36 thoughts to “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors”

  1. i honestly believe that tyler’s post moves are better than 1/2 the starting centers in the NBA. thats something to build on

  2. Double bogey season. On a short Par 5 with no wind and soft greens.

    Here are five things the Knicks must improve next season:

    1. Pick and roll defense.
    2. Clock management.
    3. Stopping penetration.
    4. Ball movement when defenses front the post.
    5. Consistent effort (especially in matinees)

  3. Ball movement from the post needs to improve regardless of how the defense is playing it. STAT almost never throws it out to re-post which is one of the major reasons he turns it over so much. This is also a symptom of our lack of a cohesive offensive strategy courtesy of Mike Woodson.

  4. my suggested areas
    1) team defense concepts re rotations and doubling (read, Hakeem no longer plays, so STOP DOUBLING ZAZA PACHULIA!!!!)
    2) perimeter/ pick and roll defense
    3) intill no layup mentality on defense (this maybe should be #1)
    4) clock management
    5) shot selection (Im looking at you JR!!)

  5. JR showed such restraint not throwing an oop off the boards to shump there. it took every ounce of his self control

  6. @maxwell

    Lmao. I was thinking the exact same thing. Can the JR Smith that’s played the last 2 months stay for the next 2 years? That guy is well worth his contract and worth keeping around.

  7. the chances of country cole being my favorite knick this year were 25000 to one on opening night. but Im there now

  8. i think this is the most hype ive seen the garden in a while. that really says it all for this year

  9. i would pay good money to see a cole-hansborough cage match. psycho T is like a rapid badger. and cole, hes a granite mountain

  10. random note to end the season: it took me a while, but i think i see now that Toure Murry is *not* a good defensive player. he fits the profile, but prigs is probably a better defender..

  11. We can’t even lose this last game in hilarious fashion. I hate this team. Except Cole and Pablo.

  12. If the Knicks don’t let Mike Scott torch them in Atlanta (and all else remained constant) they make the playoffs over Atlanta.

  13. i have to say, I view this season as a success for Knicks fans
    1) D0lan ceded control to Phil
    2) Dolan went on record saying that he does not know the game of basketball
    3) 1 more year of amare went away without us trading him for a longer expiring contract
    4) Tyler and Cole showed promise
    5) Timmmay looked like a player
    6) No more woodson
    7) JR kept us entertained and in 25 years we will all believe that we are misremembering the notion that someone got suspended for untying other player’s shoes
    8) Melo showed more of a committment to d and the glass than I thought he was capable of

  14. i have to say, I view this season as a success for Knicks fans
    1) No more woodson
    2) No more woodson
    3) No more woodson
    4) No more woodson
    5) No more woodson
    6) No more woodson
    7) No more woodson
    8) No more woodson


  15. So what I don’t get is – were the Nets purposefully trying to fall to #6 to avoid the Bulls? The Nets also match up very well with the Heat, were they trying to get into their bracket?

  16. Thats what has been speculated. The Nets wanted to avoid the Bulls in the 1st rd with the added benefit of getting the Heat in the 2nd rd. Good luck with that.

  17. The key will be if Cole is willing to take less than the max to re-sign with the Knicks.

  18. The Knicks gave Cole just enough burn to show other teams he’s a decent center, but not enough burn to get them the one extra win they needed to make the playoffs.

    It’s okay though… Bargs will be back next year and we really need his “floor spacing” (sic).

  19. Wonder how much Aldrich will garner on the market. Doubt he’ll get more than the full amount of our mini MLE which I think we should definitely be willing to match up too and then exercise our option on Tyler for next season. Tyler has a lot of raw skills, but he needs polish which hopefully the new coaching staff can help him with. I also suspect we’ll keep Toure on as well. He actually seems to have improved his ball handling quite a bit and his jumper looked more fluid when he shot in rhythm.

    Tyler and Toure won’t be world beaters next year or any time soon, but they definitely have skills that can be developed and the potential to be rotation players on an NBA team. They definitely seem worth keeping around. I am excited to see what Jackson does this summer to upgrade the roster. I also am interested to see if he’s as concerned with preserving 2015 cap space as we think. I suspect that if Melo re-signs for approx 5 yrs, $100m as I think he will, that we may try to keep enough cap space for one max guy in 2015 while acquiring players whose contracts may go through until 2016 or longer.

  20. I am a big Cole fan, but I don’t think the Knicks will have to worry about using any part of the mini-MLE on him. He can be had for his current salary plus a 20% raise (which the Knicks are allowed to do). I don’t think any other team is going to be beating his current salary plus a 20% raise. They’ll just be offering him the vet minimum, as well.

  21. Brian you probably jinxed it. Cole’s going to get maxed out by the Lakers now in a bid to appease Kobe.

  22. I’m ok with Tyler returning next season but Murry… meh.

    I think we can get some better d-leaguer in the summer league.

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