2014 Game Thread: Knicks @ Mavericks

We join the game in progress as Melo dominated the first quarter and the Knicks lead 33-24 in the second.

Let’s go Knicks!

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169 thoughts to “2014 Game Thread: Knicks @ Mavericks”

  1. the NBA TV crew (the Mavs guys) said that JR had something to say to woodson after that shot. I doubt that is true but that would be so awesome and bring things full circle

  2. The defense isn’t terrible, and there is some ball movement. Double-digit lead; coincidence? For Woodson, probably. Better get back to switches and iso-ball before it’s too late.

  3. I rooting for the mavs over the next few minutes. udrih, melo, bargs, jr, stat…….the worst lineup ever conceived

  4. Never would I have imagined that these 3 games in Texas (minus the final minute of the Rockets game of course) would remind me of how good the Knicks can be when they play similar to last season.

  5. At the very least, if they play like this they’ll easily make the playoffs. Easily. I think they still win the division, but they will easily make the playoffs. Likely a #5 seed.

  6. What a ridiculous call on Shump. Like Melo has ever come close to getting a call like that.

  7. Bold, Cronin? Have you no sense of decency sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

  8. Funny tweet by Isola:

    My guess is that Mike Woodson’s halftime talk is something like: “J.R., we’re winning by 17. And if we lose, this is on you Beno.”

  9. Ah-Hahahahahaha!

    Funny tweet by Isola:

    My guess is that Mike Woodson’s halftime talk is something like: “J.R., we’re winning by 17. And if we lose, this is on you Beno.”

  10. Chandler really has the worst immune system ever. Symptoms of an upper respiratory infection?

  11. Who are these guys?
    Three solid games straight?
    If Beno (JR) doesn’t have the brain-fail, the Knicks could be running the table.

  12. Beno is really playing well. Give him some minutes and let him get some rhythm and he might actually be the best point guard on our roster.

  13. The D is stretching. The help D is much better. They’re getting to the line.
    Positively Woodsonian basketball.

  14. im usually very anti-doubling, under all circumstances. that being said, im OK with doubling dirk if it ends with marion getting open baseline shots

  15. If Mike Breen could have, he would have opened a trap door under JR Smith after the last air ball.

  16. Melo has no explosion. That ankle.
    Hard to knock him too much. But probably better to get him more rest

  17. 1st quarter mightve been Melo’s best quarter of the season. 3rd quarter mightve been his worst.

  18. God, Melo, know your limitations. I was just trying to defend you!
    Clearly Beno’s fault.

  19. That offense was so ugly and we’re still up 10. Pulling this out would be a great end to a brutal trip.

  20. Derek Harper: liked him as a Knick, not a fan of him as a color announcer. What’s his face was in the circle on Melo’s last drive, it was clear as day in all of their own replays, yet he insists he was clearly outside the restricted area. I hope NBATV takes the League Pass route this year and eventually lets you choose which cast you listen to.

  21. I think woodson should be forced to listen to other team’s announcers. universally, they all know that the knicks are better with ball movement, and are all impressed with hardaway, shump, and TOURE!!!!!!!!

  22. There seems to be a lot of contact when players drive to the basket that is not being called by the refs on both sides

  23. Adversity has revealed a few gems on the Knicks bench again this year.
    Murray and Hardaway are pretty nice young players.

  24. Tour’e Murry goes over screens. When he goes under screens, he figures out how to stay with his man. Of course, it helps when Martin (not Bargnani) is guarding the screener.

  25. The 2 rookies staving off the Mavs rally.

    Speaking about the Mavs broadcast, it was cool to hear Harper say during the 2nd quarter what an honor it was for him playing for the Knicks and how much he loved playing in NYC. Of course as he said he regrets them not being able to win it all in 1994 but it certainly wasnt his fault, he was clearly the NBA Finals MVP if the Knicks wouldve won that series.

  26. Bah! They got this. I’m still pumped about the team. Well, relatively, of course. They still have no chance at beating Miami or Indy, but I still think that they could be one of four best teams in the East this year.

  27. Udrih/stat pick and roll out of the timeout, looking for Carmelo on the weak side for the corner 3, please.

  28. will every please put up with my incessant bitching when felton comes back and toure doesn’t get to play anymore. because, its coming…

  29. It is absolutely ridiculous that JR stays out there while both Murry and Hardaway sit when they are playing great this quarter. I have no problems bringing Udrih back in because he is playing well tonight too but I mean seriously how the hell do you now bench both rookies and keep JR out there.

  30. So off the timeout KMart sits and Bargs comes back in while Amare stays out there??? WTF???

  31. if vince carter’s knees were not 59, we would so be losing this game. I hate woodson and his end of game strategies

  32. I just dont understand….dont play JR and Bargnani…play Shump and K-Mart. This is obvious to thousands of fans watching and yet somehow not to the coach….

  33. One thing I will point out in Bargnani’s defense is that he is doing a better job of grabbing contested rebounds.

  34. Why is everyone complaining that JR is out there? The Knicks need his heady veteran presence out there…

  35. Yeah, Dallas is not that good, but they’re good enough that the shitty Knicks would have lost to these guys.

  36. Close game, little time, got a depleted Melo, JR and Bargs out there.
    Awesome. IQ, 17.

  37. Ha. No matter how hard Woodson tries to suck JR off Shump comes through. The contrast is beautiful.

  38. sorry, I cant even root for this team anymore. if dallas could do anything right, they would be winning. woodson’s strategy of melo and JR at the end of games and his refusal to adjust is the dumbest crap I have ever witnessed as a sports fan. IT NEVER WORKS!!!!!

  39. Every win is now doubly frustrating because it buys the goateed man on the sidelines another few games.

  40. What I loved was that Shumpert knew the moment he got past Dirk that it was going to be a reverse.

  41. I love the knicks, but to see our strategy result in wins bothers me. Meanwhile, shump should tell woodson to f’ off at every opportunity

  42. Come on, now. bring this one home.
    Two out of three in Texas is a nice outcome.
    You can build off that.
    I think Melo’s ankle just gets worse as the night moves on and he simply doesn’t have any explosion. He’s not terribly explosive to begin with.

  43. I lost respect for Carlisle there. why the hell would you double melo there??? that’s something we would do. good pass by melo, big shot by shump

  44. A good point, Melo is drawing doubles that leaves others open.
    Credit where credit is due.
    Nice pass

  45. I guess we should now stop bitching and enjoy the fact that they actually won 2 out of 3 in this Texas trip. Never in a million years did I think they would win 1 let alone 2 on this trip. Now lets hope they dont freaking lose to the Pistons at home on Tuesday lol.

  46. Nice win. The young fellas delivered in the fourth.
    Learning a lot. Murray, T-Hard, Shump really impressed.

  47. Funny. Balanced scoring, but Melo’s first quarter tally would still have lead all Knicks scorers.

  48. I admire Melo for fighting through a bad ankle. He played an awful 3rd quarter, but he redeemed himself down the stretch. Shumpert saved the game from 3 minutes to 1 minute left in the 4th quarter. Martin had a strong game. Murry can play defense better than any Knick PG.

    The wheels almost fell off from five minutes to three minutes left, when the offense yielded a couple of 24 second violations and some buzzer beater heaves. I guess it was intolerable to point that out.

  49. Boy, it’s a good thing the Knicks pulled this one out. I don’t know if Beno Udrih would have been able to recover had we lost.

  50. 37 minutes for Melo is just wrong. Let the guy heal. Play him 30.

    This is another reason why Woodson reminds me of Dusty Baker. This is like letting Kerry Wood throw 140 pitches.

  51. Give Melo credit where it is due — in the last three games, he didn’t go iso-Melo and made some really nice passes down the stretch. And why all the complaining about Bargnani tonight? Aside from that brutal side of the backboard 3, he played a pretty solid game.

  52. Really nice minutes from STAT tonight, particularly on the defensive end of the floor. His hard hedging on the pick and rolls has been nice to see. It’s frustrating to still give up open threes, but at least we’re showing some competence in defending the paint.

    Now if Woodson could create a legitimate offensive system that we can use in the fourth quarter of a game and not pull players when they are producing to go back to JR when he doesn’t have anything going that would be a real victory.

  53. The problem wasnt Barngani individually tonight, its pairing him together with Amar’e that is the problem.

  54. As nice as it was to watch the Knicks win 2 out 3 of during this Texas trip (something I never once thought was even remotely possible), I have to say this was as much Dallas losing as the Knicks winning.

  55. Yeah, Dallas looked terrible. And no reason for that really – last game was at home on Friday. They had nothing tonight.

  56. Just read a tweet saying the Knicks have 14 out of their next 19 games at home and 12 of those games are against teams under .500 and one of the games against over .500 teams is vs the Clippers who will be w/o CP3. HUGE stretch of games coming up for the Knicks, they have to start making up ground in the standings during this stretch.

  57. JR was +11
    Bargs +7
    Melo +12

    But the bench won this game, going 20-36, for 47 points, with 24 boards and only 4 TOs.

  58. Bargnani has to be used in a manner to camouflage his voids. The corner 3 is one of his voids.

    He did a lot if other things right tonight.

    Amare was a strong defensive rebounder tonight.

    I hope KMart is able to keep playing. I fear tonight was his Kurt Thomas moment.

  59. Just read a tweet saying the Knicks have 14 out of their next 19 games at home and 12 of those games are against teams under .500 and one of the games against over .500 teams is vs the Clippers who will be w/o CP3. HUGE stretch of games coming up for the Knicks, they have to start making up ground in the standings during this stretch.

    Texas could be the turning point of the season.

    I don’t agree that Dallas played poorly. The Knicks help D is greatly improved, and they’ve clearly worked to deny the paint and live with the threes. Not bad strategy either. A team gets a bunch of lay ups and suddenly they build confidence, leading to threes. Frustrate them in the paint and threes get tougher.
    They are contesting more, fouling hard more and fouling more smartly.
    Our young players are helping with that a lot. But Bargs and Amare are playing better inside.
    And Shump is more himself.
    If Woody gets slammed for bad play, he deserves props for their improvement. And Melo is trusting his teammates more

  60. the only issue with Woodson at the moment is the inability to bench JR in closing moments. also it was bizarre that Martin didn’t play down the stretch. but the d overall looks a bit better.

  61. Third game of a Texas road trip coming off a really bad loss, it would have been easy for them to mail it in. Give them credit for a really good win. I agree with Frank O, Woody deserves some credit for keeping the team together.

  62. Games with 4th quarter leads
    1 point loss to Bulls (obviously that’s a different team early in season)
    3 point loss to Houston
    OT loss to Pacers
    2 poi t loss to Denver
    4 poi t loss to Hornets
    4 point loss to Boston
    1 point loss to Washington
    2 point loss to Houston

    Knicks have just one win when trailing in fourth quarter.

    Some is bad luck, much of it is horrible execution, but its all correctable.

    The Knicks will be a solid team by th end of the year if they remain somewhat healthy.

  63. Kenyon Martin did things quarterbacking the defense that the Knicks need.

    Looking forward to Detroit, Drummond is a poor PnR defender and Monroe is not much better.

    Knicks have often had trouble containing Josh Smith. The key is limiting his transition touches.

  64. Great 3 games for Shump, hopefully he is back on track and the trade never happens. He’s not the perfect player but I just love rooting for him and hope he’s a NYK for a long time.

    Toure Murry has been a nice player for us. Another nice game by TH2. Good times!

  65. Yeah, always nice to see young players doing well. Hopefully it keeps up! I have confidence that it will.

  66. Pistons have lost 4 in a row and 6 of their last 7 games which includes getting blown out by 28 at home today vs Memphis. Knicks should hopefully jump on them early and have a relatively easy win similar to tonight. But at this point I dont care if its an ugly 1pt win, they just need wins period however they can get them.

  67. Definitely Al. But man, the East is so shitty, they really only need to play basically .500 ball and they’ll make the playoffs and likely avoid Indy and Miami in the first round. Hell, .500 ball might get them the #5 seed! Hell, .550 ball might get them the division still!

  68. Can’t count on your opponents to go 6/26 from 3, on a lot of wide open looks, too.

    As nice as it was to watch the Knicks win 2 out 3 of during this Texas trip (something I never once thought was even remotely possible), I have to say this was as much Dallas losing as the Knicks winning.

  69. Dallas had a bad game, true, but the Knicks also had a good game. Hence the double-digit win, ya know? I think the Knicks pull this out even if Dallas played better.

  70. the Knicks have 14 out of their next 19 games at home

    Unfortunately, the Knicks are a terrible home team. 4-12 thus far. Truly horrible.

    And I wonder if it is something that is “correctable”. It’s very strange for a team to be so much worse at home than on the road. Good teams are supposed to beat up on teams at home. Even mediocre teams are supposed to win a vast majority of their home games. I think it speaks to the fragile psyche of the team, which sadly isn’t going to go away just because of a few road wins. (Especially with JR “Slander Well Deserved” Smith, Andrea “It Was A Bad Decision” Bargnani, and Mike “It All Happened Too Quickly” Woodson making the decisions out there).

  71. I hate to pull a Woodson but there needs to be a mandate that after Beno has helped the Knicks get a significant lead they should take him out early in the third before he goes into full meltdown. Is that unfair? Jr should get the boot too.

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