2008 Thread: Knicks at Suns 11/13/2007

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PHOENIX — Stephon Marbury missed the New York Knicks’ morning practice Tuesday, fueling speculation that his future with the team is in doubt, according to several New York media reports.

Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas told reporters Tuesday that Mardy Collins would start in Marbury’s place tonight against the Suns.

Thomas declined to comment on reports in the New York Daily News earlier Tuesday that Marbury’s role would be “reduced” and that there had been discussions to try to move Marbury.

Marbury’s contract is worth $42 million over the next two seasons. If the Knicks buy Marbury out, he’d be a free agent. He could also be traded.

“Any type of penalty or suspension will be in-house and we’ll try to keep it within the confines of our team. This is an in-house matter with our team and we’ll keep it and leave it at that,” Thomas told reporters. “We hope to see [Marbury] tonight at the game. However, if he’s not, make no mistake about it, we want him as a member of our basketball team.”

Marbury came to Phoenix with his Knicks teammates Monday. The New York Post reported Tuesday that Marbury had left Phoenix. Thomas told reporters he was unsure if Marbury was still in Phoenix, and Knicks vice president of public relations Jonathan Supranowitz said Marbury was “doubtful” in an interview with 1050 ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand.

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52 thoughts to “2008 Thread: Knicks at Suns 11/13/2007”

  1. This came about pretty quick eh? Good riddance Stephon. My only question is, why would we buy him out when we could trade him in the offseason? Or just let him come off the books after 2010. We’ll see…

  2. Trade Marbury, eat a big chunk of his contract, and move on. Get a ham sandwich in return, just move on.

  3. Yep, it’s time. Something is still a bit rotten in the fridge, and we’ve got too many decent young players to keep bad apples around. We’ll need a great player one day to get out of mediocrity, but I can at least enjoy Balkman, Lee, Robinson, Collins, and Curry. Even Z-Bo seems like he enjoys playing.

    Now, I’ll NEVER figure Crawford out. (Do I despise his erratic play or do I love his routinely amazing hot streaks?) But I’m so tired of Starbury.

  4. “Let?s trade him for Steve Francis.”

    LOL – classic!

    Mardy Collins…starting PG for the Knicks…it’s amazing how quickly this season has gone downhill isn’t it?

  5. Think there’s any chance of a trade like this:

    Marbury + Collins = ~20M


    Eric Snow and Larry Hughes = ~19M

    Lebron gets some scoring help as well as a younger worse shooting version of Snow in Collins, Cleveland gets rid of a bad signing in Hughes. We get rid of Marbury, get a reasonable upside guy in Hughes who can still play D (sort of a knucklehead though) and Snow who would be that solid PG type we are looking for. is this ridiculous? We can even throw in expiring Fred Jones if they want.

    sad thing is I just spent about 15 min looking on the trade machine and could hardly find a single team that might be interested in Marbury!

  6. Derrick Rose or Roy Hibbert?

    I have seen Rose play, and he looks great. But I think it’s definitely time for another big man from Georgetown who can play some defense.

  7. If we are talking 1st round picks, I think Beasley might have to be considered along with Rose and Hibbert.

  8. wow. I suggested this here just before the season started, but I’m pretty shocked it’s happened so quickly. I’d feel better if Nate was healthy, but I’ll be OK if I never see Marbury in a Knicks uniform again.

  9. Marbury and somebody for Mike Bibby and Kenny Thomas?
    It is kind of excruciating trying to find potential takers..
    I kind of think Pat Riley would go for Marbury, but they don’t have the contracts..

  10. My guess is that there is a trade brewing here, it’ll be interesting to see what player with what underlying career ending injuries or ridiculous contract we’ll get back.

    The notion that this organization can’t get under the salary cap is a bunch of BS. Let the contract run out sounds like a great idea. Mardy may be a couple of years away but I’m willing to give him the chance given last years play where he improved and showed some flashes, just needs to cut down on turnovers.
    People who say well you need to get some one to replace him, yes you do but not at 20 mill!

  11. my guess is that they’re taking a few games to see what the team actually looks like without Marbury, which is smart (although with no Zach, no Q, and an injured Nate, they’re far from full strength).

    Steve Nash has to be a little bummed he’s not seeing Turnstile Steph tonight, though…

  12. I’m pretty uncomfortable with this sudden feeding frenzy on Marbury already but let’s not get carried away here — Larry Hughes is possibly the worst starter in the entire league. And do we have any idea if Collins is at all up to the job? I thought Nate was being pushed as the successor should this happen?

  13. We will have a very accurate depiction of what true color feelings the team has on Marbury based on their effort against Phoenix tonight. That will be extremely interesting to watch. Aside from the Kurt Thomas and Q rumblings, we haven’t really had an opportunity to see any tangible signs of dissent against Marbury, which isn’t surprising because you’re not going to generally see that from non-superstar young players, which is what the Knicks are predominately made of. You will see the team collectively busting their ass tonight if the dissent is as strong as many of us are probably speculating it is. Again, it will be interesting to see.

    Also, what is the status of Mardy Collins’ left knee? That issue seems to have flown under the radar since it was mentioned during the off-season.

  14. There are very few options for the Knicks in a trade here. If they take back Larry Hughes and Eric Snow, I think Cleveland would probably bite. And that ain’t pretty. Mark Blount and Jason Williams from the Heat? JWill is expiring and MB has 3 years left. Maybe Marbury to for Bibby if they’re willing to take a couple of bad contracts back? Namely Kenny Thomas and Shareef. Marbs/Rose/pick for Bibby/SAR/KT?

  15. T-Mart, I have no idea about dissent. what I do know is that Steph can’t guard almost any PG in the league, and you can’t do much to stop the other team if their PG is penetrating at will.

  16. Man, Marbury truly has stepped into the realm of “who the hell KNOWS what he’ll do next,” hasn’t he?

    Marbury sent a text message saying Isiah gave him permission to leave, but then you have Isiah saying he has no idea what happened with Marbury, talking about “penalties and suspensions” – man, this is just nucking futs.

  17. I think everyone can agree that regardless of what role Marbury with the team this year, the Knicks front office has already handled this issue with the least amount of dignity possible, starting with the press leak this morning and continuing from there. Steph does not deserve this.

  18. Zeke eroded Steph’s confidence as soon as he acquired Steve Francis and then Nate Robinson. Let’s face it, Nate and Mardy are not half of what Steph is and have no business starting. Zeke is always tampering with the confidence of his own players by creating these unhealthy competition scenarios and it always bites the knicks in the @ss. Personally, I like Marbury for 10 and 8 a night instead of Mardy and Nate for 20 and 4 a night combined.


  19. Personally, if Robinson weren’t gimpy I’d prefer giving him the ball over Collins, who plays decent defense, but can’t shoot…from anywhere on the floor.
    But a lot of what I was hoping for is coming true, god save us all.
    Balkman will get a chance to start since Q is hurt. Marbury is benched.
    And I also said that because Isiah’s butt is on the line, I predicted he would make wholesale changes if he felt the team wasn’t playing well. He’s on a short leash.
    Ain’t accountability refreshing?
    One should never be pleased when another fails, but we have seen very little accountability at the Garden these past few years, and a lot is coming home to roost with this franchise.
    I’m hoping it is lasting and cathartic.

  20. “the Knicks front office has already handled this issue with the least amount of dignity possible”.


  21. I also read that Isiah has threatened to reduce Curry’s minutes. Did anyone read that and does anyone have more information on that?

  22. This from Chris Sheridan:

    Maybe the Stephon Marbury-Isiah Thomas feud blows over after a few hours, or maybe after a few days.

    But maybe it doesn’t.

    In that case, the question for the New York Knicks is: Can we trade him?

    The common belief is that Marbury’s contract, which pays him $19.2 million this season and a guaranteed $21.1 million next season, makes him untradeable. But there is another way to look at it, and from a certain perspective the thing that makes Marbury so unattractive is the very same factor that makes him attractive — his contract.

    Here’s why:

    If you are the owner or the general manager of a team looking to rebuild, one of the best assets you can have is a contract worth $21.1 million coming off your salary cap in the summer of 2009 when there will be a bumper crop of free agents that could include many of the players from the 2004 draft class who did not agree to contract extensions prior to the Oct. 31 deadline, including Andre Iguodala, Emeka Okafor, Luol Deng and Ben Gordon.

    And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that Kobe Bryant also has the right to opt out of his contract in the summer of 2009 and become an unrestricted free agent — as do Jermaine O’Neal, Richard Hamilton and Al Harrington.

    So, in theory, it would come down to a question of whether a team could suffer through two years of paying Stephon Marbury (or buying him out) in order to have financial freedom 20 months down the road.

    And don’t forget, teams that have cap space in the summer of 2009 can find ways to maintain that space for the summer of 2010, when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade both become unrestricted.

    So, you see, Marbury actually does have some value, and there are even a couple of instances where he might even be able to help currently contending teams looking to shed bad contracts.

  23. “I think everyone can agree that regardless of what role Marbury with the team this year, the Knicks front office has already handled this issue with the least amount of dignity possible, starting with the press leak this morning and continuing from there. Steph does not deserve this.”

    from my perspective, he deserves absolutely no respect from anyone, the team or the fans. he receives roughly $250K per game and plays in $15 sneakers, and I refuse to believe that there’s no connection between this and his recent foot problems, plus his inability to play D or elevate. in my mind, he’s basically stealing money from the organization, and that’s not even getting into all of the craziness over the summer.

    so, yeah, I don’t think he deserves much respect. we’re not talking Rivera, Posada, or Torre here.

  24. I don’t think Marbury should be blamed for his contract, which is always what turns good players into pariahs…see Houston, Allan. I’ve watched him play practically every game since he arrived in New York and while I’ve always been frustrated with his limitations, the guy’s effort is undeniable. The organization saddled him with superstar responsibility from day 1 whether he wanted it or not and now feels they owe him nothing while they do him dirty. Isiah cutting him down now does nothing to change the fact that Isiah brought him into New York. That’s his failure to build a team that makes sense the last few years, not Marbury’s.

  25. Sheridan’s column was interesting, but his trades were weird, as he was WAY too willing to give up Balkman.

    Marbury, Renaldo Balkman and Fred Jones to Cleveland for Larry Hughes, Anderson Varejao and Damon Jones = crazy.

  26. Marbury signed his contract, and let’s not forget it was Marbury who told everyone he was the “best point guard in the league”, which instantly started the spiral downwards which NY is still in the midst of.

  27. I agree with you Brian, none of those trades seemed very good for the Knicks. The only fair one may have been the nuggets deal but we have Curry, Randolph, Lee and Balkman, we need guard help not Kenyon Martin.

  28. I love Varejao (he led the league in charges taken last year by more than 20), and I’d be willing to eat some bad contracts to get him, but I don’t want to give up Balkman for him.

  29. how about this blockbuster?

    Lakers, Kings, Hawks and Knicks all get together..

    Lakers send-
    Kobe Bryant to Knicks
    Vlad Rad to Hawks
    Lakers get
    Josh Smith from Hawks
    David Lee from Knicks
    Mike Bibby from Kings
    Joe Johnson from Hawks
    — LAL get rid of two headaches and get 4 quality players incl. one all star, a point and two wings

    Knicks send
    DLee to Lakers
    Starbury to Hawks
    Fred Jones to Kings
    Nate Rob to Kings
    Knicks get
    Kobe from Lakers
    Artest from Kings
    — NYK Eliminate headache and get top d SF and marque player

    Kings send
    Bibby to Lakers
    Artest to Knicks
    Kings get
    Nate Rob from KNicks
    Marvin Williams from Hawks
    Fred Jones from Knicks
    –Kings dump Artest and Bibby get young wing and two NW players – one with exp. contract

    Hawks send
    Marvin Williams to Kings
    Joe Johnson to Lakers
    Josh Smith to Lakers
    Hawks get
    Starbury from Knicks
    VladRad from Lakers
    — HAwks get Gtech alumn to play point and 3Pt wing player – 20 mil off cap in 09

    All works under the cp.

  30. With that 20 million off the cap, Atlanta might be able to attract a marquee up-and-coming free agent, like Joe Johnson or Josh Smith maybe.

  31. So close, AncientMariner – really, SOOO close, but I think the Hawks end of the deal would cause problems.

    I don’t see the Hawks trading Smith AND Johnson AND Williams just for cap room.

    There’s a real market out there for all three.

  32. AI getting high in the parking lot of the First Union Center before games, at the half, and during post game interviews helped facilitate his trade out of Phili. Steph is just another casualty of bringing your vices to work with you.

    Steph has forgotten the cardinal rule of winning basketball: don’t drink and drive the lane.

    Isiah’s yelling: “Don’t take the keys! You’ll kill yourself!”. Too bad Isiah handed him the keys to the franchise in the first place.

    Mardy will have to be his Designated Disher for a while.

  33. How about Marbury and Lee for Kenyon Martin, I heard his knee is better, and besides we have Zach now.

    I really hope we just work this out or buy him out because I am pretty sure any trade that Isiah comes up with would go something like that. I was kidding by the way.

    I am actually looking forward to Collins starting, his defense is worlds better than Marbury and PG defense might be the most important. I know his shooting is abysmal but I am curious to see our defense especially if Balkman starts. (Is Q out?)

    Defensively we were not that bad in April compared to the rest of the year.

  34. Is Renaldo Balkman’s Agent actually Peter Vescey?

    That last post was very much in the “style” of Vescey…what with the weird rumors, semi-nonsensical alliteration, etc.

    I like “Designated Disher”

  35. Knicks are looking awfully thin tonight with Collins and Jones starting. Going to have to get Balkman and Lee out there and try contain the Suns as much as possible.

  36. Wow – this isn’t so bad.

    The Knicks have missed some easy shots and the Suns have made some insane shots (granted, Nate made the CRAZIEST shot so far) and the Knicks are only down 5 after one.

    This could be a surprising game.

    By the by – Mardy Collins is bad. Just start Nate, Isiah!

  37. Oh, but how bad was the uncontested layup by Barbosa with ONE SECOND LEFT ON THE SHOT CLOCK?!?!!?

  38. Yeah, the team is really embarrassing right now, but I can’t get TOO worried about it when it is all without Zach Randolph.

    If he returns and they’re STILL this bad, then yeah, I’ll be quite worried.

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