75 thoughts to “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat”

  1. pack the paint philosophy in transition is not taught I guess. Also, what is Pablo doing on defense leaving his man so much.

  2. The Knicks get no credit. The announcers praise the Miami offense for “forcing rotations”. It’s the Knicks that are forcing those rotations! Picks, cuts, hell dribbling and passing aren’t even necessary. The knicks will do it on their own!

  3. I really thought that they would show up more tonight.

    Hate to break it to you but this IS them showing up.

  4. what the heck the knicks attacking when a team is in the penalty. Say good bye to all the free throws in the second half.

  5. Hardaway is not able to handle Wade 1-on-1. Needs help. Not doubles, just help to keep him away from the rim.

  6. I’ve seen this movie before. Melo is red hot for 3 quarters, keeps the team in the game, runs out of gas in the 4th after playing the entire 2nd half. Oh and the defense stinks to high heaven and Smith takes very bad shots.

  7. It’s amazing how much worse the Knicks are when Stat is on the floor, even if he’s not entirely at fault for the Heat run.

  8. I have barely paid much attention to this game. Judging by the game thread Im not the only one not giving a crap about this game or really the rest of this season.

  9. STAT is not a good player anymore, but most of his minutes this season come without Chandler and Melo, so it’s really no surprise that his +/- is terrible.

  10. Correction to my above post: It’s amazing how much worse this team is with Stat on the floor and/or THJr. when he’s not scoring. And Felton. And half the team really.

  11. The Knicks scored 3 points in the last 9 minutes of that quarter.

    I just really, really, really really really fucking hate this team right now.

  12. I am shocked– SHOCKED, I tell you– that Ray Felton, Earl Smith, Amar’e Stoudemire and the rest of these chumps are getting slaughtered. It’s almost as if having bad players causes you to lose.

  13. Three things must change this off season:
    1. Coach
    2. Point guard
    3. Reserves

    Yeah yeah “Front office/ownership”. I agree but that aint happening and you know so. So i guess that means there really is no reason to change the rest.

  14. TH2 – 2 for 15 – nice try! You almost caught up with your old man’s record 0 for 17 night – keep trying! Except that pops had 13 assists and you had…zero.

  15. It sucks that they still got their ass kicked in a game when both Melo and Tyson were awesome.

  16. Just got done watching, taped it….

    Our defense is so so bad. It’s frightening. Melo and Chandler were pretty stellar. But the defense was as bad as I have seen it all year.

    Stat is just not an NBA player right now. We shouldn’t be playing him.

  17. We did learn tonight (if you watched the TNT broadcast) that Steve Mills has a similar confused/stupid looking facial expression like Woodson.

  18. what a pathetic performance. here are my random thoughts:
    1) I’m disgusted with the fact that our players (im looking at you amare) continued to let lebron drive through the lane, unimpeded, unmolested. at least throw an elbow or a hip at him and make him hit the floor
    2) lebron is such an actor. getting hit in the balls does not make you limp like you tore an acl
    3) i fuckin hate woodson more and more every game. garbage time minutes only for toure and tyler
    4) felton v chalmers was the most whiniest point guard matchup of all time
    5) is it possible that JR shoots a bad percentage because hes a bad shooter. his pull ups are never on target
    6) mills looks like a slightly more confused samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable. apart from his horrible track record, he just looks like someone whom I do not trust to do anything right
    7) marv finally decided to start talking about how awful our franchise is run with 1 minute to go. i was rooting for another quarter just to continue the discussion at that point


  19. I give up. Why are we all still watching at this point (Myself included). Excited to see what the Splash Bros do tomo night to these scrubs

  20. It looks like we may have made a horrible horrible mistake not trading Melo at the trade deadline. I’m not sure if there was a market for him, but even a couple expirings + a 1st round pick would have been better than letting him walk for nothing.

    If I were Melo I would leave. I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be a terribly significant backlash from either the press or the fans if he did leave, even if his (totally defensible) money grab in 2010 was in part responsible for this sorry state of affairs. If/when Melo walks, we need to trade Tyson in the offseason for whatever we can get for him, and tank away for the 2015 pick. Play Felton, Bargnani, JR, THJ, and Amare 40 minutes/game. Let Woodson finish out his contract. Buy out Pablo so that he can finish his career in dignity on another team or in Europe. Guaranteed 70 losses. Get #1 pick, draft best player available. Get 50+MM in cap space. Trade Felton and JR for ham sandwiches. If ham sandwiches are too much dump them both via stretch provision (would only be about 3.5MM dead money per year x3 years but ~6.5MM cap savings in 2015).

    Hire Van Gundy, either one. Give him control of basketball decisions including FA signings and trades. Let Mills handle the contracts since he’s a business guy anyway.


  21. I laughed last night when they put up the graphic showing how many picks we’ve given away and had Steve and his sadface on the screen at the same time. I wonder if his advanced metrics tell him we’re boned.

  22. Sounds good to me. Won’t happen. Dolan would I am sure rather cobble a 40 win team together for next year and see what happens in 2015.

    While I fully recognize that Dolan is never going to “learn his lesson” or anything like that, the one reason I’m holding out just the smallest smidgen of hope that this time may be different is because of just how deep a hole we’ve dug ourselves here. If Melo leaves (and it’s looking more and more like a foregone conclusion to me every day) I’m certain that Dolan’s first instinct will be to ask “How do we acquire another ‘star’ and get back to being a ‘contender’ (in the most bullshit sense possible) as soon as possible?” And that’s where for years we’ve made the shortsighted moves that have handicapped us in the long run. But this year we may be so screwed (seriously imagine this team next year – but without Melo) that there really isn’t any outs and we have no choice but to do the smart thing – trade Tyson, tank for a year and then reload in 2015.

    Seriously I’ve tried to figure out what awful trade we’re going to make this offseason once Melo bolts, and it’s not that easy. There aren’t that many awful max deals out there right now that Brooklyn doesn’t already have (otherwise Deron and Joe would make perfect targets) plus we have no real assets. Best (meaning worst, but plausible) I could come up with was Amare’s expiring contract, THJ, and the 2018 first for Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans. That would give us the smallest bit of “star” appeal and give us a real chance at beating 15 wins next year at the expense of all our long term flexibility.

  23. I wonder if Mills was suprised to see Shannon Brown suck. Any time you can add a veteran with 7,000 minutes of below average basketball to your terrible team you have to give him minutes right off the bat. Maybe Mills is trying to lose so Dolan will agree to fire Woodson? Or am I being too optimistic again?

  24. While I fully recognize that Dolan is never going to “learn his lesson” or anything like that, the one reason I’m holding out just the smallest smidgen of hope that this time may be different is because of just how deep a hole we’ve dug ourselves here.

    We got our game pulled off the air on national TV even with a superstar. You’d think that would be embarrassing enough to make Jimmy question the direction his team has been going. (spoiler alert!) It’s not.

  25. Dolan is a moron and an a-hole, and I wish one of the roadies from JD and the Straight Shot would accidentally drop an amp on his head. That being said, he did go along with Donnie Walsh’s plan to unload bad contracts and create cap space to enter the LeBron sweepstakes. And during that time of suckitude, the Garden actually stayed pretty full (although granted ticket prices at the time weren’t as astronomical as today)

    And really, if Melo bolts, what other course of action is there but to target 2015 as the reload year? I don’t think even Dolan is stupid enough to sacrifice the next 10 years to have one season of mediocrity in 2014-2015.

  26. There’s always a quick fix around the corner, always some “star” some team is looking to unload for the low, low price of the Knicks’ future lottery picks. We’ve seen the same team here for more than a decade now– the team overloaded with mediocre-efficiency volume scorers who are allergic to team basketball and defense. The brief periods in which the team is watchable are the outliers; the steady stream of suck is the norm. I don’t expect it to change. This is hands-down one of the very worst franchises in the league. There is only one way out of this mess– to do the exact OPPOSITE of everything the Knicks have done over the last decade plus– but that is a road Dolan will never take. As long as he’s calling the shots, this team will be a laughing stock.

  27. If you want to know what horrible quick fix trade the Knicks might make if Melo bolts, I give you:

    Amar’e for Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith.

    I can see the MSG spin now. Brandon Jennings is the quick PG that NY needs. Josh Smith was misused in Detroit and can work next to Tyson Chandler. We are getting real value for Amar’e.

  28. Amar’e for Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith.

    Oh…that’s good. Jennings seems like exactly the kind of player Dolan thinks is good because he puts up some highlights and he lit up the Knicks one time. We’d probably want to throw in our 2018 pick as well, just because. Only drawback I see is that Dumars is about as mediocre as it gets also. I can’t imagine him swindling us as effortlessly as Masai or Morey does.

  29. This is how you figure out who will be a future Knick:

    1. Look for the worst, longest-running contract you can find
    2. Verify that this player does not play for the Nets
    3. That’s your future Knick.

  30. At the end of last season if you’d told me that we would trade 3 picks for Andrea Bargnani I would have laughed in your face. Maybe we hadn’t figured it all out, but it looked like we were at least being competently run. Now this farce of a season has happened, and I’m legitimately going to be surprised if we don’t trade Amar’e for Jennings/Smith, because that’s just too Knicksy to not happen. And then we’ll have a fun off season filled with posts about how playing with Melo is going to radically change the way Jennings and Smith play and we’re going back to 55 wins at a minimum.

  31. If we trade Amar’e for Jennings and Josh Smith then I insist we also trade Tyson Chandler for JaVale McGee. If we’re gonna go full retard, let’s do it right. A starting five of Brandon Jennings, JR Smith, Josh Smith, Andrea Bargnani and JaVale McGee is within reach! We can do it, guys! The idiot singularity is nigh!!

  32. I actually think bringing Jennings aboard isn’t a bad idea if our strategy is to get cap space by sending players to jail. I’d put the over/under at the 4th day of training camp for JR to try to garrote Jennings. If he succeeds, we can write two bad contracts off of the list.

  33. I actually think bringing Jennings aboard isn’t a bad idea if our strategy is to get cap space by sending players to jail.

    That’s the kind of non-conventional thinking this franchise needs.

  34. Here is the high risk, high reward trade that I would love for the Knicks to make after July 1:

    Andrea Bargnani’s expiring contract to Milwaukee for Larry Sanders. Sanders has been a disaster this year. His four year/$44 million extension starts in 2014-15. He might be horribly overpaid.


    He might return to 2012-13 form and be the rim protector that the Knicks need. Just moving Bargnani helps team defense. Always having either Sanders or Chandler on the floor helps team defense, and allows both to be very aggressive.

    If the Bucks said no, I would also consider Chandler for Sanders, Knight and Milwaukee’s 2016 first round pick.

  35. probably need 2 more fights and broken wrists for Milwaukee to give up on LARRY SANDERS!!

    You may be right. I am trying to envision a high-risk high-reward trade that is plausible, instead of going down the path of least resistance and trading next year’s expiring contracts for players who have an established value that is below their contracts (like Josh Smith).

  36. We’re not just going to sit here and kick our process of “going down the path of least resistance and trading next year’s expiring contracts for players who have an established value that is below their contracts” to the curb. That’s a big part of what we do as a ballclub.

  37. The feeling of hope after cleaning your room is only comparable to having it full of the things you want…

  38. The Heat shot 61% for two pointers and 40% for three pointers. That’s impossibly bad defense. I don’t think Bargnani would have made it worse either. He just would have been one with the team

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