2012-2013 Game Thread: Knicks @ Kings

Oops, sorry for this not being up earlier!

We pick up the game with the Knicks down 18 points mid-way through the second quarter. This will be one heck of a comeback!

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87 thoughts to “2012-2013 Game Thread: Knicks @ Kings”

  1. Its going to be much more of a comeback if it happens. 71-50 at the half if Kidd’s buzzer three counts.

  2. This is just depressing. That copeland choke was just a backbreaker. jjeeesusss. I’m shedding tears here. Huge copeland-built-brick-shaped tears. I realize we are severely shorthanded…. but goddamn….

  3. If the Knicks are going to climb back into this game, they have to make the Kings pay for Boogie’s awful PnR defense. The first play of the game was a great backdoor lob to Chandler, but since then, virtually nothing.

  4. Turnovers are killing us. Might be the first time I’ve said that all year. No idea what their points off turnovers are but I would assume even with our horrendous defense we could be down 10 if halved our first half turnovers.

  5. Horror show first half. The Copeland/Novak pairing on defense was particularly excruciating- they’re both pretty bad on their own but together… wow. When you can say that Amar’e will be a clear upgrade over either of them on the defensive end that speaks volumes.

  6. I like White. He maybe always on my first to cut list but he plays hard. Now he needs to learn how not to foul.

  7. After tonight Knicks might be close to dead last in opponent 3pt %. According to Hahn they came into tonight in the bottom third but didnt say exact number (going by his tweets).

  8. Whoever keeps whooping behind the Knicks announce team gets an F in the wrapup tonight. That’s all I know

  9. JR has done a much better job lately of driving more to the hoop but man he still takes way too many contested 20 footers.

  10. Love the fight we’re showing. What a bucket by J.R! I love that after f*cking up the previous play with bad JR he uses the pick and gets to the rack for the next. Good to see Woodson jump on him immediately and good to see him respond the right way. We can do this, Sactown wont continue to have a career night if we can continue to maintain this defensive pressure.

  11. I dont know if I should be excited about this comeback or still be pissed about the 1st half lol.

  12. This team is special and on the verge of very special if things work out with Amar’e and shump.

  13. JR Smith and Chris Copeland have that Jersey boy connection going on tonight. Glen Grunwald should get an A+ for the work he did this off-season.

  14. What were Copeland’s shooting numbers in Europe?? If they were anywhere near what they have been with the Knicks there is no way he shouldve been stuck in Europe this long lol.

  15. I was right, the 26 pt comeback was in 2004!! The 20 pt comeback in Miami in 1999 was my favorite though.

  16. Don’t you love how the Kings keep giving the ball to Cousins even after he fails time and time again? Like I’ve said, the other team always does something moronic at the end of the game! I love it.

  17. Brian Cronin:
    I remember their 26-point comeback in 2004. I remember totally believing in them that game, too. It was in the middle of their run to the playoffs.

    It was Tim Thomas validating the trade vs the team that traded him.

  18. BigBlueAL:
    What were Copeland’s shooting numbers in Europe??If they were anywhere near what they have been with the Knicks there is no way he shouldve been stuck in Europe this long lol.

    He was the MVP of the Belgian league last year.

  19. Just completely astonished. They prove time and time again they dont quit. But this is incredible.

  20. In all seriousness, good for the Kings. That was a bigger win for them that it was for the Knicks. And omigod, how poorly did they play that last possession except for the unbelievable three for the win?

  21. It was Tim Thomas validating the trade vs the team that traded him.

    Yeah, exactly! I was pissed that they traded Van Horn (as he and Marbury were working so well together) but I remember wanting to destroy Van Horn and the Bucks that game.

  22. r u f’n serious??? well, im not too mad. bottom line, we dont have our horses out there right now, but we had that won. i think when we slow it down at the end of games, we let our offense bog down instead of continuing what we are good at

  23. Wow. complete and utter letdown. I do appreciate the effort but if they made that effort for the whole game theres no question this game is bagged up. Bad L to take after all that work.


  24. Also pretty fitting in a game where they actually dominated the boards they lost cause they couldnt get a rebound in the end.

  25. Well, first we were the schlemiel, then we were the schlemazel, and then we ended the night as the schlemiel again.

    Too good to be true, I guess.

  26. The Knicks played without four of their 5 projected playoff starters and almost pull one out after sleeping in the 1st half. At least we didn’t get decisively beaten by Detroit.

  27. Although none of those teams slowly but surely sneaking up on the Knicks are from the Atlantic division lol.

  28. Chandler with a Dwight Howard line 21 and 18 but just 3-9 from the line. Also- as much as I appreciate Copeland’s offense, one rebound (and plenty of crappy defense) in 41 minutes is unacceptable.

  29. Well… I’ll toast a beer to the Knicks for showing me unequivocally, that no matter what, you can’t count them out this season. Smith and Copeland were fantastic with scoring (Smith for making wild shots and Copeland for making smart shots), Prig was unexpectedly great with assists, Camby and Chandler played good lockdown defense, Novak and Kidd made very timely hoops.

    In the end, I’ll just blame Chandler for 3 of 9 FT shooting. Seriously, bro?

  30. Seth on Twitter mentioned how writing his recap for this game brought him bad mid-2000’s memories then I chimed in about how Lenny Wilkens got fired specifically because the Knicks lost like 3 games in a row this way.

    Remember the Knicks entered 2005 in 1st place in the division at 16-13 before as mentioned they suffered a string of losses like tonight’s which lead to Wilkens “re-signing”. GOD why cant I shake off those bad memories……

  31. Turnovers:

    Knicks – 17
    Kings – 10

    That’s the story of the game, right there. Everything else is just noise.

  32. Its alot easier to shake off tough Yankee losses like this because I have so much more faith in them lol.

  33. Although that suuucked, the last two games have shown that this team has a ton of heart and more pieces than we thought. Also they were both insanely fun to watch. I’m particularly encouraged by Camby’s return — he was excellent defensively — and by the thought that instead of playing KT with Chandler against teams with two bigs, we might be able to play Camby/Chandler for a twin towers like effect. Could be pretty stout against a team like Memphis (not too many teams like that out there, but still.) Copeland providing a bit of scoring (btw, love the Lee Nailon comp.) is a nice touch if we need to rest Melo down the stretch. Although that was a difficult ending, I think we can be pretty happy with the last couple of games…

  34. lol.

    idk how in the HELL the knicks expect to compete starting jkidd like this. he’s 40 y/o for christs sake. he needs to be coming off the bench at this point.

    then you have ronnie brewer, who is USELESS at this point.

    that’s 2 fringe starters at best.

    and anthony keeps getting fuckin injured… lmfao.

    we’re overachieving at this point kiddos. i think a trade needs to be made. sheed, amare, shump, kidd, melo, felton – WAY too many godamm injuries to support a Finals team.

    I’d consolidate some of this trash, and get us a rebounding forward who can actually sustain a 82 game schedule…

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