2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Celtics

Close game, it feels like it deserves a game thread….

No one gets to argue about Phil Jackson….

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32 thoughts to “2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Celtics”

  1. That’s right, this thread is on baby…..

    Feels good. I am going maverick tonight and rooting for victory, just to remember what it feels like….

  2. How Clyde’s best memory is not winning the Knicks his first championship I don’t know. Has he looked at his box score in the decider lately? My Dad still won’t shut up about it…

  3. Way back when Acy was playing with some regularity, he started working the 3 ball into his game and then got benched for like 2 months.

  4. Breen is doing right by Clyde, really nice.

    Clyde, next time don’t have your 70th on a friday night….

  5. I still don’t understand what the fuck New Orleans was thinking when they made that deal. Brow/Nerlens in like 2 years? All you’d need is 3 small dudes who aren’t awful.

  6. i’m no scout but I have to say – from what I’ve seen at least in the tournament, Okafor is freaking impressive. I’d be ecstatic with either Okafor or Towns. You don’t really appreciate how much Okafor completely changes the opposing defense unless you watch how hard everyone tries to deny him the ball and then get it out of his hands. With the NBA 3 point line being a bit farther out, there’s going to be tons of space on the court when he gets the ball in the post.

    He hasn’t been obviously terrible on defense either.

  7. Plus the Sixers still have Saric and 2017 first rounder from that trade (and the follow on trade of Elfrid Payton). The Hinkie haters are nuts.

  8. It would be real nice to get Okafor or Towns. Hopefully we can sign a wing or 2 to go with the draft pick if we get one of those guys. This may be a fairly exciting team to watch next year.

  9. Okafor isn’t awful on D in college, but it’s just that most (all?) dominant NBA centers who played in college were much, much better defensively.

  10. Right, but he’s only not awful most of the time. Some of the time he makes really bad mistakes, particularly when the floor is spaced and he has to decide where to turn or how to hedge a two on one situation. Doesn’t bode well for defending the NBA PNR.

  11. Okafor isn’t an explosive athlete. He has a fluid, graceful kind of athleticism and good balance, but he’s not an intimidating defender because he lacks that freakish athletic ability that so many great centers have.

  12. Completely hypothetical question: if the Knicks had the #1 pick today, regardless of who we ended up drafting, would you trade it for Durant?

    I just have a hunch this may turn into a real situation this summer…

  13. I read the article on Okafor and he seems like a real student of the game when working on offense. I just wonder if he was taught how to play defense growing up since he could get away with simply being bigger than the other kids. I think a few adjustments and film study on Gasol, Hibbert, RoLo, and other past Centers could really help him.

    Offensively, I think the space he will be able to operate in will help him too.

  14. Its hilarious reading some of the Knick beat writers (mainly Berman and Isola) criticize and rip Fisher for his upbeat post-game press conferences and for constantly talking about how embarrassing some of the losses are. WTF do they want Fisher to say and what do they expect considering the current roster?? If there is any person I truly feel sorry for having to go thru this season its Fisher. I have no real reason to like him or anything but as a rookie coach dealing with this roster and the media this season cant be easy and Im sure this season has gone worse than anything he couldve possibly expected. For his sake I hope Phil gets him a decent, balanced roster for next season so Fisher can coach a team who can at least realistically fight for a playoff spot next season.

    Granted if Fisher gets fired anytime soon I wont shed a tear or anything but still I hope for his sake he gets to coach a decent roster next season cause he deserves it for having to go thru this season and not killing anyone (including himself lol) in the process.

  15. Trading, say, Okafor for Durant is an absolute no brainer if the doctors give you the okay. Durant is 26, and will be one of the 3-4 best players in the NBA for the next few years.

  16. i would only trade the pick for durant if he agrees to an extension… and sit him out for an entire year to get completely and utterly healthy…

  17. Personally, if we’re gonna entertain fantasy trade scenarios, I’d rather take Davis over Durant…but I wouldn’t kick Durant out of bed for eating crackers, if you know what I mean. ;) ;) ;)

    What I’m saying is I’d make that trade, but then try and flip him for Davis. Davis>all others, even LeBron (though that has more to do with age than anything else).

  18. I’d trade the #1 pick for Durant if he agreed to an extension (even a short one that added only one more year to his deal). I never left the Okafor bandwagon, although I admit that Towns is so good that, at times, I’ve leaned Towns’ way, but that was only in a “Oh man, these guys are both so amazing I’d be thrilled to have either one!” sense.

    Nerlens Noel 30-14. This ROY race aint over yet….

    If only that were the case, but it is signed, sealed and delivered for Wiggins.

    As for the people who took issue with Hinkie, I believe most of those critiques came when Noel wasn’t looking so hot early in the season. Since Noel has broken out, there have been a lot less complaining about Hinkie (rightly so).

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