2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers

Tonight is an important game for the Knicks. Their victory in the second game of the season against the Cavaliers was the Knicks’ best win of the season. However, that win was one of the Knicks’ only victories of the season, to the point where if they lose tonight they will officially have the worst record through 20 games in Knick history, and the Knicks have had a lot of bad seasons (they’ve lost 59 games four times!) so it would be nice if the Knicks didn’t have the worst record in the history of the franchise, but it doesn’t seem likely that they will avoid that ignominious distinction.

STAT starts tonight at center!

Uhm…let’s go Knicks?

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79 thoughts to “2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers”

  1. Sometimes the offense looks pretty good. Other times Quincy Acy shoots 15 footers with 10 seconds left on the clock.

  2. If I weren’t married already I would marry Pablo Prigioni. If he would have me.

    Also, Tim Hardaway has magnificently full eyebrows. That is all.

  3. If I weren’t married already I would marry Pablo Prigioni. If he would have me.

    Also, Tim Hardaway has magnificently full eyebrows. That is all.

    Little early to be drinking. It’s only the first half and we’re even winning.

  4. I’m at the game, arena is totally dead, then I go on kblogger and there’s a grand total of 7 comments.

    It’s not a great time to be a knick fan

  5. Too busy getting my drink on….

    If I end up an alcoholic Jim Dolan will bear most of the blame….

  6. Melo and LBJ have me wondering if cartoon aliens came to the garden and stole their basketball ability.

  7. The unnecessary I’m so fancy ball fake from Irving and he doesn’t end up on his ass. So fucking soft

  8. Melo chucking and sucking. Or maybe taking contested 18-footers with 16 seconds on the clock is some wrinkle of the triangle I’m not aware of.

  9. Jason Smith with an offensive rebound?
    Unicorns are riding flying pigs through a snow storm in Hell.

  10. I am liking the Knicks’ current strategy of “hoping Lebron just sucks for some reason.” It is working like gangbusters!

  11. This is some embarrassing offense vs the zone. I mean elementary school embarrassing type play.

  12. I know it’s not just me but this offense flat out sucks with our ” star ” out there… The pace comes to screeching halt

  13. Well … Of course that’s a travel. But it’s called once a year. I guess we fulfilled that quota

  14. I’m not sure why but I believe that Melo will end up making the game winning shot.
    Did I mention I’m playing NBA Live ’14 right now?

  15. It’s pathetic. I’m fine with Larkin taking a shot but that wasn’t executed right. That’s what you get when you call timeout with 12 on the shot clock…. Some half ass shit

  16. I loved the shot for Larkin. Melo fucking sucked tonight. Mix it up and take a chance. We have 4 wins. Why not?!

  17. HAHAHA WHAT KIND OF A PLAY IS THAT? Clear out for an iso 3 where that is our only choice anyway? Well that really is the best scenario we could’ve asked for… a nice entertaining loss.

  18. I believe the Knicks finally have a handle on the Triangle…the Bermuda Triangle…where all hope inexplicably disappears.

  19. Melo is the worst “superstar” ever created by the almighty …. I can’t stand this team. I can’t take it … He is just the latest gigantic mistake we’ve made. it’s amazing because he has the luxury of being that big mistake TWICE… God bless him

  20. My point is how the fuck do you put the ball in the hands of a player you dont even value enough to give a less than 2mil option for next season??

  21. Melo played the patented dribble dribble dribble dribble contested 3 play to perfection. This time it just didnt fall down, but got to love the effort and discipline to stick with the play. It works more often than not.

  22. Wtf is wrong w Melo? The game is not tied why does he always dribble down to take final shot? Had he shot earlier we could have had chance for offensive rebound — instead dribbles ball into floor to shoot contested three over a 6 foot 8 player. And fisher and his rotations irking me too —

  23. On Larkin shit….Fish drew up a play with a full 24…. I’m sure he didn’t but by the time someone sets a screen and rolls, especially melo who over jostles and moves like a slug, 12 seconds is gone… It wasn’t meamt to be. Larkins shot would have been the cleanest look anyway… I’d rather a floater toward the basket than our star fading away from 21 ft…

  24. Melo played like a taller fatter JR this game… If your shot is off do something else besides shooting pull ups!

  25. Right before the game was ultimately lost, Stat was humming, ball was moving, everything was satisfactory…. And then….

  26. No one wants to set screens all game, every play, for the “star”… When he’s constantly missing… It’s sub conscious or even conscious… The team changes when he’s in… They get slow….they stand around … It’s a dam shame… We suck

  27. 9 points on 19 motherfucking shots. NINE ON NINETEEN SHOTS. Melo did nice work on the boards, but come on dude.

  28. Why are we still losing?

    The culture has not changed. Give me a Rodman/Mason type of player, let him foul out every game, I dont care. We need the defensive urgency. We need to stop small guys cutting to the rim at will. We need boards. We need balance on this crap heap of a roster.

    If you take Melo, who is usually awesome and reliable offensively, and add defensive or two way players who give a shit, throw in some reliable triple-threat people, you have a team. Right now, you have a team full of apathetic shooters. Thats no culture change. At all.

    F this sh.

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