27 thoughts to “2008 Thread: Knicks at Denver 11/17/2007”

  1. yeah, it’s on 60 in Jersey City. regular MSG is picking it up after the Rangers game (around 10), by which time it should be essentially over anyway.

  2. it’s stupid not to start Marburry now that Randolph is back – you have to see if they all can play together.

  3. gutless heartless selfish leaderless and stupid. Is that the starting 5 here? You think they keep the loss under 25? Extensive Garbaage time

  4. The Denver announcers just made a point. The Knicks rank 29th in the NBA in assists. There is only one other team worse. The Knicks don’t play well together and get each other involved.

  5. The Knicks rank so low in assists in large part because they just haven’t been making a lot of baskets. You can’t get assists if you don’t make the shots. A better stat to look at would be % of made FGs that are assisted.

  6. But they are 13th in the NBA in points scored and FG %. And 29th in the NBA in assists (next to dead last.)

  7. Actually they are 19th in FG%. But the more relevant stat is FGM, because assists can only come from FGM.

    Knicks are 14th in FGM so they are likely among the worse teams in terms of assists / FGM. Of course the Knicks are also a good offensive rebounding team and buckets off of offensive boards are rarely assisted.

    Still, even a more sophisticated measure would probably have NY among the bottom third at least. Does it matter much? Dallas has been a low assist team in recent years as well.

    NY has more pressing concerns than assists right now, like being able to make jump shots and avoid turnovers.

  8. Knicks are giving up 103 a game….Eddie and Balkman still can’t make free throws…nobody passes particularly well on this club…Lee pads his rebound stats because the Knicks miss so many shots…

    Other than that, you gotta love this club! ;(

  9. Ted Nelson Said:
    Better passing and more motion in the offense could also lead to better looks and more FGM.


    And less turnovers.

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