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  1. Trading Curry for an expiring contract would be great. Trading him for Vince Carter would suck. I’d still do it, because Vince is probably a better shot blocker and rebounder than Eddy, but I wouldn’t be as excited.

  2. Luckily, I’ve turned on my Complain-o-bot, a robot that automatically complains about Isiah’s substitutions/rotations/coaching decisions once the game starts…

    “Why does David Lee only get 10 mins in the first half”

    “Why is Jeffries/Rose in the game while Balkman wilts on the bench”

    Thank you Robot

    My robot will be back when Isiah starts using the zone/starting the Curry/Randolph tandem in the 2nd half/using the Crawford ISO only in the last 5 mins of a close game.

  3. I can’t stand the way this team plays.
    It feels like the Bricks play four on one. They basically ignore lee.
    And anyone that shoots against Crawford or Curry they look fantastic.

  4. Here’s what we did on offense as the wiz started to open up a lead-pass the ball around the perimeter for 15 seconds while z-bo fails to establish good post position. Then Crawford threw up a horrible three that missed by a solid foot.

  5. So we’ve just come back from a 9 point deficit, 19 seconds to go, and Z-Bo is throwing water at Q on the bench and they’re jawing at each other.

  6. Speaking of bad coaching, why didn’t Jordan have Nick Young in the game? Not that I’m complaining, mind you

  7. In between regular and overtime I switched over to ESPN2. They’re running a trade deadline show. They were discussing (with straight faces) whether or not Eddy Curry was a superstar. The consensus was no.

  8. I can’t stand Randolph. I fucking can’t stand him. This team is going nowhere with Curry and Randolph. At least Lee and Robinson play now.

  9. one of the most amazing things about Isiah’s tenure is that he didn’t get one of Portland’s kids in that Randolph deal, especially with their looming numbers crunch.

  10. Malik Rose played 8 minutes tonight, and Balkman played 0, and we still won. That’s kind of amazing.

  11. I dread the day when the back page of the post reads,

    “Zach Randolph eats Nate!”

    It came dangerously close to happening tonight.

  12. does anyone have any idea of what the “fight” was about in the huddle? we got the washington broadcast on league pass. they showed it but didn’t discuss it. from what they showed i couldn’t tell if there was an actual argument or if was more “rah rah.”

    anyway, i didn’t get home until just over 10 minutes left in the 4th qtr. pretty good defensive effort–at one point in the qtr. it said the knicks had held washington to 42.5%, and that was before they went ice cold down the stretch. even as washington was able to extend back out to nine points the knicks forced them into mostly tough shots.

  13. From what I could tell from the clip, Nate was running his mouth and both Richardson and Randolph were trying to get him to shutup. Then Zach threw water/ice at Nate. QRich started yapping at Zach. Then Nate retalliated by throwing his towel at Zach.

    The Knicks: where 4th-grade type fights happen.

  14. Or…QRich was getting in Zach’s face about something and then Zach chucked the H20 at QRich. Nate then joined in (shades of Denver?) by chucking his towel at Zach. Either way, pretty effin’ childish.

    My fave moment was Lee bellowing, “Now we workin’!” after his 2nd dunk

  15. Only the Knicks could inject ugliness into a rare and somewhat inspiring road win. A few ping pong balls just flew out the window….

  16. Oh Sh*t!
    It looks like we’re possibly getting Vinsanity in a 3-way deal with NJ and Miami… for Curry. Kiss our cap goodbye.

  17. For the love of Christ, Vince has 3 more years on his contract! NJ made a colossal blunder resigning him in the offseason — dude was always only as good as his athleticism, which is clearly in decline.

    I’d rather take the expiring contract J-Will / Ricky-D platter, but is Isiah anywhere near savvy enough to make that move? No, instead we get rumors about how other teams want to trade bad contracts to NY for Marbury’s expiring one.

    When will the madness end?

  18. Granted, on the court, Eddy Curry has been a disappointment and has serious defensive liablities, but in a strange way I’ll miss the guy in general if they trade him.

    Eddy Curry is just a big lovable lug.

  19. The weird thing about the Carter rumors is how the rumor appears to be that Carter is only involved because the Knicks are not interested in Williams, leading to the Heat looking for a third party (and landing on Carter).

    If that’s actually true (and it’s highly debatable whether it is), then that is extremely aggravating.

  20. If we trade Curry to Miami we need to make them take at least one other bad contact preferably two.

    Curry, Jeffries, Richardson for Williams, Davis, Mourning, Parker.

    Of all the players in the entire league that we could get, Carter is the very worst person to trade for. I cannot think of a single player I would want less. Not one single player.

  21. Come on guys, think of how awesome a lineup of Crawford, Carter, Richardson, Randolph, and ??? would be. It might single-handedly cause half of New York to throw their TV’s out the window, thereby causing people to go outside and get some exercise, which would elevate the overall quality of life in NYC. Think of it as a public service.

  22. It is amazing that I can really imagine Thomas talking himself into this deal. “Carter’s a star! Jamal at the 1, Carter at the 2, how could that not work?!?”

    The Knicks are at a major crossroads here – Thomas has a real opportunity today and tomorrow to possibly make this whole season seem not so bad. All he has to do is dump Curry (and hopefully, Randolph) for garbage, and this season suddenly looks a whole lot more pleasant.

  23. Oh my goodness…according to the Daily News, Isiah said, in response to questions of whether he was attempting trades to get the Knicks under the salary cap,

    That’s not our goal. Our goal is to continue to get better, but be mindful of where we are. We’ve done a good job the last couple years of bringing the number down.

    So we’re in a good position. We’ve got young talent. We’ve got a cap that’s going down or a number that’s going down, but you want to turn that into some wins also.

    Good golly, Miss Molly.

  24. Zeke…use your brain…no VC!!! Curry can go though. Hasheem Thabeet here we come….i just dropped a ping pong ball.

  25. You absolutley cannot take on Carter’s contract. Not even if the Nets threw in thier own pick and the two they got from Dallas. Carter is 6 million dollars more than Curry each year of the deal. He is not a defensive player. I know Isiah may be temoted but you need to think about the 2008 Carter, not the 2001 Carter. We cant bail out NJ like that.

    I dont really like J Williams for Curry, but it is far better than Curry for Carter.

  26. If Isiah makes this trade I am DEFINITELY not watching another game this year. It makes me feel bad to say this but I absolutely am rooting for them to lose every game this season to ensure Isiah is out and to get a better draft pick. Bringing Carter in would make us 10x more of a laughingstock in this league than we are already.

    I just got nauseous thinking about this trade.

  27. How can you not love J Will for Curry? I don’t see it happening but we would get a player who is more of a pure 1 than anyone we currently have (sadly)with an expiring contract (!!!) and dump Curry (!!!!!!!!!).

  28. Isiah is in “Win Now” mode. His time in NY is winding down with little to no success, so he needs to win now! VC is a really bad idea. You have to get ready for the real deal Free Agents in 2010.

    IT should write Curry off as a mistake instead of trying to make excuses about how the refs are making curry bad. I don’t see big men like Garnett and Duncan complaining.

    It’s just excuses all the time….IT made a mistake with Curry…man up and move on to the draft…..I’ll take J-Will straight up please and get a PG in the draft

  29. From the Post:

    Thomas believes hell get a better crack at Artest this summer when he’s a free agent, seducing him with a maximum $31 million midlevel deal.

    If Isaiah is still here in the summer, I’m going to be really pissed off. Honestly-what does this idiot have to do to get fired?

  30. Carter would be Marbury Redux.

    Get the Garden excited for a little while. Slowly they realize the team hasn’t improved.

  31. “Randolph is just so despicable, maybe the hardest Knick to root for in my lifetime.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Come 3pm tomorrow, if Randolph is still a Knick I am done watching the team. (Maybe, finally liberated from the Knicks, I’ll do great things with all of my sudden free time…)

  32. Randolph got his “20-10” last night and could’ve been showcased….but again, hurting his stock with a BS fight on the bench….This only happens to the Knicks…LOL

  33. If Thomas needs to make a move, then make one that will not cripple the team. Note to Thomas: Stop destroying MSG, there is barely anything left. Marbury was the dynamite, Curry was the fuse, Randolph the detanator. You blew up the garden, now you want to bring in Carter so you can set fire to the ashes? Please Isiah, I implore you, do not do it.

    I know that no team really wants any of our players, but would Memphis be interested in Fred Jones and Morris for Lowery and Warrick? Lowery and Warrick are strong defensive players. Memphis wants expiring deals to help aid the sale of the team. We could throw in a second round pick in 2009. The move would save Memphis about 4 million.

    Even though we won last night, I was amazed at how poor our D was. I live in WDC and had tickets to the Knicks-Wizards game. I could not understand how we gave up so many uncontested jumpers. The Knicks don’t even put their hands up on D. Its one thing to see it on tv, but when you watch it live it just boggles the mind how poor they are on defense. Also, the lane was just wide open all night. Too bad the Wiz don’t have a big to exploit it.

  34. Apropos of absolutely nothing, was reading the NYT article on the game last night, always amazes me what catches the eye of reporters. Mentioned Robinson, Richardson, Randolph, and Crawford, but no mention of Lee, who was 7-8, 5-5 ft, and has now pushed his ts% to 62.8%. He is like the invisible man…

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