2009 Game Thread: NYK @ CHI

A good star to the game, as the Knicks are up 11-6 with 8:32 left in the first quarter.

Larry Hughes is out for tonight’s game, and Bender is in uniform (although he likely won’t play). Might Nate get some playing time? Doubtful.

Discuss the rest of the game here!

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82 thoughts to “2009 Game Thread: NYK @ CHI”

  1. So I’m relegated to watching gamecast from out here in pittsburgh.

    Can anyone link me to audio or video?

    25-8: good defense by the knicks or bad offense by the bulls?

  2. What a 1st quarter. Bulls except for Rose are horrible, Knicks offense is on fire. Lets hope Knicks dont take their foot off the pedal anytime soon.

  3. 33-16!

    It’s mostly amazing offense by the Knicks, rohank.

    They’re 7 for 12 from three. If you’re hitting the three ball that much that efficiently, you’re going to be hard to beat.

    The Bulls, of course, are hoping that the Knicks fall back to Earth.

    Jeffries…man…the way he is playing he looks like a bargain!

  4. whenever I can’t get a good broadcast I try myp2p.eu

    I’m not gonna comment on the game b/c usually when I do, and we r doing well, we lose lol. Plus I feel like crap anyway so I might just call it an early nite

  5. Eddy doesn’t “roll” to the basket, he sort of drifts toward the basket into oncoming defenders.

  6. OK. Let’s not lose two games in the name of getting Eddy minutes. I know we want D’Antonio to ingratiate himself to LeBron’s agent but…

  7. maybe Fat Eddy was the better Eddy. Not too long ago he had loads of potential. Now he sheds weight an it seems like he forgot how to play. Or maybe he just is a really really bad fit for the system

  8. What the hec happened? The Knicks were up by a billion points. I go to make a sandwhich. Now they are down by 1.

  9. Knicks’ defense back to their 1-9 days.

    When the 3-points are falling, many of their glaring weaknesses are masked.

    Bad coaching. Bad. Curry should not be given a single minute. Gallo looks completely lost and deeply afraid of shooting.

  10. I am not too worried, in the sense that they played about as bad of a quarter as they could and still had the lead.

    But yeah, that was frightening. I’m still pissed about letting the Bulls take two threes at the end of the first quarter.

  11. Gallo with a couple of big shots near end of 3rd quarter. If he can get a little hot could be enough to take home W in the 4th.

  12. It’s getting late early.

    The team looks dog tired – a six man rotation is pretty stupid, D’Antoni.

  13. Sloppy play by Lee there.

    I know they’re ripping the threes taken, but that’s the Knicks game. If they’re open, does it really matter?

  14. Probably the worst coaching performance in his D’Antoni’s brief NY tenure.

    Tonight he has been the coach we all accuse Larry Brown of being.

  15. Probably the worst coaching performance in his D’Antoni’s brief NY tenure.

    Tonight he has been the coach we all accuse Larry Brown of being.

    I dunno about the former, but I agree on the latter.

  16. 42 threes by the Knicks tonight and they made 13.

    That’s not even all that bad of a percentage.

  17. What are you going to do if they can’t even slightly buy a bucket?

    They’re clearly dog tired because D’Antoni is too petty to play his bench.

  18. All the feel good after the winning streak is over after tonight’s pathetic performance. Ive defended D’Antoni for the Nate benching but starting tomorrow night its about time he starts playing again.

  19. Well, at least we can’t say that we were surprised to see the team collapse after finally building some momentum.

    But really, the problem is so plain to see – start strong in the first, suck in the second. Start strong in the third, suck in the fourth.

    Hmmmm…could it have anything to do with the starters getting tired because there is only one sub?

  20. “There’s no question that the 8-man rotation is a big part of the Knick strong play recently.”

    I’d question it, Mr. Breen.

  21. If Gallo wouldve taken all 43 trey attempts I wouldnt have minded much.


    True. Chandler shooting threes, not so much.

  22. Yeah. D’Antoni’s stubborness, lack of vision and vindictive nature will attract top talent. Yeah, sure.

    He is a “player’s coach”. Yeah, sure. That’s why he has banished Marbury, Nate, Darko and the rookies.


  23. D’Antoni won’t play Nate his pride won’t let him. But if the Knicks go on a slide within these next 4 games there will be a outcry for him

  24. “They’re clearly dog tired, but D’Antoni is too petty to play his bench.”

    Exactly right. I have lost a lot of respect for him tonight. All this game will be missing–and NY is down 6 with 0:43–will be a speech about playing guys who play the game the right way. Then he’ll morph into Larry Brown right before our eyes.

    This was horseshit pure and simple. D’Antoni threw away any chance at winning this game by barely giving a token effort to play his bench. All based on his own stubbornness.

  25. Bulls have only played 7 players tonight though. Problem with Knicks players isnt physical fatigue, its that they mostly are mentally soft as shit.

  26. Yeah. D’Antoni’s stubborness, lack of vision and vindictive nature will attract top talent. Yeah, sure.

    He is a “player’s coach”. Yeah, sure. That’s why he has banished Marbury, Nate, Darko and the rookies.

    None of those players are top talent.

    If you are a top talent, D’Antoni will treat you well and you will love him in return (see all the top talent that speaks well of him).

  27. What the hell?!?

    The ref was clearly about to blow the whistle but just decided not to!

    What the hell!?!?

  28. I don’t have a problem with the threes but we need to get better shot selection with the threes. More drive and kick, with a second pass

  29. Cronin wrote:

    “None of those players are top talent. If you are a top talent, D’Antoni will treat you well and you will love him in return ”

    Yeah, sure. Duhon is absolute top talent. That’s why he gets the royal treatment from D’Antoni.


  30. is dantoni actually drawing up plays with 32 secs left, and down 10??? wth! maybe he should try drawing up some plays for the ACTUAL GAME!! instead of letting his team go 10 for 10000 from 3pt range….!

  31. At least they had a lead. They were leading by 17. That is a good sign. Here’s my prediction. The Knicks will take a three game win streak into the game on Christmas. They will beat the Clippers, Charlotte and get revenge with Chicago. Then the Knicks will win on Christmas to complete another 4 game win streak. And Knicks with Coach D will once again be one of the hottest teams in the NBA.

  32. So I get to watch a tired Knick team play the Clippers on the second night of a back-to-back (after they’ll have to fly from Chicago tonight).

    This is not the ideal scenario for watching a Knick game. 10-15 sure had a better ring to it than 8-17.

  33. The only good thing that I can take out of this loss is that the Bulls look bad, too.

    Heck, the whole lower part of the Eastern Conference looks terrible, so it should not be impossible to get back into the playoff hunt.

    But boy, these last two losses were despicable. How many losses, by the way, before the whole “not playing Nate” thing doesn’t even have the “but we’re winning without him!” justification to it? Two more? More?

  34. 42 threes by the Knicks tonight and they made 13.

    “That’s not even all that bad of a percentage.”

    Yeah, but how about this percentage: 47 out of 86 overall were threes.

  35. At least they had a lead. They were leading by 17. That is a good sign.

    I disagree only because we lost all of our lead so quickly. Basketball is a game of runs but during our streak of wins we were able to go on runs, defend and then close games strong. Last two games were the opposite

  36. That was one of the uglier offensive performances i have seen. Blame to go all around, but clearly D’Antoni should shoulder the majority.

    The players tonight, were tired and lazy on offense. we actually played decent defense but players often settled for threes. I’m not as mad with Gallo’s because most were catch and shoot and not pullups like Duhon and Harrington. But why is Gallo so hesitant to take two dribbles, stop, and shoot over his defenders?

    But…D’Antoni drew up the schemes that put the players in these positions. Why not develop some more base sets which call for free throw line cuts and elbow jumpers. What happened to finding mismatches and then taking advantage of double teams. What happened to pushing the ball. Furthermore, the players are out there sucking wind. Play Douglas, Play Hill. Get them some reps if Nate is in the doghouse.

    Our offensensive scheme was bad tonight. I understand the three is integral but not at the expense of the general goal of the game…shooting shots with the highest probability of going in…

    Again, one game, prob an aberration, but D’Antoni, come one…

  37. also, Eddy Curry is really bad…i mean really bad. he destroyed all team cohesion, played terrible defense, and generally looks lost…im glad he lost weight, and I hope he has recovered from his troubles, but he is simply a way below average basketball player. i simply dont know what to do with him.

  38. really Duhon and Gallo are the only ones who should pop than 5 threes a game…the rest need to chill out and play to their own strengths (Will, Harrington, Hughes when he is back)

  39. Curry was a -11 in his 4 minutes, which was huge because he entered the gamed when the Knicks were up 16 i believe.

  40. Dantoni actually said his team “DIDN’T” look tired tonight in the 4th….wow.. but really, is our bench that bad?? ..for a 6 man rotation??

  41. and it really was because of him we started playing bad. we had to force feed him the ball even though he is a below average post player at this point. he also gave up a corner 3 to end the quarter because he missed a defensive assignment. he turned the ball over on a charge and also drew a defensive 3 second. right there (with the points off turnovers…he is responsible for 6 points himself) im sure he tripped jeffries and caused a chain reaction that resulted in the other 5.

  42. D’Antoni needs to give a little time to the rookies. I have said it several times and the D’Antoni apologists attacked me.

    When the knicks won those 4, D’Antoni is the greatest coach. When they play badly, there is no explanation to be found. D’Antoni even went as far as saying that his players were not and did not look tired tonight. That’s his way of avoiding the obvious follow-up: why doesn’t he expand the rotation? I mean, if he can find time for Curry, why doesn’t he find the time for Hill or Douglas?

  43. If D’Antoni can figure out how to get Curry in under control I think he can help a little, and then we can trade him. LOL

  44. Douglas has looked horrible whenever he has played lately. It really is about time he starts playing Nate again.

  45. anyone will look bad in spot minutes bigblueal. once he starts getting consistent minutes like he did earlier in the season he will pick it up.


    i don’t think there are D’Antoni apologists, just those who understand what D’Antoni is working with. some games he will make mistakes and some games he will look great. he is still an above average coach in a league where players matter a lot more…

  46. True Sandy. Still would rather have Nate play than Toney D at this stage of the season when the playoffs is still a very realistic possibility though.

    Look in the end they lost 2 road games in which they shouldve won. They have 3 very winnable home games in a row before hosting the Heat on Christmas day. If they can win these next 3 games, or at least get revenge on the Bobcats and Bulls next week (not feeling good about the Clippers game tomorrow night) then everything is fine again for the time being.

    The thing about all the 3’s shot tonight was how they had stopped going 3 crazy during their winning streak yet all of a sudden tonight after getting so many easy open 3’s in the 1st quarter they just wouldnt stop taking them for some reason.

  47. greatscott,

    ballsy prediction. tomorrow night will be tough but I do like our chances at home a lot better than on the road. at least we will get the calls!

  48. Aaahhhhhhh. This is more like it. This is what I got used to over the last 9 years, losing streaks. When the Knicks start a losing streak its like an old friend coming to visit. Welcome reality. It’s been far to long.

  49. Did D’Antoni really say they didn’t look tired??? Really??? So all those threes in the fourth quarter that were @ a foot short that was just random?? I’ve been as big a Nate basher as there is but c’mon enough is enough. At least he could add a third play (try to dribble to the hoop) to pick and roll and fire away a three. Oh and Curry seems to be a 3 minute death knell. 3 consecutive possessions: miss, 1-2 FT and off. foul. At least its a step up form previous games where it was steal after steal mixed in with a TO trying to throw down low.

  50. So all those threes in the fourth quarter that were @ a foot short that was just random??

    It wasn’t even just threes!

    Lee was short on jumpers, Harrington was short on short jumpers! It was so clear that these guys were gassed.

    Playing a seven-man rotation (which the Knicks basically do) is tiring enough, to go to a six-man rotation is mind-boggling stubborn on D’Antoni’s part.

  51. That was a poorly coached game, period. Nate should have played and D’Antoni had the perfect PR excuse to play him w/o losing face. Instead, he put Nate in the position of making him look bad. Dumb.

    What’s with the reverting back to the 40+ 3pt attempts?

  52. I have to say, I am starting to doubt D’Antoni. Set aside arguments about the importance of coaching in general. Grant that there’s an element of no-win situation to this season. There’s still some really dubious stuff going on.

    How is it almost every other team finds a few minutes for their rookies, and still manages to win as many or more games than us? If you take Mike at face value–it’s about winning games–then our rooks must just be bad, while everyone else’s are at least decent bench players.

    Why does it seem like he can’t fathom changing game plans within a single game, or even worse that it takes several games for him to catch on that something needs to be addressed? The last two games, the opposition played the pick and roll well, and the Knicks completely lost it on O. No response. The last two games, several players looked tired for most of the second half, but D’Antoni refused to trot out any of the other players on the bench. Are they that bad? Having Nate create his own shot for 6 minutes wouldn’t have been okay compared to what was already going on on the court? (btw, Mike was totally full of bull when he said TD is better suited to coming for a few, Nate needs time to warm up: I have seen Nate come in and hit a three within seconds more than once.)

    I know the Curry thing is probably mandated by the fact that they want to trade him–although playing him is likely to make that more impossible–but it only took me a minute to see something was horribly wrong with him in there. By the next game I just went to do some chores when he came in, because I knew we’d fall apart again. Brutal. Obviously he’s not in there to help us win or because he does things the right way, so I wish Mike would stop using that as his reason for making decisions.

    Say what you want about coaching being negligible over the long haul, but I thought coaching decisions/inaction directly contributed to these two losses.

  53. I said I would continue to re-evalute my feelings on the Coach. With respect to Nate: IMO there is a fundamental difference between asserting power and asserting authority. A leader has power over people. A leader also has authority over a group. To me it’s often essential to assert authority over a group, like a team. Power is different and I think the Nate situation demonstrates the distinction. To send a message to Nate and the team, a short benching would have clearly asserted Coach’s authority. This would not be personal, and be (perhaps???) in the team’s best interest. It would be legit. In my view, it’s gone on far too long, it is not in the team’s best interest and has morphed into the assertion of power. In sharp contrast, I witnessed Red Holtzman plainly and totally assert authority over his team, without the personal power issue ever arising. It was obvious last night that the Knicks were gassed, the jumpers were flat and, on top of everything, they were a guard short. Keeping Nate on the bench was not in the team’s best interest and the coach’s motivation bears scrutiny.

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