2013 Summer League Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards

Mmmmmm… bad basketball.

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11 thoughts to “2013 Summer League Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards”

  1. Anyone actually watching today’s game? I’ve heard some good things on Twitter about Hardaway (before he left with wrist injury), Tyler and Murry.

  2. Jeremy Tyler with 13 and 8 in just 13 minutes and actually hit a couple of 16+ footers. Of course he also had 4 fouls and 3 turnovers. Bull in a china shop but if you’re ever going to take a flyer on guy, a 6’10” 260 and very athletic 22 year old is hard to pass up.

  3. Out of the group, I liked the look of these guys.

    Toure’ Murry
    Terrence Jennings
    Jeremy Tyler

  4. alsep73:
    How’d Leslie look today? He seemed to make a good impression in the opener.

    Needs to get stronger (three of his shots were blocked) and his shot needs a lot of work. That said, there’s a lot to like- he can get to the rim off of one dribble, good at finding seams, better passer than I expected, moves well and has quick hands on defense. There’s no way he can play the four right now but it looks like he’ll be able guard both two’s and three’s, the big question is can he shoot enough to play the wing. When hey interviewed Woodson during the game it seemed like they consider him a lock to make the roster so hopefully he can get a few months with Hopla working on his shot before the season starts.

  5. Thanks, Nicos. Apparently Woodson sounded like he’s leaning towards camp invites for Tyler and Murry, too.

    Meanwhile, Woj says we’re the frontrunners for Artest, and that what’s being discussed is a one-year deal at the vet min plus a second year player option at the same salary. Crazy as a team with JR, Metta and (probably) KMart sounds, I think this needs to get done.

  6. Come home Ronny! The ’99 draft was a devastating moment for Knick fans. Finally this can happen and he still has something left. Crazy stories were just a smoke screen and a warning to the Cavaliers, etc. Seems like people smarter than me like the basketball move which makes me happy but I’m just a flat out fan of this guy and have always wanted him to be a Knick. World Peace = home town hero, NY through and through. Let’s go NYK, reel him in!

    Summer league team looked good. Terence Jennings with a nice game.

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