2008 Game Thread: Hawks vs. Knicks

Time for a new thread, a new rotation, and the chance to see the Knicks without Eddy C and Q in the lineup. The Hawks should be highly motivated with a playoff spot on the line. As for the Knicks, at least they had a better week than Eliot Spitzer.

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14 thoughts to “2008 Game Thread: Hawks vs. Knicks”

  1. Best Eliott Spitzer joke yet…

    “Spitzer? I hardly even knew her!”

    Thank you. Thank you. I’m here all week

  2. Zach Randolph lleaves and Randolph Morris comes in at the 7 minute mark…interesting.

    Zach Randolph + Randolph Morris = Zach Morris, the Mark-Paul Gosselar character on saved by the bell.

    Go Knicks!

  3. I liked that Wall Street is experiencing a collective “Spitzerfreude”. of course, that was before Bear Stearns fell apart, so they’ve got bigger issues now…

    go Atlanta! go Seattle!

  4. Summer League All-Stars on the floor now – Lee, Morris, Robinson, Chandler and Balkman.

    This pleases me well.

  5. Does Zach Randolph remind any of you of Derrick Coleman? I thought about it after watching Zach find a cutting Balkman for a layup.

    They each plaw PF, they each having scoring ability, range on the jumper, good rebounders, les than desireable D.

    Zach seems to have a ton of talent and seems to be able to do anything he wants pretty well. But he seems to lack an interest in maximizing his talent.

    If it turns out that we are stuck with Zach, what if anything can we do to make the most out of this player?

  6. Isiah’s got some really weird substitution patterns, even for him. Lee played 7 mins the 1st quarter then sat for the rest of the half, for no discernable reason. Then he let Morris foul out in the 3rd quarter. Zach was playing a solid game, yet he’s yet to play in the 3rd quarter.

  7. I really wish we had traded Nate Rob for Josh Childress. Atlanta needed a point prior to the Bibby signing. J-Child shoots such a high percentage, plays pretty good D. Good character guy.

    His contract expires this year, so we wouldn’t had had to keep him at a high price. It would have been a nice “free” try-out.

  8. On Houston’s win over the Lakers:
    “There wasn’t a time where we wavered from successful team basketball,” Battier said. “Different guys hit shots and we tightened the reins on defense.”

    I wonder when I’ll hear someone on the Knicks make a similar statement.

  9. Denver dropped 168 on Seattle tonight, they’re probably not even going to make the playoffs. I’d give anything for San Antonio to be the odd team out, but sadly that’s still incredibly unlikely.

  10. good sports day yesterday…..Houston wins its 22nd in a row, Kobe shoots 11/33….Tiger sinks a great putt to win his, what, 5th in a row…March Madness begins….

    Oh, and the Knicks…well….they were the Knicks…..

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