2013 Summer League thread: Knicks vs *forgets who Knicks are playing*… Heat. Knicks vs. Heat

Stop doing your homework, ignore the screaming child in the other room, let the dog find an unused corner to pee in, and come watch the Knicks (49th seed) and Heat (347th seed) do battle!

Winner plays the Bulls (2nd seed) in the next round.

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9 thoughts to “2013 Summer League thread: Knicks vs *forgets who Knicks are playing*… Heat. Knicks vs. Heat”

  1. It’d be nice to have someone on the summer league team with some semblance of point guard skills- it’s really tough to get any idea how good the bigs are when they’re never catching the ball in good spots. You’d think with the Knicks having an opening for third point guard they’d have looked harder for someone who might actually contribute.

  2. Wow, is this hard to watch. Tyler is only bright spot. Murry is not the answer at point. J Jordan is not an answer either. Too slow reacting. Leslie has surprisingly good handle, but needs to focus more. Good potential for him. Chris Smith is brutal. It’s now 28-8. Just turrible.

  3. It might be crazy but if I were Grunwald I might offer Tyler a guaranteed contract now. He’s clueless on defense but has real upside on the other end. He’s showed enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a guaranteed deal from a team where he has chance to play more than he would with the Knicks so GG might be better off beating them to he punch. Tyler is low risk (basically you’re just risking a roster spot) and potentially high reward.

  4. I haven’t been in a position to watch any summer league, but for past history I would say that if we get one guy out of summer league for the final season roster that can contribute to the team we did pretty well Tyler sounds like he fills a position we need. I’m happy with that.

  5. The guards on the Knicks are God awful. I like Murry and wouldnt mind seeing him get an invite to training camp and see him get some pre-season minutes with better teammates but man the rest are pure garbage.

    Also Jerome Jordan looks like crap too, was expecting him to look alot better. Definitely wouldnt mind having Tyler on the team for the regular season. Leslie could be a decent player but no chance in hell will he stick in the NBA if he doesnt improve his jumpshot. I feel sorry for the rim and backboard with the damage he does to them with his jumpers.

  6. I think they’re trying to keep roster spots open to maintain flexibility, dunno if that’s smart or not.

    also after hearing Baron Davis’ interview tonight and knowing the recent history of this organization, I’d say there’s like an 80 percent chance he ends up on the roster. I am a longtime fan of his as people here probably remember, but again, dunno if that’s smart or not.

  7. I saw B-Diddy on Madison Ave a few weeks ago and he did NOT look in basketball shape. I’m skeptical he has anything left

  8. Yeah, can’t believe how lousy our SL team looked. Jordan was the biggest disappointment for me, doesn’t seem that he developed at all in the last 2 years. Leslie is not an NBA player right now. Tyler’s footwork is terrible, but I like his motor and he has a soft touch. Seems like a low b-ball IQ player, though. Nobody else should really make the team unless they massively improve between now and training camp.

  9. Does this mean we can finally put an end to the “b-b-but Jerome Jordan!!” comments? The guy is not an NBA player and he’s barely any younger than JR Smith. Let’s just let it go already.

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