6 thoughts to “2009 Report Cards: Poll II”

  1. Voted for Chandler. I see many people went with Duhon. I guess that could be fair, he did have a drop off later in the season and never did figure out how to finish in the paint. But for the first half of the season Duhon did exceed my meager expectations of him.

    I expected a bit more efficient and creative offense from Chandler due to his physical tools. His dribble drives and outside shooting did not improve as much in year two as i would have liked to see. He relied heavily on the fake left dribble right move, and later on that drive pump fake fadeaway move. Still I prefer him to Crawford’s “I’m dribbling, dribbling, juking, faking, got you off balance now, got a clear path to the basket now, and now that I can drive to the hole I’m going to take an off-balance 20 foot jumper.”

    I do like Chandler’s defense and he seems quite humble and reserved, an anti-N8 if you will. I would have taken him down to a B.

    According to your grades, the best Knick 5 man unit may have been Duhon, Robinson, Chandler, Harrington, Lee. Does 82games.com agree?

    For those folks who voted for Curry, what is lower than an F?

  2. Nothing. Left. To. Say. About. 08-09 Season.

    ….Need Curry weight update….

    …or rumor of Stoudemire for Jeffries straight up….

    …help us basketball gods.

  3. Off topic…
    I had asked in a previous thread but didn’t get a response: Suppose Nate and/or Lee are signed to one-year deals. If Jeffries and/or Curry are traded in mid-season, can either or both of Nate/Lee’s contracts be renegotiated into multi-year deals in midseason with the newly acquired cap space? Nobody has broached that scenario so it seems that the answer would be no, although I can’t see why not.

  4. I thought Wilson Chandler was fairly solid … but I expected him to make more progress (rebounding + scoring efficiency were disappointing) in his second season and cement his place into whatever the post 2010 Knicks lineup will be, and I didn’t feel that he did enough to do that … so I’d drop Chandler a letter grade down to a “C”.

    I’d also drop Al Harrington a letter grade down to a “C”.

    I’m happy with all of the other grades. I think Nate, Lee and Duhon are all deserving of a “B+”. I also like Hughes + Richardson getting “D+”, and Curry + Wilcox + Jeffries getting “F”‘s.

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