2010 NBA Lottery Open Thread

The lottery begins shortly, so here’s an open thread to discuss the results (I’ll update it when the lottery is announced).

14 Rockets
13 Raptors
12 Grizzlies
11 Hornets
10 Pacers
9 Jazz – the Knicks’ pick does not move up
8 Clippers
7 Pistons – no one has moved up yet
6 Warriors – Philly AND Washington have moved up!
5 Kings
4 Timberwolves – so either Sixers, Wizards or Nets get #1
3 Nets – OUCH
2 Sixers
1 Wizards

Congrats to the Wizards!

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41 thoughts to “2010 NBA Lottery Open Thread”

  1. Wow, this is tense.

    The Nets have to know it’s pretty much #1 or bust for them as far as having any chance to get Lebron, right? maybe #2.

    that would be pretty sick.

  3. Gotta love Holiday sitting up there, “Oh boy, we might win my replacement! Yay!”

  4. Ooops– meant Wizards. And they got it! (They deserve a little Stern hand-out after their debacle of a season)

  5. Thank goodness the Knicks pick didn’t move up. This had better be the last lottery pick we lose.

  6. Wow, scratch the Nets as a possible destination point now for Lebron. Things just keep going the Knicks way. Go Knicks!!

  7. New Jersey deserves it for selling out to the Russians and betraying AMERICA

  8. Interesting dilemma here for the Wiz, who have four years left on the worst contract in the NBA, that of Gilbert Arenas. Wall is basically Gilbert Arenas, just younger, faster, cheaper and without all the drama. Arenas’ contract is heinous– if you’re the Wiz, you have to take Wall, right?

  9. How are the Wiz going to ever unload Arenas?? A buy out would be tricky. Can the Wiz pay for half of his salary and trade him to a team that will pay the other half?

  10. No – the “We’ll pay most of his salary ’cause he’s so godawful” deal (see Matthews Jr., Gary) can only happen in an uncapped league, like MLB.

    And no, I would never deal ECEC (Eddy Curry’s Expiring Contract) for Arenas

  11. Here’s a waaaaayyy too early mock draft.

    1. Washington – John Wall
    2. Philadelphia – Evan Turner
    3. New Jersey – Derrick Favors
    4. Minnesota – DeMarcus Cousins (and peddle K. Love…Schmucks)
    5. Sacramento – Wesley Johnson
    6. Golden State – Greg Monroe
    7. Detroit – Cole Aldrich
    8. LA Clippers Al-Farouq Aminu
    9. Utah – Hassan Whiteside
    10. Indiana – Ed Davis
    11. New Orleans – Patrick Patterson
    12. Memphis – Xavier Henry
    13 Toronto – Donatas Motiejunas
    14. Houston – Ekpe Udoh

  12. Okay, so Washington has a dilemma on their hands. Of course they draft John Wall, but what they do with Arenas’ contract is the question. He probably ends up in Detroit or something. Maybe Miami if Wade leaves them high and dry with no S&T. In New York? If we get LeBron, I mean Arenas can drive, shoot the 3 ball, and take over a game….but then again, he may not be keen on D’Antoni because he didn’t want him on Team USA. Honestly, the question for us becomes is taking a risk on Arenas worth our 2011 Free Agent cap space? But then again, if we get LeBron, would he like having Arenas on his team, after his annual Wizards beat downs. Plus, one former Wizard, who shall not be named, already failed him.

    Honestly, the question for Arenas isn’t “Can he still play?” Its more “Can he get his act together and stay out of trouble?” The New York media for sure won’t help him out, but being apart of winning could. Nobody gets into trouble on a winning team. Ron Artest hasn’t been a distraction in Los Angeles despite his track record. Who knows? I would probably pull the trigger if it only meant Eddy Curry. I would only hope that he isn’t the headcase Marbury was. That would suck. He’s already paid through the roof, so he has nothing left to gain but wins. Also, he would be a hero in New York, maybe close to immortal, if he comes into New York and does what Marbury was supposed to so. Win games, be a hard worker, etc. I only do this if we get LeBron, and in theory, he would be LeBron’s “ideal teammate” except that whole usage thing. An Arenas/LeBron/David Lee core could do a lot, talent-wise.

  13. What do the Sixers do? Seems as though they are plenty young. Should they give strong consideration to moving this pick to try and get rid of one of their bad contracts?

  14. Thinking about this whole Arenas situation, would this so be terrible?

    PG: Gilbert Arenas
    SG: Joe Johnson
    SF: Danilo Gallinari
    PF: Chris Bosh
    C: Jerome Jordan
    Bench; Toney Douglas, Bill Walker, Wilson Chandler, another draft pick.

    This team won’t win a title, unless Gallo becomes a beast like Rondo did around good players, but it would at least be entertaining.

  15. Massive, who are we trading for Arenas, Curry?
    That team would be sick to watch, I could see that team winning a ship. Replanting the seed of New York basketball, knowing that neither of them will be MVP, it would almost create a bad boy atmosphere to the team (especially with Arenas).

  16. Arenas is too pricey at $16 million/yr. The Knicks should nab TWO good players who aren’t as injury prone nor INSANE for $8 million/yr apiece before they pay him that.

  17. Exactly DS,

    An expiring (EC) for an overrated volume shooter like Arenas (w/the worst contract in the league) would be an Isiah Thomas Special

    And the team above, Gallo, Johnson, Arenas, Bosh – all low %/inefficient shooters/scorers, no D, no rebounding, would be a 50 win team AT BEST.

    No thanks

  18. @20,
    Curry does have to go in order for this to happen. But you would have to wonder if Arenas is a) worth his contract, b) if getting Arenas would be better value than Tony Parker, who would be available barring an extension, and c) if he will stay out of trouble. But if we’re winning, I’m sure problem C won’t be an issue. But about Jerome James. if he plays for the Knicks, I think he would try to step it up as most as possible. Why? Because he’s Jamaican, as is Patrick Ewing. Not saying that he will be the guy’s 2nd coming, but I feel that he would try his hardest to be the best player he can be. Not sure he’s much of an athlete though, he may not be suited as a D’Antoni big. Maybe Ganai Lawal would be better suited for us.

  19. What do the Sixers do? Seems as though they are plenty young. Should they give strong consideration to moving this pick to try and get rid of one of their bad contracts?

    #3 or below, I would agree.

    Evan Turner is too good to deal to dump salary, I think.

  20. I almost feel bad for Vince Carter – of all the people to miss two clutch free throws, it has to be Vince Carter, the guy everyone expects to miss the clutch free throws?

  21. Um, massive – what are you talking about. Arenas is better than Tony Parker????? He wasn’t worth his contract BEFORE he got injured and definitely isn’t now that he’s armed to the teeth.

    Parker’s healthier, younger, got a better deal, more efficient. I mean, seriously

  22. I just don’t get Dwight Howard sometimes. I know he had a strong game, but at least twice in the last 3 minutes they showed him joking with fans under the basket. Their season is basically on the line, and he’s yukking it up. Can you picture Garnett acting that way? It’s been said before, but Howard is just too nice a guy.

  23. @23,

    You’re probably right, and at that point, everybody is long term. That’s not worth the experiment. I could see them winning more than 50 games, though, like 53-55. They’ll outscore a lot of teams, we’d have nights where from 1-4 everybody scored 20+ pts. They’d be entertaining if you like offense, but nothing to bank on. Arenas wouldn’t be that bad if he in LeBron were wearing the same jersey 82+ games a year though. I think that could work out well, but it wouldn’t be my first, 2nd, or 3rd choice.

  24. “Arenas is too pricey at $16 million/yr.”

    Arenas actually makes $17.75 next year, and $22.5 in 2014!

  25. @Robert,

    Never said he was. My point is that Arenas is a giant risk, and that there would be much to consider before bringing him over for his boatload of a contract. It could either go Isiah or be a brilliant move. Just being optimistic about it. I hope we don’t have to settle for him, but if it by some fluke it does happen, there is a little bright side to the picture. Trust me, I’m not pushing for the guy to be in MSG 41 times a year. Just don’t want to be pessimistic, which seems to be a theme around here. Can’t blame anybody though.

  26. Well, I’m still hoping the Suns will get hot enough to win four games but BOS/LA will be fun.

    The Lakers and Celtics would be going at it for the 3rd straight year if KG didn’t have to sit last year out. The rivalry lives!!! Even if it’s not quite like Russell/Chamberlain nor Bird/Magic (it’s more of a reboot like that new “Karate Kid” they’ve been advertising during the playoffs) Kobe and KG will make it a show with their intensity.

  27. Yeah, the Arenas/Wall dilemma is going to be interesting. As long as the Knicks don’t trade for Arenas, I’m good though. Also, does anyone think the Knicks will buy a late 1st rounder this year? With our FA plans, even a late 1st rounder taking up a little room on the payroll may be too much.

  28. I’d say Wizards will try to play Arenas as a SG and Wall as a PG till the right offer comes for Arenas; I don’t think teams are going to offer a lot for him right now. His stock may rise after a full season playing; right now they can only pray for some team to take him from their hands, and even that is unlikely.

    I wouldn’t want him in NY.

  29. This should make Livingston very available – I know he doesn’t fit into a Lebron-centric team, but Livingston looks like he’s getting back to healthy, and if so, he could be a great pick-up.

  30. Not that I’m counting on it, but the Knicks’ odds just went up in the LeBron sweepstakes. if the Nets had the #1 or #2, they’d be getting an elite talent, with two players perceived to be quality players in Lopez and Harris, and a superrich rich owner who potentially could woo LeBron by starting with, well, as one billionaire to someone who wants to be one….

    But now, you’ve got certain winner draft pick, two years of uncertainly and the swamp, and no coach. The Nets are out.

    As has been analyzed to death, that leaves the Clips – no way will LeBron play for Stirling, in the same arena as Kobe. The Heat – he could sign there if he really wants a championship, but would he play next to Wade in Wade’s town? The Bulls – whose pieces aren’t really top quality, and who don’t have a coach, and where he’d be in Michael’s shadow. And the Knicks, where he’d instantly be paired with a genuine max talent and two or three quality starts…and where there would be cap space to sign the third next offseason. And Cleveland, of course, but the players just aren’t good enough and they can’t sign anyone. There’d have to be a miracle trade.

    I do think the Bulls are a draw, despite everything. There is talent there. But with the Nets being dealt this blow, I feel better about the Knicks’ chances. Gotta feel 40% Cleveland, 30% Bulls, 30% Knicks. No way to the Clips or Heat or Nets. Well, maybe 5% to the Heat, who can add one other decent player as well as keep Wade and add LeBron.

  31. “It sucks that Wall will stay in the East”

    As a Knicks fan it does, but as an NBA fan it’s nice to have the top 3 picks in the East to try and restore some competitive balance. Of course Cousins will probably go 4 or 5, work hard, and the best player will end up in the West anyway… Every year it seems like people think the East will get better and every year the West dominates overall (though the East has a few strong teams at the top).

    “This had better be the last lottery pick we lose.”

    Hopefully, but we could easily be in this same position the next two years.

    “the worst contract in the NBA, that of Gilbert Arenas.”

    The 76ers might have something to say about that… haha. (Elton Brand’s is pretty bad… Wiz are probably at least collecting insurance when Gil’s hurt, no?) It’s a tough competition.

    I think Wall and Arenas can play in the backcourt together. It’s not ideal, but Arenas is hardly a PG and Wall is still very young.

  32. “I know John Wall’s got this whole “upside” thing, but don’t be surprised if his stats make him look more like a late-lottery pick than a #1.”

    Pretty interesting. I woudn’t say late lottery, though. He’s as good or better than Rose and Evans at everything besides TOs and rebounding. TOs are a concern, but the great playmakers generally do have high TO%s (http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=1&p1=nashst01&y1=2010&p2=kiddja01&y2=2010&p3=johnsma02&y3=1996&p4=paulch01&y4=2010). Chris Paul being the exception… and he is on track to maybe be the best PG of all time if his health holds up. Wall was a better playmaker in college than Rose or Evans. Wall has the potential to be more of a “pure PG” than either one of those guys.
    Rebounds are not as much of a concern for a PG, especially since Wall might be more of a PG than either of those guys.

  33. “Every year it seems like people think the East will get better and every year the West dominates overall (though the East has a few strong teams at the top). ”

    I am pretty sure that the East had a winning record vs. the West in 2008-2009…

  34. “I am pretty sure that the East had a winning record vs. the West in 2008-2009…”

    That’s interesting. What I was thinking is just that the West produces 8 contenders every season, while the East produces about 3. The East can compete at the very top and maybe overall, but the West has quality depth. The East has come a long way from a few years back when the West started to dominate, but in my mind the West is still the stronger conference from a subjective standpoint.

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