2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers

The Knicks were helped out earlier today by Toronto, who defeated the Hawks (with Kyle Korver out, the Hawks could be due for a lot more losses – they seem to be one of those teams where they really cannot withstand a loss to two of their big guys. They survived okay without Horford but when they lost Millsap they collapsed. Now with Korver missing two games, they’ve lost both of them. Hopefully it continues). So if the Knicks beat the Cavaliers tonight, the Knicks will be just three games back of the Hawks in the loss column (I say “just” but that’s actually still a significant deficit).

Annoyingly, Luol Deng will play tonight. Also annoyingly, Iman Shumpert will not (flu-like symptoms). One thing I will say is that the Knicks better freakin’ keep Shump away from Chandler – that guy has the immune system of an infant and the Knicks cannot afford to lose him to the flu. Chandler has been beasting of late.

Anyhow, this is a big game. Let’s hope that the Knicks pull it off.

Let’s go Knicks!

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116 thoughts to “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers”

  1. Prior possession, Felton fed Chandler low —> Tyson turnover.

    It’s like they don’t scout themselves.

  2. i dont have kids. but is there a parental control option to block JB Smoove from my Knicks viewing? just annoying

  3. It only took like 65 games, but the offense looks good again. MVP candidate Jarret Jack is giving us some problems on the other end though

  4. Shump has been beyond frustrating to watch this season but its so easily apparent how much better the D is when he is on the court.

  5. i would not mind seeing toure get a chance tonight. without shump, someone needs to be a able to guard their man out there

  6. Shump has been beyond frustrating to watch this season but its so easily apparent how much better the D is when he is on the court.

    Pretty much. This team has no real chance at legitimately competing for a title because of its shitty D, but at least the offense is finally really, really good!

  7. For the many Cole Aldrich fans here, I have a tidbit.

    Went to the Pacers game on Wednesday (I know, right), and they had a little promotion of the play of the week (or something like that). It was Hibbert wiping out Cole, and there was much laughter.

  8. WTF is this lineup? STAT, Aldrich, Brown, TH2, and Prigs? Woodson’s just messing with us now after that last game.

  9. What’s weird is that the Knicks aren’t even playing awesomely. The Cavs just seem to suck that much.

  10. woodson!!!! toure…yes. shannon….no. stop instinctively picking the vet over the younger player!!!

  11. Clyde is on fire tonight. You could hear the panic in Breen’s voice after “AC didn’t believe in fornicating”

  12. Speaking of TH2, I saw a tweet the other day mentioning how good a finisher at the rim he has been this season, something like 65% which for a guard is excellent.

  13. i think Clyde might be our MVP this year. he has truly been what has made this season bearable for me

  14. Was there ever a doubt that Prigioni was passing on that break?

    Great play.

    Second quarter defense has been top notch.

  15. Don’t know why I just thought of this, but my favorite Clyde-ism was always “the grandeur of Shandon Anderson”

  16. I think Brown and Shump are offensive twins. I also think the bigs need to take some knitting classes to improve hand eye coordination or look into getting lasik surgery.

  17. Knicks up by double digits.
    Everything going well.
    Wouldn’t surprise me to see Woodson pull all the starters right about now.

  18. I don’t care how inept tyson is at creating shots, you get him the ball when he’s guarded by Jarrett jack in the post

  19. Chandler is a strong on the catch of the lob. He converts passes that others could not handle. Just do not feed him low.

  20. Willie Cauley-Stein is the next Tyson Chandler.

    Btw, draftexpress is projecting him to be taken by the Magic with our pick….

    I shouldn’t have walked away from this game while Woodson was in charge…

  21. should we accept that we are less “suddenly good team” and more “average team that has been playing some really shitty teams”

  22. If Shannon Brown doesnt play another minute the rest of this season I wont be disappointed.

  23. can we all agree that maybe shump provides something that is less quantifiable…….like maybe consistently solid defense?

  24. The most egregious Woodson error from tonight was benching STAT for damn near the whole fourth quarter after the Tech. But if it was Melo who picked up the tech there’s no way he gets benched

  25. This team just fuckin’ sucks on defense. They have sucked on defense since day one of the season, and they still suck.

    The Cavs are the #24 offense in the NBA, and they have a .679 eFG% in this game. NEXT SEASON, PLEASE.

  26. Ha! That was an unreal call on Deng, I thought the foul was on Melo for a pretty flagrant clear out….

  27. What is Frazier’s obsession with stopping the clock? He is acting like giving up free dunks is better than fouling just because you stop the clock.

  28. Phil Jackson should meet the Knicks at the airport in LA and just start laughing in Woodson’s face.

  29. It’s really all of our faults for having any kind of hope. That goes for this season and…well just about every other one.

  30. Well I guess I can go back to not giving a shit about this season again. Wouldnt be surprised if this loss starts another long losing streak.

    I will start caring again come July when the whole Melo drama comes to an end and the Knicks have a new head coach. Yankees regular season starts next Tuesday!!!!

  31. I listened to the first half and heard them doing well, but I watched the second half to see if they would implode. Oops.

    On another note, Irving’s shirt is terrible.

  32. I will start caring again come July when the whole Melo drama comes to an end and the Knicks have a new head coach. Yankees regular season starts next Tuesday!!!!

    Dude, this team sucks so bad, I’m excited for the METS’ regular season.

  33. The margin for error just closed with a resounding thud. Game and season over. What a disgrace.

  34. Cant wait to read about Woodson’s post-game quotes tonight, might be pretty epic.

    “We couldn’t make shots…We have to make shots to win the game.”
    “Jarrett Jack had a phenomenal game, my hat goes off to him. Everything was falling for him.”
    “I don’t think our defense was the issue. We played pretty good defense, but we couldn’t make shots.”
    “Melo was hot coming in from the first half, so I thought he’d be able to shoot his way out of it.”

    Probably something like that.

  35. I don’t care if Phil Jackson doesn’t bring a championship to NY, I just want to watch a Knicks team that plays some goddamn defense again before I die.

  36. This loss hangs on Melo, sorry to say. He shot us out of the game at the end. These possessions should mean more…

  37. Bad losses are okay after 8 game win streaks if you’re not 11 games under .500. Literally have to win out to have a shot at the playoffs at this point, but the season turned on losses to the Cavs (1 @ home, 1 away), Philly (1 @ home, nearly 2), Sacramento (1 @ home), Boston (1 @ home by 40+, 1 away), Milwaukee (1 away), Orlando (1 on the road), New Orleans (1 @ home). Those to me are all games a good coach with a logical defensive scheme and a creative offense wins without question.

    That’s not even including the Washington game which may have been the absolute worst and a handful of others that were fucking terrible. We weren’t a great defensive team last year, but were able to to win 50+ because of great three point shooting from Copeland, Novak and Kidd (half a season) and having a coach on the floor like Kidd who could save our offense from Woodson. Persistence in playing bad lineups and a defensive scheme that sabotages a team already made up of sub-par defenders to me is the story of this season led by a coach without a clue.

    Excited for Phil to kick Woodson to the curb.

  38. Man, I honestly can’t believe that they lost that game. I actually had to do some work stuff so left the game for a while because I was that confident. I turn back and the game was almost over. Damn, I cannot believe how bad of a loss this was.

  39. Damn, I cannot believe how bad of a loss this was.

    How many times have we said that this season?

  40. Guess they have to go 4-1 out west to maybe make up for this loss but with the way this team has responded to bad losses like this by usually going into tailspins I expect them to go 1-4 now out west.

  41. You can’t be up that big through most of the game and then come be so anemic to finish up. it happens too much with this team.
    I harken back to all those bad losses similar to this cavs loss earlier in the season. man right now they really come back to haunt you. Just a few…..(trust me im sure there’s more)
    -should have won that Orlando 2OT game (It shouldnt have even gone to OT)
    -The game in Memphis where they were up by like 6 with little time left
    -they should have beat the Kings at home after being up so much late
    -more importantly, same thing with the last game in ATLANTA which they were also up big (and would have given them the tie-breaker if it came to that)
    -even go back all the way to november to the game against the pacers when shumpert fouled george’s 3 pt attempt, at the end, they should have won that.
    -of course, I would be remiss if i didnt mention the timeout-bradley beal-washington game which i have repressed from memory
    -And losses to the sixers and bucks (To be fair tho the sixers were ‘good’ back then…no i shouldnt have to justify this loss. a loss to the sixers is a loss to the sixers)

    That’s 8 games they should have won…and add tonight that’s 9. imagine what 9 games could have done for our chances at a playoff spot. Fine, if you think I’m being optimistic, call it 4 wins out of those…imagine what four of those could have done for us!!
    Damn man that Pacers win made me start feelin the hope again. they played us all. i dont know why im actin surprised

  42. After the Philly game, the 1% chance that woodson had of coming back slipped to .5%…but after this one Woody should cease to hope.

  43. Btw, draftexpress is projecting [Willie Cauley-Stein] to be taken by the Magic with our pick….

    Orlando doesn’t get the Knicks pick this year. They get Denver’s, regardless of the Knicks and their performance (from the Howard, Bynum, Igudala, Affalo trade).

    The Knicks pick is to Denver, and it is currently the #8 pick. (draftexpress has the pick being 18-year-old Aaron Gordon of Arizona, who is playing at the moment and leading Arizona to a 25 point win (8-11, 6 rebs, 6 assists, 4 steals).

  44. I just played the “lottery machine” thing at ESPN.com, and of course, the first time I ran it, Denver won the lottery with the Knicks’ pick and selected Andrew Wiggins.

    The second time I ran it, Denver wound up with the #10 pick and drafted my personal favorite college basketball player of the last ten years, Tyler Ennis.


  45. Yet another bad loss in a bad season filled with bad losses.

    The Knicks seem not to recognize what is working when it is working, so they randomly stop doing it.

    They have no idea how to defend the 1/5 PnR, which is why quick opposing PGs dominate.

    I do not know what a good coach could accomplish with this roster, but we are probably going to find out next year.

  46. Yeah, the Magic get the less favorable one of the Knicks and Nuggets pick. Since it looks like the Knicks will be in the lottery, we’ll have to wait until lottery night to see which pick goes to Denver and which pick goes to Orlando. Essentially, the Nuggets are getting two cracks at winning the lottery. If either their pick or the Knicks’ pick ends up in the top three picks, then Denver gets that pick. The other pick then goes to Orlando.

    If nothing changes, then Orlando will get the Nuggets’ pick and the Nuggets will take the Knicks’ pick.

  47. Just re-watched Jack’s last dagger. Wow, he just abused Felton so badly on that play. Wow.

  48. Atlanta has Phoenix tomorrow which is a probable L for them. So if the Knicks go into the Lakers game down 2.5 it won’t be all that bad. They need to win at least 3 of 5 out West

  49. A lot of it really depends on Atlanta. If they play just poorly, then the Knicks are screwed. If they go 4-10 in their last fourteen games, then yeah, the Knicks likely catch them. 5-9 would be possible. 6-8 is still in the realm of possibility. But anything more than that and the Knicks would basically have no chance.

  50. yeah if Korver continues to sit out then 4-10 is realistic, maybe even probable. It just seems like it’s too early to rule out the playoffs at this point when they could cut it to 1 game or even tie it up by the end of the week

  51. yeah if Korver continues to sit out then 4-10 is realistic, maybe even probable. It just seems like it’s too early to rule out the playoffs at this point when they could cut it to 1 game or even tie it up by the end of the week

    The problem is that the Hawks play the Bucks, Sixers and Celtics still. That’s not only three easy wins, but those are three easy Eastern Conference wins, which is important for tie-breaking purposes. So basically then they’d have to go 1-10 in their other eleven games. Possible? Sure, I guess, but not likely, as they get Detroit and Cleveland, as well.

    Luckily, they play Miami, Chicago, Brooklyn, Washington, Indiana, Portland, Phoenix and Minnesota (all clearly better than Atlanta) plus Toronto and Charlotte (likely better than Atlanta).

    But yeah, their schedule is the only thing giving me hope at this point. Four (more like five) is a lot of games to make up in fourteen games.

  52. Its over. The loss tonight could not happen because it was a conference loss. If they wouldve won tonight and gone 3-2 out west that wouldve been OK. Losing tonight and going 4-1 out west (aint happening) doesnt make it better because of the conference loss tonight. The Hawks literally now have to just win a few games vs the East and its over for the Knicks.

  53. But if the Hawks go 4-10, then the Knicks can pass them by just going 7-5 in their last twelve games.

    If the Hawks go 5-9, the Knicks can pass them by going 8-4 in their last twelve games.

    Asking the Knicks to go 9-3 in their last twelve is really pushing it and anything beyond that is just insane.

    However, the Hawks going either 4-10 or 5-9 is definitely possible, and similarly it is possible for the Knicks to go 8-4.

    Now the question is, can you find eight wins in the last twelve games for the Knicks.

    Kings, Lakers, Jazz – that’s three. Splitting against Toronto and Brooklyn gets you five. So they need to win three more out of the following: @Golden State, @Phoenix, @Miami, Washington, Chicago, the other Brooklyn game and the other Toronto game. It’s not impossible.

    But okay, yeah, it’s highly, highly unlikely.

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