2014 Game Thread: Knicks @ Spurs


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169 thoughts to “2014 Game Thread: Knicks @ Spurs”

  1. When I lived in San Antonio I watched a Spurs team start Cadillac Anderson 48 times at center. They won 20 games and drafted Tim Duncan. This year I’m watching a team that has purposefully given 28 starts to Andrea Bargnani, won only 9 and has no draft pick. That Spurs team was somehow more fun to watch than these guys.

  2. I am setting my sights lower tonight. Let’s see a great possession. Let’s see a great 24 seconds of defense followed by strong rebounding. Let’s see a successful Melo/Stat PnR. Let’s see Shumpert make some open perimeter shots. Let’s see Tyson Chandler protect the rim.

    I know we are going to see too much Tony Parker.

  3. Shumpert jumper – check

    One good defensive stand followed by a defensive rebound – check

    Two Chandler midrange jumpers – bonus.

    I am almost content for the night.

  4. I would have JR use up all 6 of his fouls just rubbing up on Tony Parker. maybe some of it will rub off.

  5. One more for the wish list: a down screen from a big to get Melo an easy catch at the elbow.

  6. I get that Leonard has big hands…but I swear Breen has a man-crush on those mits. He talks about them more than any other announcer in the league.

  7. Let’s see Melo sit for the next five minutes. No more riding a player like Secretariat/seabiscuit/someone-soon-to-be-injured.

  8. Let the implosion begin! Let’s see if the Spurs can hit the record for most 3’s in a game. Matt the Red Rocket Bonner is gonna have a career night tonight. I hate his shot though, I know it goes in often enough to net him a few million dollars, but it just looks weird coming off his shoulder the way it does.

  9. Shump has now been sitting for like 7 minutes after his best 10 mins of the season. Gotta love Woodson.

  10. The Knicks are in San Antonio facing a healthy and rested Spurs lineup. Let’s see some great plays by the Knicks.

  11. 3 days in a row of practice yet Im beginning to think defending the 3pt line was not a topic of conversation during those 3 days.

  12. i am so jealous of you new Yorkers getting the knicks feed. I am stuck in league pass land listening to f’n sean elliot

  13. Did Toure’ change his name to Tracy to honor someone as well? C’Mon Clyde. lol.

  14. Good thing Toure’ Murry was affixed to the bench all season long. It’s not like a useful guard would have helped at all.

  15. Slash and kick by good JR. Swing to an open Tracy (laughed out loud) Murry for a corner three from Westwood.

    I am content for tonight, even if the wheels come off. No injuries, please.

  16. maxwell, if you have NBALP you should also get NBALP Broadband which has both team feeds. Im watching the MSG feed on my computer since NBALP only has the Spurs feed on my tv.

  17. I don’t know what to make of this…the Spurs are shooting 475% from 3 and Biscotti is pretty much guarding Parker every time and yet the Knicks are only down 5. Weird game

  18. that last play was a glimpse of what a murry-shump defensive duo could do it given the chance. that was awesome!!!

  19. I get that shump has not played well, but his defensive effort is soooooo beyond that of any of his teammates (besides Toure)

  20. Its fun seeing guards on the Knicks actually defending and getting steals. Shump/Murry need to continue to get minutes together.

  21. Glad I saw Melo score twice from the post and then hit Shumpert on a cross-court pass from the post for an open 3.


  22. I’m gonna focus on the positive by Bargnani: great pass to Shumpert off the PnR. The defense is another story.

  23. If anyone has access to advanced Sportvu numbers, I would love to see confirmation that Bargnani is the slowest in the league at recovering and rotating.

    Strong effort does not guarantee success, but low effort guarantees failure.

  24. Wow the Knicks have a lead against the Spurs. This can only be the result of one thing: JEREMY TYLER!!

  25. Finally a Knick game that’s fun to watch. Its been a long time.

    Right? 2014 is their year! ;)

  26. Of course Shumpert’s breakout game is interrupted by a turned ankle. We cant catch a break

  27. Content, even if the wheels come off. We’ve seen a lot of strong plays by the Knicks on offense and a smattering of strong plays on defense.

  28. It’s amazing how Udrich has been involved in almost every bucket SA has scored despite not guarding Parker.

  29. Content, even if the wheels come off. We’ve seen a lot of strong plays by the Knicks on offense and a smattering of strong plays on defense.

    Yep, even if they somehow blow this, this is still easily the best game of the season.

  30. The Knicks lead the Spurs by six going to the fourth. The Nets trail the Thunder by 1 late in the fourth. 2014 be crazy, yo.

  31. 7 minutes to go, and we have beno and jr in there, with stat. this better not be the lineup to finish the game

  32. The Spurs are cold as fuck from three in the second half. That is berry berry good news.

  33. when the knicks lose this game the Woodson lament will be about no Chandler bc we are going to lose rebounds

  34. No matter what happens, this has been the best 3 and 2/3rds quarters of basketball all season.

  35. If Shump can play sort of like this the rest of the season, the sky is the limit (well, the #3 seed is the limit, but you know what i mean).

  36. See, JR is unfathomable. He drew the sort of foul that he usually commits.

    I was thinking the same thing about that foul!

  37. We have oodles of trouble when teams ratchet up the D. And we must take the most contested jump shots in any league, in any country, in any world. That’s a sign of something….

  38. that almost turnover wa the best thing that could have happened for us. cause chaos and prevented us from the iso melo. shump gets an in rhythm 3.

  39. The key to me was Parker taking that dumb jumper earlier. That set things up for the Knicks. Hero ball hurt the Spurs there.

  40. I do not have the words to describe how happy and surprised I am that the sequence ended with an open Shumpert 3 from JR Smith that hit nothing but net.

  41. Also why was Melo on Bellineli?? Smart to take out Udrih but by bringing in KMart for him it forced Melo to have to cover a guard since the Spurs are playing with 3 guards.

  42. Melo has 5 fouls and you keep him in over Murry for defense. Woody! Even without 5 fouls. Murry should be in.

  43. Spurs are well coached. They got an open 3 from their only hot player off of a timeout while setting up the 2 for 1. I would try to get the shot up quick to get 2 for 1.

  44. rooting shump gives me legitimate joy. kind of like how I like rooting for TH2 and now murray. something about players that began with your team

  45. Earlier today I said that Shump should be glued to the bench. Feel free to ignore everything I say about basketball.

  46. I can’t believe it.

    Also, FUCK THIS TEAM! seriously. It’s gonna be weeks before we see another good game like this from the Knicks.

    But, I guess I’ll enjoy this one while I can. Hooray!

  47. For the first time since being eliminated by Indiana last season Im freaking proud of this team (yes even after that loss I was proud of their effort that game, Im not that hard to please lol).

  48. Honestly man Im beyond thrilled they won 1 game in Texas. A win tomorrow or more realistically Sunday would be gravy.

  49. Fun win. Please built off it.
    If nothing else, see that ISO Melo wasn’t working, but when they spread it around they got a win.

  50. Jeremy Tyler saves the Knicks with his presence on the bench. lol.

    I think Mike owes someone an apology.

  51. Bargnani had only 10 points and 3 rebounds but had the highest plus minus at +19. How did he manage that?

  52. Yeah, very misleading since it seemed Bargnani was terrible on both ends. Doesnt seem like a coincidence they were able to pull it out with his ass on the bench almost the entire 4th quarter. At least Woodson isnt afraid to bench him for long stretches anymore. I’d still rather see JR on the bench more as well but he can occasionally do something right I guess (like that end of game pass)

  53. January 2005: The Denver Nuggets were 17-25, with virtually the entire roster underachieving, coming off a 17 point loss to Detroit. They had been booed off their home floor in three of their previous four home games (I was there.)

    Two days later they went into Milwaukee and outscored the Bucks 38-20 in the 4th to win in the final minutes.

    They went on to to 30 of their next 36 games.

    The 2012 Knicks were 18-24 and finished the season 18-6 with the worst coach in the NBA.

    The two previous scenarios occurred after a coaching change.

    Tonight’s win, the kind the Knicks could (should) have gotten against the Bulls, Pacers or Rockets, can be the impetus for a dramatic turnaround.

    This could get fun again.

  54. @ 153 as Old Mister Johnson(Adolf Caesar Color Purple) said, “The dead has a risen”

  55. So on a night when Durant is missing his wingman and no one else steps up, the Thunder fall to the Nets. And when someone other than Melo steps up for the Knicks, they beat a heavily favored Spurs team.

    Just sayin,..

  56. Hey Everyone,

    Just a quick programming note: The recap will be going up tomorrow. In the mean time, enjoy this feeling. Happy New Year to all yas.

  57. And JK47, I think everyone knows you need a really good/unexpected game to beat a healthy Spurs team at home.

    So many Knicks players have underachieved to this point, I think people forget what these guys are capable of doing.

    Only a dozen or so teams have beaten the Spurs at home the last four years. I’m going to check to see if any team has done it two years in a row (playoffs excluded).

  58. I want ruru as a boss. you could sit on your ass all year, and then finally actually show up on time one morning and do a little work. his assessment would be, “This employee is responding to direction, he has shown marked improvements, and the future is bright for this employee with our organization. He is about to hit his stride and his productivity has been increasing recently. A raise may be in order.”

  59. Before the game, I was only hoping for some strong moments. I honestly was content for the night by the end of the first quarter. The win was a welcome and complete surprise.

    Chandler hit two mid range jumpers in the first quarter. Tour’e Murry played strong defense and good offense when he attacked the rim. Shumpert was the player I always envision. Melo was strong and efficient. Amar’e was strong at both ends.

    I still see so much ugly in Bargnani’s defense. He was +19 so I clearly missed a lot of good that he did.

  60. I still see so much ugly in Bargnani’s defense. He was +19 so I clearly missed a lot of good that he did.

    You and everyone else. Barg’s +19 is proof positive that +/- can be a very misleading stat.

  61. Game by game plus minus is misleading, true, but it tends to balance out over a season.

  62. I was at the game, and it was glorious. Living in Austin 11 years, I’ve seen some terrible games there (well, esp. since I hate the Spurs, and they’re always good).

    I’m off to Houston tomorrow too! Here’s hoping Shump keeps up the inspired play, he was incredible tonight.

  63. David Lee magnificent vs the Heat tonight. I always knew he could be a key piece on a contender, glad it’s happened for him, hope he stays healthy for the playoffs this year.

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