56 thoughts to “2008 Thread: Knicks at Boston 11/29/2007”

  1. The rims are unkind for the Knicks at the start of the game. Think they’ll go the rim now?

    Not me.

  2. I can’t believe that they’re actually theoretically still in the game, down “only” 16-7.

  3. James freakin’ Naismith could tell you – if your shot is not falling, go to the rim.

    Sooo simple.

    If the Celtics block the shot, then fine, deal with it.

  4. Crawford actually runs away from the man he is supposed to be defending…what the hell is he doing on D?

  5. We have to keep Crawford on Rando. He’s one of the few guards in the league who can’t hit his open shots after he goes by Jamal.

  6. Oh wait, theoretically, Isiah could be benching Randolph for Jeffries, right? I wouldn’t mind that.

  7. This is the first time I?ve actually watched the Knicks play this season.

    Never again.

    Yeah, this is uggggggggggly.

    I’m about ready to give up on the game, too.

  8. I really don’t see how tIsiah could POSSIBLY think that Jeffries is a better option here than Balkman.

    IS Balkman hurt?

  9. wow is this ugly.
    i say play chandler, nate, lee, balkman, and morris from here on out.
    couldn’t be uglier so why not? unless those guys are all inactive.

  10. I agree with Frank, let’s see the younger players develop.
    At the beginning of the telecast, Marv (I think) said that Isiah’s plan was to keep feeding the big people because Boston can’t stop them.
    Curry and Randolph are 2-18 FGA

    They are flinging and burger-kinging!

  11. Instead of watching this I think I’ll kill myself… Isiah do you realize you waited a full quarter to take out your worst players and to never play some of your best young players (Chandler, Morris). It didn’t matter anyway… FIRE YOURSELF NOW!

  12. Wonderful Shot Nate… Before the game Jim Dolan said, “If we score the lowest point total in franchise history I’ll finally fire Isiah.” Nate, We appreciate you keeping him around. Qrich thanks for embarrasing the team even more that it already is. Garnett, I think you embarrased Craig Sager, he deserved it. The fact that I am talking about the post game interview really shows how this game went… I am a dedicated fan to watch this until the end. By the way, why can’t Isiah play Chandler and Morris?

  13. in a game like this, where they went into the 4th with 41 points and down 50-some points, is it wrong to wonder why neither chandler nor morris saw any time at all and lee played only his usual (for this season) 15-20?

  14. I feel like such an idiot for believing in this team.

    This is so awful, and now I have to deal with the fairweather C fans up here in New England. I’m going to have to move. Maybe I’ll call in sick tomorrow. If the Sox get Santana I might have to leave the country.

    Garnetts annoying. Dude, we know you’re hardnosed, shutup! BTW he only took one shot and they were up by twenty. 8 minutes of pine for KG in the 1st / 2nd quarter, if I’m not mistaken.

    Some good news though. Isaiah has got to go now. It’s just a matter of time. There might be a position in the Bush administration for a man of his caliber.

  15. A historic game. I can’t wait to read the “four factors” analysis. Wonder what insights we can glean from that.

  16. I have never been more embarrassed to be a fan of a “professional” franchise.

    Isiah is clearly trying to get fired. He knows he has assembled a disaster, and wants to get out of the camera angle.

    The team is equal blame on this one tho. Isiah wasn’t wrong when he said it was the most selfish first half he has ever seen.

    I think my favorite part was Isiah not even taking a TO in the 3rd and just leaving his team out there to take the butt kicking.

    When Dolan sells the team, I will re-engage. Until then there is and will be no hope.

  17. I hate to break the news to those of you wanting to see the “young players” starting playing more, but the fact is that the core group of Lee, Balkman, Collins, Nate, Morris, and Chandler really aren’t all that good. There has been a bit of pro-Isiah propaganda surrounding these guys, because many people are desperate to find SOMETHING positive to say about Isiah. So, in the massive media market of New York, the media spins these youngsters as diamonds in the rough. I guarantee you they’d be saying the same exact thing about the younger Celtic players like Davis and Rondo if they were here (and yet the Knick fan base gives no props at all to these players).

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