2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets

The Nets and the Knicks have both turned their respective seasons around in 2014, with the Nets doing slightly better as of late. This showdown then is a pretty big deal for both teams. Prigs returns today, which is none too soon!

Let’s hope that the Knicks end their three-game losing streak today.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, everyone!

Let’s go Knicks!

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118 thoughts to “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets”

  1. And if/when it succeeds, you know Woody will think it was just a fluke or a small sample size result.

  2. Woodson: “The good teams, they’re not changing [lineups] much. They’re doing the same thing every night. That’s how we were last year.”

    The guy really has no fucking clue does he? Best part is him changing the lineup last year against Indiana in the playoffs also.

  3. No reason for Felton to ever leave Joe Johnson in the corner when Alan fucking Andersen is in the paint.

  4. Love the Knicks strategy of encouraging the opposing team to shoot uncontested corner 3pters. Brilliant stuff.

  5. I like that Paul Pierce is beating Felton off the dribble. How the fuck is that possible?

  6. The Knicks are just running around with no clue on defense. They look like 2nd graders during recess.

  7. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I cannot stand Doris Burke. Hands down worst color commentator across the major networks.

  8. You know it’s bad when rookie HC Jason Kidd is out-coaching “veteran coach” Mike Woodson.

  9. Man, this team does one thing well (low turnovers) and now we don’t even have that to hang our collective hats on.

  10. how some of us can still be interested in trading for Lowry is so mind blowing to me. We are sellers, not buyers. any other view of our situation is the exact shortsighted thinking that has gotten us into these situations for years.

  11. Return of small ball today. Felton-Prigs-Shump-Melo-Chandler

    I am stuck at work. My guess is that this is b/c Nets have been starting KG, Pierce at PF, a PG and Joe Johnson/Alan Anderson rather than some flash of inspiration.

  12. Bargnani should be getting DNP CD’s

    Wait, he’s been playing?? (I hadn’t noticed)

  13. “Love the Knicks strategy of encouraging the opposing team to shoot uncontested corner 3pters. Brilliant stuff.”

    It is the toughest 3 to hit….

    Oh wait…

  14. Chandler has been awful but there’s just an overall lack of communication and intelligence being exhibited on the defensive side of the ball. We constantly have to double the post because we’ll get some stupid matchup like Teletovic on Udrih.

  15. Did she just compare the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King to how the Knicks need to play a game of basketball?! Please say she didn’t just say that.

  16. I know it wont happen and I have given up hope that it will happen this season but again how the hell is Woodson still the head coach of this team?? You have Melo and Chandler the last couple of games openly questioning the team’s strategy and just watching the team its easily apparent how awfully coached they are.

  17. I have no idea what I just saw there… It looked kind of like Bargnani was playing 1 on 1 with Bargnani… (this is bad)

  18. Did Mark Jones really just say Woodson and Shump have a father/son relationship?

    Sure, if the father is mentally and emotionally abusive I suppose he might have a point.

  19. D and O are putrid … This team is horrific. We need to stop lying to ourselves. There is no quality in anything we do… They all need to go. I’m really really really, for the first time, starting to lose serious interest in this shit heap. We gutted a likable , albeit mediocre roster, for at best, a mediocre roster yet completely unlikable… How phucking cruel!

  20. Yeah, Ive totally given up on this season. Forget hoping they get a top 6 seed to give them a chance at winning a playoff series, right now best case scenario is sneaking into the playoffs as an 8th seed and getting murdered in the 1st round by the Pacers.

    Of course they could decide to blow it up and sell before the trade deadline but I just dont see that happening.

  21. I mean, the D has been bad, but the Nets are unconscious, they can’t miss.

    The turnovers bother me more

  22. Melo has 15 pts on 9 FGA with 9 rebs and 2 stls. Pretty good 1st half, granted 0 asts but considering the way his teammates are playing good luck getting any asts lol.

  23. I wasn’t complaining about Melo’s play. I just think his burnout or injury can’t be far away with these mule-like halves.

  24. The worst thing about this team is not that they are bad. They are boring and hard to root for.

    Woodson must be fired and the rebuild must begin right away. Why waste any more time on this farce?

  25. There is zero chance that they are winning this game.

    As far as the “rebuild” is concerned I still don’t understand why if we can get him to extend at a reasonable price we wouldn’t trade for Lowry. He’s young. He’s pretty good. Then make a bigger deal moving Chandler for more youth and picks.

  26. I have to be honest, I haven’t actually watched a full half of this team play yet this year until now. I mostly follow the game threads, or read the recaps. But man, watching that crap that’s been on espn for the last hour and twenty minutes was really depressing. The Knicks don’t look like an NBA team. Now I know what y’all have been complaining about so poetically this season. I cannot believe that some of you guys tune in to watch his barfarama of a team game in and game out.

  27. 11 TOs in the 1st half. Only 5 Knicks have scored, all of Brooklyn players that hace entered the game (10) have scored.

  28. Woody says there’s no way they can go big against the Nets like that would be an advantage.

  29. I will say Chandler is rolling hard and keeps wondering why he isn;t getting the ball. I am too.

  30. It’s funny how Paul Pierce reminds me of a turtle, even when he’s not wearing green.

  31. Felton is pretty pathetic. I don’t know how we haven’t found a better option than him over all of these years.

  32. Its amazing. The Knicks rotate to KG who is 20 ft from the basket which immediately leads to an open 3pter from the corner. You can tell this team isnt coached by Thibs lol.

  33. Felton is playing like Toney from Blue CHips. Someone need to see if he has any gambling debts(not seriously).

  34. Wow Woodson continues to give Bargs minutes. Why not go to Tyler ? It’s not possible he could be any worse than this embarrassment that is Bargnani

  35. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Felton on that corner 3 rotation is one of the most selfish nothing efforts I’ve seen by a player with purported “bulldog mentality”. His overall offensive play since that Miami game has been awful. He’s not moving the ball and consistently makes terrible decisions once he gets in to the paint.

  36. Remember when people were arguing whether we should’ve drafted Shumpert or Faried? lol

  37. This team is done. I have no idea why Melo would want to stay (let alone for a discount) either. Just getting into the playoffs with this team is going to be tough.

  38. When is the time going to come where we can admit that Shumpert isn’t ever going to be the player we hoped he would be with the Knicks? He’s awful, and he’s not going to get better until he goes somewhere respectable like San Antonio.

    Also Felton is the league’s worst starting PG.

  39. An unprotected 1st rd draft pick for Andrea Bargnani. Wow. That just sums up everything that is wrong with this org. I wake up every morning and check the headlines and Twitter just hoping to see they fired Woodson.

  40. Well, it is a day game, and we played Friday and the Nets played Thursday, so I think we have every right to get our asses kicked on our home floor.

  41. At this point, the only reason to continue watching Knick games is to see when fans at MSG start chanting “Blow it up. Blow it up.”

  42. Is it possible to play a worse game than Felton did today? He really is one giant ball of suck.

  43. If we benched all the players I hate on this team we’d have to let the other team have a power play most of the time.

  44. Utterly lifeless low effort.
    Horrible guard play.
    Wide open shots for the nets. Not even bothering to close on shooters.
    Crushed at home by cross town rival.
    Time to fire Woody.

  45. Felton should never see the floor again. I’d rather have Charlie Ward and Chris Childs nothing offensive games and defensive competitiveness and awareness over his turnstile defense compounded by dumb fucking fouls after which he is the only person in the entire stadium amazed he’s been whistled for a fould by the refs. Shumpert has been a zero. If there is any way to trade him and Felton for expiring contracts I’d be fine with that. Package Chandler with JR and see if you can get more expiring and a pick.

  46. I wonder if those are Knick fans chanting “Brooklyn” because they think it’ll be worse than just boo-ing.

  47. An unprotected 1st rd draft pick for Andrea Bargnani. Wow. That just sums up everything that is wrong with this org. I wake up every morning and check the headlines and Twitter just hoping to see they fired Woodson.

    While it was a terrible trade then and a terrible trade now, it is fair to note that it is an unprotected first that the Knicks already traded to the Nuggets. So what the Knicks are dealing is the worse of two picks (The Knicks #1 pick and the Nuggets’ #1 pick). So it very well could be a lottery pick, but it is not as bad as if it was a pick that was completely within the Knicks’ control. In other words, it cannot possibly be the #1 pick, for instance.

  48. This is garbage time. This is when Bargs should be getting most of his minutes.

    And Felton…And Shump…seriously how many guys are playing well enough to crack the rotation on a good team right now? 3?

  49. Denver owns swap rights for the pick that was traded for Bargnani. But yeah, as I wrote a dozen times after the Knicks traded for Bargnani, had the Knicks been in the Raptors’ position, they would have been the ones tacking on a pick just to get out of Andrea’s contract.

    I don’t see this team without Stoudemire and Martin for the next two weeks winning more than 2 games on this home stand. If I was a betting man, here are three bets I would make:

    1) Barring a trade of THJ, Shumpert and/or the 2018 pick, the Knicks will not make the playoffs.

    2) Barring some sort of trade — either moving Chandler to setup a 2015 run or moving THJ, Shumpert, the 2018 pick — Carmelo Anthony will not re-sign with the Knicks.

    3) If the Knicks do not make a trade by the deadline, they will not win a playoff series for the next five years.

  50. I know I guess I was talking in relation to all the “value” of Felton’s penetration.

  51. Let’s see:

    – 4 consecutive losses by double digits
    – Your 2 mainstay players questioning the coach’s strategy
    – No clue on defense or offense

    Should the coach be fired? Hmmm…tough call…..

  52. Melo is calling his agent soon demanding a trade. Ruru says Melo is willing to take less to win. Well, he will gladly take less somewhere else to win, particularly with this team playing so poorly.
    No way he stays. That’s fine.

    But Woody must go

  53. I knew when Kmart and stat got hurt it would be bad. Barg sucks….JK47 I apologize to you personally for any nice word I have said about him on or off this board. I’m sorry

  54. And Cole with more boards in 3 minutes than Bargs in 20. Cole is big man. Why can’t he ever play for real?

  55. And Cole with more boards in 3 minutes than Bargs in 20. Cole is big man. Why can’t he ever play for real?

    Because Bargs is too busy replicating Novak/Copeland’s role on offense while providing better defense and rebounding. In reality though, it’s because Cole wasn’t selected #1 overall, we didn’t give up a first round draft pick to receive him.

  56. Asked Tyson whether NYK has personnel to switch as frequently as it does: “No, I don’t think its beneficial for us to switch everything.”

  57. If James Dolan has Twitter and follows the Knicks beat writers he would be reading all these Chandler quotes basically saying their defensive schemes are stupid. Most likely would lead to a contract extension for Woodson. Or Chandler being traded.

  58. Sounds like Melo and Chandler would prefer to have Kidd as their head coach than Woodson lol.

  59. Asked Tyson whether NYK has personnel to switch as frequently as it does: “No, I don’t think its beneficial for us to switch everything.”

    This is just damning stuff. I really think Chandler has no fire playing for Woodson and I can imagine firing Woodson having an overall positive affect on Chandler effort levels and the team’s in general.

  60. Tyson Chandler is thisclose from just straight up saying “this team is terribly coached and the coach is the problem please fire the coach.”

  61. I wonder if firing Woodson would have a similar affect on this team as it did when we fired D’Antoni 2 years ago

  62. I wonder if firing Woodson would have a similar affect on this team as it did when we fired D’Antoni 2 years ago

    I just want the opportunity to find out!

  63. The season is halfway over, the Knicks have 15 wins and are not improving. Not a good look. The last four games look like this:
    CHA 108 NYK 98
    IND 117 NYK 89
    LAC 109 NYK 95
    BKN 103 NYK 80

    That’s an average score of 109.25 to 90.5, or almost 20 points per game. How anybody can harbor the delusion that this team is just about to turn the corner? THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL. It is not a fluke that they are terrible. But hey, Kevin Love is gonna come here two years from now and everything’s gonna be awesome and championships and stuff.

    Please kill me.

  64. Wow what a shitty start to the morning! Always nice to wake up to a 20 point trouncing! Not sure whether the organisation can put in requests with scheduling, but maybe next year we ask for less matinee games lol.

    Probably the most disappointing thing about this little stretch, is that they’ve basically undone all the headway they made at the start of the month. *Sigh* story of the season unfortunately.

  65. I do not necessarily agree with Max FC conclusion that without trades, we dont make the playoffs for 5 years, but it is clear that the team, as it stands, sucks. The problem is this. When your team sucks, everyone wants to trade the players that are sucking. In our case, everyone wants to trade Shump, JR, Bargs, etc. Those guys are getting us absolutely zero in return. we just have to accept that we threw away a pick on bargs. we have to hope shump improves with a new coach. we have o hope JR’s knee heals. If JR goes off for a month straight, we do have to remember this day and unload him at that time. Our only tradable non foundational assets that can bring something in return 1st rounders and TH2, cheap players that should not be traded by a rebuilding team (unless we could get 2 first rounders for TH2 or something like that).
    I do agree that there are trades to be made, because we cant just stand pat. we are either going to lose Melo for nothing or trade him (I would not even blame him either). Melo, miraculously, is the only player on our team whose value hasnt dropped. I know my respect for him is at an all time high. Now is the tie to trade him. We can also probably trade Tyson. Prigs and KMart can go too if anyone needs them to fill a role.
    We cant just think of trades as a way to get rid of guys we think suck, because the is ass backwards (selling when value is low). The only road is to trade the guys that are worth something

  66. Missed the game and I am glad.

    This is not a good time to be a Knick fan.

    Welcome back to the 1985 Knicks.

  67. If you are going to go with a small lineup, why not use a lineup with more scoring punch?
    Start Hardaway in place of Prigs. Spread the floor a bit and get some decent ball movement. And for the love of God can somebody teach Chandler a post move? A baby hook isn’t all that hard to do.

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