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  1. I’m at the game. 406 b1 if you want to say hi. Sloppy game by the knicks so far. Refs calling a tight one. Ppl in my section are def gonna start yelling “we want Nate” soon

  2. I’ve been saying it all season long:

    No one hits the three like…………..Jonathan Bender?!?

  3. Bender!! Corner 3 gives the Knicks the lead.

    Charlotte’s offense is a special ed class on a field trip. They can’t even get a shot off at the end of the quarter thanks to a nice trap at the perimeter from Jeffries and Douglas (I think.) It more than makes up for the Knicks’ turnovers and poor shooting.

  4. I turned the game on late..again. Good to see Douglas getting some assists while he’s in the game. GOod coaching decision on D’Antoni’s part to use Harrington as the 6th man. It’s clear that Rooster is better when he gets in a rhythm from the beginning of the game. And I will say this, Harrington is way more valueable than I thought. He’s been jerked in and out of the starting lineup since he’s been a Knick and all he does is produce and say “I want to be a Knick regardless of who’s here in 2010.”

  5. How about Chandler taking it to the hole tonight. Of course after the air ball he shot from 20 ft early in the game I would hope he would drive more often.

  6. Btw did anyone else notice Z-Bo dropped 32 and 24 with only 2 TOs against the Nuggets today?

    Obviously I couldn’t be happier we traded him, but that is truly impressive, wow. Especially considering he has to share the paint with Marc Gasol, who puts up big numbers himself.

  7. Z-Bo’s gonna turn that team into a playoff squad-if New Orleans doesn’t get it together lol. Myabe thas takin it too far, but Memphis looks good.

  8. pardon my dyslexia..now back to the game. As clyde jus said..nice dishing and swishing by the knicks.. We have gotta win tonite..I’m so tired of LB getting his revenge on us

  9. Great sequence there. Block by jeffries, assist to duhon for the three. Walsh better be on the phone right now

  10. Jeffries had a whole NYT write-up this week, surely GMs have to at least think about it sooner or later.

  11. who is that guy in the #1 jersey? lol..where’d he come from. That was a classic no no no no nyes yes yes!!! moment

  12. Weird “big” lineup on the floor. Jeffries bender gallo harrington Douglas. Who’s the “sg”

  13. Offense seems to stop moving with Duhon out… TD needs work on his slash and drive to create space for others.

    As I typed that there was a defensive rotation failure and Felton hit the most wide open 3 of all time.

  14. Big three by Gallo, should be time for the Bobcats to answer with their own three. These Bobcats are as annoying as all hell.

  15. @ Rohank Bender was their guard lol
    Go Gallo and I’m new here nice to meet you guys. I found this site about a week ago and have been reading all of your comments.

  16. If Gallo had hit that last 3 (from somewhere around Philly, he was way deep) the crowd would’ve exploded.

  17. Breen gave Acie Law shit for that drive, but I don’t see the problem – he got right to the basket, what was he supposed to do?

  18. Btw, it’s hard to believe but now Ill Will’s FG% is even higher than his average for last year despite the awful start.

  19. Will’s smartly dropped the ridiculous outside shot (except for when he’s wide open), that should do wonders for his FG%. So yeah, he and Coach D deserve credit for that.

  20. Considering the lack of Wallace and SJax, it’s a game we have to win, but a good win nonetheless.

  21. we’re only a game and a half outta 7th in the east. One one hand, it’s a testament to our better play. But…on the other hand it’s an indictment on the East’s teams. Nevertheless I’m happy. Considering that we have a bunch of FA’s on the roster, 10-17 isn’t that bad. Especially when u consider the quality of bbal that Toronto and Detroit have been playing thus far. We just might sneak in

  22. Wilson Chandler’s shooting percentage, month-by-month:
    October: .340
    November: .405
    December: .511

    Obviously this is what you want to see. I have to admit I was pretty down on the guy but I gotta give it to him; he has definitely stepped up his game.

    The Knicks as a team have held their opponents under 100 points in seven consecutive games, and eight games out of ten in December. The next game is at MSG against the Bulls– a winnable game, then it’s the Heat on Christmas Day, also at MSG. Beating those two hated squads back-to-back would be a pretty sweet Christmas present. This Knicks team is at least playing with some heart and effort, something we haven’t seen around here in quite some time.

  23. awesome block by Gallo to bail himself out after missing the FTs, I loved seeing him get slightly more aggressive tonight.

    Knicks now 0-9 when Nate plays 19 or more minutes, 10-8 otherwise. I’m well aware that correlation does not equal causation, but this correlation seems pretty damn hard to argue with.


  24. my first post and would have to say amen to that JK47…Nice to read a thread from this site devoid of any negativity. It’s a cool change and maybe Knicks fans can get used to this winning feeling after all.

  25. oh, and nice job by our old friend Larry Brown in having just one timeout left for the last four minutes, as well as for playing Nazr Mohammed only 8 minutes, in which he had an impressive looking 8 points/5 boards.

  26. Definitely encouraging what we’re seeing from Wilson Chandler. It’s been over a fairly extended period now, at least to the point where you can hope he’s permanently turned a corner and it’s not just a bit of luck. Still not a large enough sample size to get too excited, though.

    Jon Abbey,

    You don’t even make an argument… Your point is 100% that the correlation equals causation.

  27. Just saw D’Antoni’s post-game press conference and when asked about Chandler’s recent good play he specifically talked about improved shot selection. I guess D’Antoni aint an idiot after all!!

  28. At the NBA level, I really think coaching is all about having a coherent system and getting guys to buy into it. Obviously if you’ve made it to the NBA, you’ve got some talent. It’s up to the coach to maximize the talent that he has at his disposal. And I really think D’Antoni is doing that right now with the Knicks. Every single guy in the rotation is putting forth some serious effort and buying into the team concept. We all watched this club the past decade or so and we’ve all seen the selfish play and indifferent defense that has made this team a laughingstock. And I really think the culture has changed around here. These guys are playing with some pride. We’re not an elite team yet, but we’re not a laughingstock anymore either. Considering the appalling hand they were dealt, I give high marks to Walsh and D’Antoni. I think what we’re seeing now is real improvement, thanks to competent professionals running the show rather than the worst GM/Coach in NBA history. Those of us who have stuck with this team through the worst misery possibly are really going to to enjoy the coming renaissance.

  29. Jon,

    The defense hasn’t improved, though. The defense is still 23rd in the NBA on the season and 0.5 pts/100 possessions better with Nate on the court.

    The rotation is working without Nate, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be working as well or better with Nate. Correlation is not causation.

  30. Do you guys think Curry’s recent DNP’s correlate with Jeffries improved play? I think Walsh and D’Antoni realized that they would be potentially sacrificing wins to “showcase” Curry, and he has done nothing to show that he would have much value to another team anyway.

    I’m really glad they won last night, but if they had blown it, it would have absolutely been the worst loss of the season given no Wallace, no Jackson for the 2nd half, Charlotte on a back-to-back, Knicks with a 7 point lead with 1:13 left, etc. etc. Would have been a huge setback, but it wasn’t, so let’s beat the Bulls and the Heat and be a very respectable 12-17!

  31. But Ted, the Knicks defense is better. The Knicks have held teams to under 100 points seven games now.
    You can sight all kinds of things, opposing injuries, or whatever, but when was the the last time the Knicks had a defensive run like this.
    Blocks are up.
    Steals are up.
    Opponent scoring is down.
    With all due respect, intransigence appears to be up.
    You keep citing the defensive ranking of the team while denying an obvious trend.
    The fact is the defense is better. The knicks are taller across the board and making key defensive stops. Gallo’s block was one of those moments. The Knicks are winning defensively.
    They also have made Harrington less of a focus, with the ball working through Lee and Gallo.
    And while we don’t have a dominant center, we have Lee at 6’9, Gallo at 6’10, Jeffries at 6’11, Bender at 7, Harrington at 6’9, Chandler at 6’8.
    Our front line is bigger, balanced and athletic. Some of those guys are playing the 2.
    Sometimes your eyes don’t deceive you.

    It’s okay, Ted. They’re not great, but they are improving. It’s okay.
    Nate isn’t making this rotation.
    Oh, and speaking of maturity…he sits several games, and instead of simply working his ass off in practice, he demands a trade.
    He won’t get a trade. His only way back is to play within the team concept.
    Now, not only is he a guy who got benched because the coach decided he can win better, and has won better, without him, but now after nine games, out of an 82 game season, he’s demanding a trade.
    That dull thud you just heard was Nate’s value in the NBA bottoming out.
    It was the worst thing he could have done at a moment where everyone needed to see some maturity.
    I’m saddened for him. He still hasn’t gotten it.

  32. Defense certainly looks better to the eye although the <100 streak is probably just pace-based. They definitely look to be playing harder.

    I personally would like to see Nate in there but it's tough to know whose minutes he would take. Douglas? Tough to take from him since Nate will likely not be here next year, and Douglas is playing pretty well and needs to develop. Hughes was playing well before he got injured. He could play 5-6 minutes spelling Duhon so he doesn't have to play 38 minutes every night — we learned what happens to Duhon later in the season in 08-09.

    I think Nate still has value as a sparkplug off the bench in a situation like the loss to Chicago. I agree with Ted on this one — just because he isn't playing and the Knicks have been better doesn't mean his playing was the cause of them being worse. For all we know the Knicks could have been 15-2 during this stretch if he WAS playing. And in his defense, he personally is saying all the right stuff — his agent is the one spouting off, although I'm sure that's the way they intended it to look. I haven't heard that he's been dogging it in practice — is that true?

    Meanwhile- great block by Gallo last night — in Dec he is averaging nearly 1.5 steals/game, 1.2 blocks/game. Love how he's been taking the ball to the hoop more. Although what is up with the zero rebounds last night?

  33. Frank, I don’t wanna come off as a Nate d*ck rider, but Nate hasn’t demanded a trade. His agent has. Nate HAS worked hard and maintained that he wants to be a Knick. I think people aren’t giving Nate enuf credit. Granted, he is a knucklehead, but he does not deserve to be thrown under bus the way Marbury did. From what I understand, Nate was re-signed against D’Antoni’s wishes. So I guess there was no hope from the start. Still, on nights where shots aren’t falling, put Nate in if for nothing more than 2 show that he is still undeniably talented enough for teams to trade for. We can get a 1st rounder for him, if we so desire-as long as he’s the 17 4 and 4 Nate from last season. At the very least, we can use him to move JJ or Curry. But he’s kinda bein dragged thru the mud and i’m not sure if anyone wants to trade for him now. I would really hate to see him walk for free, so to speak. Like I said in an earlier thread-we need all the help we can get, whether it’s via cap relief, draft picks, or on court help. I’d like to see DW send Curry to the D League for a bit so that he can get his legs under him, then maybe a team will trade for him. With Nate as a sweetener of course.

  34. Now that I think about it, I’d like to keep JJ on the team. I know this idea depends entirely on getting rid of Curry’s deal. But, on a team where so much focus is on offense, JJ’s contributions are what we need-bad. In all likelihood, we will end up moving JJ becuz it’s damn near unrealistic for us to move Curry at this point. It’s a shame that Isaiah overpaid JJ. He problee coulda been signed for 2 mil less per season-no one else wanted him.

  35. i think we should unite all Knicks fans here at Knickerblogger and start up a fund to buy out Eddy Curry. Hell, I myself would donate a 50 spot.

    On the Nate topic, it tough because he’s such a likable player and I was hoping to see him finally get to experience success in New York once we signed free agents during the summer, but as the record proves the Knicks are better without him and I probably wouldn’t lose sleep if he was traded for another piece that would be compatible in the rotation.

  36. All the back and forth on Nate aside, man it feels good to be a fan of a winning team. That’s what these Knicks have been this month – and when was the last time we could say that? Not to say everything D’Antoni does is perfect, but let’s at least recognize how long we’ve been in the desert.

    Of course, we could have been out of the desert last year, but we traded Z-Bo and Jamal. (My memory is that was our last winning month – the start of last season, before that trade.) But would anyone want to reverse those trades? We’re able to offer a max contract next year, and that alone makes it worth it.

    Of course, the main goal is to offer one more max contract, and with that in mind, I don’t care who we trade, Jeffries or Curry. Problem is that Curry has been horrible, and sending him to the D-league would be hugely risky; he could recover his O, or he could show that he’s done in this league, period. For the moment, I’d counsel keeping our cards closer to the vest, letting him practice with the team and get up to speed, then trying some spot minutes here and there again. Maybe we’ll get lucky, he’ll show flashes at 15 mpg, and we can package him.

    What’s interesting, strategically, is that we’ve now created a positive situation for trading Nate. Remember, he’d have to approve any trade. And his contract is tough, since it’s worth $4mil but is only tradeable at $2mil. But D’Antoni, intentionally or not, has created a situation where Nate would accept going anywhere to be able to play again. With that in mind, his not playing is NOT a disaster for the Knicks, especially since 1) they’ve been winning, which matters more to free agents than almost anything else, 2) his value is not lower than his cost ($2mil), and 3) he’s been a good soldier, and HIS AGENT asked for a trade (as CYD77 pointed out), meaning that he wouldn’t been seen as quite the risk people are supposing. All said, if Curry or JJ is going to go, Nate’s going with him, and Nate (now) would agree to go…anywhere.

    Crazy like a fox?

  37. 77:

    Nate’s agent works for him. Nate’s “I want to stay in NY” came with some big caveats. There are reports this morning that Nate is letting it be known he’d go the the Celts. Nate said his agent was looking out for “Nate Robinson.” I hadn’t realized Nate was referring to himself by name.
    Don’t buy the good cop-bad cop approach of player and agent. DW will have a meet today with Nate’s agent, where he will tell them Nate needs to play within the system. Walsh said this is the first coach that has been willing to hold Nate accountable for playing outside the system.
    He also will tell him there aren’t a lot of good deals from the Knicks view, and he is loathe to buy out someone that could help the team, whether by trade, or playing.

    The (admittedly early) emergence of Bender further undermines Nate because with him moving into the rotation, the Knicks move better, bigger defenders to the 2 with far greater length. The Knicks over the past few years get killed by opposing 2s.
    Chandler has finally begun to figure it out. Bender is showing that if his legs hold up he could be very valuable. Hughes was playing great ball before his injury. In fact, he was one of the best players on the team when he went down, and the Knicks haven’t really missed a beat.
    Gallinari is getting the ball and scoring more, and Lee has been a consistently good scorer and rebounder.
    More important, Jeffries defense has anchored this team, and they have simply gotten much better on defense with him out there.
    And good defense is contagious. Lee, Gallinari, and Chandler have all picked up there game.
    In the past seven games where they held the opposition under 100 points they have averaged 7 steals and 6 blocks per game.
    Remember the days when the Knicks barely managed a couple blocks per?
    The Knicks’ opponents have committed 16 TOs per game over this stretch. Obviously the Knicks can claim credit for some of that too.

    They have played much better ball. It can’t all be because of Nate, but there is enough evidence that one would be uncomfortable changing the team dynamic.
    Harrington was a 6th man and didn’t bitch. Hughes was benched and kept his mount shut. Others also have not played in key periods, and held their tongue.
    Nate is playing on a team and should be enjoying the winning, but instead – and this doesn’t surprise me – he’s more concerned about his personal situation rather than trying to find his place on the team.
    Weak character points for a veteran player.

  38. Bender is a shock. He looks really big and really good (considering the long layoff and scant practice time.) If the knees hold up, wow!

    Curry is a real dilemma. He simply can’r play if Bender continues to shine, and then we’ll never get rid of him.

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