2010 Game Thread: Double Overtime NYK @ CHA

Put your thoughts about this awful (ly entertaining at times) game where the Knicks came back from 21 points down and now are headed to double overtime.

Perhaps we might see Gallo in double overtime?

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122 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread: Double Overtime NYK @ CHA”

  1. What do you think the deal is?

    Did his back stiffen up?

    I don’t know what would make me more irked – that his back hurts again or that D’Antoni just doesn’t want to play him.

  2. What has happened to this team’s offense???? At least last season we could you know actually score.

  3. Gee, I wonder if that guy would have been useful to have in any of the previous 9 minutes.

  4. Brian,

    Gallo has 5 fouls.

    “Raymond Felton is the best player on the floor.”

    Maybe tonight, but he’s not very good overall.

    “Wow Gallo got schooled by f***in Graham. Both these teams are pretty pathetic.”

    He made an off-balance lay-up. That’s probably the biggest shot Graham has ever made, at least since leaving OK State.

  5. Brian,

    Gallo has 5 fouls.

    That’s not even remotely an excuse to sit him an entire overtime and almost all of the second.

    I mean, what, were they saving him for the third overtime?

  6. I’ll take some solace out of this awful loss if it teaches D’Antoni what he has in Gallo.

  7. That call on Harrington was total bull crap.

    Eh, it looked like he bodied the guy pretty hard.

  8. Cant wait to see these tired legs tomorrow vs the Sixers.

    Maybe that’s what they were saving Gallo for.

  9. Well, at least they made it interesting… Was looking pretty bad there for a long while.


    I suppose D’Antoni wanted his veteran group on the floor. Not saying I agree. Gallo was out there in crunch time and took the potential game winner in regulation, so I’m not at all worried that D’Antoni doesn’t have confidence in him.

  10. “That call on Harrington was total bull crap.

    Eh, it looked like he bodied the guy pretty hard.”

    I have generally thought the officiating has been total crap so far this season. I’ve seen blatant missed calls in every game I’ve watched, I really think more so than usual. Maybe it’s because the refs missed the entire preseason…

    That particular call could have gone either way, but there were some others that were worse. How was Gallo not fouled on his jumper???????????? Whoever was guarding him (Graham) literally landed on top of him…………….

    By the way, I’m glad it got Danilo back out there, but what was Nate thinking on the 6th foul? When you have 5 fouls why reach in for that ball?

  11. I don’t know about you but this was a fun game to watch at the end. You know they’ve woken up when you see David Lee hustling and contesting on defense like that. Hopefully we can take good things from this moving forward.

  12. The Knicks did not deserve to win (not that the Bobcats did either). I am generally the optimist, but what I saw there from the Knicks was bad basketball on both ends of the floor. They still hoisted too many threes (adjusted for pace of course). Unfortunately, they do not have good shooters outside of Gallo. I love Mikey D but I am beginning to question the offensive strategy. It is simply not playing to the strengths of our team (although to his credit our strengths are limited). What I want to see id fewer threes, a much improved mid game and more drives to the basket.

  13. “but what was Nate thinking on the 6th foul?”

    Thats the problem, he is never thinking. Nate and Duhon each missed WIDE open 3’s that wouldve sealed the game at the end of the 1st overtime, actually Duhon’s was at the end of regulation.

    Still all they needed was one stop at end of 1st overtime but Felton went right by Jeffries like he wasnt there. I hope they stop with this Jeffries covering the PG deal, he is much more effective helping and playing D off the ball something the entire team I must admit looked alot better doing tonight.

  14. On the defensive end, at both the end of the 1st Overtime and the 2nd Overtime, Felton and Augustine repeatedly beat their defender off the dribble and laid the ball in. That is simply inexcusable defense. The perimeter defender failed to stay in front, the help defender failed to help, and the interior defender failed to challenge. That was the worst part. If we have improved on defense, it certainly has not showed so far. I am still willing to give this team a grace period, but what I am seeing is just not smart basketball.

  15. How was Gallo not fouled on his jumper???????????? Whoever was guarding him (Graham) literally landed on top of him…………….

    Yeah, that call was ridiculous.

  16. On a positive note, I did like Gallo in this Game. Did force the issue to much. A couple of drives including a score and a trip to the free throw line. He even backed down Wallance on the post. I want to see him slowly improve his corner free throw line game. He is tall enough to shoot over most defenders and could probably cause some havoc in that area ( ala Dirk). In any case, I hope he keeps on improving.

  17. I have many thoughts. I’ll sum it up like this—terrible coaching, no defense, an amorphous blend of players without defined roles. Why a three point attempt at the end of regulation? Wasn’t it a tie game and I think Charlotte was over the limit. Why not take time off and drive and draw a foul? BB Al is totally right—why is Jeffries covering a point guard? Any small quick (or slow) guard can beat a guy that’s 6′ 11′. I’ve been watching this team for over 40 years—no rhyme and certainly no reason. I think D. Lee is really the only fundamentally sound player of the bunch—no kidding I also think Gallo’s medical prognosis is worse than the pf they neglected to draft because of his knee’s. It’s all good though—Jeffries is hitting his three’s.

  18. Yes, I am also a bit disappointed in Mikey D. I question some of his schemes. But it is also only 2 games into the season. Maybe he has confidence this team will pull things together. Lets give this team a few more games. But I do want us to stop with the THREES!

  19. You have to admit the defense was vastly improved tonight, granted it was the Bobcats but the defense was alot better.

    Problem I see is the Knicks basically used only 7 players tonight, the 2nd game of the season, the 1st of a back-to-back and a game which went into double overtime. Also Chandler cant possible be 100% coming off the ankle surgery.

  20. Also cant believe this but this team really misses Tim Thomas. Also just noticed 7 of next 8 games are at home but only 2 of those games vs non-playoff teams. This season could get real ugly real quickly.

  21. The defense was better in some aspects. But in the critical moments, at the end of games, with 5 men behind the ball, they played bad. Its tough to stomach those. I also hope Gallo can strengthen a bit. Teams are going after him and its causing problems on mismatches. Also our guards must fight over screens. Too many times you saw a guard go under or switch off. That is why we saw D Lee on Augustine at the end. That is clearly not ideal.

  22. “I need a drink…..”

    “this team really misses Tim Thomas.”

    Clearly, you’ve had that drink.

  23. Watching the Warriors/Suns game right now and the announcers are bitching about the refs…

    “Still all they needed was one stop at end of 1st overtime but Felton went right by Jeffries like he wasnt there.”

    Jeffries must have thought he had help… He literally looked like he was guiding Felton right by him and he was sort of looking around like “where the hell are you?”

    “Overtime, Felton and Augustine repeatedly beat their defender off the dribble and laid the ball in.”

    Sadly the Knicks haven’t played team defense in a decade, and they’ve always been killed by quick guards over that period.
    There were some good defensive possessions down the stretch when the Knicks made their run, including bigmen (I recall both Lee and Danilo) staying in front of guards on switches/penetration. Would be great to see them do it consistently.

    “why is Jeffries covering a point guard? Any small quick (or slow) guard can beat a guy that’s 6? 11?.”

    Jeffries has guarded guards his whole career (not that it’s been a great career). He was guarding Felton because 1. he’s the Knicks’ “defensive stopper” and 2. Duhon and Nate are the only guards in the rotation. Duhon probably should have been on Felton, but I don’t think Nate is any better than Jeffries on him.

  24. LOL Z im serious though, they miss his outside shooting big time. Id much rather have him on the team than Hughes.

  25. “Duhon and Nate are the only guards in the rotation.”

    Can’t Larry Hughes come off the bench just to keep Felton from dancing to the basket? I mean, he is making $13 million, and he’s in uniform, and he’s the best defender on the team… (If he gets the stop, he wouldn’t even have to worry about Hughes shooting at the other end. The game would have been over!)

  26. Yeah Ted Ive mentioned tonight I thought they actually played some pretty good D especially in the 2nd half. Of course as Ive said the Bobcats being the opponents probably had alot to do with it too.

  27. Yes, Lee and Gallo did try to stay in front. We need to have a more nuanced pick and roll defense. Jeffries, Chandler, and Harrington are relatively interchangeable and can guard from the 1 to the 5 positions (a little liberal assumption). But on 5 and 1 pick and rolls, the guard must fight over the screen and stay with his man. As currently constructed, we employ a switch on every pick and roll scheme. Not gonna work out with quick points as seen tonight.

  28. Yes, you have bad three point shooter (Jeffries, Chandler, Nate, and Harrington) With Nate and Harrington sometimes serviceable from 3.

  29. I don’t think I can watch this team much. it’s too bad, I kind of love Gallinari, warts and all. but the rest of them (besides Lee, who’s so reliable and consistent), YIKES.

  30. Two interesting things mentioned on the post-game:

    1. BOTH teams went 4+ minutes w/o scoring from the end of regulation to 2:00 to go in the first OT. Just putrid. As to why Gallo wasn’t out there, either MD’A effed up (crap!) or his back tightened up (double crap!!). Either option is fairly nauseating.

    2. I wonder what the repercussions will be of Duhon’s calling the team out? And if he was so appalled, why not say something, you know, before the game started? I can’t even begin to speculate as to what the social dynamics are like in the locker room, but this team really seems to need an Alpha Male

  31. Either option is fairly nauseating.

    Yeah, that was exactly what I was worried about in comment 2.

    In all seriousness, of course I’d prefer the D’Antoni screwed up option, because that can be corrected over time.

    If this game leads to us seeing more of Gallo, then it’s a net positive I think.

  32. D’Antoni sounded like it was still preseason in his post-game interview tonight. He said “I’m still trying to find the right combination of players” a lot (presumably when asked why Gallinari wasn’t playing at the end). Considering the rotation is pretty much the exact same as the one he ended last year with, he should know what these guys bring to the court by now…

    And I missed most of the first half. Why did Darko only play 4 minutes? Sure he had a -12 in those 4 minutes, but were he and Douglas really to blame? What on earth could they have done in that time to prove their incompetence?

  33. Dunno about Darko, I too missed basically the entire 1st half, got home with a couple of minutes left in 2nd quarter.

    Thought maybe Douglas couldve been used to guard Felton at the end of the game since he is supposedly on the team because of his defense.

  34. Okay, I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I think I just figured out where one of my favorite poster, Ken “The Animal” Bannister, disappeared to: Nowhere! He just started contributing under a different name! (Glad to know you’re still with us, Ken! You always made me laugh with your comments!)

    Now, who could this mysterious “Kevin McElroy” be? Another former poster that suddenly disappeared? Perhaps Retropkid? Or Mulligan; Or Count Zero; or Brian Quinnett’s Left Nipple?; or Daaaarn?; or 2010? or Mase? or maybe even Iyamwutian in disguise???

    Or perhaps he was the guy who used to post simply as “Kevin”…

  35. I guess I should have taken the over on Jeffries’ three point shooting, sorry to miss this, sounds like an entertaining spectacle…

  36. Can anyone describe the type of game, on both ends, that the Knicks are trying to play. What kind of team are they trying to become? Maybe if I understood this better, I would be happier watching the games. Any ideas?

  37. I mentioned it in the other thread, but my biggest concern here is Duhon’s 55+ minutes in the first game of a back-to-back. We know that he completely burned out last year from overuse, and his miss at the end of regulation surely might be a consequence of fatigue.

    Can the man please get a few minutes of rest? This begins to look like reckless coaching.

  38. “Thought maybe Douglas couldve been used to guard Felton at the end of the game since he is supposedly on the team because of his defense.”

    That’s a great point, someone else mentioned Hughes as an option also. I guess D’Antoni has to deal with Duhon’s psyche, it would be pretty embarassing to be taken out of a game in OT because you can’t guard the great Raymond Felton (BTW, wasn’t Duhon supposed to be a strong defensive PG? If he can’t do that, what is he?)

    If I was an opposing coach, my instructions would be to let every Knick but Gallo fire away from 3. And if I was D’Antoni, I’d tell Wilson no more 3’s until he can hit the rim on a consistent basis.

  39. So D’Antoni is still trying to figure out a mix? I guess that’s because there are some guys who got lots of minutes last year who aren’t getting any now.
    Jeffries is playing way more. Gallinari is playing way more. I am surprised Douglas wasn’t more involved.
    I think Darko’s knee bruise was a factor in him not playing much. I think that hurt, otherwise there is absolutely no reason for the opposition to fear taking it to the paint.
    Just a few more comments:
    Someone above mentioned they wondered why D’Antoni didn’t use Hughes against Felton. I’m thinking Hughes is a pandora’s box best left closed. I would have preferred getting Douglas some minutes. He plays sound defense, is strong, and has six fouls.
    Duhon getting 55 minutes after last year’s breakdown is ridiculous. He’s an injury waiting to happen. It was almost as if D’Antoni played his guards as if this was a short playoff series (read desperation).
    Harrington is killing the Knicks. His shooting is abysmal, 7-20, 1-7 from 3. He’s a tall, more meaty Crawford, without the assists.
    I’m way more willing to be patient with Chandler, but he needs to be driving at the hoop more. He doesn’t need to be chucking five 3s. His stats were a near mirror image of Harrington’s futility.
    Chandler and Lee has five blocks between them, which felt like the most surprising stat of the night, just overshadowing the fact that Jeffries was the Knicks most effective 3 pt shooter last night.

    Duhon’s comments were disturbing because he observed it before the game and either did nothing or could do nothing to stop it, and then raised it in the media, rather than confronting people.
    This is the second night in a row where a player called out his teammates in the press. Lee’s expression of frustration after game 1 was the other.

    Where the hell are the coaches?

  40. Off topic, but does anyone think we could work out a trade with Golden State again. Their mix is a mess — I saw a bit of their game against the Suns and ick! — and they want (or should want) to make their young guys the center of a redevelopment plan. Specifically, can anyone imagine a trade for Monta Ellis, who would be a great lead guard for Mike D, that doesn’t hurt (or even helps) our cap space situation. Any trade Machine wizards?

  41. Frank O. – regarding players’ attitudes, check out this comment from OJ Mayo about beating the Raptors:

    “”We definitely were all tuned-in after that home opener,” Mayo said. “We didn’t play nearly as well as we can on opening night. We had a good practice [Thursday], then came in here and everyone was really focused, had a must-win attitude, and we showed it.”

    Doesn’t sound like the Knicks were really focused if Duhon had to yell at his team before the game to get serious. The Knicks need leadership in a big way, and despite Harrington’s comments before the season, he’s not the guy. I think it has to be Lee at this point.

  42. Yeah, I think we’ve still got the Duhon from the 2nd half of last season and not the first… and I don’t think any one takes comfort in him calling out the team after the fact.
    We need to let Tony Douglas Do What Tony Douglas Do, by God. Seriously, could he be much worse that Duhon?
    And Harrington, jesus. Maybe if we start out really bad like 5-15, Coach D. will play the kids and the rooks. That will at least be more entertaining.
    Maybe the idea of signing Wally World for a one year minimum isn’t such a bad idea… we need 2 guard minutes and leadership.
    As for Nate… it looks like this summer hurt his pride a bit. I hope he can get some of the fire back.

  43. Harrington’s play was way worse than his stat line indicated. He was a 1-man momentum wrecking crew.

    36 threes. Pat Riley used to call that kind of offense “fool’s gold.” I hate to say it but we need Eddy back! Nobody else has any inside presence at all.

  44. “this team really misses Tim Thomas.”

    “can anyone imagine a trade for Monta Ellis…that doesn’t hurt (or even helps) our cap space situation?”

    “We need Eddy back!”

    Wow. It only took two games for us to lose our minds….

  45. Is it just me or does D’Antoni look less invested in the game than usual? He didn’t seem too upset about the Knicks’ terrible boneheaded plays like he usually does.

  46. obviously too early to tell, but does anyone else feel like dantoni is deflating nate… he just looks so hesitant

    maybe its a good thing to bring him under control, but i feel like the knicks pathetic offense needs more of his explosiveness

  47. Maybe it’s too early to tell. Still, I dream:

    “And with the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select…”

  48. “And with the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz, feeling terrible sympathy for the idiot New York Knicks, who traded this pick away like buffoons, select Fred Weis and send him back to New York for his just desserts.”

  49. Gallo starting tonight – 2 for 2 already from three. Harrington to the bench… THANK YOU MIKE!

  50. Gallo goes 2 for 2 from 3pt land in first couple of minutes, barely touches the ball for next 7 mintes before being subbed out. *sigh*

  51. The worst part of the first half is that the Knicks aren’t playing smart on either side of the ball. After Gallo hits his first 2 shots, the next time he gets the ball he gets double teamed, passes the ball to a wide open Chandler and we score. But then after that, the offense stopped going through Gallo. How can they not understand that if he commands a double team, someone else will be open?

    And I second that Duhon sucks. I’ve never seen a point guard stop his dribble as much as Duhon does. And his passing is atrocious when he drives to the basket, gets caught in the air, and then tries to find the open man.

  52. if he plays 82 games, Gallinari is going to take a run at the most 3s made in a a season, currently 269 by Ray Allen.

    the reason I don’t think I can watch this team much is I just can’t stop thinking about the stunningly botched draft. in addition to Lawson, Brandon Jennings missed a triple double by one rebound and one assist in his debut.

    but at least we’ve got Duhon! (shoots self in head)

  53. Is there no way possible to let Tony Douglas conceivably do what Tony Douglas most likely and intuitively would possibly do???
    Meanwhile, Hughes at least has shown a scant bit of respectability.

  54. This season has already become very painful to follow. At the moment, we are giving up a Top 3 draft choice (and I predict it’ll be at least a Top 5 by the end of the season) thanks to He Who Shall Not Be Named. What pains me is that before, I at least carried around some small bit of hope to begin the season, but looking at this current roster, and our particular situation, I just never got anything going this time around. I know it’s way early, but I’ve honestly never felt this empty about the team before. Hopefully mid-season will provide some exciting trade news.

  55. i have to watch the game on gamecast. How is Gallo’s game i can see the boxscore but are the 3’s wide open and are his misses reasonable or awful?(non 3 point attempts)

  56. Gallo needs to start from now on. The comment D’Antoni made about Gallo being one of the best shooters he’s ever seen is starting to make sense now.

  57. I think Jon Abbey is right about the 3 point record thing. I imagine in a few games teams are really going to be chasing him hard.

  58. also from gamecast it appears that harrington is driving…. I like that harrigton alot better then the jumpshot 3 pointer heaving one.

  59. jesus, that was deflating…. who knew that harrington fouling out could be a swing point in a game

    some other observations- duhon kinda clutch lately, hit two big layups down the stretch last two games
    harrington is looking really strong taking it to the hoop, especially with those nice left hand finishes…
    team fucked harrington- they shoulda fouled when harrington was on the floor, instead he ended up fouling out with 3 minutes left
    gallo really fun to watch

  60. Holy Crap the 76ers shot 60.7 % from the field for the game, a game that went into OT no less.

  61. BTW, no one should be surprised that Lee was -38 and Gallo, even with his big numbers, had a -20. Having those two in the lineup together was a huge disaster in terms of defense. Things didn’t get better until Larry Hughes tightened up the perimeter D significantly, and Darko stabilized (somewhat) the interior (though he got abused by Speights in the 2nd half). You might be able to get away with Lee guarding 5s and Gallo guarding 2s and 3s for parts of the game, but not at the same time.

    Nate looked like he sprained his ankle badly in the game…wonder how long he’ll be out.

  62. Actually from what I noticed the 76ers didnt really attack Gallo on offense much. Young and Speights had real good games but the biggest problem was the backcourt of Iguodola and Williams who went for 32 and 27.

  63. Must resist….urge to…..say something sarcastic but very….funny. Promised Mike….I ….would be…..good.

  64. Scenes we will never see: “Smart move by Harrington there to avoid his 6th foul, better to let the man score as his offense is desperately needed. At the other end, Harrington pulls up with .1 seconds on the clock… and it’s gooood! Knicks win on a buzzer beater by Al Harrington, what a finish!!”

    Come to think of it, when was the last time the Knicks won a game on a last second shot?

  65. guess the starting 5 has yet to be determined…in a way its almost refreshing not to see Lee and Nate playing the lion share of minutes since they are 1- season rentals any way..if huhges can get back into the rotation we are better off for it thanks to his perimeter defense…here are my starters for the next 5 games:

    dark darko
    hungry hughes


  66. At least we made the Sixers work for those 141 points.

    Let’s get this straight, we scored 127 points on 41 3 pt attempts and Sixers scored 141 points with only 8 attempts. I don’t know what the Knicks are playing, but it’s not basketball.

  67. Good point Zman. I know there are a few positives to take out of this game, but the defense is just atrocious. Lee looks even weaker defending than last year so far. And it’s hard to be a “running” team when you’re one of the slowest teams in the league.
    I’m hoping Douglas gets some burn next game because he’s the only player we have that can defend a quick point guard. Hughes at least looks like he’s trying. I like Al off the bench. If we could settle on a lineup of Douglas, Hughes or Chandler, Gallo, Lee and Darko, I would be happy. It’s not a super fast team, but at least there’s some D and Douglas is fast at the point (Duhon is absolutely killing us on both sides.)
    It will be interesting to see the trades at the deadline this year. I could see Lee being traded to a contender for a young player/draft pick… say Oden goes down or Gasol or another contender’s big with an injury… I think Lee would ok a trade if there was a chance to go to a contender. And we could still re-sign him the next year- or not.

  68. Scene:
    D’Antoni sitting in a dark trainers room, a bowl of water before him.
    His brother enters to ask what he is doing.
    D’Antoni dips his hand in the water and splashes it over his head, running his hands back through his thinning hair.
    He says nothing for a moment, splashes more water through his hair, the drops splashing and piercing the silence making his brother flinch.

    Then his whispers quietly:
    “I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it. I never want to forget. And then I realized… like I was shot… like I was shot with a diamond… a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought: My God… the genius of that. The genius. The will to do that. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we. Because they could stand that these were not basketball players. These were men… trained cadres. These men who played with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love… but they had the strength… the strength… to play ball like that. If I had a bench of those men our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to shoot with feeling… to defend with passion… with judgment… with judgment. It’s our judgment that defeats us.”
    “The horror….the horror.”

  69. “Let’s get this straight, we scored 127 points on 41 3 pt attempts and Sixers scored 141 points with only 8 attempts. I don’t know what the Knicks are playing, but it’s not basketball.”

    Z-man, agree we take way too many 3’s, although we will always have to rely on them based on who we have on the offense. My biggest problem are those stupid pull-up 3’s by Duhon and Harrington when they have a 2 on1 or 3 on 2 fast break. And the only players who should be attempting 5 or more 3’s are Gallo and maybe Nate, although his shooting from everywhere has been horrible. Chandler? Maybe if he’s in the corner, some of his bricks from the top of the key area are mind-boggling. Oh, and I forgot about our newest marksman, Jared “second coming of Ray Allen” Jeffries.

  70. I am a huge D’antoni fan, but have not been impressed with his handling of last second defensive situations. I feel like the knicks are often ill- prepared for these plays, never communicate properly on defense, and have no idea how to handle their remaining fouls (see the game against portland last year, and I think they gave iguodala a free basket at the end of the 1st when they shoulda fouled).

    In other news, the giants are getting hammered. please god let the yankees win tonight

  71. D’Antoni’s Phoenix teams averaged roughly 25 3pt attempts per game and consistently averaged close to 40% from 3.

    The Knicks are averaging nearly 40 attempts per game (inflated somewhat by the 3 OT periods, but mid 30’s at least in regulation) but shooting less than 29% from 3.

    Even if we were to start making 35% plus and winning with this strategy (which we won’t because only Gallo shoots them at a consistently high percentage rate) I find it to be boring, ugly basketball. The long rebounds invite fast breaks and dunks galore on the other end. There are the inevitable demoralizing droughts. It becomes difficult to get teams in foul trouble.

  72. “How come this site doesn’t have a new blog post and preview for each game?”

    I’ve tried but I think I lost my admin rights. Long overdue I’d say. :-)

  73. It is kind of crazy that at the end of a season which will be filled with unremitting pain we aren’t even going to get a high draft pick out of it. It really is mindboggling…

  74. I know they have had back-to-back games go into OT but so far this year Duhon is averaging exactly 40 mpg so thats why I went with that number.

  75. My preseason optimism is showing signs of serious health problems….symptomatic dissfunction of offensive and defensive cells.

    With 18 degrees below my temperature its just right for me to loosen up and start feeling real well…and then when i warm up to about 0 then it starts to be very cold in hart/hand region and my head starts to show signs of high fever.

    Win-total looks like is going to be born as a teenager.

    Can Mr W. do something for a draft pick…is it possible?

  76. If Knicks are 3W – 4L by the end of the week i’ll get an attack of acute optimism again…and if among 3W Cleveland is the one that falls in the garden….then it’s going to be a chronic optimism.In spite of all shown i still really think it’s possible.

  77. Following up on the comments regarding too many three’s—Probably obvious to some, but too many three’s also negatively effect other parts of the game. (1) when a big man takes a three, he’s way out of position for a rebound. (2)While making a three yields a better overall fg %, I think this is somewhat deceptive. When you look at regular fg %, it is a mixture of all kinds of shots. We know that most players, even the Knicks, have a higher % at close range. So, if you fight for a lay up or a back door or a pick and roll, even though it’s only worth two, I think the overall fg% is pretty high, for most players. So, with the exception of awesome 3 point shooters (40% worth 60%), the fg % on three’s is deceptive, compared to the easy shot. (3) Generally, the three takes away the traditional 3 point play. There is not usually a foul called on the 3 point attempt. This causes two problems—No free throw for the offense and the defensive team does not get into foul trouble. The second issue is a major problem IMO. Thus, the highest % shot–the free throw—is taken out of the mix by the offensive scheme. (4) The missed three also, as someone pointed out, also results in fast breaks. (5) More elusive is the psychological effect. Sometimes I think players become passive, kick back and wait until, say, Gallo hits a three. I’m sorry I don’t have stats to bear out these effects, but I believe they exist. Bottom line–the three is part of the game, but having sat through the Bomb Squad, it is not the answer. Go Knicks.

  78. daJudge,

    Read the “Layman’s guide to advanced statistics” at the top of the page. eFG% and tS% address your concerns with 3-pointers and free throws.

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