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  1. Another tough matchup for Galo. Past 3 games he has had Ariza, Durant and now Iguadola defending him. In the past teams would put their SG and even PG on Gallo making it very easy for him to shoot over them over drive by them but now you have teams putting length on him. Look at tonight, the Sixers have Williams on Chandler and not Gallo where in the past that wouldnt have been the case.

  2. Dalembert killing the Knicks, you have got to be kidding me. Well Jeffries is killing the Sixers so far so I guess its even :-)

  3. WTF was that Nate?!?! Gets a nice steal but then jacks up a 3 and misses when he had numbers. Knicks looking horrible now as usual after the hot start.

  4. Does Elton Brand have the worst contract in the NBA now?

    He has had basically no impact on this game. It’s like he’s invisible out there.

  5. BTW, the crowd in Philly is totally anemic. So much for the “get AI to put butts in the seats” theory.

  6. Finally Gallo drives off his pumpfake and gets fouled for a pair of ft’s instead of pumpfaking and taking one dribble then pulling up for a jumper.

  7. I think people take two road losses against good western conference teams a little bit too hard. Those two games would be losses for most teams. I really don’t think it’s a big deal.

    What I do like though is the fact that the Knicks have improved enough for people to be mad when they don’t win. So lets just hope they continue to impress.

  8. When was the last time Danilo was 2-4 from 2 and 0-2 from 3? Usually it’s the other way around.

  9. Sad that I will have to miss the second half of this thrilling matchup :(

    The Sixers are pretty lame. We should be killing them, but the Knicks have not been at their best over the past few games.

  10. I was about to complain about Gallo’s horrible 1st half offensively, then I looked at the box score and saw he also has 4 assists, 2 blocks and leads the team with a +8 in the 1st half.

  11. @ 36 Dont go nuts with the A.I. numbers, JJ is 4/6 with a three. And this is the defense that makes Felton look like Magic Johnson.

  12. Gallo’s 3pter was huge, looked like the Sixers were about to start running away then Gallo hits a 3 and Chandler scores to get them back within 2 pts.

  13. Lee seems like his timing is justa little slow today. He seems to have the right idea most of the time but just not quite executing efficiently.

  14. Holiday’s outside shot not nearly as raw as I thought. Obviously tonight, but also on the season.

  15. David Lee’s All-Star campaign has slowed down a bit since his shooting has become pathetic all of a sudden.

  16. Love how the Sixers can basically play 5 on 3 on defense with Duhon and Jeffries on the floor…

  17. so that last possesion almost made me punch my computer. On the bright side I absolutely hate nate and duhon at this point. I think they should just bench both and have a PG by committee approach the rest of the year. Play 5 fowards and just get it over with.

  18. Speights, who I like a lot, had a poor reaction to actually being doubled. The Sixers are lucky they even got a shot off, that’s how poorly they handled that last possession.

  19. that was easily the least satisfying win of the year. Actually I think the knicks are bad enough that i shouldnt say that. but it remains true.

  20. Best game of JJ’s as a Knick?

    15 points (6/9 1/3 2/4FT) 9 boards 3 dimes 2 steals and 1 block

  21. I called out Lee at half-time for his brutal 1st half but man he came up HUGE down the stretch. Smart move by going man and not zone on the final defensive stand. Hey man at this point there is no such thing as an ugly win, all wins are beautiful!!

  22. uggh I can’t wait till next week when I can stop having to try to watch online feeds for the games.

  23. we did indeed steal that one, whew. Nate has looked pretty consistently awful since his heroic comeback game.

    DeJuan Blair with 21 points and 16 boards in 22 minutes against OKC so far tonight.

  24. Well the Bucks are on a west coast swing, so if they play to form the Knicks can skip ahead of them for 9th place. Bulls have Boston and DC this week, then a west coast swing next week. With a little luck Knicks could be in 8th by the end of next week.

  25. I wish we could find a point guard. Anyone think the Bucks will trade Brandon Jennings for Jordan Hill now that their season is over? Is that even allowed? Didn’t think so.

  26. “”Iverson is a shell of the player he was five years ago”

    Maybe, but his TS% entering tonight was .568.

  27. Just noticed Knicks conference record is now 11-14. Knicks have 3 games in 4 days starting Friday at home vs Toronto, next day at Detroit and MLK day at home vs Detroit. What a great chance to win all 3 games and even up their conference record at 14-14 which would be huge for their chances of making the playoffs going forward. Also because after this stretch and 3 days off they host the Lakers and Mavs over next weekend which obviously will be tough.

  28. Who else is contstantly thinking about how good we could be with just a decent, consistent PG? Any ideas? Who would fit the bill?
    Kinda wish we had signed Jason Williams over the summer. He might have gotten the job done.

  29. Surprised Owen hasn’t posted this. DeJuan Blair tonight – 28 pts, 21 rebs, 2 stls, 2 blocks in 31 mins. Yowza

  30. “Surprised Owen hasn’t posted this. DeJuan Blair tonight – 28 pts, 21 rebs, 2 stls, 2 blocks in 31 mins. Yowza”

    That was in fact what I was about to do. He was a +7 also in a one point overtime game. He isn’t the athlete Jordan Hill is though. :-)

    Horrible, ugly, beautiful win last night.

    Going to check out that Simmons podcast. i love Gallo and his +/- is pretty sparkly right now, adjusted or not, but if he is the price for picking up two premier free agents this offseason, so be it I think.

  31. Knicks need to build up wins in any way shape or form in the next two months because their March schedule is brutal. Awful. Horrific.

  32. Gorky, I thought the exact same thing last night. Better pick up the play this month, and go over .500 in February because the Knicks are going to lose ground with that brutal road stretch in March. I think it was mentioned on this site a while back as well, though no one knew at the time how decimated certain teams (Wizards, Sixers) would be.

  33. Funny, I’m listening to the Simmons / Ford podcast right now. I think it’s pretty good, but I always enjoy Simmons talking hoops.

    Brian, do you think Simmons is somehow less of an NBA expert than Chad Ford at this point? I think Bill knows his shit as well as any of these other guys. The ESPN stable of sportswriters is interesting; you have a bunch of guys who have very specific specializations (Ford is the draft guy, Hollinger is the stats guy, etc) but one thing I’ve learned over years of fandom is that NONE of these guys really has it all figured out.

    Chad Ford probably spends a ton of time talking to front office insiders, which means he gets an interesting perspective but also plenty of smoke-screens. His living is also predicated on staying interesting .. I remember the breathless Darko / Wilt comparisons back in the day and believing it. He has to be entertaining.

    These days it’s interesting hearing what non-Knick-fans think about the Knicks. Mostly Simmons and Ford seem to think the Knicks are screwed, won’t get LeBron or Wade or Bosh, and think Gallo is an OK player. Ford thinks Lee and Robinson are definitely gone after this year, and that D’Antoni will kill himself if the team gets worse in 2010.

  34. I’m just praying for a big deadline trade. And not just to get cap space, but also to get some moldy bodies out of town. Darko, Harrington, Jeffries, Curry (ha)… we really need to clear out the post to start getting Hill some minutes. I know it’s all in mop up duty, but Hill’s PER is second on the team only to David Lee’s. I really think he deserves some minutes. Unless the goal is to keep his stats high against bad players so that he stays a viable trade sweetener… It would be nice if we could trade him for a real point guard instead of as a way to gain cap space.
    I know it’s many months later, but I still don’t get why we didn’t take a real point guard in the draft. Maybe the logic is to get someone more ready to step in once Lebron comes? Maybe we trade for a pg once Lebron is in the fold?
    It’s funny how Blair – a player no one would touch – ate up the team that ate up David Lee. Blair could become better than Lee – who I think is about even with West and maybe a hair better than Scola.
    Unfortunately, I think the Knicks hands will be tied at the deadline simply because they don’t have much talent to trade.

  35. >>Ford seem to think the Knicks are screwed, won’t get LeBron or Wade or Bosh, and think Gallo is an OK player. Ford thinks Lee and Robinson are definitely gone after this year, and that D’Antoni will kill himself if the team gets worse in 2010.<<

    I'm generally an optimist, but this is a much more viable scenario than most Knick fans want to acknowledge…except for the part about being worse in 2010. The team will be better, but they could be looking at a Pistons type situation if they pay the Rudy Gays of the world max money.

    Ess-Dog, I want to see Hill get more minutes, but the PER thing is fool's gold. He's extremely raw and his rating is vastly inflated by the types of numbers he accumulates in garbage time. Darko had an OK PER for a while there too.

  36. Brian, do you think Simmons is somehow less of an NBA expert than Chad Ford at this point?


    And that’s not meant as a shot against Simmons. I like the guy, and he definitely does know enough NBA people that he more or less has approached “insider” status, but he still is not there (mostly because he spends so much time following other sports, which is his job, don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean my comment as a knock on Simmons).

  37. so apparently darko wants his release from the knicks so that he can rest up to play euro ball, but he wont give up any of his money? this man must be crazy.

  38. “@73 How is his PER compared to 2003? Or his points per 36?”

    I’m not that huge on PER, but AI’s is still above average and was never as elite as his reputation in the first place. As far as pts/36, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that his usage is no longer in the mid-30s (did we really want him to come to NY and take 20 FGAs/36?). His Offensive Rating is actually the highest it’s been in his career. He’s got the 2nd highest Roland Rating on the Sixers, and they are 6.7 pts/100 possessions better with him on the court.

    Several people said he had “nothing left” during the “should the Knicks sign AI” discussion. He’s not Chris Paul, but clearly he’s got something left.

    “i love Gallo and his +/- is pretty sparkly right now, adjusted or not, but if he is the price for picking up two premier free agents this offseason, so be it I think.”

    The price of GETTING THE CHANCE TO pick up two premier free agents this offseason. I doubt the Knicks will have much idea who will and won’t sign with them at the time they would have to make a Curry + Gallo trade. So, it’s that much bigger of a risk. I would much rather see Jeffries be traded than Gallo.

    “who I think is about even with West”

    What does David West do that makes him valuable? He shoots a lot, but his efficiency is weak. He’s a weak rebounder. He’s a mediocre-to-poor defender. The best things I can say about David West are that he plays with Chris Paul and doesn’t turn the ball over. Ok… he’s a solid player and fills a role on their team, but he’s way overpaid. I would take Lee or Scola over him in a heartbeat. Especially the way Lee has played this season.

    I’m not so worried about a “real PG.” I would love to have a better guy at the 1 than Chris Duhon, but if you get a real “franchise player” or two with a good team around them the PG is no more important than any other position (unless that franchise player is a PG).

    I would like to see Hill play more. He’s under Knicks control for three more seasons, so I wouldn’t be in a huge rush to make a trade to clear space. It’s not like he’s stuck behind Tim Duncan… and even though he literally is DeJuan Blair has managed to play his way into the rotation. Hill has shown some things, but he’s also looked extremely raw: he’s struggled to do anything but his wide open shots and routinely bites on fakes or just somehow ends up way out of position defensively.

    “Unfortunately, I think the Knicks hands will be tied at the deadline simply because they don’t have much talent to trade.”

    I don’t know if they’ll do much–they’re not willing to take on salary and might be competing for the playoffs–but they’ve got good vets with expiring deals and some good young talent. If they wanted to take back some contracts I think they could get some things done. I don’t think they should, of course.

  39. Jeez, it’s pretty apparent that no matter how much the Knicks improve this year they are not ever going to get any respect from any of these guys. They totally dismiss the possibility of New York getting ANY of the big free agents this year. They bag on Gallo like he’s a scrub.

    This team has turned around a 3-14 start to post the 3rd best record in the east since December 1st and they still are the big joke to all of these guys. It kinda makes me sick. I really hope they finish the season strong and shove a fist up these guys asses when they land some huge free agent wins this summer.

  40. I know that even if the Knicks still had their first round pick it would be a longshot to land John Wall, but it’s hard to watch UK games without thinking how perfectly he’d fit in on the Knicks.

  41. Spree,

    I don’t think most people have realized yet how much better the Knicks have been playing (recent road trip nonwithstanding). If you don’t watch them day to day, and you mostly check the boxscores, you probably don’t see the things in Gallo that make him look so promising. When the Knicks are over .500 in a month (pretty easy schedule in Jan/Feb IIRC) and in actual playoff position, people will start to take notice. Even the folks who are paid to watch basketball can’t watch every game, and let’s face it, there’s been plenty of reason to write off the Knicks.

    Best thing on all accounts is for the Knicks to finish strong, land the 6 or 7 seed, and be a tough out in the first round. We’re not getting John Wall, so we should make sure Utah doesn’t get him either.

    But honestly, is there a legitimate reason that LeBron would prefer Chicago or Miami over New York in the event that any one of them could make 2 max offers? It’s all speculation at this point.

    I also believe that the Knicks will find a way to move Jeffries before free agency begins. Curry isn’t going anywhere.

  42. Just the Knicks luck, the Bulls are playing in Boston tonight who are w/o both Garnett and Wallace.

  43. Just my 2 cents about Bosh\rupaul

    I’m Italian and so I follow the Raptors closely.

    I hate bosh. don’t get me wrong, the boy can play, has a soft touch , when he plays 1on1 he gets a tons of FT
    but he is a flow-killer.
    he is a (supposed) superstar, so he must get the ball every time. then his teammates stand still until he makes up his mind (he usually shots or goes to the basket)
    he doesn’t play defense,just the occasional blocks from the weak side.
    he’s prone to turnover, doesn’t have a strong handle.

    I know that I may sound crazy, but he’s not worthy 20 bucks a year. He’s not that far from Lee.

    Lebron and Wade can carry a franchise. Bosh can’t.
    If we want an upgrade at 4-5, Amare is better. he shares some weakness with bosh. but he’s stronger, both in body and mind. and has a winning background, a details that matters when building a contender.

  44. This is why you gotta love sports…last night in Utah, Deron Williams reinjures his wrist and is replaced by Sundiatta Gaines, on a 10 day contract from the D League. And guess who hits a game winning 3 at the buzzer to beat LeBron and the Cavs? Sweet!

  45. Yeah Hollinger’s being a real jerk about our players- calling Jeffries much less of a player than Jeff Foster? I really don’t think these guys understand what Jeffries brings to the floor (not that I wouldn’t trade him for an expiring in a second.) It seems more than likely that Hill or Chandler will have to be moved with Jefferies. It would be amazing if Donnie could swing a jeffries/nate deal, but Nate would have to approve. I still don’t know if MD wants Lee back. As good as he is, he may prefer a faster shotblocker at center to run the break. Ideally, Gallo would be your slowest player on the floor. But you have to think a crew of Chandler, Bron, Gallo, Lee, and pg X would be a top 5 team.

  46. Hollinger I’m sure will eventually turn around his opinion on the Knicks. Ford and Simmons, well, I’m less sure about them (but they’re both a lot better than, say, Ric Bucher).

  47. “Hollinger’s being a real jerk about our players- calling Jeffries much less of a player than Jeff Foster? I really don’t think these guys understand what Jeffries brings to the floor…”

    For 3 1/2 years we were calling Jeffries one of the worst players in the NBA. If you factor one month of good ball into the 3 1/2 years of god-awful, cringe-inducing, eyeball-bleeding, hardwood incompetence, Jeffries’ Knick career is still one of the worst 4 year tenures I can remember (even Q Rich had an occasional good game).

    We can defend Jeffries’ recent play as an improvement over the real Jeffries, but to say people are being jerky for calling Jeffries a scrub is like calling the weather man in Seattle a jerk for saying its going to rain…

  48. Perhaps Z, but I don’t think he’s immovable. And although I don’t quite think he’s earning his contract, I would now say he’s worth roughly 5 mil which isn’t too far off. And he’s expiring after this year. And I really do think he could help many playoff teams. Put him on Odom, Derron Williams, whoever.
    As far as West goes, yeah he’s not having a great year. For our team, I would probably take Lee over him – and Scola for that matter – but West is better on the defensive end than Lee. I’m just happy that Lee has brought his game up so that this is even a discussion.

  49. I don’t know about his health or what he has left in the tank, but for his career Jeff Foster is a better rebounder than David Lee and a good defender – starting center on Indiana teams that won 60 games. a TS% 10 points higher than JJ. Jeffries on the other hand, is just… bad. Even at his best.

    I’m with you guys on Bosh – he is not a max player, nowhere close.

    I don’t think Amare is, either, but I think his price will be more reasonable, given the injury history and general rep.

    Even so, I’d rather have Lee at $9 million than Amare even at $12 million – when you factor in 20 or 30 percent odds of another season/career ending injury.

    We are really painted into a corner, salary-wise — we can sign one guy to a max deal… but without moving Jeffries (or Curry!) Knicks have to give away Chandler or Hill or both, to offer Lee (or any 2nd FA) something in the $8 million range. The salary cap numbers will keep us in suspense – $6.5 million starting salary vs. $8.5 million could easily mean the difference between staying and going for our pal DL.

    Of course if our #1 FA catch is Amare at $12 million instead of LeBron at $18 million, that frees up $$ for FA #2.

    Unless we’re snagging LeBron or Wade, I expect us to look long and hard at trade options this summer — Chris Paul might be a fantasy deal, but in general Donnie will look for good players with big, long contracts who might be expendable to teams dumping salary.

  50. kaine,

    Bosh isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he’s not exactly killing Toronto’s offensive flow either. They’re the 5th best offense in the league (in terms of offensive efficiency) and he is far and away their best offensive player. A lot of teams could use a guy to “kill their flow” like that.

  51. I agree with Caleb on Foster: guy was a good player on his career. At this point… I don’t know.

    I really hope Jeffries can be traded straight up, but who knows. You’d think that with some creativity it could happen.

    “I’m with you guys on Bosh – he is not a max player, nowhere close.”

    I have to strongly disagree here. He’s one of the best offensive bigmen in the game. He’s a legit franchise player on offense and I don’t think he kills you on defense playing next to a center not named Bargnani.

    I think I would take Bosh over Amare. Amare’s TS% in his first two seasons was .530 and .536, since Nash has been there it’s been in the .600s. I don’t know if he’s someone that you can dump the ball to and expect to create much. Bosh can be the focal point of a top 5, top 3 even, offense. Amare is also a weaker rebounder. He has succeeded for D’Antoni before, though.

    “Of course if our #1 FA catch is Amare at $12 million instead of LeBron at $18 million, that frees up $$ for FA #2.”

    I think Amare will get MORE money than LeBron, not less. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not debating who DESERVES more money. Under the CBA, though, I believe Amare can get a higher % of the cap because he has more experience. Something like 35% instead of 30%. I can’t imagine Phoenix not paying Amare whatever they can… but maybe I am wrong there.

    “but West is better on the defensive end than Lee.”

    Based on what? He may be better, I really don’t know, but I wouldn’t call him good. West is a better shot blocker, but gets fewer steals and way less rebounds. The Hornets have been worse defensively with him on the court 3 of the past 4 seasons–
    09-10: +5.5 pts/100 possessions allowed
    08-09: +1.6 pts/100
    07-08: -1.5 pts/100
    06-07: +4.4 pts/100

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