2010 Game Thread Knicks v. Bucks

After a tough loss to one of the better young teams in the Western Conference, the new look Knicks take on the Bucks at MSG.  Of interest is how McGrady’s knee is holding up.  He looked pretty winded at the end of the last game and had his knee iced before the game was over.  I hope he isnt pushing too hard.

The Knicks can win this game with a better rebounding and defensive performance.  Hopefully Chandler and Harrington can shake off the doldrums.  Hopefully, Mcgrady wont push Gallinari further into the offfensive background.  The team really needs to start setting plays for him.

Your in game thoughts here.

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59 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread Knicks v. Bucks”

  1. That didn’t take long Rodriguez is starting. Gotta wonder how much time Duhon gets tonight.

  2. This will be a good test for T-mac as Mbah a Moute is a very good defender. He’s gotten inside a couple of times so that’s a good sign.

  3. You know as much as this is an audition for McGrady and a showcase for what an talented wing player can do in this system, it’s also an audition for how Lee interacts with a talented wing player — how he plays second fiddle as it were.

  4. Eddie House bringing up the ball and starting the offense???

    Of course, he ends up shooting and missing.

  5. love that NBA commercial, autotuning the player’s press conference comments, worked surprisingly well…

  6. OH SHIT!!!! I jus came home and saw that Rodriguez is starting!!! Did Du get hurt or did Mike D finally come to his senses?

  7. Duhon hasn’t played but the Knicks don’t seem to be much better. As usual they have no answer to Bogut.

  8. I hope Tracy doesn’t stunt Chandler’s development. He seems like he was taking a step forward this season.

  9. ok, we get it, we won the championship in 1970, can we please shut the fuck up about it now and call the broadcast?

  10. Amen, Spree. And if Harrington falls on his ass one more time after air balling an out of control spin move, I’m gonna scream.

  11. i mean it was a tie game, then they start this whole spiel and the Knicks are nw down by nine and they just haven’t said a friggin word about it. Have a friggin afterschool special or something.

  12. Harrington dunks….”in 1970 we……” Sergio steals a layup attempt….”then in 1970…..”

  13. For a guy who came in with a reputation for playing no defense Sergio looks pretty good- nice to see him get into it with Jennings a little bit. Now if he could just hit a jumper…

  14. Ten assists and ZERO blocks for the Knicks in the first 46 minutes.

    And outrebounded by 22.

    Willis Reed on one bad leg could carve up this team.

  15. As much as I love David Lee, please try to sign LBJ and Bosh. Even if Lee can not be signed, this would be the tandem. Also, any possibility to package either Chandler/Gallo with Curry’s contract to get more space? They are both decent players, but not worth (IMO) the cap space, if you could deal Curry. If Curry’s contract was shed, would it be possible to sign a top shelf FA guard? I guess what I’m saying is that I really don’t see any definite keepers on this team, even Lee.

  16. Gallo has been pretty mediocre recently. Getting a little tired of excusing his play.

    NBA broadband was having trouble tonight, so I couldn’t watch beyond when the knicks got 63 points. So, from the final, it appears i didn’t miss much in those last 7 minutes.
    But this was an ugly game.

  17. With Gallo, at least three times I watched him back out of the paint from rebounds he should have gotten.
    He seems to shy from contact.
    The dude is 6’10. He should be attacking theboards. He often is much larger than the man covering him.
    I’m getting tired of his play

  18. What would the team need to give up to get rid of Curry’s contract? Even if it were possible, is it better to wait another year because of the 2011 crop of FA’s?

  19. 7 steals in the second half for Rodriguez, who was the last Knick to do that? Greg Anthony?

    as bad as Gallo has been on offense recently, he’s been really impressive on D. when he switches on the perimeter, he seems to almost never get successfully beaten, even by the quickest guards.

  20. the most steals in a half in any NBA game ever is 8, done 11 different times. none of those were Knicks, so Sergio at least tied an alltime Knicks record in his second game. now if he could only do anything else successfully… :)

  21. I only got to watch the 2nd half and what I saw was Sergio always trying to push the ball and his teammates taking their sweet ass time getting up the court. Also I cant stand watching Harrington play anymore (although Ive mentioned that many times).

    Gallo is becoming more Bruce Bowen than Dirk Nowitzki all of a sudden. Finally Lee I love him but his defense really has become beyond embarrassing.

  22. I’m hoping the team needs some time to get stuff worked out. At this point, seems like there is some good talent there.

    It was a competitive game for 3 quarters. I left to go home by then, not sure why the bottom fell out.

    I know Lee’s defense ain’t great, but why is that? Aside from the size disadvantage, shouldn’t his other athleticism and hustle help?

  23. “what I saw was Sergio always trying to push the ball and his teammates taking their sweet ass time getting up the court.”

    Me too. Or they just kept waiting behind the three point line. It’s highlight time and they don’t want to be in it?

  24. I agree with Jon Abbey that Gallo’s perimeter defense has really improved and there was one play on a fast break where he blocked Ilyasova-I think- and then turned around and forced a miss by the rebounder. Of course, this being the Knicks, they gave up a second offensive rebound for an easy put back (both he and Chandler really have to make a concerted effort to hit the boards- I’d say AH as well but that ain’t happening). Offensively, though, he’s really struggling. He had one dunk off of a very nice drive and one turn-around off of a post-up that was lucky to go in. That’s it. It’s not that guys are freezing him out- he just seems much more hesitant to shoot off of kick-outs than he was earlier in the year- maybe it’s the forearm. Going forward, I’m really not worried about his long-range shooting but he’s shown no real mid-range game at all- something to work on this summer.

  25. “The good news: Duhon a DNP coach’s decision. The Duhon era is over.”

    Unfortunately, the results were even worse! 67 points, barely an assisted basket all game. Seriously bad. Worse than anything Duhon has had his hands in all year.

    I think it is coincidental, but why can’t Knick fans catch a break? We beg for Duhon to be benched and when it finally happens, they play even worse.

    He’ll be back tomorrow, starting against the Celtics. For coach, Correlation = Causation when it comes to his guards.

  26. Who could have guessed that after trading Jeffries the Knicks would still be playing 4 on 5 on offense. Only now its Gallinari that is the offensive 0.

    (But his defense really has been good, which I’d actually rather see at this point than him taking a bunch of 22 footers).

  27. What is wrong with this team?

    Only two Knicks had more points than FGAs.

    At least Jennings looked like a Knick tonight. (You can take that to mean it was like we drafted him for one night, or it was good we didn’t draft him in the first place… whatever you prefer.)

    8 stls… one of the bigger positives to take from this one.

    Primoz Brezec still plays in the NBA… you learn something new every day.

  28. The amazing thing was that Sergio with 8 steals and still wound up minus 19. Also, if he keeps his dribble as high as he has the last two games he may give up 8 steals to Rondo. It was kind of sad to watch him constantly looking to attack while the other Knicks just stood around- Chandler and Gallo were especially passive. Hopefully playing with both Rodriguez and McGrady will get guys cutting a little more.

  29. These guys need some more practices together. Before the trades we were basically a Lee centric team, doing pick and rolls and kick outs with him. Now with TMac and Sergio here, we look really different. It’s going to take some time to mesh.

  30. A bit off topic, but boy am I glad we didn’t sign Iverson! I give Donnie credit for resisting the temptation.

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