2014-5 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers

Tonight marks one of the most dramatic returns in NBA history as Brandon Haywood returns to the NBA after taking the 2013-14 season off.

The Knicks are going to matching up against Haywood and his Cavaliers tonight with a new starting lineup. Jose “He’s 75% ready to go, which is 100% in the NBA” Calderon misses another game so Shane Larkin remains as the starting point guard but Quincy Acy takes Amar’e Stoudemire’s place as the Knicks’ starting power forward. STAT will be the center for the second unit. Let’s hope that that somehow works.

There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in Haywood’s return, as well as the free agent signings of former Rookie of the Year Mike Miller and former All Star (and former NBA World Champion) Shawn Marion, so this seems like it will be a tough task for the Knicks, espcially since they’re playing the second half of a back-to-back on the road against a very good team. But there’s at least a chance that the new Cavaliers team needs a little bit of an adjustment period. Maybe the Knicks have a shot? It’d be nice if Carmelo Anthony got more looks on offense.

Let’s go Knicks!

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179 thoughts to “2014-5 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers”

  1. I said this stupid thing in the preseason and I’ll say it again now. Lebron looks half a step less explosive to me. That means we should be able to keep it within 50.

  2. I’m not much of a guy who talks about “gel,” but the Cavs are playing like a bunch of hair-metal guitar prodigies forced into a band together. Dudes need to chill.

  3. Love on pace for a triple-double by the half, a double-double by the end of the first.

    8 min. 8pts. 6 rebs. 3ast.

  4. Man I really wanted to see what the Cavs looked like but I cannot listen to Barkley AND Reggie doing this game. This is so disprespectful to knicks fans. Fuck those guys.

  5. Did Prigs seriously throw away a point blank layup? Ugh… I’m busting out the scotch early tonight.

  6. Barkley in Reggie doing this game is a serious f-you to New York and Knicks fans. No thoughtful analysis from those two boneheads.

  7. I think the only way the announcers will acknowledge that the Knicks are playing tonight is if they go on a 30-0 run.

  8. Cole just caused that turnover with active hands. He is doing a fine job on defense in this game.

  9. Larkin reacts to getting in the paint as if he has surprisingly awoken there holding a basketball.

  10. Seriously tho…I would like to hear a cogent argument from Hoolahoop as to why Cole doesn’t deserve to play significant minutes for this team.

    Something other than: Cole sucks and you’re all idiots for thinking otherwise.

  11. Reggie just makes stuff as he goes along,. 1st its not the triangle now its one on one within the triangle.

  12. i think we can all agree on a few things
    1) f reggie miller
    2) f charles barkley
    3) Itz a Cole world
    4) we like wear more than outlaw

    i believe that is a common ground that we al share

  13. Larkin and cole show tonight. Hopefully, cole gets significant burn in the second half.

    Amare looks like a corpse out there.

    Acy is really active.

  14. ending halfs with shot clock violations and giving up dunks….thats a big part of what we do

  15. Bad coaching by Fish. You choose Pablo over Shump. Let Shump do the one thing he is better than the other guards at.

  16. Amar’e just wrote the FDA side effects label for what wine bathing may do to your reaction time.

  17. TH jr and Early must look awful. I do like that Fish went to Aldrich. I’m sure some of that is due to Smith having 2 fouls but I’m going o give him the credit anyway.

  18. i now its early in the season, but its starting to look like we dont need to fret too much over that shump extension

  19. seriously guys, the cavs are playing like hot trash, so all them fancy schmancy moves by cole are just more evidence that he only looks good in garbage time.

  20. Order of players I am happiest to see on the court right now:

    (1) Melo
    (2) Prigs
    (3) He who shall not be namoled
    (4) Travis effing Wear
    (5) Samuel Quincy Acebert

  21. im pretty sure that JR and TH2 are redundant at this point unless melo is going to play some at the 4. No one else in the league wants JR tho, and i dont really want to trade th2, so i guess we are stuck

  22. evan fournier of the magic is sporting one of the most ridiculous hairstyles in NBA history. he looks like a 6 year old girl

  23. Larkin looks really nice tonight. 5 steals. Damn.

    Does anyone else think that Shump looks surprised each time the ball bounces on the dribble? It’s as if the bouncing ball confounds him…

  24. Barkley talking like the Knicks are some polished team that knows it’s rotations. The Cavs hardest thing is going to be setting their rotation though.

  25. Marv sounds like he’s the Cav’s regular play by play guy, he only gets excited when Cleveland scores

  26. That 30 foot outlet pass by Love may have been the greatest athletic feat in the history of organized sports.

  27. I got no love for Jason Smith and his midrange big man game, but if he only takes wide open shots I can’t complain.

  28. Kevin Love is to awesome outlet passes what what Eric Ripert is to cooking awesome seafood

  29. Yeah, the Knicks “aren’t playing much triangle” and they’re just dumping the ball to Melo.

    That’s why they have 24 assists on 27 field goals.

  30. The fact that we’re not losing by 20+ points is exciting.

    The fact that we’re going into the fourth quarter with a lead is down right thrilling.

    The fact that LeBron hasn’t really had his stamp on this game yet is worrisome.

    But I’ll enjoy it while I can.

  31. Before I die, I want to see Pablo throw a lob to Cole where he breaks the rim and backboard.

  32. Whatever that was that allowed Irving to get that rebound was garbage…

    And yes, you can love both Prigs and Cole.

    But Prigs has to be #1

  33. If Cole was in on that play he would have gotten the rebound instead of letting Irving get it then fouling on a shot.

  34. Who cares if we run the triangle, as long as we are moving and passing the ball… everyone is getting touches.

  35. thats may have been the most miraculous bucket in knicks history. it involved 2 cross court cole passes

  36. JR has 2 TOs and 7 assists. Lebron has 3 assists and 7 TOs. Watch out for possible breaks in spacetime.

  37. This has to be the worst I can remember Lebron playing. I know he has had worse games but considering the circumstances this is an all time stinker…

  38. i like acy’s effort, but im thinking his attention and bball IQ may not be the highest. he gets lost pretty often

  39. Acy has some flaws, but he’s young and he really bangs in the offensive glass. Could be a lot worse

  40. What’s a good adjective to describe these offensive sets? Shitbag? Those are some shitbag offensive sets…

  41. Please tell me this is the last Knicks game on TNT this season, I don’t think I can take this announcing team again.

  42. Last year Melo would have come up short on that shot after playing 42 minutes and 44 minutes last night in the blowout.

    Fire Mike Woodson.

  43. Does Irving know that the best SF and PF in the league are on his team? I’m not sure he does.

  44. OK. I believe that its safe to say this. Shump’s line may not be that great tonight, but his defense was ridiculously awesome all game. i thought he was our best player tonight

  45. This is the best way to end Lebron day!!! Seriously dude just had a whole day across two networks. How crazy is that?

  46. You can see why Acy and Smith were acquired, they do what we need…one guy can hit an open shot with efficiency the other can play with intensity play defense/ rebound, and well the #beard is nasty also :)

  47. Everyone played well and within themselves with the exception of Stat I was especially happy seeing Larkin being hugely impactful.

  48. Just want to eat some crow. I never thought this could happen especially after last night. Nice game. Good job coach Fisher. Really. New Sheriff in town, alright!

  49. Boy, I’ve got a feeling this is going to be one crazy roller coaster of a season. By the end of it, losing by 30 at home on opening night to 1 of the 2 Eastern contenders followed by beating the other Eastern contender on the road on the second night of a back-to-back is going to seem normal.

  50. Knicks with 30 assists. Last season their high was 29 assists in a game. Frustrating to watch at times but they really are committed to playing team basketball it seems, including most importantly Melo and JR. Nice to see regardless if they win or lose.

  51. A lot of it comes down to matchups, we match up terribly against the Bulls (and always have) and pretty well against this version of the Cavs.

    (Oh and it helps a wee bit that Lebron and JR switched brains before the game)

  52. After the game, LBJ flips out in locker room and forces a trade to NY after 12/15 so he can play with a real superstar (Cole Aldrich).

  53. Knicks need to play slow to win. Their not good going fast at all. Very similar to Pat Riley’s Knicks and the Memphis Grizzlies from last season. Running just doesn’t work.

  54. Tremendous game from Melo tonight. Maybe not running him our there for 41 minutes a night is a good idea?

  55. With you on TNT, d-mar. Their camera work sucks too.

    Really a great team effort. Fisher’s substitutions are sometimes puzzling, but he kept guys fresh, no panic moves. Very nice first win for the rookie coach.

  56. Does Irving know that the best SF and PF in the league are on his team? I’m not sure he does.

    Did Lebron know that Irving played with the best SF and that he is him?

  57. A healthy dose of Shump , Acy and Cole should help us a lot on defense, like it did tonight. Larkin was a pest on defense for the most part also.

  58. So does this game get Cole promoted out of “emergency center”dom?

    I kept expecting LeBron to turn superhero in the last five minutes and steal the game back from the Knicks, and was going to be satisfied with the moral victory of putting a scare into the Cavs, all while reciting my “we have our own draft pick, we have our own draft pick” mantra. But dammit, an actual win feels sooooo good right now.

    This could well be the highlight of our season. But it was a good one.

  59. A healthy dose of Shump , Acy and Cole should help us a lot on defense, like it did tonight. Larkin was a pest on defense for the most part also.

    My biggest hope for Larkin is that he turns into a younger Pablo. Like, those two guys should share bunk beds. Might also make for a fun sitcom. Also staring Cole Aldrich as Cole Aldrich.

  60. I remarked yesterday that I didn’t like Larkin’s defense but he was terrific on that end today. Good overall defensive effort from the whole squad today.

  61. Larkin with 5 steals playing in the shirt of players. Those little fins had some nice deflections in transition too.

  62. Knicks guards 15-27 from the floor. What a difference a night (and playing a team with lazy guards) makes.

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