2010 Game Thread and Preview: Knicks v. Pistons

The New York Knicks (20-39) host the Pistons (21-39).  In a game the Knicks need to win to keep from slipping into a tie for 14th place in the conference. Yikes.  Can you believe that just 7 weeks ago we were in 9th place and wondering if a playoff game was within reach? Oh well.

The Pistons have really disappointed this year.  After a creating cap room and spending it all on over priced 2nd–in some cases 3rd–teir talent, the Pistons are limping to the end of a second consecutive sub .500 season.  Let the Pistons serve as a cautionary tale to Donnie Walsh.  Max contract to Joe Johnson plus bringing back David Lee isnt enough to turn this team around.

Your in game thoughts here.

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38 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread and Preview: Knicks v. Pistons”

  1. You know, the Nix now have a starting lineup featuring 4 SF’s and one PF.

  2. Bill Walker needs to work on the fouls. He gets into foul trouble easily, it hurts his on-court development.

  3. You know, the Nix now have a starting lineup featuring 4 SF’s and one PF.

    You could also see it as 3 PFs and 2 SFs!

    But yeah, either way it is a weird, weird lineup.

    Still, this weird seven-man rotation is looking pretty good tonight!

  4. Glad to see Gallo working on a post game.

    It’s bad, but glad to see he’s working.

  5. I hate when Eddie House is on the floor. He’s the one guy who is a terrible passer, but he has the ball. The offense grinds to a halt.

  6. Gallinari hitting shots before the 4th quarter? That is odd. The Knicks giving up a big lead I’d say that sounds familiar but the Knicks rarely have a big lead.

  7. did you guys see the espn films commercial with reggie miller defeating the Knicks and spike lee? they played momma said knock you out over it. tough…

  8. so…what’s the deal with Chandler? And I find it funny that Mike D plays all forwards (though we still may be able to consider T-Mac a guard) as starters and plays 3 PG’s off the bench and we have our best game in weeks-hilarious. Keep goin unconventional coach! lol

  9. This isn’t as frequently discussed, but a big of the D’Antoni “revolution”, if you will, in Phoenix was to play his best five regardless of position. If we can go in the way=back machine back to training camp ’04, MD’A was getting funny looks when he announced that his starters would be Stoudamire at C and Marion at PF, i.e. – no “true” center even though his other options to play the five were Jake Voskuhl & Steven Hunter.

    In that case, trotting out two swingmen (McGrady, Walker), two SF’s (Harrington, Gallinari) and Lee (a PF masquerading as a C) isn’t that surprising.

  10. On the down side- Sergio doesn’t really look like a long-term solution to our point guard woes. There’s no reason TD shouldn’t get at least 20 minutes a night from here on out- I know he’s probably not the answer to our point guard woes either but we know he’s going to here so…

    We have a pretty cheap option on Walker for next year do we not? If nothing else if he keeps playing well you might be able to get a pick in the back half of the first round for him from a cost-conscious team- or would we have to wait to trade him if we pick up his option?

  11. Just read an article today by Hollinger talking about the league’s most underrated shooters and a new stat called secondary percentage which is the difference between a player’s FG% and his TS%. I would link the article but it is Insider.

    Anyway the Top 5 players in secondary percentage are Chauncey Billups, Gallo, James Posey, Jason Kidd and Paul Pierce. Hollinger apparently likes this stat alot and is using it as proof that Billups is one of the most underrated, best shooters in the NBA. Well if Gallo is 2nd in the NBA in this category and is BY FAR the youngest player in the Top 5 in this category that bodes pretty damn well for his future.

  12. Well if Gallo keeps going the way he’s going he won’t be on that list for long- the only reason he’s there is because of the high % of 3’s he’s taken relative to his total field goal attempts and both his % of three’s taken and his 3 point fg % have been steadily dropping all year. Not to say I don’t like Gallo, I do- but realistically it’s hard to call a guy who shoots 38.5% from 3 and 46% from inside the arc too underrated a shooter. Certainly good, but not overwhelming.

  13. I think Hollinger worked out the wrong way this time. First he wanted to proof something (Billups being good) and then made up a number for it. The fact that someone shooting 0% from the field and 50% from the free throw line would be leading that category should tell you that something is wrong with “secondary percentage”.

    I think in the end, “secondary percentage” tells which players are good long range shooters (3pt raises TS%), go to the line (FT usually raises TS%) but doesn’t score inside (which raises FG% more than TS%). However, i think the number is quite irrelevant; since it is a difference of percentages and doesn’t take into account whether TS% is 50 and FG% is 30, or if it is 60 and 40.

  14. ” The fact that someone shooting 0% from the field and 50% from the free throw line would be leading that category should tell you that something is wrong with “secondary percentage”.”

    First off if a player shoots 0% from the field, his TS% will be very bad. I actually bothered to calculate this for one Knick (Bender) and found his secondary percentage goes down if you set his FGM=0 and FTM=FTA/2. So this just isn’t true. While it’s possible to have a good secondary percentage with those numbers, it’s also possible to have a bad one as well.

    Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, what kind of extreme test is this? Is three point percentage “wrong” because Eddy Curry (and 16 other players) have a career 3p% of 100%? There are only 6 players in NBA history that have made half their free throws and never made a shot from the field, and they total 150 minutes. Throwing out a stat because of an extreme circumstance is absurd.

  15. What happened to Chandler last night?

    Now’s the time of the season where I’d like to see the kids get some burn. Toney Douglas logs only 3 minutes? C’mon, can’t we do a little better than that? We’re 21-39 and going nowhere!

    Honestly surprised to see the Knicks win a ballgame. Sigh.

  16. Chandler is on personal leave. i think a family member died.

    I don’t get secondary percentage. Is it just Hollinger’s attempt to rebrand ts% and make it more understandable?

    I know from many conversations that TS% is not an intuitive concept for a lot of regular NBA fans. When you tell them that Lebron’s ts% is 6.5% higher than Kobe’s their eyes tend to glaze over. Something about the phrase is just not catchy. I prefer to use the term scoring efficiency when I try to explain what it is.

  17. Re Chandler: apparently out due to a death in the family.

    I agree with tastycakes that Toney should have gotten more burn last night. If for any other reason, than to spell McGrady so he doesn’t have to play so many minutes. Speaking of TMac, hopefully his performance last night is a sign that the rust is starting to come off.

  18. Wow, is Detroit really that bad now? Dumars with some bad, bad moves, man. Unfortunately, not every frontline will be that soft. I love giving T-Mac the start at pg and Walker looks good but a Harrington/Lee frontcourt is kind of iffy. I gues MD doesn’t have much of a choice. Harringbrick must be happy at least.
    It’s hard to go from thinking we are a power forward heavy team to suddenly a guard heavy team.
    So when Chandler gets back, will he go to the 3 and will Gallo slide to the 4? Leaving Walker in there?

  19. I haven’t watched either of the last two games what is Walker doing so well?? It sounds like he was jamming in the wide open lane because Ben Wallace was hurt. Harrington has averaged 28 ppg over the last 4 games, people don’t seem to be to be talking about that.

  20. “Harrington has averaged 28 ppg over the last 4 games, people don’t seem to be to be talking about that”

    we dont like to talk positivly about harrington as he might be reading these chats and that would lead and expansion of the ego, thus leading to more shots.

  21. Walker can drive to the hoop and dunk. He’s good at receiving Alley-Oops. He’s the ideal SNES NBA Live’95 player. Kinda like the Knicks-era Trevor Ariza without the defense.

  22. “He’s the ideal SNES NBA Live’95 player. Kinda like the Knicks-era Trevor Ariza without the defense.”

    He would have been a good addition to my team, lead by scoring champ Anthony Bonner.

  23. Walker isn’t good, but he’s good for the team. Gallinari can’t get into the paint, Rodriguez is poor at finishing the paint, and McGrady, with the exception of last night and his first night out, seems hesitant to test his knee.

    A successful offense is all out breaking down the defense and then moving the ball. With all the deadline trades we actually have players (rodriguez, mcgrady) that know how to move the ball. The problem was that we couldn’t break down the D. Walker helps us because even when contended he can finish in the paint.

    Last night’s SL had five players who can make a jumpshot and four guys who could beat their men and break down the defense (all but Gallo). Even the subpar passers (Harrington, Walker) were making the right passes. Our defense was still pretty weak, but the offense was strong enough to overcome that. Against a better team, even with the ball movement, we still may have lost.

  24. I was just thinking after seeing Simmons mention that Lebron was Player of the Month again.

    Isn’t it kind of cool to see a player actually exceed the hype given to them when they were young?

    Who else has done that? Chris Paul? Dwyane Wade? Would you say that Durant has exceeded his hype?

  25. I’d say Durant is about even with the hype. He played at Oak Hill in HS and averaged 25 and 11 as a Freshman at Texas so expectations were high for sure. I remember that leading up to the draft people were calling him a tall version of T-Mac or Kevin Garnett with the quickness and handle of a guard and I’m not sure he’s exceeded or even met those expectations yet.

    Keep in mind that LeBron was on the cover of Sports Illustrated at age 17 with the headline “Chosen One”!

  26. Keep in mind that LeBron was on the cover of Sports Illustrated at age 17 with the headline “Chosen One”!

    Exactly – and he has somehow actually pretty much become the “Chosen One!” It’s amazing.

  27. Durant is closer to T-Mac than Garnett, and I think he’ll be better than T-Mac ever was before too long. When he fills out, he and LeBron will be some match-up, especially if they meet in the finals.

  28. You said EXCEED the hype… the hype behind LeBron was not the usual hot air (Sebastian Telfair).

    At 18 LeBron could CLEARLY move and handle like a top PG prospect, could jump out of the gym like any swingman, was 6-8, and built like a tank. His downside was only so limited. He could have started on this Knicks team as a 16 year-old.

  29. My point being the expectations on LBJ were limitless. Nike had a $90 million stake in creating the greatest hype machine ever. So I’m just saying no one can really be surprised.

  30. Mike, no need to be so harsh. I stated after the extreme example that the stat isn’t useful because it is a difference of percentages which are drawn over a different total.

    If you bother to calculate a bit, given a single player (A), you take its numbers and compare with a player (B) exactly the same but that tried 10 2pt more, and he made all those shots; who has better secondary percentage? Well, it is player (A). Why? because you are taking the difference of unrelated numbers.

    You could also take (2*TS% – FG%) and it would make the same sense as the secondary percentage.

  31. More great luck for the Knicks, the Raptors have been without Bosh for a few games and have been brutal but of course Bosh is set to return tomorrow vs the Knicks.

  32. The Darko plot thickens:

    Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis remains interested in what Darko Milicic has to offer in the NBA.

    “We’re seeing glimpses of tremendous potential for him and for us,” Rambis said. “He made a pass to Ramon Sessions that Ramon wasn’t even looking for, probably assuming there was no way Darko was going to get him the basketball. He has such tremendous vision and passing capabilities.

    “We really haven’t seen an exorbitant amount of what he can do scoring, but it’s there. It’s just starting to poke out. That’s why we’re doing things in practice to encourage him to not only pass the basketball but also look for his own opportunities.”

    Minnesota acquired Milicic from New York in exchange for Brian Cardinal in February.

    Milicic, who will be a free agent this summer, has repeatedly expressed his desire to return to Europe.

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