2010 Game Thread: Pacers @ Knicks

I’m thinking this Robinson/D’Antoni thing could be a Journey song…

He’s just a 5’8” guard,

He plays the game extra hard

They say he’s immature but he does not care.

Well he’s the high priced coach

with a S.S.O.L. approach

They say his rotation is short but he does not care.

The guard took a circus shot.

The coach he got really hot.

The coach gave DNPs

That went on and on and on and on

 Guard is waiting

At the end of the team bench

Thinking “Will I get play tonight.”

Many people

Driven by their emotion

Ask if the guard can play tonight.

 The fans have had their fill

They said “We demand a thrill.”

“We’d pay anything to see Hughes get less time.”

 Some trade requests, some big fines

Some rumors made the Post headlines

The drama would not end

It went on and on and on and on.

 Guard is waiting

At the end of the team bench

Thinking “Will I get play tonight.”

Coach says “You’re in,

Let’s see if you can help us win.”

Guard goes and scores 41 that night.

 Don’t stop believin’

Hold on to that feelin’

Knick fans people

 Don’t stop believin’

Hold on

Knick fan people

 Don’t stop believin’

Hold on to that feelin’

Knick fan people….

Oh and the Knicks (13-20) play the Pacers (10-22) tonight.  Preview? C”mon, you guys don’t read those.

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116 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread: Pacers @ Knicks”

  1. OK..Imma take first crack at the understatement of the year. If we play like this, we are a very hard team to beat. lol..we look great thus far

  2. Is anyone else watching this? It may just be because they’re playing a terrible team, but this has been one of the best quarters I’ve seen the Knicks play on both ends in a LONG time.

  3. Now THAT is a good way to start a game. Love the swarming D and the points in the paint. Not to mention Lee drilling open jumpers.

  4. that dunk by gallo was hilarious. Then gallo had to go get punched in the nose :/ Also jefferies is by far the worst offensive player of all time. He is just offensive.

  5. Ted, I dunno. I think Ford’s pretty good. He just can’t shoot. Funny how u can be in the league as long as he has and not develop a respectable jumper. Even Kidd has somewhat developed one.

  6. Travis Knight Rider,

    Yeah, Pacers are mostly borderline NBA players with the injuries and Ford benching (and still mediocre even with Granger and Murphy and Foster and Hansborough and Ford), but it’s still a great quarter and great to be a Knicks fan right now.

  7. 1 more thing on TJ Ford, anyone here remember how he used to kill us on the regular?

  8. lol..watchin Bender play makes me think of how funny/great it would be if we still had Frye…

  9. Did Nate block that shot cleanly?


    Let me first say that I don’t follow the Pacers at all. I don’t really have a strong opinion either way. Ford is underachieving and PG may be one position they have some depth. But it’s really a tough call to bench Ford on a team that’s starting Josh McRoberts right now.

    I agree that Ford is a good player, but also that he definitely isn’t a good shooter. I guess I am on-board with his benching based on poor play and their depth at PG, but I hope for them the situation doesn’t get ugly because they’re a better team with Ford (guess I hope for the Knicks that the situation does get ugly, since the Pacers are only a couple games worse than the Knicks right now).

  10. So much for dogging McRoberts…

    “1 more thing on TJ Ford, anyone here remember how he used to kill us on the regular?”

    Yeah, quick PGs generally kill the Knicks. Might have been an op to get him back on track

  11. This is some satisfying play. The Pacers are terrible and we should blow them out. So we are.

  12. lol @ myself..of course I meant to say Knicks..I’m spelling just as bad as the Pacers are playing..geez..lmao

  13. Ummm
    Is this how it’s going to be, because there are a lot of bad teams in the East to feed on.
    If this keeps up we’re going to run out of stuff to mull.;)

  14. 74 points at halftime? 4 players in double digits already? Dang, are we going to get O’Brien fired now?

  15. yeah, that’s got to be the worst starting lineup in recent memory. brand new franchises have better lineups than that.

  16. that was very enjoyable. Now i know what it must have been like to play the knicks early in the year.

  17. Gallo and Chandler could become a very scary offensive tandem if they continue to improve and figure things out…

  18. “If im Gallo I ask D’Antoni never to play on the floor with both Al and Nate again.”

    I’m guessing he won’t have to worry about that by next season…

    Can’t wait to see Hill get some time.

  19. I think Cronin was right about Chandler reading this blog, he is attacking the basket the way someone of his size and speed (and shooting ability) should.

  20. Years ago Shannon Sharpe was with the Broncos and he was filmed on the sideline making a phone call in which he said “Mr. President, send the national guard; we are killing the Patrriots.” That line could really apply tonight just sub in Pacers for Patriots.

  21. I never thought David Lee’s midrange jumpshot would become an almost automatic make.

  22. Remember in Rocky IV when Apollo Creed’s wife screamed “Stop the Fight.” I think I just heard someone in Indiana say the same. I know I’m posting a bunch but i get so few changes to gloat with this team.

  23. what it is Knicks fans?

    i am new here, and kind of an outsider. i live in chicago, however, have been a huge knicks fans since as long as i’ve liked basketball.

    seldomly do i get to see the team play, but i try my best to follow the team through the NY Daily News and listening to audio on NBA.com. and earlier this week, i ran across your website for the first time.

    and i just go to say, i’m pretty impressed with the depth of knowledge that most of the posters/bloggers have here. i have learned alot about the ballclub.

    and damn, did i pick a good night for my first post or what?

    New York 94, Indiana 57, 3rd Quarter, 5:01

  24. I usually hate watching blow-outs, even if it’s my team that’s winning. This is awesome, though.

  25. duhon does suck. He through the oop to chandler because he knew he couldnt finish at the rim.

  26. KnickFan4Life says:
    January 3, 2010 at 7:26 pm
    lol, there’s about 3 or 4 Knicks with +30 ratings right now…

    earl watson has a -36

  27. WOW largest lead since a game in March of 2001, the last time the Knicks had a good team.

  28. Wow– this is the first game I’ve been able to even turn on since November. Knicks are up by 43??

    What happened to our un-lovable losers??

  29. Shit Charlotte is up 1 going into the 4th quarter in Cleveland, guess Ill be watching that game for now and rooting for Lebron.

  30. It’s interesting how up-and-down Duhon has been this season. He’s had a few amazing games, but mostly been pretty bad. Usually one thinks of someone like Duhon as consistently mediocre, and other guys as inconsistent. Not trying to say anything other than it’s interesting to me.

  31. Im beginning to think he wasnt close to 100% recovered from the ankle surgery when the season started and he is just now fully healthy.

    Also apparently he got some basketball IQ out of nowhere….

  32. Im waiting for Corey Gaines and Anthony Bonner to check into the game, followed by Herb Williams and David Wingate.

  33. i gotta admit, i’m having a hard-time thinking of the knicks as a potential playoff team, i guess the last nine years has just been too much.

    if cleveland beats charlotte, i believe we’d be tied for the 8-spot?

    and how great would a New York-Cleveland first round match-up be?

  34. Fuckin Charlotte up 7 with 5 minutes left in Cleveland. Cant win on the road and all of a sudden on the verge of winning back-to-back on the road in Miami and Cleveland.

  35. We’ve come a long way since Jarrett Jack used to destroy Knicks singlehandedly every time they played the Pacers.

  36. Weird– I sit down to watch my first quarter of Knick basketball in a month and the lineup the entire time is Nate, Hill, Douglas, Landry, and Bender. Did I wake up in a parallel universe?

  37. So Charlotte beat Cleveland and Toronto is about to beat San Antonio?

    Well, that sucks.

    Then again, if the Knicks play like tonight, it won’t really matter what Charlotte and Toronto do, I guess!

    Great win.

  38. I was so worried about this game before — the Knicks have blown so many games against the dregs of the league after big wins against the elite. Can’t remember the last time I saw them let loose on a weak team like this from wire to wire.

  39. Confidence.
    Some emergent players.
    A weak east.
    45 wins?

    Bulls, Bobcats, Raptors are all playing much better of late.

  40. wow. not much more to say, facing an awful team that played last night, but that was the biggest lead any team has had in any NBA game this year.

    also, if there were any worries about Nate getting an overly big head after last game, a win like this without him contributing much scoring (I liked his passing) puts those to rest.

  41. The one scary thing was how Gallo did not get one shot on the floor when Nate and Harrington were on the floor. Thank God he will not have to worry about that next year. These guys are flow killers!

  42. Jared Jeffries:
    1 point…+32 on the night…:)

    Nice bounce back game from Lee, too. 22 and 16, 2 steals, +46.

  43. Would also like to see Hill get more touches, especially instead of landry and douglas jacking up shots, but whatever, great win, lets keep it rolling!

  44. Interesting quote from D’Antoni on Nate’s performance in an Isola piece:

    D’Antoni may have piled on against Indiana but he wasn’t about to smother Robinson with praise.
    “I don’t know if (I’m) impressed. I’m glad he did it,” D’Antoni said. “We pay a lot to guys to stay ready. It’s not like, ‘Oh boy, he stayed ready.’ I think most people in the workplace would be kinda ready if they’re getting paid his money.
    “I’m glad he did it and he should have done it but I don’t think we should say, ‘Oh man, this is really great that somebody actually worked for a living.’ I feel a little strange saying that because so many people have to work hard every day. But I am glad he did do it and he did the right thing and it worked out for him.”

    It’s nice to see this kind of maturity creeping into basketball again, or at least with the Knicks. . The years and year of the overpampered NBA millionaire getting credit for staying in shape and ready while riding the pine was getting old.
    This again speaks to the idea that players shouldn’t take their talents for granted.

    Over the years, we’ve had guys like Jerome James and Eddy Curry and even recently Hill, showing up for work out of shape. It’s nice to see. It also could be surmised that this is why Hill’s minutes have suffered. It appears D’Antoni doesn’t put up with out of shape players…

  45. yeah, I was livid recently when I read Eddy Curry’s comments that he would 1) definitely exercise his option and 2) expected NY to do the “right thing” and buy him out. if you want to go so badly, you worthless POS, don’t exercise the goddamn option! and if you do, which you of course have every right to, then STFU and collect your paychecks and try to at least be a positive influence on the bench.

    argh, I’m still steaming about this one…

  46. From Chris Sheridan Q&A

    Ben (NYC)
    Hi Chris, love your chats…Who would win if the current Cleveland Cavaliers minus Lebron James vs the current New York Knicks?
    Chris Sheridan
    (1:25 PM)

    I get into a somewhat similar debate with people all the time when they discount the Knicks’ chances of getting LBJ as a free agent. The question: Who is the better team: The current Knicks minus the two guys they’ll be forced to renounce to clear their max room (Harrington and Hughes), or the current Cavs minus LeBron. I say NY is better.

  47. more interesting stuff:

    phil (columbus,oh)
    do you see any teams making a run for Nate Robinson?
    Chris Sheridan
    (1:52 PM)
    I see the Knicks hanging onto Nate and using him in a sign-and-trade next summer. If they can get Bosh, I think they’d offer David Lee and Nate to the Raptors in a sign-and-trade, and that would probably be a deal Toronto would do. It depends how much Bosh forced their hand, and whether he’d be willing to use the possibility of signing with Miami (for five-years, with the Raptors getting nada in return) as leverage to force Toronto to send him to NY to team up with LeBron if the Knicks get a commitment from LBJ on the first couple days of July.

  48. And these last two:

    Rory (NYC)
    Chris, you seem to attend a lot of Knicks games and can give a pretty good analysis regarding their turnaround. They are 11-6 since that awful awful start…Do you see this trend continuing with an eventual playoff birth. Their defense is much improved and the offense is much more efficient with David Lee leading the way. Your thoughts please.
    Chris Sheridan
    (1:57 PM)
    I don’t see them as a good defensive team, Rory, and I think they’d killed by any team with size that they’d meet in the playoffs. But they’ve adapted to the offensive system pretty well and manage to get open looks on most of their 3s, which wasn’t the case in their first 10 games. David Lee is playing like an All-Star, and Wilson Chandler is one of those sneaky-good All-Underrated guys. They can get the 8 seed or better as presently consitituted, but I still think they’ll make some deadline deals that will impact their chances of finishing strong. By that I mean if they have to toss away a player like Chandler in order to move Jeffries’ contract, it’ll help thwm a whole lot in the long-term but might doom the current season.

    Tom (Boise ID)
    Chris,You mentioned David Lee and Nate Robinson possibily packaged together for Chris Bosh but as of late David Lee is starting to play at a star level. Wouldn’t keeping Lee and just adding a guy like LBJ be a solid move with Lee’s progress?-
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:01 PM)

    If the Knicks had to choose between Bosh and Lee, they’d take Bosh. If they had to choose between Boozer and Lee, they’d take Lee. The problem in trying to keep Lee is that they won’t have the money to pay him if they can’t move Jefffries/Curry. They’d have to turn him into an asset through a sign-and-trade, but they would not have the cap space to re-sign him if they threw their max money at LBJ. That’s why it is so key for them to move Jeffries for expiring money. That gives them the option of keeping Lee should they be unable to get Bosh.

  49. I know the quality of opponents was lower in December, but the Knicks’ improvement is fairly dramatic – especially on the defensive end. Sheridan subscribes to the same “D’Antoni teams don’t play defense” myth that any writer too lazy to check the numbers does…


    A good article. And also a good indicator of how the Nets will continue to lose, lose, lose…except the stray back-to-back to us, of course….

  50. Holy #$#$@#$ I can’t imagine anything I’d be more upset with than trading Lee + Nate to max out Bosh. Like Donnie says — a player can be a steal at one price and a total liability at another. Show me Lee at $10MM and I’d take that any day of the week over Bosh at $18MM. Of course I’d take Bosh over Lee (sorry Owen) if their salaries were equal, but they never will be. So give me Lee.

    Assuming we don’t trade either Jefferies or Curry, do we have enough to sign LBJ at max and Lee at $10MM while renouncing Harrington, Hughes, and the rest of the baggage? Seems like we should. If the cap is, say, hope, $55MM next year, then LBJ would be entitled to 16.5MM of it. According to Hoopshype the Knicks have $27.3MM committed to 2010-2011 not counting Lee. So 16.5 + 27.3 = 43.8MM. Add Lee at $9 or 10MM and we just get under.

    Unfortunately we’d only have 7 players under contract then – Douglas, Chandler, Gallo, Lee, Jefferies, Curry, and Lebron, and probably <$2MM to fill the rest. Hmm. Thankfully 6 of them would play big minutes (Curry rides pine) so we would only need to pick up probably 3 usable players with the rest of that space + biannual exception + some part of the MLE.

  51. I don’t know about Sheridan sometimes Frank O. He seems like a knowledgeable guy on the league in general, but I don’t get the feeling he watches the Knicks regularly. He always seems to refer to the Dantoni system as if Knicks were playing same baskteball style he played in Phoenix. I also remember him saying something to the effect that Gallo was a defensive liability and that he gets targeted every night by the other teams. There have also been a few other thing he has said about the Knicks that aren’t quite accurate but I don’t recall at the moment…

  52. Frank:

    I wrote a couple days ago that I’d take Lee at $10 million rather than Bosh as a max FA, straight up. Never mind adding Nate into the mix.

    It was weird reading him because one commenter said he noticed Sheridan watching the Knicks a lot.
    I was taken aback by his comments on defense because it is clear to me that the Knicks defense is what is most different about the team, and that defense is creating offensive ops for the Knicks.
    Jeffires has two blocks in the last 7 or so games.

    I was posting these to see how folks reacted.
    I’m not sure the media outside of NY has caught up yet with the Knicks.

    One thing he said I think it true: Knicks still get killed by big men. If a team has a very good big man, they have trouble. But again, they have improved in my eyes.

  53. One other thing he said I think will come true:
    Despite the Knicks have a legit shot at the playoffs this year, if they get a chance to move Jeffries, they will.
    Losing him makes the two max FA scenario entirely plausible, should there be any max FAs moving on this year.
    I think Lebron might jump, and especially now that the Knicks show depth and a pulse. But Wade probably won’t move.

    Has Bosh given any indications whether he would pick up his option and come out in 2011?

  54. BTW jeffries has two blocks in each of the last, I think seven games. Maybe six of seven

  55. Hey everyone! Knicks fan here, first time posting on the blog though. Question. What do people think of this proposed trade.

    Knicks send Harrington and Hughes to Houston for McGrady and maybe one other player. I did the trade on ESPN trade machine and money wise it works. Doesn’t solve the Jeffries or Curry issue though. But it seems to me that out of the current core, Hughes and Harrington are most likely not going to be here next year anyways. And why not take the gamble on maybe getting a hungry McGrady? If he turns out to be good and maybe on his way back to the old TMac, they could resign him for a good price, especially with TMac knowing that Lebron or Dwayde or Bosh or JJohson and company would be on their way. If TMac doesn’t work out then you still have all that money off the books next summer.

    If the Knicks really want to try and push for 3 big names for next year, it seems taking a risk on TMac is one of the few ways to do it. And I think without Hughes and Harrington, the current Knicks could still make the playoffs this year. It gives the bench role squarely back to Nate and also gives Douglas more PT. Thought I have to admit that I liked seeing Harrington and Nate come in together off the bench yesterday!

    Thoughts? Sorry for the long post. Future ones won’t be as long but I wanted to prove I was a true knick fan! Watched them all these last bad years. There is light at the end of the tunnel and this time it isn’t another freight train!

    Also, out of the current core, I would most want to keep: Lee, Gallo, Chandler, and Nate!

    And if I had my choice for next year, we’d get Joe Johnson and Bosh. I don’t want The Knicks to spend too much money on Lebron or DWade and then that person gets hurt. Would rather have 2 all stars than one HOF. Only sign Dwade or LeBron if we can get someone to sign with them.

  56. “Only sign Dwade or LeBron if we can get someone to sign with them.”

    haha, no. sign LeBron under any circumstances. he is going to win titles. Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh are not.

    I also continue to think that LeBron isn’t going to necessarily want a max deal. if I were him, I’d seriously consider signing with NY for 2 years/$15 million, then reevaluate once the Nets move to Brooklyn.

  57. Why chase a prince when you can have a king?
    Besides, dollar for dollar, Lee is a better investment than Bosh will be.

  58. I have seen absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe that Lebron is going to do anything but sign the fattest contract possible…

  59. Knicks send Harrington and Hughes to Houston for McGrady and maybe one other player.

    I would not trade for T-Mac unless Houston took Jeffries.

    I actually like T-Mac a lot, but he is almost certainly going to be next to useless as a player this season (and perhaps the rest of his career). Taking him off Houston’s hands without getting rid of Jeffries would be a major failure on Donnie Walsh’s behalf, and I am sure he knows it, too, which is why he is making Jeffries an automatic “tagalong” on any deal for Al Harrington that doesn’t involve the Knicks actually picking up a real asset for the future (which pretty much no one would give up for Al Harrington, making my qualifier basically pointless). If the Knicks have to take back useless assets for Harrington (like Tyrus Thomas, who would have no chance of sticking with the Knicks in 2010-11 or T-Mac, who has a fork halfway through his back) without getting rid of Jeffries, they will just choose to let Harrington walk at the end of the year.

  60. I have seen absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe that Lebron is going to do anything but sign the fattest contract possible…

    I agree that he won’t leave money on the table from whatever teams signs him (like he won’t take any less than the max to play in New York), but I could see him taking a Max offer from a team other than Cleveland, so he would, in effect, be walking away from the fattest contract possible, which always will be the one from Cleveland.

  61. “I have seen absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe that Lebron is going to do anything but sign the fattest contract possible…”

    LeBron had a quote in his press conference after the win at MSG in early November saying that this was a possibility, I can’t find it online now. Vecsey had a column along these lines recently also, the less money he takes, the better chance he’ll have to start winning titles ASAP, and there are rumors that Nike will give $100M to sign with NY.

  62. Frank O:I’m not sure the media outside of NY has caught up yet with the Knicks.
    Well the Knicks have found their space on our NationalTV sporting news yesterday:))…it’s been the 90’s since the last time they were the subject and not the object(being owned by someone;KB;LBJ and even Beno Udrih:)….) of reporting there.
    The Knicks are back on the radar.

  63. Nice to see the Bulls lose at home last night. They play in Charlotte tonight so someone there will move a 1/2 game closer to the Knicks, and Milwaukee next week plays 5 games in 7 days on the west coast (Lakers and Suns I know are part of the trip).

    The 7th seed really is easily achievable.

  64. The Memphis Commercial Appeal is confirming Newday’s report from last week that a trade of Nate to Memphis for Marcus Williams and a first rounder had been agreed to in pricipal before Nate exercised his veto rights.


    Talent-wise, it would be a boondoggle for the Griz. However, it would be nice to get something for Nate, since it doesn’t appear that the Knicks will re-sign him after this season. A first rounder would also be helpful in packaging with Jeffries. Marcus W has really failed to impress unfortunately. He came out of UConn as one of the top rated pgs that year, if I remember correctly. He’s now on his 3rd or 4th team and hasn’t been able to break into the starting rotation. I think I remember hearing something about some maturity issues. At any rate, the Knicks would get to rent him for the remainder of the season.

    I’m actually a bit shocked that Nate didn’t go with the deal. He has to know that he’s done in NY. I know that the Griz have a lot of guards (Conley, Mayo, Tinsley), however, the reason they want to trade a first rounder is to get some scoring from the bench. Based on that, it seems like Nate would get more burn than with the Knicks, and the Grizzlies are an exciting, young team that is loaded with talent. He certainly could grab Tinsley’s minutes.

    On the trade front, Portland has been decimated all around, from their bigs, to Blake getting hospitalized last week. I’d love for the Knicks to package Nate and Jeffries for Bayless and change. Nate probably wouldn’t veto a trade to a contender like the Blazers, also considering he is from that area. I’m just not sure what they have that would make sense for both teams. Bayless, Blake/Outlaw and a pick for Nate/Jeffries would probably work, but I don’t see Portland jumping at that anytime soon.

  65. Playoffs? You’re talking about playoffs?

    I do think it’s early to be talking about seeding. If we are able to unload Curry/Jeffries, it’ll be with a good player attached. So if we trade, say, Jeffries and Harrington and Darko (need to get the numbers close, and it’s an expiring deal) for T-Mac, our record will seriously suffer: Jeffries and Harrington both contribute, and T-Mac will offer nothing. We would very likely miss the playoffs.

    And yet that still would be an enormously successful trade.

  66. let’s go for broke!
    im starting to think waiting for 2010 to win, and then 2011…2012… its all bullshit…if we cant do it now with a roster of hungry vets and rookies with nothing to lose, then we cant do it with a big FA! Plus if d’antoni can take us from lottery-bound to playoff contenders and we are not even half way through the season then we upgrade the roster to win this year.
    secondly, i dont understand why people still want to trade jeffries. If anything we should be looking to extend him after next season. if we trade him our season is over…at $6M per year he is starting to look like a cheap signing!

  67. Mase:
    With all due respect, making the playoffs is a nice to have, not a need to have this year.
    The reason the playoffs are even a consideration this year is because Walsh employed a long range view and has kept to that plan rather than making a bunch of half-cooked moves.
    I agree with the win-now approach, meaning running your best players out there regardless of whether they are rent-a-players or young’ins. It’s important these guys learn how to win before the Knicks go out and try to attract Wade or Lebron.
    But if the Knicks can move Jeffries off the ledger they need to do it. Sadly, he is more marketable than Curry, who won’t likely show much value this year.
    But moving Jeffries, I think, is where Hill can come into play. Hill feels more like a center, and he blocks shots. With him learning the center position, and focusing on defense, it frees Lee to be more Lee.
    And it makes Jeffries more expendable this year.
    I know Jeffries defends a lot of different positions. But there are plenty of athletic big men out there who can play defense that would cost less money than Jeffries. He is replaceable however much we all enjoy seeing some semblance of defense from a Knicks big man. And if he is replaceable in part by a guy we already have on the bench, who was a top draft pick, well, all the simpler the decision becomes.
    Let’s also not forget that as a team the Knicks are better defensively than before. I’m not saying they are great, yet, but certainly better. In December, in fact, they were the 10th best defensive team, which is a vast improvement, although just for a month. Jeffries is getting 1.6 blocks per 36. Gallo is getting 1 per 36. Chandler is almost at 1 per game.
    Hill leads the team in per 36 blocks (2.3) and steals (2.3). I’d love to see his usage go up over time.
    And there is something to the fact that the Knicks can’t control well teams with decent big men. I would love to see Hill’s minutes increase when the Knicks face tough big men, if for no other reason, he’s got six fouls to use. But it also educates him, and he may in fact have an impact.

    BTW, some reporter genius wrote that a determining factor for the Knicks resigning Lee is whether Hill emerges late in the season. I don’t see Lee and Hill playing the same position, and it’s a mistake thinking Lee’s future with the Knicks has anything to do with Hill.

  68. frank o,
    we dont have a pick this year, its do or die with regard to making the playoffs!
    …hill is a couple of years away from making the rotation, if he ever does(walsh should’ve known this before drafting him, we needed a PG. he dropped the ball)

  69. mase says:
    January 5, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    frank o,
    we dont have a pick this year, its do or die with regard to making the playoffs!
    …hill is a couple of years away from making the rotation, if he ever does(walsh should’ve known this before drafting him, we needed a PG. he dropped the ball)


    How do you know how far away he is from the rotation, lol, come on now, that is just ridiculous…

  70. Nick C.
    Nate may know how many shots Zach requires…
    He also may be looks at the Knicks trajectory and recognizing what they Knicks are building…
    And Memphis, as cool a town as it is, is not NYC…

  71. As in, I don’t know if everyone will know what I’m referring to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYxMmjZlXVI&feature=related

    I’m surprised that Memphis is actually 16-16, so I also don’t know why Nate wouldn’t take that trade. From Memphis’ perspective… they desperately need a 3rd guard not names Jamaal Tinsley, but they’re already the 6th best offense in the NBA. Maybe Nate could get them into the top 5, but improving the #27 defense (if it can be done without sacrificing offense) might be a more effective move.

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