2012-13 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards

Sorry about the delay, folks. Either the server here or I guess my internet in general just was not letting me log in the last half hour.

Anyhow, here we go, Knicks/Wizards!

The Wizards have been surprisingly a little feisty lately. They don’t win much, but when they win, it is often against a good team, so this is not going to be a cake walk. Okay, it might be a cake walk.

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61 thoughts to “2012-13 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards”

  1. WAS is 6-1 in their last 7 at home, including wins against CHI and OKC, they’re no pushovers since Wall came back.

  2. They probably want JR to get some reps in during a game. Gives him a reminder there are things other than a stepback 21 footer you can do with the ball in your hands.

  3. Prigs with the step back flat foot 3 in the face! I guarantee you Wall hasn’t seen that before.

  4. When you get a chance, check out the throwback unis that the Heat are wearing. I’m getting flashbacks. Thunder Dan, is that you?

  5. Kikuchiyo:
    When you get a chance, check out the throwback unis that the Heat are wearing. I’m getting flashbacks. Thunder Dan, is that you?

    They have been wearing throwback unis pretty frequently all season long, part of them celebrating the team’s 25th anniversary.

  6. I think it’s time to put a moratorium on the “STAT sucks at defense” comments. He may not be the smartest or best defender, but it’s obvious he’s putting a lot of effort in at the defensive end and has made some really nice hustle plays tonight.

  7. Wash shoots 53% in the 1st half including 6 for 9 from 3pt range. Knicks horrible 1st half D is back after a 2 game hiatus lol.

  8. Indiana is playing their 3rd game in 3 nights and are up double digits in Philly. Could wind up winning all 3 games.

  9. Not the best start to the second half. Too many contested shots. Not enough contesting on defense. But for some steals it would be uglier. That being said it’s still only a seven point game.

  10. There is only 1 player on the Wiz you have to cover from the 3pt line which is Webster. He is constantly being left wide open from 3pt range leading to his 4 for 6 shooting from out there so far.

  11. cgreene:
    Jason Kidd hasnt had very many Jason Kidd moments lately

    him and a passive Shumpert on offense together really makes it hard to score, going 3 on 5.

  12. Amar’e has protected the rim tonight much better than Chandler has. Couple of nasty blocks by Stat.

  13. I know the Wiz are a horrible 3pt shooting team but for the love of freaking God you still have to cover them from out there. This is ridiculous.

  14. Stat getting to the line a lot. Unfortunately other than a JR bucket or two that’s been the only scoring lately.

  15. Amar’e just walking away from Wall while he has the ball….I know he hasn’t made a shot but c’mon dude

  16. Knicks seem insulted that they have to actually put out some effort on D against this team.

  17. I said to my friend today that we’ll know exactly how mature and well-coached the Knicks are by the effort they put forth tonight.

    Unprepared (e.g. why are you crowding John Wall behind the 3 point line?), unwilling to put forth the effort on D. This game was a joke. These guys have no idea how critical these easy games they’ve given away this year will be down the road.

  18. Wizards have 34 pts this quarter. The Knicks still suck on D and a couple of good games vs the Kings and Pistons dont change that fact. This was an embarrassing defensive effort tonight vs the freaking Wizards.

  19. Why why why did you run from the man in the corner when Tyson already had Nene underneath JR?

  20. I truly honestly think that the Wizards just shot the lights out. You want to make them shoot 3s. They hit them.

  21. I feel like these terrible losses are going to mount and we’ll end up in the 4-5 series.

  22. When Tyson Chandler doesn’t come to play, our entire defense goes to shit. Not that he personally blew those perimeter rotations, but laziness on his part seems to quickly infect the whole team. To be honest, Amar’e seemed like the only one giving much effort on defense for long stretches of this game.

  23. You just have to question Woodson and Melo mettle as any type of leader half way into the season.

    This is just horrible defense against such a lowly team. this is getting pathetic.

  24. er:
    Losing a game to the pacers n heat great

    I dont care about the Heat because honestly I see no chance they catch them for the 1 seed especially with a brutal stretch of games coming up in March. Im much more worried about staying in front of the Pacers and Bulls. The Pacers tonight playing their 3rd game in 3 night went into Philly and blew them out by holding them to under 70 pts. I will gladly take my chances vs the Pacers in a playoff series but still would like to finish ahead of them and have homecourt against them in a possible playoff series. Would like to avoid the Bulls and Heat until the Conf Finals, hoping Knicks and Pacers grab the 2/3 seeds.

  25. What a horrible sports day for me, USA loses in Honduras then the Knicks with this abomination vs the freaking Wizards lol.

  26. AnonymousODG:
    Terribad game that conjures feelings from the Isiah Thomas era.Ugh.

    As you can tell by my previous comments in this thread I certainly aint happy with tonight’s game but I wouldnt go that far. A quick glance at the standings lets us know loud and clear that thankfully we are no longer in the Isiah era lol.

  27. just finished watching on dvr. im trying not to be too upset, because, christallmighty, the wizards piulled all kinds of shots out of their arses tonight. it was rustrating to watch trevor f’n ariza go nuts from 3. so i am trying to focus on the positive.

    Stat- other than getting lost on a few switches late in the game, i can actually say that today i thought his defense was average, on an actual objective grading scale, not on “the amare curve”. and i was downright giddy to see him body check wall in the lane.

    on to the next game. and can j kidd PLEASE spend some time with Mr. Hopla soon?

  28. Just turned on the postgame. Hard to believe we lost to the Wiz. But they aren’t the worst team in the world with Wall and Nene back in action I guess. Some night for Ariza too….

  29. When you leave that many people open late in a game. There is nothing good to be happy about. when your 3pt-ers dont fall you have to always rely on your D. and the knicks do not do that. how do you let wall just jogg past you to get in the lane late in the 4th? or let Nene slam it down with no one back to protect the rim. embarrassing

    Does anyone have a stat for the knicks win percentage compared to their 3Pt made?

  30. Harden is having an amazing game vs the Heat though it looks like it wont be enough since LeBron and Wade arent doing too shabby themselves.

  31. Maybe Woodson should think about giving Kidd the night off in Minnesota and perhaps home against L.A. too. He’s 2 for his last 16 and a step slow(er) on defense. Let him get his legs back and his back right as the schedule gets tougher after the all-star break.

  32. Also, I really don’t like Novak at the four when Amar’e’s playing center- I’d rather see Novak play with the starters in place of either Kidd or Shump or play nothing but spot minutes than play the four- he’s completely overmatched any time he has to rotate into the paint either to defend or rebound. I won’t be surprised if he starts putting up some DNP’s once either Camby or Sheed gat back.

  33. meh, teams lose games, the sky isn’t falling. I sure hope Kidd finds his shot again soon, though.

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