally gonna end up with Glen Robinson.

    (Then they can reclaim Patrick Ewing jr, and the 90s are back, baby!)

  79. I think its safe to say whoever the Knicks pick wont be universally liked on this site lol.

  80. The case for early is he played well for 3 games in March. He’s probably going to be a bad NBA player.

  81. would be ok with Patric Young also. Not sure what to make of a great offensive rebounder but a poor defensive rebounder. Wonder if he was the guy boxing out for someone else’s rebounds.

  82. not a big fan of guys (like Early) that don’t have a position and can’t shoot. Feels like another CJ Leslie.

  83. I suspect Grant will be the pick, since BCT coached his father in Chicago.

    Actually, Harvey Grant is his dad. Horace is his uncle.

  84. I suspect Grant will be the pick, since BCT coached his father in Chicago.

    Horace is his uncle, but you may be right about the pick. Phil does like his circle.

  85. I’d love Young but I wonder if he might be available at 51 — some draft boards have him going unpicked entirely

  86. Cavs take Joe Harris, Knicks on the clock!!

    Wow, my directv feed must be, like, 5 minutes off of real time…

  87. Early was a very good shooter in college. Yes, he might not have a true position, but isn’t he exactly the kind of reliable shooter that exceeds his talent level in the triangle?

    This pick is VERY Phil and Fish, if you ask me.

  88. Looking at Early’s numbers, I feel a little underwhelmed. Someone get me excited about this guy. I remember he had a great game against Kentucky – but I need more than that….

  89. Great 2nd round pick for the Knicks. Strong shooter and he’ll log a ton of minutes if/when Carmelo leaves.

  90. I dunno, .627 TS%, .246 WS40, .844 FT%, moves well without the ball, not a zero on defense.

    I would have rather had Jerami Grant or Dinwiddie, but Early has some abilities.

  91. Good shooter, bad A/TO numbers, bit of a tweener, poor defensive stats, 23 years old. I mean, 2nd round pick-but I think we could have done better. Would be thrilled to be wrong.

  92. Early is considered one of the top 3-and-D guys in the draft according to Pelton.

  93. I guess the knock is he is old at 23… you’re right, numbers were decent.

    Hey, if Melo goes we will need a gunner, right?

    Think I am just going suspend cynicism for the night.

    And I see someone wrote Early is old, so cite me for plagiarism

  94. He was listed as the 26th best prospect according to Pelton’s WARP projections.

  95. Looks like the Nets bought a pick in the 2nd. Phil may pocket the money and hold off until the 51st pick.

  96. “Numbers” on D are overrated, because the “numbers” you’re talking about are steals and blocks. Anthony’s scouting report says he’s a guy that moves his feet well, stays with his man and doesn’t gamble. You may think you can judge a player’s defensive impact solely from his box score stats, but you can’t.

  97. Maybe cause he played for Wichita St whose team D was very good he is rated highly on D?? His D rating was very good though I know his stls and blks werent great. He did avg almost 9 rebs per 40 mins along with 1 stl and blk per 40.

    I dunno man just throwing out what I read lol. Looking forward to watching him at Summer League.

  98. He also played a lot of minutes at the 4 in college where he is going to get overpowered and look terrible. The guy isn’t going to be Jordan, but he is a very good catch and shoot player and at shooting off of screens. That’s a pretty good starting point for what you want from a wing in the Triangle.

  99. How about Birch at 51? I know he’s a WOW darling and we’re pretty thin up front.

  100. Birch is a shot-blocking machine, but has no post game, so I don’t know about his viability in the triangle.

  101. I don’t think you can judge defense from the box score. It just gives me reason to worry. If you don’t get steaks or blocks in college, you’re not getting them in the NBA. Which doesn’t mean you can’t be a good defender, but it makes it harder

  102. Thanasis may have zero offensive game, but he will have an NBA career because he is truly a legit defender– has the crazy wingspan, fights hard through screens, blocks shots, and is generally a disruptive pain in the ass on defense.

  103. Welp, not great in my opinion, but a hell of a lot better than drafting nobody at all. I wouldn’t say it’s a great time to be a Knicks fan, but it’s a better time to be a Knicks fan. So near to Kyle Anderson, so far from San Antonio.

  104. he’s only 21. Lock him in the gym and have him take 500 3s every day. And benefit of triangle would be that theoretically he would know where his shots will be coming from and so he can practice those over and over and over.

    Love this pick. Exactly was a #51 pick should be – all upside.

    Great job today Phil Jackson. Now bring Melo in for <$100MM and let's get to work!

  105. Right now we have 4 point guards, 5 shooting guards and 2 small forwards. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be making trades this summer.

  106. We got the 57th pick from Indiana. It’s gotta be Young. This draft is the shit.

  107. Adrian Wojnarowski @WojYahooNBA · 23s
    New York has acquired the 57th pick from Indiana, source tells Yahoo Sports.

  108. #51 Thanasis Antetokounmpo

    I hate this pick.
    There’s no hope of me ever pronouncing or spelling his name.

  109. GoNY, I hear you, but think of the Clyde! He’s not going to pronounce the kids name the same way twice all season

  110. Another SF? So long, Melo. Say hi to Oprah

    I dunno..he’s 6’6″ 205…more likely goodbye Shump as the scouts say that right now Antetokounmpo is at the least ready on the defensive end. I would have liked it better if we picked a big but even though Phil reportedly loves Young, I just didn’t see any bigs worth the pick. Hopefully we can land Young as an Undrafted FA. But overall i’m happy with the recent moves. Seems like “basketball guys” are up there doin what comes naturally to them. These are low risk high reward moves, including the trade. If Melo returns..great. If he leaves..great. The team is still in good position going forward. We didn’t contend with what we had last season, so if a rebuilding year is next- how much are we really missing? If Melo returns then he scores enough to keep us sniffing or sneaking in the playoffs. If Fish coaches well..then maybe top 6 seed with him. Either way, I like where the team is sitting moving forward.

  111. Don’t worry, the Knicks have a great record of drafting French big men over established college stars

  112. I guess it can’t hurt to pick up a random draft and stash guy that cost you nothing but the money from Dolan’s couch cushions.

  113. Don’t worry, the Knicks have a great record of drafting French big men over established college stars

    Except this time we drafted Ron Artest (Thanasis) before the French stiff.

  114. Why bother getting a pick for someone who wasnt getting drafted? Bit of a head scratcher

  115. Would love to see the Knicks sign Birch. I’m no WOW worshipper but he really does fill a need.

  116. If you don’t draft them, you don’t have the rights to them on a rookie deal when they come back from overseas.

  117. It wouldnt have made sense to buy the pick and draft a college kid but doing it for an international pick makes sense.

  118. Strong picks given where they were picking from. Good on Phil or whoever his scouts are. Actually did he bring in his own guys or is it the same holdovers from b4?

  119. @Sakei99

    I think they are holdovers. The Knicks scouting and draft guys have been one of the few shining beacons of hope within the organization. I mean they unearthed Copeland from the Belgian league when he was like 29. Idk shit about this Louis guy, but I’ll just give them the benefit of the doubt.

  120. Makes cents. As eager to give up picks as they have been, they historically have done very well when they have picked (thanks Isiah!). Guys like Landry, Shump, and Hardaway were all excellent reach picks.

  121. Highlight of the night goes to Zach Lavine for slamming his head to the table and uttering “Fuck Me” upon being drafted by the Minnesota T-Wolves.


    Don’t worry Zach, Kevin Love feels your pain. And look on the bright side, you can play your game, get your numbers up, then in 7-8 years you can have Flip Saunders toss you under the bus. “Fuck you” indeed.

  122. Tom Penn saying South Bitch was also awesome because it’s so true.


    Also completely unrelated since I just saw for some reason the Bulls took on Anthony Randolph’s contract in the trade for Doug McBuckets, but that kid is only turning 25 in 20 days. What a waste of talent he’s been, but still so young. I hope for his own sake he get his head on straight and actually productively use his insane physical tools.

  123. While I totally agree that Randolph has a major basketball IQ deficiency, I think his coaches have had a good deal to do with his poor play, as well. After Nelson, none of his coaches have really insisted that he play in the post, which is obviously where he belongs. D’Antoni had him playing the perimeter, Adelman played him with Love for some reason (and when Love was injured, Randolph filled in nicely), Karl played him on the perimeter (when he played him at all) and Shaw mixed and matched with him.

    At this point, he’s likely no more than a mediocre player, but there’s a real place for a guy like that in the NBA (plenty of teams have rotation players who are way worse than mediocre, after all) and if he could just get a coach who would commit to playing him in the post, I think he could be more than just mediocre.

    Most of that is his own fault, of course, as he doesn’t want to play in the post. Because he has very low basketball IQ. But if Nellie could force him to change his ways, why can’t other coaches do the same? I imagine Thibs will just ignore him (Thibs sure doesn’t strike me as a guy who has any time for non-committed players), so Chicago won’t be his place either.

  124. Doesn’t the McDermott trade take away a good deal of Chicago’s leverage in trying to get Melo? Now they would pretty much have to use a sign and trade to get him, unless they want to get rid of Gibson, of course, but that would be a bad idea.

  125. I really don’t understand what Chicago did. They traded up to get McDermott? I can see McDermott playing the Dunleavy role, but did they need to give away two picks and take back Randolph (who, as Brian rightly suggests, won’t play much if any with Thibs)?
    I just hope this doesn’t translate in a S&T that nets us just Boozer, Dunleavy and Randolph. Boozer, Dunleavy and Mirotic (and maybe Snell) would be better, and honestly, probably the best offer we can get.

    Other than that, I would say B- for us in this draft. But B- is much, much better than an incomplete.

  126. I can’t believe Anderson was passed over by stats geeks Presti and Morey. Spurs do it again. WTF?

    As to Early, hard to get too excited about a raw 23yo, but at least we had something to make the draft interesting, and a reason to watch summer league games.

  127. I just hope this doesn’t translate in a S&T that nets us just Boozer, Dunleavy and Randolph. Boozer, Dunleavy and Mirotic (and maybe Snell) would be better, and honestly, probably the best offer we can get.

    Who’s to say it doesn’t net us McDermott as part of a trade?

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