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  1. It looks like ESPN’s coverage starts at 7 EST, but that the actual draft doesn’t start until 7:30 EST. Can anyone confirm that?

  2. It looks like ESPN’s coverage starts at 7 EST, but that the actual draft doesn’t start until 7:30 EST. Can anyone confirm that?

    Let you know tomorrow. :-)

  3. wow – any chance rubio drops to us?
    he doesn’t want to play in Minnesota
    and GS never even had him in

  4. You gotta’ figure if they take Curry with 6, that one of the two is being traded.

  5. I think they will send RIcky to highest bidder – saw he was available at 5 and knew they had value.

    I am getting a bad feeling that Jordan Hill is coming our way. Fingers crossed.

  6. I think you’re right Caleb — Rubio is as good as traded. There is no other conceivable reason to take Flynn.

  7. Sigh.

    Maybe we took him for a trade, knowing he is the highest “ranked” prospect out there. Like Minnesota did.

    Milwaukee… Phoenix… maybe a few others, love him.

    Not looking good, though.

  8. I really don’t know what to think about this pick. Does it mean we are losing Lee? Another Arizona product that doesn’t pan out? Are we packaging him with Lee to MN for Rubio?

  9. Chad Ford on the pick:
    The Knicks are relieved. They were praying that Flynn went in the top seven so that they could get either Curry or Hill. They wish that Curry had been there, but they liked Hill a lot, too. Mike D’Antoni compared him to a young Amare Stoudemire. I think that’s a little much, but he’ll be good in D’Antoni’s up-tempo system and he’s insurance if David Lee leaves via free agency. If Lee re-signs, Hill can play some center the same way Stoudemire did in Phoenix. Good pick.

  10. I’m much happier with Hill than I would have been with Holiday. This is obviously not as good as Curry but maybe it will work out.
    He does look very athletic — had the top max vertical (11’11”) and has a very long wingspan, and I guess very productive too — having the most rebounds in one season in Arizona history is nothing to sneeze at.

    I’m hoping Donnie can pull off a trade to get Lawson. That would greatly relieve the sting of the Curry miss!

  11. Doesn’t look like the Knicks are making any moved to get a later 1st rounder.

  12. Caleb, I hope you are wrong about this guy. Someone compared him to Amare, but I don’t see it. The down side looks like a poor man’s Dalambert. I think barring a sign and trade, they must match any offer for Lee now. Even at $10 mill per, he should be very tradeable and should probably land at the least a pretty good guard.

    Wow, I can’t believe Hansbrough went #13!

  13. From Hahn:

    Ricky Rubio doesn’t like the cold
    Ricky Rubio, the Spanish point guard taken No. 5 by Minnesota, doesn’t sound like a player who is all that interested in playing for the Timberwolves.

    Would the cold weather in Minnesota prevent Rubio from coming to the NBA and prompt him to stay to play in Europe?

    “I don’t know yet. I have to think about that, because I’m just three minutes from a Timberwolves player. So I’m going to talk with my agent about that and we are going to see.”

    When pressed on the topic, Rubio said, “It’s cold there. Yeah, my mom hates cold places. But we are going to see.”

  14. Rubio for Nate and Hill rumors, that would be ballsy and the right thing to do, I think. Nate has to to have some good value in terms of box office for Minnesota.

  15. “Rubio for Nate and Hill rumors, that would be ballsy and the right thing to do, I think. Nate has to to have some good value in terms of box office for Minnesota.”

    Where did you hear that? I would do it in a second.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Donnie isn’t done yet – stay tuned.

  16. From yahoo sports:

    “The New York Knicks are working hard to cut a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves to acquire guard Ricky Rubio, a Western Conference said.

    One league GM said a deal “isn’t 100 percent,” but likely.

    The T’wolves took Rubio fifth followed by Syracuse guard Jonny Flynn.”

  17. The Knicks and Grizzlies have confirmed that Darko Milicic will be heading to New York for Quentin Richardson, according to Andy Katz.

  18. Arizona Republic is reporting that the Curry pick was made for the Suns…
    Nash could be coming to NYC???

  19. Berman is saying LA cannot announce the sale of the 29th until after the pick, so the knicks got a shooting guard to replace Nate

  20. From ESPN:

    “In New York, they’ll ask Milicic to play more like a European center. He’ll run the floor, shoot jumpers and even handle the ball a bit.”

    Maybe we can get something out of him.

  21. So with Hill, Darko and Douglas.
    Sounds to me like
    A) Lee is gone
    B) Nate is gone
    C) Curry is gone soon as the Knicks can find a buyer.
    D) Knicks got a lot bigger
    E) Knicks got more athletic
    F) Knicks will have people who can play defense
    G) Knicks got younger and still in good shape for 2010
    H) Knicks have players more appropriate for D’Antoni’s style of play.

    Darko and Hill can block shots. Hill averaged 3 blocks per game last season, and he’s got a motor and rebounds like an animal.
    Douglas is a dead on good shooter. Not flashy, but good.

    And I won’t have to say another bad thing about Q…:)

    But I think they still have a real weak spot at point.

  22. From Yahoo:

    Timberwolves officials are thus far resisting the advances of the Knicks and the wishes of the player’s agent and insisting that Rubio will stay in Minnesota.

  23. I have this nagging feeling the Knicks will be bring Nash to the garden.
    Duhon isn’t the guard.

    Abbey’s post on the Rubio for Hill and Nate seems plausible from the Knicks’ perspective.

  24. Stupid pick by Minnesota. Why pick a guy that doesn’t want to be there…?
    They’re going to need to move him, I bet.

  25. Nate and Hill for Rubio???? That’s a no brainer for the Knicks. But I get the feeling the Wolves really like the (extremely stupid) idea of playing with a Rubio/Flynn backcourt.

    “Hill averaged 3 blocks per game last season”

    False. He averaged 1.7. Channing Frye averaged 2.3 his senior season…

  26. Ted: My bad. NBADRAFT.net had Hill down as improving to 3 blocks per game.
    I see the stats on ESPN.com and I concede.:)

    I think Minnesota is going to wake up sometime in the next month and realize this was a mistake, but a potentially valuable one for them.

  27. Can anyone tell me why we didn’t take a more imaginative pick with higher risk/reward ratio say like a Terrance Williams who the Nets picked? I mean after trading away Quentin Richardson we only have one SG on roster. We could use an exciting athletic SG !!!

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