2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pelicans

The Knicks are currently just a game ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers in the “race” for the worst record in the NBA. The problem is that the Knicks are also a half game ahead of the Detroit Pistons plus a game back of the Minnesota Timberwolves and a game and a half back of both the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers. In other words, if the Knicks play even slightly better, they will easily move from their current third-to-worst standing to sixth worst. Can you believe that? That is astonishing. It is no wonder that the league voted down the proposed “Anti-tanking” regulations (I use quotes because I don’t think the proposal even really did do much to dissuade teams from tanking) when so many teams in the league are doing it.

Tonight we get a glimpse of why teams do this, as the Knicks take on the player who might already be the best player in the NBA, Anthony Davis, a player drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans after they tanked (back when they were still the Hornets) to get the fourth-worst record the year that Davis was the clear cut number one pick.

This year’s Anthony Davis, in my opinion, is Jahlil Okafor (in the loosest sense of the world, of course, as The Brow was one of the most anticipated number one picks of the past three decades and Okafor isn’t at that level. But this is no Andrea Bargnani either).

Will the Knicks have a shot at drafting him? We shall see!

In the meantime, at least we all get to watch Anthony Davis play tonight.

Let’s…go? Knicks!

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37 thoughts to “2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pelicans”

  1. And yet before the last two games, here were his minutes played in the previous four games:


    I agree that Prigs likely can’t average over 30 minutes a game, but when 24 minutes is the high end of things, that’s just silly. The guy’s good. He should play more.

  2. Two burning questions:

    How will we fuck this one up at the end?

    How many offensive rebounds will the Brow/Asik duo pull down?

  3. Clyde looking magnificent in a tasteful orange ensemble….

    Can’t tell you how excited I am to watch Anthony Davis tonight….

  4. I look at Babbit and I think of Woody Harrelson at the beginning of White Men Can’t Jump. He has to be trying to look like a doofus, so that he will be underestimated as a player. No one could think that is a good look.

  5. Cole fouls way too much but some of his fouls this season have been the most dubious calls I have seen all year.

  6. Jason Smith is hard to watch. At least Bargs is fun. I can’t wait to field a team of Calderon – Hardaway – Melo – Bargs – Smith

  7. It’s strange, since I recently had a kid, but I really really want to punch the lead singer of the Kars for Kids band.

    How can Kars for Kids possibly afford to buy this much advertising on MSG?

  8. Davis guarding Melo. This may be a matchup that Melo just cannot deal with. I really doubt he will be able to post him up, and we’ve already seen that he cannot try to shoot over the top of him.

  9. Oh duh. Sorry, as seen by no game thread, I missed that game. :) Maybe it’s a change for the better!

  10. I don’t understand why people seems to like the Pelicans broadcast team. Joel Meyers and David Wesley are painful, admittedly not bottom five…but easily bottom half. Also, they both think Tyreke Evans is really awesome. So there’s that.

  11. I don’t understand why people seems to like the Pelicans broadcast team.

    Who in the world thinks they’re a good broadcast duo?

  12. Does defense affect JR less than anyone in the NBA? It seems like he makes outrageous shots and perfectly defended shots just about as much as he makes wide-open shots. It’s weird.

  13. What’s with that bandaid on STAT’s face? It’s been there for like the past 3 or 4 games.

  14. New Orleans has AD mic’d and he has literally only said “Yes Sir [Nickname]” and “Let’s Go [Nickname]” all night.

  15. Amar’e is playing well tonight. Of course, playing all night next to Jason Smith is like taking a picture with your ugliest friend.

  16. New Orleans has AD mic’d and he has literally only said “Yes Sir [Nickname]” and “Let’s Go [Nickname]” all night.

    Yeah, Davis is amazing but personality-wise, he has the Brow and that’s pretty much it.

  17. Once again, the Knicks lose the FTA attempt battle by a gigantic margin, this time 26-13. And once again they suck on the defensive glass. This is kind of exciting. I feel like this level of awful is completely sustainable.

    Remember when Shump got off to a hot start shooting like .550 from 3PT and everybody was all like, “Should we give Shump a max contract?” Those were heady days.

  18. Just watched the game…started with full game then switched to condensed game and immediately asked my self why there is no skip game icon. Unwatchable.
    In the near future this blog alone will do to feed my Knicksitis.

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