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  1. “I think it’s pretty clear [Cleveland] needs to lose and lose a lot. Especially because they don’t have such a clear a means of improving or staying competitive in the future…I suppose they have enough cap space to add one more decent player next to Lebron in 2010 right?” -Dan Panorama on the last thread

    Yeah– the only way the Cavs have cap space next summer is if LeBron opts out. In 2010 they’ll have no center and no way of buying one.

    That said, if LeBron does opt out, Miami seems like a pretty attractive destination: the weather, the lifestyle, a superstar in place, a recent #2 pick, a respected front-office, and lots of cap space to work with (Wade, Beasley, and Cook are the only three guys under contract after this season).

    So we should really make a point to LeBron tonight and KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THE HEAT!!!

  2. The opener against the Celtics was great because the Cavs looked way unimpressive. Let’s hope that the Heat are unimpressive, too.

    By the by, if Lamarcus Aldridge is “worth” five years/$65 million, then how the hell could David Lee have seriously considered taking four years/$28 million from Portland?

  3. Do you think the NBA would even allow Curry to opt out of his contract after this season?

    Or would they presume that he couldn’t possibly have done it without an under the table agreement (which is what I would presume)?

  4. Pre-game show – “The Knicks have to be more consistent on defense.”

    I dunno, I think they have to be better on defense, as they were pretty consistently bad last year.

    Oh, who else is amused at how much Al Trautwig must hate his job?

  5. Tripuka just named his Top 5 Heat Players he’s ever seen play.

    5. Majerle
    4. Hardaway
    3. Shaq
    2. Wade
    1. Mourning

    1-4 are defensible (I don’t necessarily agree, but defensible), but Majerle #5? What the heck?

  6. If longevity doesn’t count, it’s kinda surprising Glen Rice isn’t there. Or Steve Smith. Or Jamal Mashburn. Maybe Tripucka just has an affinity for caucasian small forwards.

    And is it just me or does Kelly T look more and more like Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster) every year?

  7. Brian– I think you and I are the only people chosing to watch the Knicks over the Yankees right now…

  8. If you want a disgruntled Lebron to bolt Cleveland, you should know the Raptors are currently up 18 on the Cavs at the half. Bargnani scored 21 in the first.

  9. Does Darko have the reputation of being a good passer?

    He’s made two nice looks so far and seems to see the floor and read the defense pretty well (obviously the reason he was drafted over DWade…)

  10. I lived in Montana during the 1994-1995 season (back before the internet and satellite television reached the state). I have many memories of watching nationally televised games there (Reggie’s 8 points in 9 seconds springs to mind).

    Lucky for you all you’re missing the 2009-2010 season.

  11. I also don’t have cable/satellite here. I think I might try to find a bar for our ESPN games.

  12. Re: New NBA promo ads.

    I’m not sure which is more questionable; the idea that an NBA star would be in a cab, or that there is white cab driver left in this country.

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009-2010 NY Knicks. They look like a real basketball team for most of the half, and then go into brain lock for the last 2 minutes and before you know it they’re down 9 at halftime. Get used to it sports fans, it could be a l-o-o-o-ng season.

  14. 6 first half minutes for Nate despite no foul trouble — weird. Looks like he really wants to see how the first unit functions together and let Gallo run with the starters a bit. Gallo’s shot has been off and he’s minus-15 but I actually think he’s doing a nice job getting free and he’s passing and boarding a bit. Lee looks like a beast; Harrington looks like he’s in a contract year.

    Questions/comments welcome at


  15. Just checking in during commercial breaks at the world series, but I think I’ve seen this game before.

  16. Are the Knicks going to give me a reason to even care this year? Five minutes left in the 3rd and all I have seen is crap.

  17. I just got home and am like wow. The Heat have been pathetic this pre-season.

    If the Knicks start 0-3 this week, I may not shell the 170 bucks for League Pass this year especially if they are going to get embarassed on a nightly basis.

  18. Yeah, but Gallo is stroking it. If he shoots 7-13 from 3 pt range all season and the Knicks lose 60 games, the season is a success!

  19. “We still have a better record than the Cavs”

    And another bright spot, I saved wear and tear on my thumb not having to flip back and forth from the Yankee game

  20. Jared Jeffries, 36 minutes=joke. I get that you want to showcase him to try to trade him (HA!), but playing him over Hughes (who’s awful in different ways, don’t get me wrong) does not give this team the best chance to win this year.

  21. I said this in the ESPN chat but it bears repeating: How exactly does showing off the offensive skills of a terrible offensive player enhance his trade value? Aren’t we better off letting Jeffries shoot a below average percentage while mostly finishing off the break and following misses than having him shoot a completely awful percentage chucking up a bunch of long jumpers every game?

  22. I didn’t see the whole game, but I did see Jeffries catch the ball while standing still on the perimeter with his foot out of bounds TWICE. that’s just inexcusable.

  23. Wow is my optimism being tested right out of the gate! Geez! We’d better beat the Bobcats on Friday, even on the road. I think they just had the lowest scoring output ever on opening night if I heard ESPN correctly (59 points). They don’t have any stars or scorers! We have to be able to beat them! Right? Right?

    As for the Jeffries showcase, he’s clearly a glue/intangible guy that does all the little things a contender needs. The box score doesn’t do him justice. Never has. Never will. It’s like Isiah said – Jeffries is like a quarterback of the D. He will complete any team as he completes the Knicks, and his injury was why we stunk that year. Oh wait, we’ve stunk with Jeffries ever since too. Forget it.

  24. “And another bright spot, I saved wear and tear on my thumb not having to flip back and forth from the Yankee game”

    Which one weren’t you watching? You might as well have saved wear and tear on your TV by just turning it off…

    “playing him over Hughes (who’s awful in different ways, don’t get me wrong) does not give this team the best chance to win this year.”

    I don’t know if that’s true… although, I’m not saying it’s not. Hughes is pretty terrible. And he really doesn’t seem to mind that he’s terrible, which is the real problem.
    It does seem like Jared’s being showcased, but he also seems like the kind of character guy every coach wants to give minutes. His line is really not too bad; although, he has always been a TO machine and I’m not sure how you play 36 minutes and only get two points… If he can hit 33% on 3s and not turn it over too, too much then maybe he can actually be traded. 2 blocks, a steal help legitimize him as the Knicks’ defensive stopper.

  25. “I didn’t see the whole game, but I did see Jeffries catch the ball while standing still on the perimeter with his foot out of bounds TWICE. that’s just inexcusable.”

    Yeah, that drove me nuts. He also dribbled into nowhere and passed it to a heat player in between those plays, I believe. Jeffries seems like he’s nervous all the time — jumpy, panicky. They should try giving him some xanax before the game. I bet he’s turnovers go down big time.

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