2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Trailblazers

The Detroit Pistons destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers today. It’d be kind of hilarious if Josh Smith was the thing holding that team back.

Anyhow, the Knicks are looking to be in a prime position to get a top 3 pick.

That continues with tonight’s difficult game.

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20 thoughts to “2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Trailblazers”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an NBA team with so many wide open shots, and I watch a lot of Knicks games

  2. Cole got 9 boards and 2 steals, And that’s the only positive I can find statistically. Poor Melo out there in a ton of pain and for what? Shut it down.

  3. Its crazy-cole about to have a coronary on the court and he still rebounds better than j smith or Bargnani. Not even that Cole is so great-i just don’t understand how you can be as big as bargs or smith and not rebound at all.

  4. They could have started this game with the knicks ahead 35-0, and they still would have lost.
    On pace to win 12 games this season. Based on “Games Behind” the knicks on in last place in the entire league.
    I hope the knicks are investing in scouts.



  6. I’m all in for tanking, but when does Fisher start to get accountable for things? I couldn’t for my life guess anything about his personnel evaluation system, nor about who’s learning things on the floor. Everything seems to be the same since day 1, save for a couple wrinkles that Cole added to his game (triangle-friendly behind the back passes, mostly) and for Pablo jacking threes from 35 feet. Tanking without a sound coaching plan will only get us so far (maybe first round roadkill in 2016).

  7. Stupid question but is there no equivalent of a 15 day disabled list for Shump and JR so they don’t have to keep playing with 8-9 guys in uniform?

  8. NBA rosters used to be 12 spots with three injury spots. Eventually the league got tired of people making up injuries to carry three extra players, so they just said “here, you have fifteen spots total, do with them as you please.” Once they did that, though, that was it for the NBA injury list.

    However, the NBA then invented a new temporary roster exemption which teams can use if they have four players who an independent doctor determines will miss two weeks or more (and only after each of them has actually missed three games). The Knicks either have reached that point or will reach it soon, so they likely can use this “hardship exception” to sign an additional player to fill-in until one of the four players returns (a team can sign an additional player for every player they lose past four). The problem is that STAT and JR might not actually qualify.

  9. “I’m all in for tanking, but when does Fisher start to get accountable for things”
    In general this might be a legitimate question but it’s kind of hard to blame Fisher for last night’s debacle when they were playing the team with the best record in the league and you had Melo limping around the court for the first half and then shutting it down, with Shumpert, Amare, JR, Dalembert and Early all watching in street clothes. Has anyone heard anything about when we might see Early? I’m curious to see him play.

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