37 thoughts to “2008 Thread: Jazz at Knicks 11/26/2007”

  1. Quoting Jon Abbey:

    “By fat the best half we’ve played this year. even with the sporadic D. go NY!”

  2. they look like a different team when they have Q actually hitting a few threes too. they had a few impressive scramble sequences on D, even if they gave up way too many easy baskets like usual. they match up so poorly on paper against Utah, I’m not sure how they play them tough, but hopefully they can keep it up.

  3. Yeah, the Q thing definitely helps – but I dunno how consistent he will be – Balkman (heatlhy), I think will be there every game, basically.

  4. It is insane how badly the Knicks just played D on Deron Williams. It was like Crawford just didn’t bother to get in front of him, and Williams just drove directly to the hoop and dunked it – TOTAL clear path.

    So bad.

    Luckily, the Knicks are scoring a lot. If it were not for Millsap making some truly horrendous looking shots, the Knicks would be up by a ton.

  5. Poor clock management by Crawford, but I can’t get too mad. Still, up by 11 going to the fourth is a lot cooler than up by 9.

  6. I vote that whoever is guarding Boozer just never leaves him from here on out.

    Damn, he’s good.

  7. im am very excited about marburys D. i see what isiah was talking about when he said if he plays well who is better. if we traded him, who could lock up on D like him and score like him. if only curry would drink a few red bulls before each game we might be real good… i also like how isiah gets the taem to play, even with all the mess. now i see waht he was talkign about when he said wait and give teh team a chance

  8. TERRIBLE call by the refs! Q goes up for a dunk, Price goes under him and they call an offensive foul!

    Is that what we want to encourage? Players undercutting other players?!?! Q gets hurt by a player undercutting him and Q gets called for the foul!!

  9. Our shot blocking won us the game tonight. I felt I should say that-it may be a while before I get to say it again.

  10. Well, that was nice.

    I love when games end and I’m all pumped up and they actually WIN the game.

  11. wow, nice win. Utah did play a tough game yesterday in Detroit, but I’ll still take it. this is the way this team can win games, great one on one offense and going for the big plays on D, which will lead to easy baskets for the other team but also turnovers. Randolph had his best game of the year, as did Steph, and Crawford looked pretty good.

    also, I don’t care what the stats say, David Lee simply doesn’t look the same this year. I hope he didn’t peak last year, that would really suck.

  12. I would agree that there is something different with Lee this year, physically – whether he’s still feeling the effects of his injury or if he is changing his game a bit DUE to the injury, he’s definitely affected (to wit, he seems to try to avoid contact around the rim a lot more than he did last year).

    He’s still been quite good this year.

  13. balls that he was sucking in off the boards last year are going off his fingertips or just out of his reach. he doesn’t look the same physically, which he makes up for somewhat by being a smart player, but he’s also getting abused a lot (Millsap destroyed him tonight).

  14. Yeah, he looked awful against Millsap, but Millsap IS a good player (and not a dummy, either).

    Plus, Millsap was making some absurd shots, too. Dude was flipping the ball up behind his back and it was going in!!!

  15. Just got back from the game. So glad they picked the night I went to have their best game of the season….

    Marbury looked like he wanted to show the world that Deron Williams was no big thing, even if he drove past him at will.

    They couldn’t guard Boozer at all…

    And they tried to lose the game at the end. There were two offensive rebounds, and two terrible turnovers by Randolph. But then Brewer turned it over on the fast break, the Knicks came down and scored, and Randolph got an ENORMOUS offensive rebound off of an excrutiatingly bad Crawford Iso, and iced it.

    Some game…

    And Brian, I went and bought a Lee jersey today, which is why he didn’t play well I think, but 8 points on 4-7 shooting and 4 rebounds in 20 minutes isn’t awful. Both his turnovers were off of post moves though. I think he is having a little trouble adjusting to playing in the post. Did blow by Boozer for a great dunk, (not that hard to do granted.)

    Let’s see where we are at 30 games…

  16. “Did blow by Boozer for a great dunk, (not that hard to do granted.)”

    Boozer had four fouls and didn’t even try to guard him on this play. let’s keep it in context, please.

    I never wear jerseys, but I kind of want a Balkman one, do they sell those?

  17. Yeah, the Boozer play was because of the fouls. That said, it was impressive that he was fast enough that Boozer couldn’t get in front of him.

  18. Nate had a real nice drive to the hoop, down the left lane, left-handed shot, hit the free throw. Also hit a bank shot.

    Would love Boozer as a Knick, great attitude and works hard every night.

  19. “Would love Boozer as a Knick, great attitude and works hard every night.”

    plus he lied to a blind man to get out of his last contract. NEVER FORGET!!!!

  20. lying to a blind man might only get him in the middle of the pack with this club when it comes to ranking bad character! ;^)

  21. Remember that Boozer was available for pennies on the dollar a few years ago when he was perpetually injured and people were saying that the Jazz got what they had coming for the way that Boozer screwed the Cavs.

  22. I believe that Boozer probably WAS available – just not for what anyone would pay for him at that point in time. I think the Jazz thought he would recover, but if someone wanted to bowl them over with an offer before then, they’d take it.

    As opposed to now, where he’s basically untouchable (along with Williams).

  23. sure, I think that’s true also, but “pennies on the dollar” is probably an exaggeration. they were also very frustrated with Kirilenko for a while, but he’s still there also.

  24. Yeah, I think Kirilenko is actually in the same exact situation. The Jazz would be willing to move him, but it would have to be for a great offer, and no one is going to offer them anything good for Kirilenko at this point in time.

    But yeah, “pennies on the dollar” is an exaggeration, because that’s specifically NOT what the Jazz were asking for – they wanted a GOOD deal for Boozer, because they were unsure of him. They felt he was worth the risk, and if another team agreed, they would have to pay for it.

  25. Nice game by the Knicks last night. They played with energy. That however, didn’t stop me from writing a Good vs, Evil take about the game – and comparing a cardboard cutout to Isaiah. Funny to read a post that sounded great at the time…but after time has passed isn’t quite as good! Fallen Star-bury actually played well last night. He played no defense, but on offense when he was creating the Knicks were tough. (Nice Site here Knicerblogger!)


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