79 thoughts to “2014-15 Game Thread: Mavericks vs. Knicks”

  1. Ha!

    Maybe they can trade Melo for a lot after the game. He looks great.

    He didn’t start out that way.

  2. Maybe they can trade Melo for a lot after the game. He looks great.

    Melo has a no trade clause.

  3. He looks great.

    Get the surgery already, man. The team can lose all on their own.

  4. I like that TH2 is continuing to score a lot without caring about his efficiency. He knows what increases his value, and I hope that Phil can capitalize on this.

  5. Once an opposing guard gets by his defender (which is pretty much every possession) the following inevitably occurs:

    – Guard gets into the paint
    – Defenders collapse into the paint
    – Guard kicks it to a wide open 3 point shooter

    I don’t think a single one of the Mavs’ 16 three point shots was contested, must be fun to play against the Knicks.

  6. When Sacto canned their coach for no discernible basketball reason I excitedly fired up the trade machine to see what they could give us for Melo before I remembered he has a no trade clause and he’s not going to fucking cow town.

    Down only 10 at the half? I guess I’ll watch some of the second. See how our comeback works out tonight.

  7. That Jason Smith post move looked like he thought the rule required that you throw yourself into the hoop while holding the ball.

  8. If the Knicks win 15 games, do they still bring back their coaching staff? Or do they have to fail with Phil’s players first?

  9. Bargnani will be back soon and then you can all stop worrying about draft position. Andrea will make things right.

  10. This season has become so boring that we have no recaps, no morning news, nothing more. Just give us Bargs back!!

  11. Recap: We lost last night because we stink.

    News: Knicks continue to stink; no progress yet on trading some of our players who stink.

  12. Analysis: Our players may stink individually, but the collective stinkiness is greater than a sum of the parts. Stinky interaction effects, y’all! Also, too many unconverted Kobe-assist opportunities, probably because The East Is Big(TM).

  13. Problem is, we’ve got way too much competition in the suck race. Look at these records:

    Sixers 2-22
    Pistons 5-20
    Hornets 6-18
    Wolves 5-19
    Jazz 6-19

    In true Knicks fashion, we’ll probably finish with the 6th worst record and get the 8th pick in the draft.

  14. Problem is, we’ve got way too much competition in the suck race. Look at these records:

    I mean it is a lottery and the worst team almost never wins so as long as we are top 5 tank i think it will be ok

  15. Speaking of the Wolves, Wiggins has been awful, but he’s also avoided season ending injury so far. Now that every other rookie is hurt, it’s time for them to make a move. I wonder if they’d be interested in a veteran leader like JR Smith?

  16. Yes, I think it’s safe to say that (for now) the super good 2014 draft hasn’t kept its promises, although I think Jabari Parker was doing very well. Right now I’d have trouble identifying 5 good rookies. And this was the deepest draft since 2003? Ouch. Maybe the players doesn’t fit with the teams, but look again at this list: Wiggins (quite bad but it was expected. Thing is, he’s not that great at defense either) – Parker (ok) – Embiid (hurt, who knows) – Aaron Gordon (promising but hurt) – Exum (meh) – Smart (showing something) – Randle (hurt) – Stauskas (nice 9th man) – Vonleh (years from being useful) – Elfrid Payton (pesky and that’s all) – McDermott (quite meh) – Dario Saric (well… overseas) – Zach LaVine (better than expected. Then again I doubt he’s a good team player) – TJ Warren (meh).

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d much prefer to have anyone of those meh guys rather than Jason Smith or the Wear Bear. But I wonder if our perception of the last draft isn’t due to a harsh re-evaluation.

  17. Yea the 2003 had like 15 solid to very good rotation players at least. I think next year is looking nice do to the large number of bigs.

  18. I really liked and still like the 2012 class, they were really hyped before the draft, but I think there might be 3-4 regular all-stars in it with david, beal, lilliard and drummond + some starters and rotation players. Not too many busts also.

  19. Mirotic, Ennis, and fucking PapaKnick have been good for rookies, but I guess they weren’t drafted last year. Still way too soon to say, but this draft looks as good as last years so far.

  20. Zach LaVine looks like a player. Currently he’s getting killed by WOW, which is probably a combination of low field goal percentage + too many turnovers + too many fouls, but when you watch him play you can see that many of these are clearly rookie mistakes.

  21. LaVine would be getting killed by any rating system, because missing lots of shots and turning the ball over a lot make your team a lot less likely to win.

    He does have a very high upside, though.

  22. Dante Exum started out pretty good, had a really bad ten game stretch then has gotten hot again over his last few games. I like Exum’s game and think he might end up being one of the better players in last year’s draft. Kyle Anderson is also starting to get it together after a miserable start. Nikola Mirotic is the best rookie this year by a mile though.

  23. Bargnani.

    I had trouble sleeping after last night’s game. It was a culmination of things. The game was the icing on the cake. I was more riled about the NY Post story yesterday about the Knicks 2005-06 season where players skipped practice.

    Then I thought about the Italian scallion. It’s the same story. I’m convinced that he’s not practicing because he DOES NOT WANT TO PRACTICE OR PLAY. He just wants Dolan’s cash.

    I don’t care if someone just sucks because, jeeze, not everyone is great. But I keep thinking that this guy has missed 2 months because of what, a strained calf? While Melo is driving the lane against guys like Tyson Chandler and Dirk Nowitzki, on cranky knees, that 7′ bum can’t practice because of a calf strain????

    So I’m mad now at Knicks management. He needs to be made an example of – in public. When Phil Jackson talked a week or so ago he said “We’re so disappointed in Andrea’s condition. He’s so disappointed. He’s expressed to me this has never happened to him as far as strained hamstring, calf, whatever it is,” Jackson said. “… The opportunity is still there for him to step up and help us out. … But, he has to know his own body and feel comfortable with how he can perform.”

    What I would have said is “You have this $12M a year player that claims he has a calf strain. I can’t ever see him playing in the NBA again. He has no heart. I can’t cut him and nobody will take him back in a trade. So we’re stuck with the scrub. It doesn’t matter. He’ll never see the floor on a team I run.”

  24. The one year we actually NEED Bargnani’s complete suckitude in order to secure more ping pong balls, and he’s not able to play.

    Fortunately we have Bargs’ doppelgänger, the great ping pong ball generator Jason Smith.

  25. So I’m mad now at Knicks management. He needs to be made an example of – in public.

    Sounds like you are calling for a beheading :)

  26. Oh boy, oh boy!! The knicks get to use their own draft choice this season.
    NBA beware. The knicks are coming.

  27. @45 – After a beheading, there’s no more pain for the executed. I would want a public tar-and-feathering. Embarrass him. Ruin his name – even in his hometown Milan. He needs to be ruined as a lazy-good-for-nothing bum. He needs to wake up every day and realize that he was a complete failure.

  28. Imagine if Bargs came back and played well?! Like had a career year in the last year of his contract and actually helped to win games which in return costs the Knicks ping pong balls. Wouldn’t that be typical Knicks fashion.

  29. DRed @39, I wasn’t criticizing WOW, I think it’s an excellent tool. I was just saying that LaVine’s negative score is mostly made of rookie mistakes. If he gets it together the way many rookies do in their 2nd and 3rd year he could become all-star level, and he’s already a fun player to watch. A lot more than Wiggins at this point.

  30. LaVine was a bad player in college too. Then again, my UCLA pick, Jordan Adams, is playing for the Iowa Energy at the moment.

  31. Anyone know how Louis Labeyrie is doing in Europe so far this year?

    He’s coming off the bench and getting about 15 minutes per game, not exactly lighting the world on fire. He’s rocking a .513 TS% and not rebounding all that great. At this point he’s looking like an extreme long shot.

  32. So let’s say everything goes right for once and we get the first pick in the draft (lol). Do we go for Mudiay or Okafor? My head says Okafor–because god knows we need a decent two way big-man on this roster especially since gasol is almost for sure not coming. but mudiays upside is so tantalizing and he’s been excellent in China. Or do we go someone else, like Towns (i think Mudiay and Okafor are the obvious top 2 picks but if anyone has a good argument to the contrary ill listen)?

    Thoughts from the KB brain trust?

  33. I concur on both points.

    Yes to Okafor and yes to the it being laughable that the Knicks ever get lucky enough to get the #1 pick.

  34. Myles Turner has been very intriguing in limited minutes. He’s putting up Browesque shot blocking numbers, and that tends to translate to the big show

  35. I predict the Knicks draft pick will be very controversial if we don’t trade it at the deadline….

  36. The Knicks are in really good shape in terms of getting the #1 pick. The whole set up makes sense this year:
    1) Phil Jackson Zen Magic
    2) 30 year anniversary of the Patrick Ewing draft.
    3) Cap Space and a big summer ahead.

    This is the same NBA that gave Cleveland two #1 picks in a row. Goddammit we deserve the #1 pick this year. Jahlil Okafor needs to be a Knick.

  37. This Grizz Spurs game is one of best I’ve ever seen. In other news, reports Rondo about to be traded to Mavs but Kings, Rockets, Knicks (?!) still in the mix.

  38. Aka: the Kings and Knicks are still being used to jack up the price. (didn’t Ainge already have a deal in place with the Kjngs a few months ago that Rondo poopooed?)

  39. cool ending in regulation. Harden hits his 1st three to give Houston the lead. Denver turn it over and Harden goes 1-2 at the line. Denver gets the ball out of bounds having 4.2 seconds to go to the length of the court and Lawson finds Afflalo for the 3 to send it in overtime.

  40. Myles Turner has been very intriguing in limited minutes. He’s putting up Browesque shot blocking numbers, and that tends to translate to the big show

    Myles Turner is quite the tantalizing prospect. His stats are padded a bit because he has had some of his biggest games against creampuff opponents, but you have to like a 6’11” shot-blocking machine who knocks down 88% of his free throws.

  41. Who says no?

    Apart from Melo, of course.

    That is GS trading: Speights, Lee and Barnes for Melo. I regret spending the three minutes of my life to click on the link and type this WTF response.

  42. Melo’s decision for the extra $50M must have been tough but now it is really sinking in

    I like the benching of the starters tho, should have kept it that way all throughout the game

  43. That is GS trading: Speights, Lee and Barnes for Melo. I regret spending the three minutes of my life to click on the link and type this WTF response.

    Sorry. If I was GS, though, I would think about it for real.

  44. Wiggins (quite bad but it was expected. Thing is, he’s not that great at defense either)

    Hold on, I need to yell this and I wish I had a 15 point font:



    I mean, I expected it. I was screaming from the mountain top that this guy is trading on his high school hype and that his trade value would NEVER be as high as it was in the summer and if the fucking T Wolves just waited TWO FUCKING MONTHS before trading Kevin Love, Wiggins’ value would plummet and they would be able to get so much more for him.

    Look at this shit:

    This guy was traded nearly straight up for Kevin Fucking Love. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS LET THE KID PLAY AND HE WOULD SHOOT HIS TRADE VALUE DOWN TO NEARLY ZERO.

    Idiots. Fucking idiots in Minnesota, I swear. Makes me so angry.

  45. It will make me even angrier this summer when we draft a player better than Andrew Wiggins and trade him for a player worse than Kevin Love.

  46. Just for fun, pretend that trade didn’t happen.

    1. How bad is Cleveland right now?

    2. What would it cost them to acquire Love today? Do they even have enough assets?


    Ok, next time I’ll write “I expected it”. Seriously though, approaching the draft many people had their expectations down on Wiggins. I still don’t know why Cleveland drafted him #1, and I still don’t know why Minnesota traded for him at that time (can you imagine Griffin calling Saunders in mid-December and saying “Hey, hey. Wiggins and Bennett – who with LeBron would have played like 8 MPG while doing nothing – for Love, straight up. What do you say?”).

    I understand the need to sell tickets, and, given that Kevin Love was surely out of the picture in ‘Sota, having a fresh #1 like Wiggins – who for most of the college season was heralded as a superstar in the making – could have helped to sell tickets. I guess that’s the reason they traded for him then.

    But, if you ask me, the trade I don’t understand the most in Minnesota is the Mbah-a-Moute and Shved for Thad Young. Why oh why oh why?? Sometimes I think we could unload somebody on Minnesota just by virtue of their awful miscalculations about team chemistry/general advance planning.

  48. 2. What would it cost them to acquire Love today? Do they even have enough assets?

    I think in that scenario Love maybe goes to GS for the package I highlighted some comment ago, plus a few picks and bringing with him Barea. Cleveland would be with a .500 record probably.

  49. I know, Farfa, there were quite a few of us here, I’m not the only one. I wasn’t yelling at you I was yelling at Minnesota and all the people who wrote “Cleveland is giving up too much for Love” articles.

    It was just so obvious that they were paying a $1 for a guy who would be worth a quarter in two months, it still makes me mad.

    At this point I wouldn’t be shocked to see Wiggins turn out like Harold Miner. (“Who is Harold Miner?” you may be asking if you’re under 30. He’s a guy they once called Baby Jordan who had a Nike commercial saying he didn’t want to be the next Jordan, he wanted to be the first Harold Miner. Only difference is Miami never traded him for Charles Barkley.)

  50. Sadly, I’m a shade over 30 and I totally remember Harold “Baby Jordan” Miner. To be honest, he’s the first player that comes to my mind every time I see a rookie (or young player) putting up decent numbers on awful teams and making up some top-10 NBA highlights.

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