2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hornets

What happens when a movable object meets a stoppable force?

Find out when the 4-16 Knicks head to Charlotte to face the 4-15 Hornets!

We pick up in the first quarter (sorry, I thought the game began at 7:30 PM) with the Knicks trailing (the Knicks? Trailing? The dickens you say!) 8-6.

Let’s go Knicks!

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98 thoughts to “2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hornets”

  1. Doesn’t Fisher know that playing around with Cole’s playing time is like playing with my emotions. Cole has an even shorter leash than ThJr.

  2. Taken from the previous thread

    At what point does Phil Jackson start becoming accountable?
    You can’t expect him to turn a team around overnight, but
    – it’s more than overnight. He’s been here part of last season, the entire offseason, and a quarter of this season
    – this is better than a 4-16 team, the worst starting record in knicks history.
    – he should be getting the team to play hard, smart, and more to their potential.

    Phil Jackson isn’t the coach. Those are coach things.

  3. Cole got 3 fouls in 2 minutes? Am I reading that right? How is that even possible?

    Fouling a ridiculously absurd amount of times is a big part of what we do here.

  4. I love how Fisher stays with the big unit against Cha’s small unit despite not having any bigs that post up.

  5. The Knicks are bad. I thought they should have been a 30 over-under team coming to the year, but they’re not this bad. (Well, defensively they are.) But this is the worst offensive scheme in the NBA. It looks better than last year because they run around a lot and throw the ball around a lot more, but it’s an illusion. It is ludicrous that they are playing at the pace they are and attempting the proportion of 3s they are. And no, it’s not tanking. I think it’s dissonance on the part of their new President and his rookie coach. But it’s still early and this season was a bust anyway. The question is whether they continue this silly offense when it actually matters.

  6. Maybe if the ball had been wearing a ridiculous hat Melo would have noticed it amble by him while he meandered back on defense.

  7. Well, that was not my best spent hour. I really wish I hadn’t caught up on Serial already.

  8. I don’t know about that Adnan dude, but this Knicks team is definitely guilty. . .of sucking.

  9. So embarrassing….

    All I can take from this season right now is that I love Amare’s fight. He can’t guard a lamppost but never question his desire or his choice of bathing liquids.

  10. I don’t get why players always feel they have to block a shot as if they’re spiking a volley ball. Just knock it to a teammate or to yourself. You block the shot and get possession. AAU is the worst thing to happen to the NBA since…well maybe ever.

  11. This is the last winnable game for the remainder of the year and they come out like this?
    Back up the truck this team is done.

  12. This is the last winnable game for the remainder of the year and they come out like this?

    The last “winnable” game will be the last game of the season against Detroit. MSG should be electric – a tanking lollapalooza. Which team will be dumb enough to win that game? We are well-positioned to hit bottom ahead of Pistons with a coach named Fish and Andrea Dorea Bargnani. Just play Bargs/Jason Smith/Acy/Wear/Cole for 48 minutes that day. Why Cole? He’ll be out of steam after 5 minutes and it will be 4-on-5.

  13. I’m such a STAT homer. I watched 1 min of this game so far. I hate Melo. Stephenson is picking this team apart for the 2 min I’ve seen this far. Anyway. Let’s go Knicks ?

  14. The last “winnable” game will be the last game of the season against Detroit.

    Did we not lose to the Pistons earlier this year? I think Philly will pick up a game on us by New Year’s Day.

  15. “And that’s a season high”-Breen
    Anybody playing the season high drinking game get your shot glasses ready.

  16. This fucking team…

    Nope, they’re not gonna suck me back in. Not happening. No way, no how.

  17. Last two possesions the triangle thankfully evaporated.

    (1) An Actual pick and roll into a corner three. I think they have done that four times all year. Vote Prigs for new Zen Master.

    (2) Iso melo pull up three.

  18. Prigs set up Melo beautifully for a shot at the rim, but offensive superstar decided to dribble backwards and take a long 2. And then of course, Kemba. Fucking assholes.

  19. The post games are getting like the old Kiner’s Corner back in the day when the mets were horrible

  20. Dred. I hate him too. Did the world not see he had baseline right to the basket. And yea. Step back and shoot. It’s better

  21. How many more years am I stuck watching this overrated shithead play no b-ball IQ heroball? 4? Goddamnit. Please take your non-existent brand and get the fuck out of here.

    “So who exactly is Carmelo Anthony?” asks the branding expert, Anthony Rodriguez, kicking off the meeting. “What do you want to be known for?”

    “That right there is the big question,” Anthony says.

    “Are you a basketball player? A New York Knick? The league’s most unstoppable scorer?” Rodriguez asks.

    “No way,” Anthony says. “This isn’t just about basketball. I hate just being known that way. It’s got to be bigger than that.”

  22. I mean, I mean, I mean…

    8 years into my Knickerblogger career, I think I have officially hit bottom….

    What was that last play? So baffled….

  23. That was quite Knicksy of us, but look at the last several minutes of the game and how different it is when they play something resembling a normal scheme. It is crazy to be playing Prgis 10 minutes a game and run this silly offense who good case is to free up Jason Smith for an 18 footer. You stick Prigs/Calderon out there with Melo/Amar’e and let them run PNR with JR/TH2/Derek Fisher sitting in the corner and you will be a pretty decent offensive team. Defensively they are doomed to suck but the offense doesn’t have to be this lame.

  24. “What I really want is a bulletproof legacy,” he says. “How can I be known for being a visionary, for being truly great?”

    Maybe go to the fucking rim when you’ve got a clear path, dickface?

  25. My counterpoint to anyone feeling cautiously optimistic about the Knicks future once they add top draft pick X and free agents Y and Z is that they’re effing locked into Derek Fisher (and Melo, who is what he is) for five. more. years. I’ve talked myself into a lot as a Knicks fan, but I’m laboring with this.

  26. That is a good question. I mean, Dalembert is kinda meh, but he does a good job of protecting the rim.

  27. “Basketball, business ventures, tech — whatever it is,” he says. “I’m just hoping to be remembered for doing something great.”

    Better hope those tech investments work out, superstar.

  28. And yeah, my god, leave Melo alone tonight. Even Woodson would have played Shumpert and/or Dalembert on that final defensive possession.

  29. As much as I love Prigioni his defense technique was a bit surprising, as pointed out by the MSG screw. Still, he played great.

    But Amare? What the hell was he doing out there?

  30. The final five players on defense should have been:

    Actually those two alone would be better than any five without them.

  31. Melo has been awful the past 2 games and basically cost them the game last night but yeah how in the world is he being blamed for this loss, cause he missed a shot up by a pt when he hit back-to-back 3pters to give them the lead in the first place?? 32 pts on 11-22 shooting with 7 reb and 4 ast is a pretty decent line not to mention he played 42 mins in the 2nd game of a back-to-back. I know he is the easy scapegoat and again God knows he has had some brutal games this season but seriously tonight they gave up a fucking layup at the buzzer when the other team inbounded with 4 secs left.

  32. Fuck Carmelo. Fuck his bullshit whining about his brand and his fucking legacy. He’s massively overpaid, plays defense like once a week, and he’s back to being a middling efficiency chucker this season. The league’s most unstoppable scorer with a 530 TS%.

  33. I don’t know how you kill Melo and don’t kill Prigs for basically letting Walker get a free run at the basket- both guys played really well in the 4th and made crappy plays on the last two possessions. Right now the biggest issue is Fisher whose rotations have been atrocious- we’re 20 games into the season and there’s been absolutely zero consistency.

  34. I think there will be a dividing line on this site going forward between those who watched the Melomentary and those who didn’t.

    I didn’t, because I was afraid the bile would burn a hole through my esophagus.

  35. What was Prigs supposed to do, get younger? He’s 37. Kemba Walker is one of the quickest dudes in the NBA and hes’ 24.

  36. If someone asked, “Who is the ONE guy on the whole team who is really smart about using fouls?” every single one of us would say Pablo. How/why he didn’t reach in and foul when he realized that he got beat is beyond me. (Fisher said after the game that he reminded the team about the foul to give.). The Knicks’ smartest player had a brainfart. Unbelievable.

  37. Maybe it’s not Melo’s “fault” we lost but seriously, he’s like what, 0 for his last 50 in potential game winning/tying possessions at the end of games? Does he ever make that “clutch” shot at the end of the game? Because it sure seems like he misses every freakin’ time.

  38. Berman tweeted this:

    Pablo said tried to foul Kemba as he swept past him by grabbing jersey. Looked like he missed

  39. Why didn’t Pablo foul? It’s true-you’ve got to look at that. Why are we relying on a 37 year old Spanish league scrap heap pick up to hold it down in crunch time for us? A legacy of chasing after one dimensional scorers in an effort to win quick. It’s not Carmelo’s fault we traded all those picks for Eddy Curry. It’s not even Carmelo’s fault we traded all that shit for him. And it’s not his fault we gave him way too much money. But I am heartily sick of watching bad Knicks teams for the last 15 years, and he’s just the latest avatar of James Dolan’s stupidity. So fuck Carmelo Anthony. Drive to the rim and we don’t have to worry about having no point guards on the team who can even try to stop someone from getting to the bucket.

  40. The fact that Pablo said that he tried to foul does make me feel better. I’m serious. It really does. It means that the coaching staff and team were thinking straight and trying to do the right thing, but just didn’t execute well. I can live with that.

  41. Maybe it’s not Melo’s “fault” we lost but seriously, he’s like what, 0 for his last 50 in potential game winning/tying possessions at the end of games? Does he ever make that “clutch” shot at the end of the game? Because it sure seems like he misses every freakin’ time.

    Wouldn’t the 3 he made count as the potential winning/tying shot and not the shot when the knicks are already ahead?

  42. Except that Iman Shumpert should have been on Kemba, and Dalembert should have been protecting the rim. Other than that, Fisher really nailed it.

  43. Jahlil Okafor and Jimmy Butler, y’all. Cross your fingers. The Knicks truly couldn’t have chosen a better year to suck. And maybe we can trick Charlotte into believing Andrea Bargnani for Lance Stephenson will actually help their offense because spacing.

  44. And maybe we can trick Charlotte into believing Andrea Bargnani for Lance Stephenson will actually help their offense because spacing.

    First and foremost Lance Stephenson>>>>>>>>>Andrea Bargnani, so please don’t misconstrue what I’m about to say.

    I would much rather watch Bargs embarrass himself on a nightly basis as he helps the Knicks land a top draft pick than ever have to watch Stephenson on anything resembling a consistent basis.

    Why? Because he’s a tool and fuck Lance Stephenson, that’s why. At least Bargs has a loveable quality about him, kind of like a mentally handicapped person. Lance is just a straight up asshole.

  45. @88 – or maybe Fisher thought that Shumpert can’t stay in front of a really quick point guard either (see Irving, Kyrie) and he thought that Pablo would be savvy enough to commit a foul before Walker got a shot off.

  46. Fisher is emotionless, nothing wrong with yelling at players. Losing in a good games is acceptable if you put up a good fight, but this?

  47. Nice game from Kansas PF Cliff Alexander tonight. He’s another potential draft pick next year that I like. Reminds me of Anthony Mason: muscular, athletic defense-first PF who plays with a mean streak.

  48. Jahlil Okafor is the only player in this draft that can come in and thrive in the triangle offense as the strong side post threat. Karl Towns cannot score and the other players just don’t have the post moves yet. The other prospects in this draft are nice, but none of them are the potential franchise player that Okafor is. Well, Emmanuel Mudiay is a potential franchise player, too, but 5s are more valuable than 1s so it really is Okafor or bust right now.

  49. Does he ever make that “clutch” shot at the end of the game?

    He made a game tying 3 pointer against the Jazz. (Who cares that it was such a bad shot that it banked in off the backboard- When you shoot enough of them, one is bound to carom into the basket!)

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