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  1. They really might as well just move the ball through Bargs constantly tonight. Give it a shot, ya know? If he sucks, then yeah, bench him. But maybe he’ll surprise them!

  2. Chris Smith has been the single most ridiculed Knicks signing in recent memory (at least IMHO). The fact that there are some who want to see him get playing time because, “Hey, how much worse could it get, really?” is nothing short of astounding. And I’m not even sure those people would be wrong, but the fact that people want the Knicks to seriously consider giving this guy serious minutes is just…I’m not sure. But it might provide for some more entertaining losses at least.

  3. Everything you need to know about this franchise can be summed up in the incessant commercials about MSG’s remodeling. Luxury seats are not a reason to root for this team

  4. Also the faux 3d rapters sign under the basket is freaking me out

    First couple times I saw it, I actually thought it was an actual sign just propped up under the basket like that. I would constantly say, “What are they thinking putting that there? Somebody is bound to get seriously hurt on it.” It wasn’t until someone pointed out that I’m a moron that I realized it was just painted on.

  5. It’s really too bad Shumpert has fallen off a cliff, I’d feel good about this team with Hardaway and Shump as a young core.

  6. This Raptors color guy is well, colorful

    As an avid watcher of League-Pass, I have to say that one of the few things the Knicks do better than most other teams, is we have a much better call duo in Clyde and Breen (even though Breen is, for some reason, hated by many here). The vast bulk of the local call guys in this league and truly terrible at their jobs, but they get paid to be bad. At least Clyde and Breen are somewhat honest and objective. Utah has a decent team as well, as do the Clippers. But the bulk are just awful.

  7. Almost all of the offensive rebounds by the raptors are being grabbed by the man Bargnani is supposed to be boxing out on each play. Bargs boxing out Amir Johnson or Jonas will never end well.

  8. We oughta pick up Bynum. Bad attitude, no drive, knees are shot – just give him a new max contract and he’d fit in perfectly here!

  9. 3 of our 5 starters, Udrih, Shumpert and Smith, are a combined 1-11.

    If we were playing a good team we’d be down by 25.

  10. We oughta pick up Bynum. Bad attitude, no drive, knees are shot – just give him a new max contract and he’d fit in perfectly here!

    You joke, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me…well, not much anyway. Even the Knicks aren’t that stupid, right? Right??

    Crap, we probably are.

  11. What ever happened to a traded player coming back to wreak havoc on his former team?
    Well the good news is even with the loss we are still just 5 games out of a playoff spot.

  12. Is it illogical to think about a melo for bynum and a couple of picks deal, and then dealing chandler to IND for Granger’s expiring and a pick? somehow felton has to go in 1 of those 2 deals. is that crazy?

  13. Can’t do any deals until the team is healthy and we can see what we’ve got. And we’ll only be 5 games out by tomorrow.

  14. LeBron might miss that game though. Actually LeBron, Wade and Allen are all game-time decisions.

  15. Also, look at this game in a positive light:

    We may not have any picks in next year’s draft, but at least by our constant sucking we can keep Toronto out of the lottery so that in the future they don’t have a potential superstar to beat us with. Who says the Knicks aren’t forward thinkers?

  16. I knew about LeBron, but I already thought Wade and Allen weren’t playing? To hear that they’re game-time decisions is actually better than I thought. Even still, Miami is a good team regardless. Remember last year when they beat San Antonio in San Antonio while resting their big 3? Excuse me, while their big 3 “recovered” from injuries before the playoffs.

  17. It’s weird that Indiana seems to be the only team not hit by the injury bug, even the cyborg LeBron James has had a few dings lately (did I just jinx the Pacers?)

  18. Why does JR get to sleepwalk through games and still play 35? Dumb question, but still maddening.

  19. Lowry’s stock isn’t declining tonight.

    Amazing MSG was thinking of upgrading not too long ago….

  20. JR is the biggest waste if a uniform. How he is getting all these minutes is beyond me.
    Not only is his O shit, but her forever leaves his man.

    I’d go easy on them because of all the injuries, but these guys continue to play dumb ball and they play with no heart.

  21. Shrimp goes for the steal, but where is the help from Chandler and Stat.
    Why do our bigs never help?

  22. God damnit…just when I think I’ve pulled myself away they suck me back in. I know I’m only setting myself up for disappointment, but damn it all if that pesky hope doesn’t rear it’s ugly head.

  23. Toursanity???

    Ha! Murry’s shot to Lowry’s nether regions after he fell down gets the seal of approval from me. That’s what the Knicks really need, someone to go out there and punch some guys in the balls.

  24. Ha! Murry’s shot to Lowry’s nether regions after he fell down gets the seal of approval from me.

    You’re an idiot. That just cost the Knicks 5 points and probably squashed the the comeback.

  25. seriously, is there any reason that toure should not start until further notice. he has looked better than any other pg at any time so far this season. oh yeah, and its time to blow it up

  26. Yeah that play was a shame b/c Tour’e was our best all around player tonight. Now Woody has an excuse to bury him again.

  27. Hell, if we’re gonna get crazy let’s rock the 2pg lineup with Tour’e and Lil’ Pipe! With a front line of MWP, K-Mart, and Aldrich because, well we all know how big the East is, right?

  28. seriously, is there any reason that toure should not start until further notice. he has looked better than any other pg at any time so far this season. oh yeah, and its time to blow it up

    Aren’t you worried about Felton’s weight gain if he rides the bench? He needs the cardio!

  29. please, can silverman write the recap?

    I think the poor guy needs a rest. All of this losing is sapping him of his material.

  30. Tyson Chandler grabbed a total of 2 rebounds. Wasn’t he supposed to be the savior?

    A LeBron for Chris Smith trade (plus whatever junk to make the salaries match) wouldn’t be enough to save this team.

  31. Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak are in jeopardy of getting the Marv Albert vacation.

    The Knicks are a .300 team.

    Andrea Bargnani is a waste of useful offensive skills because he gives so little of himself.

    Beno Udrih is trying to fulfill the stereotype of a disinterested Euro PG. The next time he gets in a defensive stance will be the first.

    JR Smith is sleepwalking through the season.

    Iman Shumpert is ball watching and gambling on defense and lost on offense.

    Ray Felton is often hurt and out of shape.

    Pablo Prigioni is a complimentary piece who cannot stay in front of the many quick PGs in the East (Wall, Jennings, Lowry, Irving and Knight) and cannot stay on the court for more than 24 minutes per night.

    Tyson Chandler is providing little to nothing on the defensive end or the boards.

    Amar’e Stoudamire is often hurt and occasionally effective on offense. He is still a defensive liability.

    Tim Hardaway Jr. is a streaky gunner who contributes nothing on defense or distribution.

    Carmelo Anthony is not a strong enough player to carry this team.

    Tour’e Murry is the Knicks best defensive PG (low bar) who does not have the skills or experience to QB an NBA offense.

    Kenyon Martin is an 8 minute/night defensive player who can move the ball but has zero offensive range.

    Metta World Peace is a frequently hurt “alien” who has virtually nothing left in the tank.

    Chris Smith is the Puppet Show.

    Mike Woodson is overmatched.

    This is not a good time to be a Knick fan.

  32. Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak are in jeopardy of getting the Marv Albert vacation.

    What are they saying? I don’t live in NY anymore, so I don’t get MSG. I actually bought League-Pass to watch Knick games (well, not only, I watch a lot of games, probably too many).

  33. Hahn and Szczerbiak are calling out (1) Bargnani and Udrih for lack of effort, (2) Shumpert for playing rock headed defense and (3) JR Smith for being MIA. They are also taking shots at Woodson for Chandler’s poor defensive rebounding – blaming the switching for putting him too far from the rim to grab defensive rebounds.

  34. Can we keep Woodson on as an assistant and just hire a new head coach? At least Dolan wouldn’t be “firing” him, instead just give him the Lawrence Frank demotion and bring in somebody who isn’t going to be outcoached routinely by Dwayne Casey

  35. I would trade Bargnani for Bynum tonight, so the Knicks could get out of $6 million this year and $12 million next season. I highly doubt that Cleveland would do that deal,

  36. I continue to watch… I continue to laugh (ol). What garbage. Still hard to believe but I do believe it. Cause, I see it, every night…

    Since the Allan Houston deal, I’ve started to realize how this all works… It’s the first huge deal I can remember. I remember going to nets pistons at Brendan Byrne .. It was grant hill… Allan Houston… And Lindsay hunter. Lots of mid range … He was good. But Here we are , years after. Our mismanagement has truly crippled this team since. And it continues. Only thing that would make me happy. Complete blowup. Let’s start fresh, fresh faces, no expectations. We’d all be so much better off.

  37. The Knicks’ upcoming schedule looks like this:

    @SAS, @HOU, @DAL, DET, MIA

    Four of those five look like certain losses, with the Detroit game is maybe somewhat winnable. So the Knicks are looking at a really brutal W-L record at the end of those five games, probably 10-25 at best. At that point almost half the season will be over and the Knicks will be playing sub-.300 ball.

    My hope and prayer is that Melo demands a trade and forces the Knicks into a rebuild. The team is hopelessly shitty and needs to be razed; even a mouth-breathing dumbshit like Dolan has to realize this by now.

  38. What if the Knicks took back some more garbage with the Bynum for Bargs trade. Maybe Bennett and/or Jack for MWP,Udriah, and Cole? Throw in some second rounders and let’s make a bad deal.

  39. It is crazy how few draft picks the Knicks have. They have given away literally all of their second round picks until 2018, except maybe not their 2016 second round pick (they lose it only if it is after #38 – which seems unlikely). Toss in no 2014 first rounder and no 2016 first rounder, how in the world could Steve Mills have been willing to deal a 2018 first rounder?!

  40. please, can silverman write the recap?

    Don’t think he will. He was hanging out at the Knickerblogger/Poasting&Toasting meetup at Idle Hands w/us.

    P.S: shoutout to Jim, Rob, Mike K, et al. Nice meeting you fellows.

  41. @Brian – How can Woodson have rushed Felton back? How can he have been playing Melo absurd minutes? Mills, like Woodson, knows he’s not going to be around in 2015 let alone 2018 if the Knicks don’t improve. The 2018 pick could be guaranteed to be a 7’6″ player with the agility and skill of prime Michael Jordan, and Mills would still be better off trading it for half a season of Kyle Lowry.

  42. It would be so much easier to suffer thru this season if they had their 1st rd pick. Hell it would actually be fun to go thru it considering the possibilities of getting a top 5 pick in this draft class but instead we are left to hoping they win enough games the rest of the season so the lottery pick they give away is “only” a borderline top 10 pick so it wouldnt hurt as bad.

  43. I’m fully rooting for the Nuggets to end up with the #1 pick, and for that #1 pick to turn out to be a superstar. Why? So the Knicks will be humiliated, and will think twice before trading away another unprotected first round pick.

  44. I’m fully rooting for the Nuggets to end up with the #1 pick, and for that #1 pick to turn out to be a superstar. Why? So the Knicks will be humiliated, and will think twice before trading away another unprotected first round pick.

    If I thought they were an organization capable of truly learning from their mistakes, I’d be right there with you. I have my doubts about their ability to learn, though. They might just blow that whole scenario off as bad luck and they’d make a similar trade if it presented itself.

  45. Yeah, exactly. As I noted the other night, under normal circumstances, I’d totally support rooting for the team to lose so that they could learn from their mistakes. But it is clear that they will never learn from their mistakes so long as Dolan is in charge, so it is not worth it.

  46. But the #1 pick for next year is already a sunk cost. It’s already gone. In strictly strategic terms, it’s better for Denver to get that #1 pick rather than a potential divisional rival like Philly or Boston getting it. The humiliation to Dolan and the resulting schadenfreude is just a fringe benefit.

  47. The 2 guys who were supposed to provide scoring in Melo’s absence , JR and Bargnani , were 10 for 27 tonight. That will not get it done even against a crappy Toronto team. This season just keeps sinking lower and lower, it’s almost comical now. It wouldn’t be as bad if they at least had their fucking draft pick (in what is reportedly the best draft class in years) but of course , they don’t. I am just waiting for the next monumentally stupid move Dolan makes Mills execute, it should be epic. I too hope Denver ends up with the #1 overall pick , just to put the icing on the cake of this Titanic disaster of a season.

  48. If you think Dolan will learn from his mistakes, just remember that during his reign of terror, the Knicks have already given up unprotected draft picks/swaps that ended up being Lamarcus Aldridge and Joakim Noah in the Eddy Curry trade. Now granted, trading an unprotected pick for Carmelo Anthony is a way different story than trading it for Eddy Curry, but still — lesson NOT learned.

    The hilarious thing about Woodson and all his whining about injuries — LBJ doesn’t play last night and the Heat STILL beat arguably the best team in the Western conference ON THE ROAD. Last year Pop decides to sit Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker against the Heat, and it basically went down to the buzzer. Then later in the season, Spoelstra gets back at Pop by sitting out LBJ AND Wade, and the Heat STILL beat San Antonio in San Antonio. Thibodeau had a broken Joakim Noah and no Derrick Rose, and still beat Brooklyn without home court in the playoffs last year. Well coached teams have guys who step up. Well coached teams develop players who can fill in. Well coached teams don’t get embarrassed like this over and over.

    The injury thing is an excuse, like the most ridiculous fig leaf ever. I don’t want to hear it anymore. Toronto is not a great team (although they are not bad at all, especially since the Rudy Gay trade). There is no excuse for losing back to back games against them by double digits.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Melo. He made this bed — is he willing to sleep in it? He basically admitted it when he said “I knew we took a step backwards as an organization for me to get here. So we had to rebuild.”

    If he bolts, I’m not sure his image will ever recover. This isn’t a Lebron situation – LBJ at least took Cleveland deep into the playoffs multiple times, and Cleveland didn’t have to give up anything to get him. This is someone coming in, burning the house down, then sticking someone else with the cleanup.

  49. I wonder if the Clips would do a Chandler for Jordan/Collison trade?
    At least it gets us younger and gives us a fuller bench. And the contracts don’t go past the 2015 rebuild year.

    Chandler’s really our only worthwhile asset to a playoff team right now.
    I would also love to do that Bynum trade if we could dump JR’s contract in the process. Gives us even more room for the rebuild.

    With the Knicks you just can’t hope they will acquire draft picks, because it’s never going to happen. It’s prideful ignorance. Dolan thinks EVERYBODY wants to come to NYC via free agency and that’s all he needs. Yes it’s a great city, but the league has basically made this strategy close to impossible.

    Some parts of the strategy I don’t have a problem with. Is it smart to trade 2nd rounders when you can find equal or better talent in undrafted free agents every year? Sure, if you have good scouts.

    I just wish JR would heat up again so we could hope to trade that bastard. He’s dead weight.

    It’s going to be a slog until 2015, but then maybe we can get a Wes Matthews, Rondo, Milsap, Love, Marc Gasol, or Asik to go with our aging Melo.

    But yeah, I think Woody needs to go.

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