2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Warriors

Last time Steph Curry played at Madison Square Garden, he scored roughly a gazillion points but the Knicks pulled out a close victory over the Golden State Warriors.

I suspect at least one of those things will happen again tonight.

Let’s go…Knicks, I guess?

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33 thoughts to “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Warriors”

  1. Not even following this game. I am so done with these clowns and their ringleaders Woodson, Mills , and Dolan. Even hoping for a better draft pick has been taken away from the fans , unless you’re a Nuggets fan.

  2. So much for the idea a few people asserted that this board was more active when the Knicks are struggling. Are we true fans yet?

  3. This is great. I hope every fan abandons this rotten team. Dolan will never get another penny from me, that’s for sure.

  4. There will be no backlash around the league if Carmelo leaves.

    It will be like when Ray Bourque left Boston to pursue the Stanley Cup. Even Bruins fans blamed ownership, not Ray.

    I REALLY hope that Melo has an irrational attachment to being a Knick.

  5. What boggles my mind is that there really wasn’t much roster turnover from last year. We lost Kidd, Novak, and Copeland (Camby and KT too if you count that). We added a really bad player in Bargnani but we’re plenty bad without him too. Hardaway has been better than expected, defensive ineptitude aside. So why are we so much worse? Do we miss Kidd more than we thought we would (that might be my vote)? Novak’s floor spacing? Felton’s been that much worse (not like he was a world beater last year)?

  6. It’s pretty amazing how fans have deserted this time and deservedly so. Apathy is way worse than hatred. If this continues the garden will have no true fans left and will be celebs, tourists and bankers forever. Sad.

    The thing that actually infuriates me the most isn’t Woodson or a bad fitting roster or the Bargs trade. It’s the underneath stuff. The media policies and the secrecy and the hiring of lackeys. In a way I feel bad for Woodson. They run him out there every day to talk to the media when the ship is sinking and they sit there behind the scenes and insult the fans and hang him by not talking. And on that point as well they make Melo talk every day too without realizing he’s sitting there saying to himself “wait why the fuck don’t these assholes have to answer to the media” thinking they are doing a good job selling him on staying. What a fucking joke.

  7. But the team Kidd is coaching this year stinks too… (And the team Rasheed Wallace is assistant coaching this year stinks too)….

    So, obviously it was just pure dumb luck last year (was there ever really any doubt?)

  8. I did mean to say that I have way less sympathy for Woodson tho. He made the deal w the devil when he fired the Glass guys and hires CAA bc Dolan said so. Lackey.

  9. Kidd’s team started 10 – 21 and lost its center. Since Jan. 1, the Nets are 17 – 8. Given his success in turning around the Suns, Nets and ring in Dallas, I think Kidd has a clue about team strategy.

    I think Knicks would be .500 with Kidd as coach.

  10. Here’s how bad this situation has gotten. I find myself reading Isola twitter and nodding about everything he’s saying.

  11. I’m trying to figure out the over under for how many points Chicago will score against us Sunday. Maybe 100? for Chicago, that’s a lot.

  12. I think Knicks would be .500 with Kidd as coach

    A blindfolded chimp with a clipboard in his hand could coach this team to a better record than Woodson.

  13. Knicks will start this off season with 45 million in dead money (Stat, Bargnani, JR & Felton).

    If Melo leaves, Knicks will be as bad as 2013 Sixers.

    If Melo stays, a new competent coach could raise to a .500 team.

    Please do not ETO, Melo. Get paid 23.5 million to ensure until there is cap space.

  14. I really would not mind if they replace every Knicks game with 2 hours of Adam Silver talking about the state of the NBA.

  15. I think Knicks would be .500 with Kidd as coach.

    .500 stinks too. Do you remember the expectations thread to start the year. Anything below 50 wins was going to be a disappointment.

    The conference is historically awful. Almost every team in it is losing on purpose (except the Knicks and the team their “coach” from last year is coaching).

  16. Yes, .500 is far below expectations at the start of the season. Those expectations assumed Bargnani was competent. We (me especially) were wrong.

  17. So why are we so much worse? Do we miss Kidd more than we thought we would (that might be my vote)? Novak’s floor spacing?

    Kidd, despite finishing horribly, was super productive last season. Novak was a productive player. The rest is a combination of age, injury, and tremendously incompetent coaching

  18. Atlanta is so bad and the Knicks schedule gets so easy that I still think that they have a chance. It’s effectively meaningless, but I do think that they still have a chance.

  19. Atlanta is so bad and the Knicks schedule gets so easy that I still think that they have a chance. It’s effectively meaningless, but I do think that they still have a chance.

    You have got to be one of the most optimistic Knicks fan on the planet, but more power to you I suppose. It’s certainly harder to be optimistic about this organization and this season than to not be, and it’d be nice if you were right if only so I don’t have to watch Denver get a top 5 pick out of us. I wouldn’t take 10,000-to-1 odds on that bet though (seems like a waste of a perfectly good dollar).

  20. Logically, yes, they have a chance. But watching the Knicks lately has made one thing abundantly clear: this team has completely thrown in the towel. Every single game, regardless of opponent, you have to question that these Knicks even have the will or confidence to win. While in theory they should beat “inferior” teams going forward, there is no guaranteed win on the schedule. Not even probable ones.

  21. Only way I see them possibly winning enough of these remaining games left to maybe make a run at the 8th seed (assuming Atl/Det/Cle struggle rest of the way) would be if they fire Woodson ASAP. Even naming someone like Herb as interim coach, maybe if he is well liked enough by the players and he makes enough adjustments with the defensive strategy and rotations the players would feel a bit rejuvenated and possibly make a bit of a run.

    Other than that if Woodson remains head coach I honestly dont think this team reaches 30 wins. They have completely given up on him.

  22. I will say that yeah, if they play going forward like tonight, they will lose pretty much every game. Tthey did, in fact, look like they had just given up tonight. Melo, in particular, looks checked out. Sort of like, “What the fuck does it matter? When I play awesomely we still lose. Why bother? I should just save my strength.”

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