2010 Game Preview and Thread: Knicks vs Nets

With apologize to Major League….

Lead: The New York Knicks host the New Jersey Nets tonight.  The Knicks come into this early march game with 21 wins vs. 40 losses.  Wait 21 wins? That’s all we have, 21 goddamn wins?!

Color: You can’t say goddamn on the air.

Lead: It doesnt matter,  no one’s reading this anyway.

Your in game thoughts here, if you are even watching. I wont be.

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35 thoughts to “2010 Game Preview and Thread: Knicks vs Nets”

  1. Let the battle for John Wall commence as the Nets take on the “Jazz” in the world’s greatest arena…

  2. Just wanted to say, if the Knicks lose this game the players on the team should honestly all think about retiring or if not killing themselves.

  3. i thought this would be a walk in the park for the Knicks, then again they do love to disappoint you..at first glance they were on a lead and now they’re down by 10 tsk tsk

  4. He’d probably make one someday..hopefully on a different uniform and team next season lol

  5. 1. Can we just outright cut Harrington and House?
    2. Toney Douglas? Hello??? He can’t get in this game?
    3. Did gallo take a shot in the 2nd half?
    4. Please kill me.

  6. I’m getting this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that no FA in their right mind is gonna come to this sorry franchise, even if they have another one to join them. Someone, please reassure me that it’s all gonna be OK, that these horrid losses are irrelevant and that come July it’s all about NYC and D’Antoni and ???

    The Jazz are jazzed as they get more and more ping pong balls.

  7. d-mar–how’s this? The worse the team is, the greater the challenge for LBJ. Maybe that floats his boat. Who knows. We don’t.

    Just one comment about Coach—given this goat f-k of a year, with abysmal D, loss to the Nets, etc.., it seems that the angriest moment for him was when N8 shot the ball at the other team’s hoop. Sad and telling.

  8. Florida International should cut funding to its entire sports program for hiring the single worst GM in the history of professional sports to run its basketball program. No matter what Walsh does, it’s Isiah’s mess, and for that, he should be professionally castrated.

  9. You know the most depressing thing? I honestly can’t shake the feeling that we’ll all be posting within this exact sentiment at this time next year.

    God tell me it was worth it. It’ll be worth it, right?

  10. The Ship Be Sunk. I seriously would just as soon see everybody from this team gone next year- D’Antoni included. The Nets guards penetrated at will all night and TD never gets on the court?
    I know Gallo has improved his defense but he shows up on offense for one quarter a night. Yes his teammates don’t look for him enough but he needs to take it upon himself to make some quick cuts, get on the offensive glass, not let guards like Hinrich and Calderon push him off the post, etc… and get himself involved- no excuses. Chandler gets tossed to the ground late in the game by Terrance Williams and no one bothers to get in Williams’ face, least of all Chandler himself who looks like he’d rather be at the dentist than playing basketball. And if I see David Lee watch one more guard breeze by him then scowl and pound the ball after it drops through the hoop, I’m going have a coronary. I know he’s out of position but his effort level at the defensive end has been truly Curry-esque as of late. I could go on and on but what’s the point? Clearly the team has quit, but unfortunately I can’t seem to quit hoping that one of these nights something is going to click and they’ll show us something that will give us at least a shred of hope for next year (or at least a shred that doesn’t currently play for Cleveland).

  11. Worst part of tonight, Knicks go 0 for 18 from 3pt range and Gallo took exactly 1 of those 3pters.

  12. As per the LBJ talk,

    Interestingly enough, the bucks beat up on the cav’s last night who were resting lbj for the night. After all the talk about how good his supporting cast actually is, the cavs played a pretty shitty game overall. Maybe lebron is at the point where he knows hes good enough to win with just about anyone.

  13. Article up this morning from Isola indicating the Knicks will make strong push for Camby to pair with Lee and LBJ. The article also has a few disconcerting quotes from Lee. I think he is very frustrated right now by the teams’ play, the makeup of the current roster, and the NY media. Its a real possibility that even if the Knicks make a solid offer to Lee in the off-season, he chooses another team just to get a fresh start – especially if NY doesn’t land one of the big 3.

    “If you’re looking for someone to blame I guess you can blame me for the defense,” he said. “I’m doing my best at 6-9 and I’m going to continue to try and get better and control the paint better. A lot of times I’m playing guys five or six inches bigger than I am and 50 pounds heavier.”


    If for any other reason, I’d like to see Curry get back in the mix at center so we could see how Lee matches up against other teams’ power forwards. I thought Curry was going to be back last night.

    Gallinari not being more involved in the offense is a serious problem IMO – more so than Toney not getting any PT. This is also why having a guy like Harrington on the team (lots of talent, but not in the long term plans) is a problem. Gallo could be a great recruiting tool as guys like LeBron and Bosh want to play with a spread forward. However, the Knicks have Harrington jacking up twice as many shots as Gallo against the Nets (16 to 8) while hitting the same number of shots as Gallo (6). I know other people have said this on this board, but the team is not looking to get Gallo involved. Perhaps its a byproduct of the fact that most of these guys are playing for their next contract with another team.

    Check out this vid showing the number of times Gallo was looked over:


  14. quick question: does anybody honestly believe that LeBron will be here next season?

  15. “quick question: does anybody honestly believe that LeBron will be here next season?”


  16. I’m not getting my hopes up for LeBron. It would essentially be like joining an expansion team; right now all we have in the cupboard is Gallinari, Chandler and Douglas– two small forwards and a shooting guard. We have no point guard, no center, no power forward (assuming Lee doesn’t return). He’s in his prime; is he really going to be willing to come to a franchise that has been the dregs of the NBA for a decade to start a rebuilding process? It could be years before the Knicks assemble an adequate supporting cast, years that LeBron will never get back. I would think he’d be more interested in racking up championships than being the toast of NYC.

    The flip side of the argument would be that if you did sign LeBron, you could forgo the idea of going for a second maximum-contract guy and bring in a few quality role players– a defensive C, a sweet-shooting SG… then trade Curry’s expiring for a suitable PG. Thus the rebuilding process would be relatively swift. Still, my gut feeling is that LeBron stays in Cleveland. Worst case scenario would be LeBron joining Wade in Miami. I might have to stop following the NBA if that happens because I really, really, can’t stand the Miami Heat.

  17. I have been campaigning for the Knicks to sign Camby this off-season for awhile.

  18. I’m still bugged that Layden traded Camby, Mark Jackson & the 7th pick (Nene) for McDyess back in ’02.

    I’m all for getting him back, but not for more than a 2-year deal (he’s 36 now)

  19. I think what we all absolutely know about Lebron is that none of us have any real idea of what he plans to do this offseason.

    However bad the Knicks are playing, you add Lebron and they instantly become, what, 15 games better? So them being awful shouldn’t mean that he definitely won’t come, but it also doesn’t mean that he will, of course.

    The dude has 16.2 win shares right now!

  20. Perhaps he has a Messiah complex—throwing up the powder, etc…or maybe he is the Messiah. At least for NY Hoop. On a serious note (I hope I didn’t offend anyone)–if he did play for the Knicks, they would be more than 15 games better. Maybe this is crazy optimistic, but if he signs, the rest will come together. I do not feel the same way about the other FA’s, including Wade. Also, like Brian says, we have no idea what he wants to do. If he wants to come to the Knicks, he will rationalize it in some fashion, even if the team is abysmal. He will then have many close friends/people who will reinforce his choice. Hey, if he wants to be the Savior, this is the place. Who knows, maybe last night was Armageddon.

  21. I think the main reason for hope is that we can bring LeBron a FA sidekick thanks to the Houston deal (and don’t forget, not having Jeffries has made us possibly the worst defensive team in the NBA) LeBron can then rationalize that he’s not just coming to NY for the glitz and the glamour, but teamed with (fill in the blank) he has a more than legitimate chance for a championship. So for a guy concerned with perceptions, coming to the Knicks wouldn’t be seen as just a cynical marketing move but a guy grabbing an opportunity for a title.

  22. I was at the game last night. There were many times during the game you could carry on a conversation without yelling at each other. The place was pretty packed at first and being happy to see an early lead, I took a pic of the scoreboard. It’s not often they go up more than 14 or 15 points lately. But for real, it was mostly boring and eventually pathetic so we split with just under 6 min to go.

  23. I’m not giving Donnie Walsh a pass on this mess.

    He was doing fine when he dumped bad contracts like Crawford and Randolph for inferior players. But I’m not sold on this latest deal. We gave up a pick, a potential pick swap, and Jordan Hill for one thing. To have extra cap space in 2010 that we would have had in 2011 anyway. Those were tradeable and developable assets. So unless he hits a homerun in 2010, it was a serious blunder.

    I already thought the chances of landing either Lebron, Wade or Bosh were remote, but now we are so gutted I can’t see how it’s possible.

    Lebron is on a championship caliber club in his hometown where his family, friends, and mansion are and we think he’s going to take less salary to come to NY and play with a some roles players + whoever else they can sign? No way. He’s either signing long term or signing for 2-3 with the Cavs to give him an out while he’s still young.

    Miami has enough cap space to add a very good player, is tax advantaged in Florida, and the weather and action is great. Wade? Don’t think so.

    Bosh maybe. But he’s alteady flat out stated he’s not leaving Toronto unless he’s part of a sign and trade because he wants the maximum salary and years. So what can we offer and what will be left compared to other cities he might be equally or more interested in playing for? Plus, is he that much better than Lee defensively that he’s going to solve anything?

    This is looking more and more like a major debacle where we sign Joe Johnson to a wildly too expensive contract and add Camby (who will get hurt after 6 weeks) or do something else equally stupid.

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