2014 Game Thread: Knicks @ Thunder

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58 thoughts to “2014 Game Thread: Knicks @ Thunder”

  1. Interesting to note both of those makes from three are from the right corner, where he is a good shooter. The second was initiated off of PNR that started on the left side of the floor by Prigioni.

    Chandler needs to finish that shit strong. He is so weak when he needs to bring the ball up and finish over somebody. So frustrating.

  2. I love that THJ just went hard at Durant on the break and drew the foul. JR does not like these early games.

  3. Chris Herring ?@HerringWSJ 27s

    Woodson, to the refs after Melo’s foul: “You just called that bc Durant got his second!”

  4. Amazing how both fouls on Melo were all ball. Hasn’t really been much of a factor on offense, but still very annoying.

  5. I love how Hubie says, “Maybe in New York Melo gets that call.” Hubie doesn’t watch many Knicks’ games apparently. He should know that Melo almost never gets a close call.

  6. Melo has only taken 3 jumpers. One blocked from behind one made and one wide open miss. Rest of the game will be vintage midrange melo

  7. Down 5 at OKC at the half not getting much from Melo. Could be far worse. Our defense is frustrating, but in all fairness OKC is just an offensive juggernaut. Hard to stop everything.

  8. The only way we win this game is to basically hit all of our 3’s and outscore OKC like 120-118, because we aren’t gonna get any stops on defense.

  9. Simmons is such a fucking moron. It looks like Sage Steele and Doug Collins want to murder him every time he makes some awful, poorly timed joke.

  10. Felton has been switched onto Durant or Ibaka numerous times in this quarter alone. If your “scheme” calls for that to happen consistently it’s a failure.

  11. Durant is just on another level. There is nothing we can do when you take into account our defensive game plan that Woodson has implemented. Every screen and roll results in an open dunk or three pointer for somebody on the court, especially if Durant is the ball handler. It’s a shame too because even with Melo playing poorly we are able to find ways to score today.

  12. As much as we all hate Felton’s D (and deservedly so) for me JR is even worse. So bad and just as lazy as Felton in terms of he ALWAYS asks for a switch. Earlier he was guarding KD who dribbled around a very soft screen yet JR immediately switched it for no damn reason which left Amar’e on KD who quickly attacked him and drew a foul on Amar’e for 2 ft’s. So freaking stupid and lazy.

  13. This has to be the worst defensive game ever for Chandler. My God what the hell is it gonna take for him to contest 1 freaking drive?? That dunk attempt by Jackson both Chandler and Tyler were right there waiting at the rim and Chandler didnt move an inch, Tyler was the one who jumped and contested the dunk. The layup earlier in the 3rd quarter by Jackson was even worse and Hubie actually called Chandler out for not bothering to contest the layup.

  14. This game is so odd in that the Knicks are down single digits right now(okc possession up 9) but it feels like a larger lead.

  15. Finally, there you go Chandler. Hubie right on cue basically asks where has that been all game long.

  16. What is this Hubie questioning Chandler… saying he would like to see him challenge the perimeter dribbler when he comes into the paint to set a tone.

    Hubie I love you.

  17. Chandler has quit on this coach/team, he doesn’t even try. Saving health for better times or for a coach who doesn’t put him on point guards consistently.

  18. First time Ive seen another “star” player so clearly outplay Melo like the way KD is outplaying him today.

  19. Fuck Chandler. He’s playing like such a massive bitch right now. I get that our scheme sucks and our guards are terrible at preventing penetration but he basically has just made an active decision to watch guys get uncontested layup after uncontested layup.

  20. Chandler sucks. Anyone who feels differently doesn’t watch all the games. He just stands there and watches guys drive to the rim, stupid tap-outs on OREB’s when he can just grab them, stone hands, can’t finish contested layups. He just watched Ibaka drain that jumper right in his face. I can’t understand why Woodson won’t just leave Amare in at the 5. There’s no D anyway, might as well try to score some points

  21. Boy it’s a good thing Melo is still in this game, down 15, since he’s been shooting so so well today.

  22. Tirico is basically saying that Woodson is done. Speculating on possible replacements. Let the post-Woody era begin!

  23. I get that our scheme sucks and our guards are terrible at preventing penetration but he basically has just made an active decision to watch guys get uncontested layup after uncontested layup.

    I would think this is the one game Chandler would put in the effort since he’s auditioning for a possible trade to OKC.

  24. If the Knicks can get the Wizards first round pick and Okafor’s expiring contract from Phoenix, I’m ready to send Chandler out the door.

  25. such a lazy effort by Melo on both ends today. I like the rebounding and assist early but his D was spotty and shooting was very poor. I do not like that there are no real plays for anyone and didn’t like that they went away from the PnR when it was working so well.

  26. Cant see Woodson getting fired after today since it was an obvious loss and they didnt at least embarrass themselves. But with all the speculation and rumors of him really being on the hot seat I cant for the life of me imagine him still being the coach after the All-Star break if they lose at home Wed vs the freaking Kings.

  27. I said it weeks ago and I’ll say it again. Chandler cannot make the Knicks’ defense respectable, therefore there’s no reason to keep him. It’s been 51 games and this team still stinks. It’s past time they expect any meaningful turnaround, even if they eked into the playoffs. Trade Chandler and get into this year’s draft.

  28. Mo Cheeks was fired coming off of two straight wins. I think Woodson’s fate is already decided and Wednesday’s result is irrelevant. I have no idea whether Dolan will keep Woodson to the end of the season. Only way Woodson starts next season is if Melo pulls out the Jimmy Chitwood speech from Hoosiers – which I do not see happening.

  29. Woodson needs to go. I love Melo and think he’s been absolutely great the last 2 seasons, but if the Warriors are serious about making trades I’d send them Melo, Felton, MWP and Aldrich for Lee, Barnes, Thompson, Green and O’Neal. Then trade Chandler for the package ephus suggested and add Shump and Plumlee to it. We could start Prig-Thompson-Barnes-Lee-Tyler and bring Plumlee, Timmy, JR and STAT off the bench.

    Those seem like realistic trades that can be made and would drastically improve the long-term outlook of this team. Hopefully if Lee played bonkers you could find a taker for him next year when he’d only have one additional year remaining on his contract and free up cap space for 2015. Thompson and Green would expire going into the summer of 2015 but we’d have Bird rights and a ton of cap space to work with.

  30. Felton is just terrible. The offense runs so much more efficiently with Prigioni running the point, it is too bad he’s not 8 years younger. It is so obvious the defensive “scheme” is a disaster that allows dunks and open looks time after time. If everyone on this board can see that, why can’t Woodson ??!? Not Melo’s best game today, but he has been playing hard and well most of the year, he is Not the problem. Durant is unbelievably good but it gets really annoying to watch the calls he gets, breathe on him too hard and the whistle blows. Imagine if a Knick had laid the screen on Durant that Perkins did on Melo near the end of the game at half court? Predictably no call for Melo, Durant would have been at the line shooting for sure. Time to fire Woodson, and make whatever trades they can. This season is as done as last Thanksgiving’s turkey.

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