25 thoughts to “2008 Thread: Knicks at Clippers 11/14/2007”

  1. I’m heading out to the game now. Probably not worth it, except we in LA love to watch drama unfold. Besides, it’s cheaper to watch the Knicks lose to the Clippers than to lose to the Lakers…

  2. I’m so pissed I bought tickets after the Denver game. Now I have to go watch them lose to the fucking Clippers…

  3. My girlfriend bought us tickets to the game Tuesday.


    But it was sweet of HER, though! :)

  4. Marbury is more of an attacker this game… or that’s what it seems like. It’ll be interesting to see what his role is in more games.

    BTW David Lee and Zach Randolph loo like a good front court pair.

  5. Do you get the sense that most teams seem unconscious against the Knicks.
    then Marbury chucks and air three….

  6. interesting early moment if anyone saw this was when marbury sat next to isiah. he seemed liked when the coach was talking, marbury was nodding in agreement.

    on a side note, van gundy is doing the game on ESPN, it’d be interesting to hear his take on it if this game was on ESPN and he was assigned to it.

  7. Seven rebounds for Lee. Nice.
    He seems more in the flow so far than recent games…
    Got Gus Johnson back on the radio. Bob Wischusen just doesn’t do it like Gus.

  8. you’re right on richardson, but it looks like in the few possessions thus far that marbury is keeping his man (cassell) in front of him, which he wasn’t doing with nelson.

  9. That was insane.

    You have to figure that you could get a bunch of the biggest morons together, and even they would figure that if you cannot BUY a bucket, you go to the fucking rim, but apparently not the Knicks.

    They think it means just keep on chucking up terrible shots.

    Jared Jeffries three-point attempts – Zach Randolph 20 footers – yeah, THAT’s the way they’re going to come back.

    Fucking morons.

  10. Quite simply, if you are planning on going for two, you canNOT call the timeout there.

    That was practically coaching malpractice.

    Herm Edwards even wouldn’t have called a time out there, for crying out loud.

    Pathetic coaching decision.

    Certainly didn’t cost them the game, but it DID cost them any possible chance at tying the game on the last play.

    And I was so proud of Isiah, “Wow, he saved TWO timeouts! What an improvement!” Then he burns BOTH of them on a two-point play with 11 seconds left.


  11. did anyone notice the clock management by isiah? they don’t foul right away when they weren’t in the penalty, costing them 3 seconds, and then they went for 2 with under 10 seconds left. it was all isiah, too. the players were under control.

    otherwise, they lost because Q shot too much, Z-bo took good shots that didn’t go in, and zeke didn’t make him try to get to the rim and foul out kaman, who killed them.

  12. Just got back from the game. The Knicks didn’t fight to get back in the game, it happened out of sheer luck.

    I haven’t seen a team hoist so many airballs ever, that includes high school.

    Marbury is a dick and should be benched for the rest of the next two seasons.

    Why David Lee didn’t get off the bench is a mistery. Just as much as Fred Jones shooting the ball. Boy does he lack talent. And how bad is Jared’s shot? You know it ain’t even close the second he jumps.

    Anyway, Clippers are a sad franchise, it feels like being at a minor league baseball game.



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