2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers

A little while back, I noted that the Knicks still surprisingly had a shot at making the playoffs, due to the Hawks seemingly willing themselves to fall out of the playoffs and the Cavs and the Pistons being possibly even worse than the Knicks. My pal Fabian pointed out to me, “These games strike me as near certain losses: @CLE (similar quality team, on the road, they have a good PG),” to which I replied, regarding Cleveland, “And sure, if the Knicks can’t beat Cleveland then they’re not going to make the playoffs, but that’s the rub, ya know? The last time the Knicks played the Cavs the Knicks destroyed them. So I don’t think it is fair to say one way or the other regarding their chances with the Cavs. We’ll just have to see how they do.”

So, well, tonight is when we find out.

Let’s go Knicks!

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75 thoughts to “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers”

  1. The Cavs and Knicks occupy the 10th and 11th spots in the conference respectively, and they have nearly identical records (24-39 v. 23-40) but what it most interesting to me is how each organization represents two different ways of screwing up a rebuilding process.

    For every Knick fan who laments–and rightly so–the front office’s unwillingness to value draft picks, I ask that you take a good look at the Cavs. Since the rebuilding effort in Cleveland began in 2011, the Cavs have made 12 draft picks, 6 of them in the first round, 4 of them in the top 5, 2 of the top overall pick.

    During the same period, the Knicks made 3 draft picks, none of them in the top 15. They also traded away future picks including what very well could be a top 10. So every time I read a Knick fan talking about our lack of draft picks, and how those picks could change our fortunes, I think about the Cavs.

    You see, it isn’t just having the picks. You still have to pick the right players and you still have to come up with a good system for players. And it is the system for rebuilding that more than anything else put the teams where they are today.

    Each team is poorly coached, riddled with shortsighted executives, and burdened with billionaire owners who don’t understand how why their business successes don’t translate in sports, and value loyalty over competence.

    It doesn’t matter which of these teams wins tonight’s contest. Neither is built to have long term success. Come June, the Knicks fans will wish for a top 10 pick while the Cavs fans will wish they hadn’t picked Clint Capela 10th overall. And the circle of life continues.

    Anyway go New York. Go New York GO!

  2. Why the hell did Felton stop running when jack got within 5 feet on that fast break? Wtf. Either wrap him up, go for the ball, or don’t even bother running the first 50 feet of the break. But that really?! Jeeeeeez. Anything but cheeseburger ray. Mardy Collins please.

  3. I honestly don’t know the answer to this … Please don’t make fun of me! If PJ is President of Basketball Operations and GM, then what would Steve Mills’ do?

  4. Robtachi – thanks. I wonder if PJ’s first order of business would be to convince Melo to take less in order to win a chip, or trade him and Chandler and build from scratch. I bet on the former. Maybe he could get Kobe to take a ridiculous cut and come over too. If he starts over, maybe Billy Donovan coaches, if not, how ’bout Jerry Sloan?

  5. Melo-Amare two-man game works both ways when Amare looks to pass out of the post.

  6. Chandler has been an animal as of late. Not really on the defensive end but he is back to his old self rebounding/offensively.

  7. One key to Tyson’s offense is sending him passes that are shoulder-level of higher.

  8. I was like I hope JR doesn’t think Melo is going to catch that. lol. them amar’e comes in.

  9. Nice of the team to bring up some young talent. That guy in the #1 jersey looks very spry. Who is that?

  10. JR Smith made the fundamentally sound pass off the backboard. Seriously, that was the highest percentage way to convert that 3-1 fast break.

  11. lol, so idiotic….

    Spero, I am not “just enjoying it.” I nearly threw my remote through my tv…..

  12. Did Melo just finally preform the 2 for 1 only to have Woodson order a foul to give the cavs the last shot , defeating the purpose of the 2 for 1?? Does he understand the game of basketball???

  13. If Mike Brown is paying attention, the Knicks have no answer for Irving off the dribble.

    He was ignore for the first 23 minutes.

  14. Not surprising at all that the Knicks go into the timeout all cocky up 15, Cavs end the quarter on a quick 7-0 run.

    Annoying finish aside, great 1st half.

  15. This team basically refuses to put their boot on the other team’s neck.

    Ridiculous to close the half that way.

    But yeah, at least we are ahead….

    And I guess Hawes hitting some threes can’t be helped….

  16. Hawes is a 41% 3pt shooter and he averages 1.5 makes per game. He is an excellent shooter. I know all this because he is on my fantasy team lol.

  17. You know, I have him on my fantasy team too, traded oladipo for him. He had a rough patch and for some reason didn’t start him this week. Turns out that was a bit of a mistake, should have counted on him feasting on the Knicks….

  18. Last game we saw the same thing – the Cavs not exploiting their gigantic mismatch with Irving. I don’t know if Mike Brown understands how basketball offenses work. Hopefully it continues in the second half!

  19. Is this a rain-delay? How long is this going to take? Back in the day TBS would run an episode of Seinfeld during a break this long in baseball games.

  20. If the Knicks make Irving shoot from the perimeter, he is ordinary. Might get hot, but I live with that risk.

    If they let him get to the paint, he will eat them up.

  21. Jarrett Jack clearly got himself signed up for EZ-Pass in anticipation of the Knicks coming to town….

  22. What the hell were the Knicks doing during the 30 min halftime?? Discussing potential playoff matchups??

  23. This is hilarious. Watching on NBATV and they have the Cavs announcers so you can imagine how they are reacting to the officiating this quarter.

  24. I’m so impressed Chandler caught that pass below the waist.

    Scissors is the Knicks’ best set right now.

  25. Knicks next week have 3 games: vs Philly, at Boston and vs Milwaukee. Win those 3 and I might start getting a bit excited again.

  26. Great games by Stat and Shump.

    Mike Brown was the Knicks’ most valuable contributor. He held Irving out of the lane.

  27. There are some teams I wouldn’t swap coaches with. This year’s Cavs make Byron Scott look like Red Auerbach.

  28. The Cleveland Cavalier organization are what the New York Knicks would be if they were the Cleveland Knicks.

    After tonight, we’ll be 3.5 games out (5 in the loss column) but with (arguably) the easiest upcoming schedule of the 4 teams playing for that last spot. God willing, Felton gets arrested again and tossed in jail and then it’s just a simple matter of spanking Indiana in the first round on route to the greatest miracle run in NBA history!

  29. I do not recall the Cavs running a single PnR that led to Stat guarding Irving.

    Mike Brown is a really bad offensive coach.

  30. The refs really let the Knicks play aggressive defense tonight, aside from that foul Faton got called for on the Hawes screen. I’m pretty sure Shumpert bruised a couple of the Cavs with the way he swatted their arms. Good win though

  31. Also, continuing BigBluAl’s observation; if you watched the NBATV feed, Carr and McLeod were practically beside themselves at the officiating in the 2nd half. Carr, at one point, insinuated that the Knicks always get the better whistle solely because they are the Knicks. If the league office was watching, I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see a fine or two handed down. I’ll admit there were a few calls that you normally see getting called these days, but the way those two were going on you’d think Shump was kicking Hawes in the balls every time he got switched onto him.

  32. Mike Brown is a really bad coach.

    Fixed. Kikuchiyo nailed it on the head. Mike Brown is one of the few head coaches in the league I wouldn’t gladly swap for Woodson.

  33. I don’t know, according to his post game comments, Woodson still claims the Knicks had a “good” defense last year. They were 18th in the league.

  34. I love Pidto acting shocked the Jazz, who the Knicks crushed, smoked the Sixers tonight. Like, hello Bill, the Sixers have been trying to lose since October.

  35. Stat: 17 pts, 12 boards, four assists, and 3 blocks.
    Huge. And why it took so long to give Tyson, Melo, and Stat a lot of minutes together is beyond me.
    Sure stat has been hurt, but when he’s had some PT he’s played hard.
    It’s like ‘gee, how about we put our best five out, and then sub bench players.’

  36. Twitter is having a field day with this Woodson postgame quote from tonight:

    “My thing is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  37. I literally believe that the average PSAL coach would do a better job directing the Cleveland offense than Mike Brown.

    It is amazing to me that he has been hired three times.

  38. I like this version of JR.

    @Frank O.

    Lmao. It’s funny that with the amount of lineup combinations we’ve put out all season Woodson only just thought starting the three guys we pay to be our franchise cornerstones might be worth a shot.

  39. “My thing is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    “My other thing is, if it IS broke, don’t fix it.”

  40. Re: Stat. I’ve said this before, but I cheer harder for him than any other Knick. He’s been my favorite Knick since Ewing, entirely because the man’s body constantly attempts to betray him but he keeps trying harder and harder. However, I seem to recall most of this board up in arms when he was getting any playing time early on and saying he should never get off the bench except in the most garbage of time. Also, Melo+STAT+Chandler hasn’t really worked before, so why are any of you acting like this was a no brainer when just a few weeks ago you were all (or at least the vocal majority) clamoring for Mike “The East is Big” Woodson to play Melo at the 4. Granted, that was as much about not playing Bargnani (who should be back just in time to screw up our playoff run), but still…

  41. I literally believe that the average PSAL coach would do a better job directing the Cleveland offense than Mike Brown.

    It is amazing to me that he has been hired three times.

    It’s exactly the kind of thing that gets Rick Barry (not to mention Patrick Ewing) all up in a tizzy. Most teams in the league want to go with the same old tried and failed coaches, rather than take a chance on someone new. There are, of course, notable exceptions to this but once you break into a head coaching gig in this league and prove yourself to be a “company man,” like Woodson, then billionaire owners who put more stock in loyalty rather than competence will continue to hire them…and then fire them within two seasons.

  42. My criticism of STAT has been that if he is not scoring efficiently he is a negative on the floor. I still think that is the case, but playing him and Melo together is something we should have at least tried well before we were 7 games out of a playoff spot. STAT-Melo PNR should be a staple of this offense rather than a minimal diversion in lieu of running dumb fucking sets like horns to set up Felton for mid-range jumpers. Melo can be successful at the 3 or 4, as long as we have solid floor spacing and motion in our offensive sets. An efficient STAT provides both of those things as maybe the best roll man in league history off of PNR and as an effective mid-range jump shooter.

  43. Can’t believe the Hawks are hanging in there….

    Hard to believe DeAndre Jordan was a second round pick.

  44. Well it’s finally official. Knicks 3.5 games out of a playoff spot, only 2 games back in the Win column. Although it looks like ATL may not be Detroit or Cleveland bad, but still bad enough for the Knicks to make a run here with the schedule being filled with winnable games.

  45. Why it took 2 and 3/4 seasons for TriMecca (I bet you forgot that’s what they were deemed) to play this well is a question two men who shouldn’t be coaching in today’s NBA won’t have an answer to. It’s a shame we don’t have a real PG.

    And Phil Jackson for GM/Head Coach? That might be a good thing since this team can’t seem to find and keep a good point guard, and he coached 11 teams to a championship without point guards.

  46. There’s an interesting thing to look at when you’re judging a playoff race between two shitty teams. Normally, you look at the loss column (where the Knicks trail by five games) but when losses are so much more common, I think it makes more sense to look at the win column, since those are rarer. And in the win column, the Knicks just trail by two games. I could seriously see the Hawks pretty much losing out the rest of the season.

    Then again, all they need to do is play not-awful basketball and they’ll easily win the #8 seed. Was last night an indication that the Hawks do want to make the playoffs? I thought that they’d sit Millsap down for the rest of the season. If he’s back, they have a good chance of winning enough games to stay ahead of the Knicks.

    Still, the Knicks have far better of a chance than they have any right to have, which is awesome.

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