2009 Game Thread: NJN @ NYK

Here’s Thomas B’s preview for the game! – BC

In a battle of the Eastern Conference door mats, the New York Knicks (5-15) host the New Jersey Nets (1-18). The Nets picked up their first win of the season against the Bobcats. The Knicks are coming off a nice win in Atlanta.

Offense Pace EFF eFG TO OREB FT/FT
New York 96.1 105.8 50.3 15 22.7 19.3
New Jersey 92.6 94.1 42.8 17.2 24.6 23
New York 96.1 111.1 53.2 16.8 27.9 24.1
New Jersey 92.6 105.3 50.6 16.9 26.1 24.6

New York won the last meeting at New Jersey 98-91. If I recall that game featured the return of Harris from an injury. Harris is expected to play today. Harris is super quick and has a very effective step back jumper. The Knick defensive effort has to start with Harris. New Jersey get most of its offensive production from the back court and swing players–Chris Douglas-Roberts, Harris, and Courtney Lee–while the defense is held up by the front court. Lopez, and Williams pick up 2.3 and 2.5 blocks per 36 respectively–better than any 5 Knicks combined. Lopez is also pretty effective scoring the ball with 18 pts per 36. With the Knick front line as small as it is, Lopez could have a strong game if he stays out of foul trouble. I’d like to see the Knicks attack the basket and try to bait Lopez and Williams into fouls.

The last game against the Nets is also interesting as it was the game in which Nate shot at the Nets’ basket as time expired. This really began Nate’s run in the Coach D doghouse. It will be nice to see if he earns some playing time today.

I could not find word on Gallanari’s sore forearm. It would be nice if he can play as his shooting would help against counter the Nets’ shot blocking front line.

Will Duhon stay hot? Will Harrington ever pass the ball? Will Nate Robinson ever play again? These questions and many more to be answered as the Knicks host the Nets.

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95 thoughts to “2009 Game Thread: NJN @ NYK”

  1. The last time before Friday night that the Knicks and Nets both won on the same night was on February 23, 2009.


  2. Curses. Cronin has beat me to the game thread again. I didnt expect you here until the end of the first–what gives man? :-)

  3. I really, really don’t get why Gallo doesn’t go to the hoop harder on dunks.

    Is that something they don’t do in Italy?

  4. If that’s how you’re supposed to call continuation, then yeah, no way was LJ’s play a continuation back in ’99.

  5. I am shocked, shocked that Breen is on D’Antoni’s side when it comes to the Nate Robinson situation.

    I don’t think there’s anything more in Breen’s wheelhouse than discussing players doing things he deems “unprofessional.”

  6. I post the preview before I knew you started. You can add what i wrote if you find it to have merit. Of course, I dont think anyone is watching the game but us.

  7. I’m imagining things when it seems like the Knicks lose an inordinate amount of rebounds by having them slip out of their hands, right?

  8. A Jeffrightened lay up! I know i call Al a fraggle but it looks like JJ was the one operated with strings.

  9. He almost air-balled that free throw, too.

    I think they should just give Gallo the ball all the time and just let him do whatever he wants. He seems smart enough to pass it if he should pass it.

  10. I don’t have a good feeling about this game at all. Harris and Roberts are getting to the rim at will, and most of our offense is Harrington going one on one (but he did make 2 nice dishes, a shock) The Nets are playing with confidence…uh-oh.

  11. Duhon playing horrible at a noon game on a Sunday? I have no idea what could have possibly caused such an outcome….

  12. It’s a good thing Duhon is in here instead of Nate, the Knicks would be down 25 easy.

  13. Man, with the defensive intensity out there, thank goodness Nate is on the bench.

    He would have done stupid stuff like letting Trenton Hassell score with a tenth of a second left in the first half after the Knicks cut the lead to six with four seconds left.

  14. Guys, guys .. RELAX. This half of basketball is just a tiny sample size. If you look at the last 3 games, the Knicks have won 2, and against championship contenders like the Hawks! This is merely an aberration, a statistical blip, noise. Al Harrington is really a great player and should not be traded. Chris Duhon may be hungover, but it’s after 1pm in New York, so he should be FINE in the second half. I mean, really, it’s not like the Knicks are so awful as to be able lose to the NETS at home, right? If you watch these guys every game like I do, you know they are easily a 25-30 win team, NOT a 20-25 win team, am I right or am I right??

  15. Remeber that scene in Hoosiers when the coach has only four players on the floor and he won’t put in whatshisname because he would not listen. Could that happen with Robinson? Is it that bad?

  16. Not for nothing, but I think with the zone in place in the second half, the Knicks really should kick the Nets’ ass the rest of the game.

    Why they didn’t try the zone earlier is beyond me.

    Nate was probably yelling stuff and it distracted D’Antoni from thinking of it.

  17. It’s like Larry Brown always used to say – you have to make your shots to keep the other team from running.

  18. Nate was telling his teammates before the game “Lopez is not as tall as he looks, don’t worry about him.”

  19. ok..I decided to sleep in so I missed most of the game up til now. Whas the story? Are we playing that bad, just missing shots or Jersy’s playing with more confidence? I did not expect to see us behind in this one..

  20. The fans are chanting “We Want Nate.”

    I think D’Antoni will flip them off later in the game.

  21. boy..nate looks like a sad child on timeout in the corner. C’mon coach! Throw him a bone! lol

  22. Are we playing that bad, just missing shots or Jersy’s playing with more confidence?

    They played terrible defense in the first half and the Nets were going to the rim at will.

    Towards the end of the first half they began to play a zone and the defense has tightened up since then (the Nets are terrible shooters), but the Knicks offense is not exactly great, either, so it’s still a six point deficit for the Knicks.

  23. thx BC! Now I know exactly what to yell at the TV about. lol..we always make late runs, I don’t think the Nets can handle that..I hope. I’d like 2 see more ball movement tho..nice shot by hughes

  24. wow..if we can somehow limit Jersey to Terrence Williams jumpers, we can turn this around and win by 20 lol.

  25. Gotta give Coach D credit for changing the defensive scheme well. Almost two periods too late, but at least he changed it!

  26. I’m nominating CDR for this afternoon’s Donte Greene Memorial Award!

    But there is still time for Trenton Hassell if he works hard!

  27. Oh man, the Nets just had an INSANE turnover. They were inbounding the ball and the Net player passes to Harris, who did not know it was coming to him, so he was walking up court with his back to the play, so the ball slooooooooowly rolled out of bounds behind him!

    It was totally the inbounder’s fault, as you can tell from Harris’ reaction, which was like “What the hell were you thinking?!?!”

  28. With 14 points so far, Hughes has a shot at Nate’s team-season-high 22 points in a quarter. He better watch out, though, he doesn’t want to get benched tomorrow.

  29. I think at halftime D’Antoni discovered that Nate had replaced the team playbook with a few dozen pages of old Tic-Tac-Toe games.

    So once they made the switch to the real playbooks, everything clicked.

    Effin’ Nate.

  30. That last shot reminded me of something I think Starks once said (or maybe it was Reggie Miller) – that he would sometimes, after making a bunch of shots in a row, take an odd shot to almost test to see if he was just going to hit anything out there.

  31. Why don’t we just starts Hughes over Duhon?

    I think he feeds off of people’s lack of faith in him, so starting him over Duhon would make him suck.

  32. typical Harrington..but at least he’s takin the bigger guys off the dribble instead of trying to take wings off the dribble. If we had a center that we could start, Muppet Al would be awesome at the 4 for us..

  33. geez..right when Clyde praises Hughes he throws up a concrete slab lol

    Breen had one of those a little bit later on where he says that Dooling “makes all the right decisions out there” and then Dooling has a terrible turnover.

    Credit Breen, though, with making fun of himself. “Like I said, Dooling makes all terrible decisions out there.”

  34. wow..I don’t think ANY NBA player shoud be committing double dribbles..they’ve only been dribbling all their lives lol

  35. The Knicks will lose the game because of Chandler. What a terrible “prospect”, Wil The Nil. He can’t defend, he can’t shoot, he can’t play.

    Has anyone noticed how he even a little overweight?

    D’Antoni needs to bench this guy. He is so useless, I found myself hoping they take him out and put Jeffries back in!!!!!!!!!

  36. The Nets make us look like a high IQ team. They have 2 turnovers where there was no Knick within 10 feet.

  37. That was the epitome of Jeffries’ game – a great defensive move followed by an inept offensive move.

  38. I think Knicks fans are the smartest in the game.
    And yet, they still show their idiocy from time to time. It’s a close game and “we want Nate?” Uh, no?

  39. Things you don’t expect and things you expect – Harrington fools everyone with a pass to Jeffries, Jeffries blows the easy basket (but granted, he did get bailed out by a foul call).

  40. oh my god…heart attack comin…a nice pass from Al??? What is this world comin 2? lol

  41. Ha!

    It’s like Harrington just now realized that no one will ever expect him to pass the ball, so if he does he will get easy baskets for his teammates!

  42. another nice pass…even when he had the mismatch? wow

    Perhaps he really is having a career epiphany! Like someone staring at one of those Magic Pictures long enough – “Aha! It’s a sailboat!”

  43. JJ was really late on that challenge..I don’t get it..there was no pump fake and the guy was right in front of him..thank God he missed an hughes was there for the rebound

  44. For those who don’t think a player of Lee’s caliber couldn’t be a primary guy on a contending team: ladies and gentlemen, Rafer Alston! From starting point guard for the Eastern Conference Champions to scrubbiest of scrubs on the ABA Swamp Dragons.

  45. Cant believe Knicks will hold Nets under 100. That idiot D’Antoni mustve lucked into some half-time adjustments.

  46. Harrington-5 whole assists today…he’s only 2 away from a matching his career high total assists for one season, and he did it in one game! lol

  47. although I joke at Harrington’s expense, I hafta appreciate the effort today..and really all season long. Michaelangelo has been great this season..cowabunga dude!!

  48. Hey guys, um…they won. Harrington passed the ball well, Lee had another great game, and Hughes got to the line at will and carried them in the 3rd. What’s w/all the snark?

  49. Jeffries played 36 min and didnt make a FG. Duhon was atrocious but Hughes, Harrington and Lee were great. Also Knicks outrebounded Nets 48-32.

    Dare I say a win tomorrow night vs a somewhat depleted Blazers leading to a 3 game winning streak????

  50. What Robert said. Did Nate get his PR agency to run this game thread?

    Not a scintillating win, but still some positives (most of all, Al’s passing in the paint — not sure he’s had five assists at the rim all season). The boneheads who chanted “We Want Nate” at the Garden this afternoon should be forced to eat Vaseline and dance in their underwear on Youtube.

  51. Good win by the knicks. They really locked down in the second half and again i was impressed by harrington and hughes. i feel that i have been saying that a lot lately. btw…is there anyone more inept on the offensive end than jared jeffries in the entire league? he cannot even make layups. he makes david lee look like wilt chamberlain.

    question of they day…if we could redo the 2008 draft, who would you take, Gallo or Lopez? Remember the system we play in. Or is it still too early?

  52. Gallo, although definitely both of them would be higher up in the draft if the draft was held today.

  53. AL, I think we can win the Blazers game, but the Oden injury might actually make them tougher short term. We handle teams with slow bigs better than we do perimeter-oriented teams — that’s why the Nets gave us so many problems with the small lineup. Plus Andre Miller destroyed us last year…sure hope we don’t see a repeat.

    Should be an interesting game…Blazers are going to be super-focused. That injury to Oden really, really sucked.

  54. you gotta feel bad. i don’t know if he had an injury history going into the draft, but the blazers really have to evaluate their future with him.

  55. great second half, nice job by D’Antoni to start Hughes coming out of halftime, he was the difference.

  56. D’Antoni has been doing an awesome job coaching here lately, in comparison to early season. As far as Nate goes, I hope Walsh can trade him and get something useful in return…we need as many assets as possible

  57. I’m going to invite some abuse and give some love to Jeffrightened. He really has been playing pretty solid lately, I know he’s clueless on the offensive end, but trivia question: who was the last Knick to draw a charge besides Jeffries? Plus he plays pretty good help defense and gets blocks. Beleive me, if they can dump his contract I’ll be the first in line to buy tickets to his going away party, but you have to give the man some credit for his play lately.

  58. The thing about Jeffries is his one-on-one defense to me is pretty bad like the rest of his teammates. Harris and CDR torched him whenever they were covered by Jeffries. BUT when they went to zone Jeffries was a terror up top and his help/off the ball defense is excellent.

  59. I think Oden played a good portion of his NCAA season with a broken wrist or something along those lines. He is just an injury prone guy for whatever reason. It’s unfortunate.

  60. im somewhat dissapointed about the one on one defense from our supposedly defensive players (exempting the great Larry Hughes). Jeffries and Chandler have a very difficult time staying in front of defenders, big or small. at least jeffries will take a charge. Chandler has not been playing good defense. i think jeffries would be a great asset on a defensive team that knows how to help and recover (celtics, bobcats). as the lone stopper, he is exposed however.

  61. d-mar, AL and Sandy, great points that sum up Jeffries to a T. Horrible hands and horrible footwork make him look like the most useless player in the game (as has been asserted frequently on this site). Can’t really keep anyone quick in front of him when the paint is open. But he’s a good offensive rebounder and help defender, and has better basketball instincts than people give him credit for, even if his physical deficiencies don’t always allow him to cash the checks those instincts provide him. +20 today.

  62. I have to agree that the snark is kind of misplaced.
    The Knicks are not a great team, but they appear to be learning how to play together.
    The Nate chanting is funny. The Knicks again show an ability to win without him.
    Duhon shot badly but he was still +9 on the night.
    Hughes was fantastic.
    Lee and Harrington appear to be getting most touches and they are scoring efficiently. Harrington got 14 bounds and ….5 ASSISTS…!
    To me, D’Antoni is making smart decisions about playing time. For the first time in years, I find myself consistently agreeing with how he distributes minutes.
    And the guys who play consistently hard are getting the minutes.
    An important day again…the Knicks win a game they’re supposed to win.

  63. And the Knicks fans chanting for Robinson when the Knicks are winning????
    NYC basketball IQ has been retarded by poor play, I think

  64. Frank O, couldn’t agree more. This game was a possible loss, but Harrington and Hughes stepped up. Gallo’s 3’s were big.

    More great coaching!

  65. The only knicks that even get in proper defensive stance are Hughes and Douglas. Chandler doesnt sink his hips and gets beaten with every dribble drive. I myself dont stay in front of my guy sometimes. Jeffries is just too tall to get that low against those defenders, but at least he doesnt stand as straight up as Gallo. He looks like an erect member out there, I think his back would break if he bends a little.

  66. I don’t see how giving Chandler all those un-deserved minutes is “great coaching” by D’Antoni.

    I’m really surprised that nobody seems to object much to Chandler’s worse-by-the-day terrible performance. He is a total liability out there.

  67. Four straight wins would be nice for a change, we haven’t had that in years….it would mean that this team is just something more than a time leap collection.

  68. “Gallo, although definitely both of them would be higher up in the draft if the draft was held today.”

    Looking at the last draft & considering how NBA GMs treat guys that play in Europe (Jennings) & have injury histories (Blair) Gallo might have gone undrafted.

    “The boneheads who chanted “We Want Nate” at the Garden this afternoon should be forced to eat Vaseline and dance in their underwear on Youtube.”

    Umm that’s Stephon Marbury, not Nate Robinson. And I don’t think the two are anywhere near comparable enough to draw this kind of metaphor.

    Honestly if I were there I would have been cheering for Nate as well. I’d probably bring a Free Darko sign, but then I would feel as if I were promoting another blog.

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