29 thoughts to “2008 Thread: Knicks vs Heat 11/11/2007”

  1. Randolph is out… is Dwade playing?? And it looks like the Heat will get their first win tonight. Crawford for 50 anyone????

  2. Why is Malik Rose the first one of the bench?? Balkman could shut Haslem down, Malik is way too slow to beat the pick and roll. Jesus…

  3. ugh. that was a pathetic loss. i can only imagine how much worse it’ll get as the season drags on and the potential for injuries (esp. if it’s z-bo) rises

  4. Same old crap as usual.
    We have zero intensity.
    We have an idiot at PG.
    We have Mr.I?m just as good as Wade and Kobe at SG

    What can we expect?

  5. We are not officially out of the honeymoon portion of the season and into the pessimistic portion. Nice to see you all here again.
    1. Does Curry have fingers? It’s hard to tell the way the ball seems to fly off his hands all the time when someone dumps in inside to him…
    2. Can someone invent special Mardy Collins free throw glasses so he can see the hoop?
    3. Anyone ever seen Crawford take a shot that started with both feet on the ground, or has it always been that fantastic running, one foot, off balance technique?
    4. Steph, the best drunk/stoned point guard in the league… What passing tonight! He’s all about the ticket buyers, so much so that he keeps giving them the ball! Sorry Italy, you STILL have to wait, for now he’s ours!
    5. Are we playing any more of those dangerous zero win teams any time soon? Especially ones with their best player in a suit? I’m scared….

    I’ll apologize for this now, but after that game I had to rant for a minute to people who feel the pain in their blue and orange blood. Unfortunately I’ll find myself in front of the TV again the next game rooting for the New York KnickLeeBalkmans.

  6. I blame this on Isiah. Isiah’s all defense lineup of Malik, Lee and Collins towards the end was ridiculous. Noone could make a shot, and they collapsed on Curry. This game sucked.

  7. This team sinks or swims with their perimeter players, I’ve been harping on this summer. Just like last season, we are seing the perimeter players with poor shooting percentage, no defense, poor decisions, turnovers, missing free throws. The Knick front line is decent but if Curry can’t get the ball, and they can’t open up the defense by drilling jumpers, they will see zone all year. Marbury, Crawford and Richardson shot just 40 percent combined field goal percentage last year (no layups or Dunks because their defense is so poor they can’t run).
    Now that Nate, their best outisde shooter is hurting, they are in deep,deep trouble. If this
    team is not .500 by Christmas, The Isiah watch is on. They MUST upgrade their guards next year.

  8. I’m counting the days until the Marbury era ends. I’m not as down on Crawford as most people here, I’d like to see him paired with a real PG someday. thankfully there should be plenty in next year’s draft, because we’re going to have a good pick.

  9. Geoff got it right. Everything went wrong tonight. Everyone played badly.

    Collins made a great move, had an open layup which he bricked badly. Then the ft’s, which were just embarrassing.

    The ball deflected off Curry’s hands…

    Steph threw a couple bad passes…

    Lee conceded a big rebound to Haslem who scored. He also missed a big layup down low. Contested, but still. The refs didn’t call many fouls tonight. Lee gets to the line a lot, but they didn’t give him any courtesy calls tonight.Also, 6-15? I can’t remember that ever happening.

    Lee once again looked very uncomfortable at the beginning of the game, starting 2-7 and looking out of sorts.

    And Craw had another lackluster performance, with a bad turnover in the clutch.

    Just a horrible game…

  10. Marbury in the last 30 seconds– bad pass for a turnover (really a terrible heave out of bounds), then leaves Jason Williams (the Knicks would be better with him at the point) open for the game winning shot, and finally catches nothing but backboard on the last shot of the game ( a needlessly terrible, contested shot). Clutch!

  11. The same weaknesses kill the Knicks again.

    Bad shooting by guards:
    Marbury/Crawford combine to shoot 10-30.

    No interior defense:
    Zero blocks for Curry, two for the entire team.

    Bad ball handling/passing:
    11 assists, 18 turnovers.

  12. I am a Knicks fan, so I am used to sloppily played games, but boy, did this one stand out to me.

    It’s a testament to how bad Miami is that the Knicks even had a chance to win this one.

  13. As Joe said on the NY Post blog:

    “If they can’t beat a Wadeless Heat, with a creaky and fading Shaq, then all those bums should hang up their sneakers.

    Let me guess…Isiah said something like “Well, I think we fought hard tonight, as best as we could without our big man Zach.” Riiiiight.”

  14. A point guard for the Knicks is a must!! Collins is useless. Its time to trade for a legitimate two guard or swingman. Q just looks a step slow and Crawford still hasn’t figured out that if you take the ball to the basket good things will happen. Right now Corey Maggette would look good in blue and orange.

  15. We lost because we had the wrong aproach with this game and we put ourselves in a position to lose because a few good plays by the other team. Even without Randolph, we should have been able to put this game away in the first half. That sounds crazy, but we stared strong, up 8-2, went a little cold and played point for point basketball. But then Isiah decided to take out Lee, and replace Marbury with Collins. This completely froze our offense, where we still insisted on using Curry to attack their trio of seven footers (Shaq, Zo, & Blunt). Bad Idea.
    What we should have done was RUN on them! Make those big me run up and done the court w/ Steph, Crawford, Q, Nate, Lee, Balkman, Jones, pretty much the whole team other than Collins and Curry. Those guys are quicker, younger, and are looking to steal the ball and run. The Heat are big and old, run a preditable offense where they try and suck your guards to the paint for the double team, leaving the open man. The way to stop that is don’t use Lee or Steph for the double, cause Haslem was usually not boxed-out, cleaning up the trash all night, and Williams has a momentum swinging shot and the smoothest passing on the team, finding that corner 3-pointer. Bring Q for the double, Shaq is not going to toss that cross-court pass to the corner, and if he does, its a steal by Crawford, and 2 points the other way.
    I like Collins, we all saw what he could do in the 2nd half. But thats where we need him, in the second, when we have a lead, and he can shut down other teams point guards.
    I don’t understand why Isiah insists on sitting in his seat during the game. The team plays much better when he is up and coaching. I think he is too confident everynight, thinking the team can play ball with anyone, and he sits there silent, only reacting when the ref missed something obvious or one of his young guys screws something up. What I wouuld like to know if Isiah sits silent during practice. I doubt he does, so why can’t he be a little more verbal and active like the rest of the strategic masterminds in the league.

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