78 thoughts to “2008 Game Thread: Bucks vs Knicks”

  1. “Most of Eddy Curry’s fouls come on the offensive end”

    Hmmm, yes….

    Unbelievable poor transition play there….

  2. geez zach randolph is a bad defender. guy just ran past him and missed a dunk (game tied at 13).

  3. How was the a shooting foul on Bogut?

    Lee is primed for a bad game, he has been running so good for the last 10…

  4. boy, nba refs are just ruthless on rooks. wilson chandler just got called for bumping bobby simmons on a jumper. i haven’t seen a replay but that didn’t look like any contact.

    It’s like the foul is on the miss.

  5. how many minutes does chandler have to play before he can get on the list of players who foul the most per minute?

  6. owen, you’re guy, stevie franchise had a funny looking shot too and he managed to hit a high percentage of his 3s.

  7. Terrible foul there by Q Rich….

    Francis shot 38% here, but overall was just ok.

    I give the officals an impartial D+ for their work so far….

  8. List of unanswerable questions…

    With 3 seconds to go, why didn’t Isiah call a timeout and get the ball at midcourt/Jamal back in the game?

    Why does David Lee get only 13 mins when Randolph (shooting 3 for 9, 3 TO’s) gets 17?

    Why is Jeffries the first SF off the bench instead of Balkman?

    Unless the team is tanking/Isiah’s hoping to get canned, it’s truly unfathomable.

    (Of course the easy answer is: “Isiah’s a worse coach than GM.” As horrifying a thought that may be)

  9. Marbury out for the season, officially… surgery was more complicated than expected.

    Did we already know that? Is this old news?

  10. Ken – Was thinking the exact same thing re the timeout, as Randolph hucked it up after going behind the back.

    How much must Isiah want to get fired btw? Cash out the extension, then move on to destroying the next organization that will let him do so…

    Dave C – Losing Brand and Livingston will hurt you. Sam Cassell is giving them nothing this year. They have MAggette and Kaman, that is pretty much it.

    i think with a healthy brand and a good draft pick they could be much improved next year though…

  11. Is it me, or is David Lee getting a LOT more of his shots blocked this year?

  12. (also, the Bucks are allowed to hack the crap out of the Knicks. Whereas the Knicks get called for ticky-tack fouls)

  13. Fred Jones would be a nice 8-9th man on a good team. (For us, he’s a starter, or course) But he’s not awful.

  14. Great play by Lee to force the jump ball, looked like it should have been a clean steal to me, and would have been a bucket….

    Another poor call…

  15. curry averaged 26ppg last year against the bucks, including a 43 point game. This season he had 7 in their first game, and has 11 points and 5 turnovers tonight. I understand eddy sucking on defense, but andrew bogut sucks. The bucks defense sucks. This is a game that he should be able to sleep through and put up 20 points.

  16. I might put Randolph in for Rose at this point – and yes it’s scary to type that.

  17. Lee is real good at getting himself open on the low block at the right moment to receive a pass.

    I don’t know if they will win this game, but watching this unit has been a pleasure…

  18. PG and C are the two hardest positions to fill, but if the Knicks get a potentially great PG like Derrick Rose out of the draft, w/a half-decent center (think Brendan Haywood), in addition to the Balkman/Robinson/crawford/Robinson quartet, you could have a reasonably good team

  19. Sorry Malik. Disregard what I said. I’ll eat three cheesesteaks in your honor

  20. Hi. I’m NBA center Eddy Curry here to introduce my new basketball system, the “Turnover.” If you are out of shape and can’t take rigors of the NBA game then the “Turnover” is the system for you. It will limit your minutes and keep your big butt on the bench. It’s easy. Just get near the paint, lower your shoulder, turn into the defender, and wait for the whistle to blow. Repeat until your coach puts you back on the bench where you can sit back, relax, and count your money. Remember kids, no one can expect you to be a productive center if you only play 12 minutes a game and you can’t tear an ACL while sitting on the bench.

    disclaimer: The Eddy Curry Turnover system should not be used by players that want to maximize their potential, or players that want to considered for an All-Star game. Please be sure to secure a lucrative long term deal before using the Eddy Curry Turnover system. Side effects include prolonged time on the bench, drawing the ire of your teammates, being out played by unheralded draft picks out of Florida, and being made fun of on your team’s premire blog site. End of disclaimer.

  21. third string announcing teams tonight, the always dreadful Al Trautwig on TV and I kid you not, Charles Smith (yes, that Charles Smith) on the radio.

    I bitch a lot, but Lee and Balkman are really fun to watch at their best.


  22. In the “How many different ways can the Knicks lose a game” pantheon, this’d be up there if they blow it.

    Coming out of a timeout, I wonder what the play will be? Hey! I’ve got a nifty idea! How about the exact same play that failed miserably the last time!

    The Knicks: where play calling doesnt’ happen

  23. I expect him to put up an off balance jumper that misses, not turn the ball over and have it go the other way for an uncontested layup…

    BTW, ISIAH DID IT AGAIN! What the hell! Why is Crawford sent out there to do this! It’s like the Charge of the EFFING LIGHT BRIGADE!

  24. am I the only one pretty much rooting for increasingly excruciating losses at this point? I’m hoping for one off of Bogut’s head at the buzzer here.

  25. Honestly, the knicks are probably a 30-35 win team if they start the guys who played in the 4th quarter, but they win the games they are supposed to win. They make teams pay for taking nights off. They don’t kill themselves with laziness or thoughtlessness, only with lack of talent.

  26. David Lee did an excellent job getting easy buckets by playing the pick and roll. That is something niether Curry or Randolph do. They do not move without the ball, nor do they create offense for teammates.

    If Thomas can find a way to get Wilson Chandler into the starting line up, he can find room for David Lee. Bench Curry.

    Curry’s offensive foul issues remind me of the way JC was getting 3 traveling calls a game in the first twenty games of the season. JC seems to have adjusted to the refs, Curry lacks the willingness or understanding to adjust his play to the calls he knows the refs will make.

  27. I’m not a fan of Jamal, but 75% of my dislike for his game stems from the coach. Those last second isos kill us every time. Today was no different, we just happened to get lucky when the Bucks missed.

  28. I wish we’d lost. So we beat the Bucks? BFD… Wow, Jamal almost shot 50%, parade time. And only 5 turnovers, same as Mr. 1 rebound himself, Curry. I sort of like Ben Wallace, but we can’t take on salary without losing at least Curry, if not Randolph. Like someone said, I don’t feel like bailing out the horriBulls again just for the hell of it. Man! This team sucks! The win and how Crawford said it was like a playoff game makes me even more depressed. Maybe it’s the extra alcohol tonight, who knows? Hey at least Chandler’s playing…

  29. Monta Ellis might be the most entertaining player in the league right now, he just took over tonight’s game down the stretch, 16 in the 4th quarter, 34 for the game, 23 for 27 from the field in the last two games combined (!!!!). he’s still only 22, just amazing.

  30. Obviously I am also not a huge fan of the Crawford iso off a timeout, but what else would you have Isiah do, especially if Randolph and Curry are out of the game?

    Do the Knicks actually have any half court offense besides one of those three isoing/posting up?

  31. How about running the back door, which was effective. A give and go could also work. Even a high pick. I can think of many other rudimentary plays which could be called other than the iso. I really can’t understand why Curry and Crawford can’t suceed with the p&r. Curry has good hands and should be able to set a pick and roll. Certainly David Lee can, as shown last night. How can such a simple play be such a rarity? I am not a hater, but Isiah’s coaching is miserable.

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